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Coming Home Chapter 125 - Bella


Seattle... Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 8:42 A.M.

I was elbow deep in cookie dough and muffin batter when Alice and Rose let themselves in and found their way to the kitchen. If I got some stuff to the post office before noon, the boys would get it on Monday, so it needed to go out today. I'd been up since about seven, unable to sleep, so I'd been baking.

"God, Bells," Rose huffed, shaking her head. "Say some of those are for us, too." She was eyeing both the blueberry and chocolate chip muffins hungrily.

Laughing, I tilted my head to the microwave. "Hit the button to start that. I set some aside for us. They just need to be warmed up. You brought coffee?"

Alice buzzed into the room, holding a tray with three large to-go cups in it. "Right here. I got a venti, figuring you needed it since you made us come over this early."

I cleaned off as much of the remaining dough from my hands as I could and then picked up the cup, bringing it to my mouth for a long, delicious sip. "Mmm. Perfect."

Rose grabbed the plate of muffins when the ding echoed through the kitchen and followed us to the table.

Over breakfast, Alice shared some big news. "My parents are going to Haiti."

"What?" I asked, completely confused. When I looked to my left, Rose was echoing my fish expression.

She frowned, shrugging. "There is still a ton of relief effort going on after the earthquake there in January. Dad is to go over to fill in for a friend of his who is over there with his wife. But they just found out the wife is pregnant, so they decided they wanted to come home now instead of December like they'd planned."

"Wow, Ali," Rose murmured. "Are you going to be okay?"

Alice shrugged again. "The only other time they've been out of the country was when Jasper was home. But then...Jazz is only in Florida, so he's not in the middle of the war zone anymore. I'll be okay."

"When do they leave?" I looked at her, raising an eyebrow in question.

"They aren't sure exactly yet. Sometime in the next few weeks." Alice sighed before turning to me with a smile. "Now, what are our plans?"

Grinning, I told them more about what I wanted to do today.

Once I was finished, Alice mumbled around her bite of blueberry, "So basically, we're going to try to empty out the guest room completely today?"

Nodding, I took another bite of the chocolate chip, chewing thoroughly before answering. "Yeah, the bed can be broken down and put into storage, the desk can be tossed – I was looking at it yesterday and decided it's old enough and beaten up enough that there's no point in saving it – and I want to move all the papers out to the dining room so I can go through them."

"You're going to put up some bookshelves right? So why not just leave the books in there to put up on those once they are up?" Rose took a sip of coffee, raising an eyebrow in question.

I grinned and tilted my chin toward the corner of the room, where two regular and one small can of paint sat with rollers, brushes, and everything else we'd need.

"Oh, man..." Alice looked down at her clothes. "I'm glad I wore old clothes."

"Did you bring Jasper's truck?" I asked, smooshing the rest of the crumbs with my finger to pop them into my mouth.

She nodded. "Yup. You want to use it to move the bed?"

"Yeah. The mattress won't fit in my car. This way, if I have any boxes that can be stored, we can move them, too. With the three of us, it shouldn't be too heavy." I shrugged. "But first, I want to get that last batch of cookies in the oven so they have time to cook and cool before we send the box of stuff for the boys. You guys brought what you want to send?"

They nodded, and Rose pointed back toward the living room. "It's all in there. I'm just sending Em a shirt and a video."

I so didn't want to know, but I did file that idea away for later.

Alice smirked. "Jazz is getting pictures, a shirt, and...other clothes."

Holding up a hand, I chuckled. "Yeah, enough said, both of you."

"Oh please," Alice scoffed. "Like you aren't sending something naughty to Edward." She grinned.

I grinned and shook my head. "Not this time. I have an idea for next time, though..."


For the rest of the morning, as I finished the cookies and packed up the box, the girls and I chatted about the start of school. They tried to pry more information out of me about my idea, but I wasn't budging. I knew it had to do with Edward's piano, which was supposed to be delivered with the rest of his stuff at some point in the next couple of weeks, but until I'd figured out just what I wanted to do, I wasn't spilling. So instead, we talked about who would be taking over the spot for the now retired fourth grade teacher, whether or not Mrs. Johnson, the first grade teacher who was pregnant and due a month or so after school started would actually be there for the start of school, and various other gossip about the teachers and upcoming school year.

"Okay, I think that's it," Rose said, setting in the last box of cookies. "Did we miss anything?"

I peeked in and saw the three T-shirts, as well as the dozens of cookies, muffins, lemon bars, and various other goodies I'd been making the last few days. I'd made quite a few – each of their favorites, as well as a bunch for the three of them to share. I'd sent a few pictures in the last box, so I was just sending back his shirts to get "re-scented."

"Looks good," I said as Alice nodded.

We taped up the box, wrote out the address info on a paper we then taped to the front, and then Alice volunteered to take it to the post office.

"You guys can start moving boxes of books and papers out of the room, and then we can do the bed and desk and stuff when I get back," she said, picking up the box, which seemed about as big as Alice herself.


Rose and I worked in silence, moving box after box, and when Alice returned, we took apart the bed and moved it out to the truck. Alice and Rose would stop by the storage unit when they left here and unload it. Getting it out of the truck and into the small unit would be easier than getting it up into the truck had been, so they'd have no problem doing it by themselves. Rose was used to working on heavy cars, and Alice was small but stronger than she looked, so I wasn't worried.

Once the desk was out at the curb with a "Free!" sign, the room was empty. I grabbed my phone and took a few shots of the room with the pretty hardwood floor and plain white walls. Opening a text, I attached the pictures and wrote out a few lines for Edward.

B: Hey, babe! Hope you're relaxing on your day off! Here's what the girls and I have been doing!

It wasn't three minutes later when my phone beeped with a reply.

E: Hi, sweetheart. Wow! You ladies have been busy! Jasper said that room was pretty filled the last time he saw it. Did you do that all today?

B: We did, yeah. We're going to paint now, too, so it's dry and ready for your piano and stuff whenever they get delivered.

E: That's great, Bella. Thank you so much, love. It means the world that you're making the room for that.

B: Of course, Sarge. Wherever you go, the piano goes, and there's no question that you're coming here. Plus, you know how much I love hearing you play. I'm excited to have that opportunity anytime we want once you're here!

E: Me, too. I swear, every time I sit down at the keyboard, I imagine you beside me and remember playing for you, and it makes me miss you all the more.

B: That will always be one of my favorite memories of my trip to Florida, Edward...hearing you play.

"Bella, let's paint!"

I turned to see Rose and Alice in the doorway, holding all the stuff we needed. "K. Give me a sec."

B: I need to go. The girls want to paint so we can relax the rest of the day. I'll send you pictures once the paint is on so you can see!

E: Have fun! Love you, sweet girl.

B: Love you, too.

I tossed my phone into the hall and took the plastic sheeting from Rose's hands. "All right, let's get to work."


Nearly two hours later, the first coat was done, including the "Delicious Melon," a pale, pale orange-yellow for 3 walls, including the wall with the French doors, and "Emotional," an adobe type darker color for the wall I was going to put a loveseat in front of. They needed a second coat, but that would have to wait until at least tonight. I wasn't in a huge rush. We'd gotten almost as much paint on ourselves as we had on the walls, and I knew I needed to show Edward, so I made sure my hands were clean and then picked up my phone, snapping a couple of pictures of the room before handing the phone to Rose.

"Take a couple of me to send to Edward," I said with a giggle, looking at the orange hand prints Alice had put over my boobs on my chest. Then I turned around so she could get a picture of the hand prints she'd left on my ass.

After taking pictures of them with their phones so they could send them to Emmett and Jasper, I attached the new photos of the room and myself to a new text to Edward.

B: Well, first coat is done, and as you can see, I'm in dire need of a shower. How we managed to get it in my hair, I'll never know. I'll call you after, if that's ok?

E: **laugh** I'd say I should be jealous of those hand prints, baby, but truth be told, I'm actually just REALLY turned on. Of course you can call me after. You'd better! I miss your voice. Now go get cleaned up, love, and I'll talk to you in a few minutes.

I laughed, shaking my head, and then walked the girls to the door. Once they were gone, I headed to the shower, still giggling at Edward being turned on because of the hand prints on my chest and ass.



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