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Coming Home Chapter 127 - Bella


Seattle... Friday, August 06, 2010 at 4:24 P.M.

"Nope," I said into the phone, tucking it between my ear and my shoulder. "I haven't heard from them yet, but I expect to anytime."

Alice made a "hmming" sound for a moment and then was quiet. "You're sure they are supposed to be there today?"

I shrugged without thinking she wouldn't be able to see me, nearly dropping the phone in the process. "Edward told me they left Chicago yesterday and that he was told before six o'clock tonight. So..."

"You want me to come over and wait with you? You don't have to be alone when they get there, you know."

Smiling, I shifted the phone from my shoulder to my hand. "I'm not worried about that, but if you guys want to come over for dinner, I have some chicken breasts marinating. I was planning to do a big salad, and there's plenty of stuff for all of us."

"I'll call Rose," she promptly said, adding, "We'll be there in a few."

"Okay," I told her, laughing as she hung up.

My phone beeped, signaling an incoming message.

E: Hi, beautiful. Have they gotten there yet? You aren't alone, are you?

I laughed as I hit Reply.

B: Not you, too! Alice just asked me about being here alone when they showed up (and no, they haven't yet). Don't worry, she and Rose are coming over for dinner anytime, so I won't be alone for long.

E: Good, I was worried. I know you can take care of yourself, but it's in my nature to worry about you.

B: And I love you for that. I'll be fine. I promise. Now, I thought you guys were going out to the bar to shoot some pool or something tonight. Did plans change?

Just as I hit Send, my phone rang.


"Yes, this is Frank, from Chicago Moovers. Is this—" there was a pause and a shuffle of papers in the background "—Isabella Swan?"

Sitting up straight, I answered, "Yes, this is she."

"Oh, good. Just wanted to double check that you were home. We should be arriving at your address in the next hour or so. We had a flat tire, or we'd have been there sooner."

I smiled, knowing that the delay would make my girls and Edward feel better because I wouldn't be alone when the movers arrived. "Yup, I'll be here. I parked in my neighbor's drive today, so you have plenty of space to pull into the driveway."

"Okay, great. See you then."

Hanging up the phone, I saw that I had a new text from Edward. Before opening that, I shot off a new one to Alice.

B: Park on street. Just heard from movers. Here in hour or so.

Then I flipped over to Edward's text.

E: Nope. We just got there, actually. We had to take Jasper's truck because my SUV has a flat – which we found out when we got outside to leave.

B: That seems to be going around. Just heard from the movers. They had a flat tire so they were running behind. Should be here in an hour or so. The girls will be here before then.

E: Good. Call if you need me, love.

B: Will do. Love you! Have fun!

E: Love you, too, sweet girl. Say hello to Alice & Rose.


Just under two hours later, I tried to hand Frank a tip for himself and his two guys, Dustin and Steve, but he waved me off.

"Already covered." He handed me a business card, which had the same picture of the cows carrying a sofa that I'd seen on the side of their truck. "Call this number if you find something wrong later or the next time you need something moved."

"Thanks so much," I told him, smiling at the three of them. They'd been polite, friendly, and hadn't made me feel at all nervous once, and all of Edward's things had been in perfect condition from what I could tell. "Have a safe drive back to Chicago."

"Thank you, ma'am," the three of them echoed before stepping through the front door and closing it behind them.

Alice and Rose giggled from their spots on the couch.

"I think Dustin – call me Dusty, ma'am – had a crush," Alice sang, drawing out the last word.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, well, Steve couldn't take his eyes off you, and Frank certainly smiled at Rose enough."

"He was old enough to be my father," Rose said with a shudder. "Nice guy, though."

Laughing, I agreed with a nod and then turned to the corner of the living room, which was now crammed with stuff. "I wonder if Edward knew about that stuff," I said, gesturing to the furniture. "From what he'd mentioned, he was only expecting the piano and a few boxes."

"Open the letter and find out," Alice prompted.

Shaking my head, I picked up the sealed envelope and turned it over in my hands. "It's addressed to Edward. I'll tell him about it and let him decide what he wants me to do."

I pulled my phone from my pocket and walked back to the spare bedroom-turned-music room. Seeing the piano a second time still took my breath away. It had been dusty when they first delivered it, but while Rose and Alice supervised the unloading of the rest of the stuff, I had cleaned it using some old T-shirts that I'd relegated to the cleaning pile. A bit of damp cloth to get off the dust, and the black surface was shining like new. I could imagine Edward sitting down on the matching bench behind the keys and playing for me, and my heart just ached for it. Suddenly, I just needed to hear his voice. I didn't want to interrupt his guy time, though, so I decided to send him a text.

Snapping a picture of the piano, I attached it to the message.

B: It's all here, babe. Everything looks great. The piano, as you can see, is gorgeous and fits perfectly. I think we have...more than you anticipated. *laugh* Have fun with the guys, and call me after, ok? Love you!

When he hadn't replied in a couple of minutes, I figured it was too loud in the bar for him to hear the message alert, so I stuck my phone back in my pocket and headed back to the girls. Edward would call when he got the message, so for now, I would just relax and enjoy my evening with my friends.



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