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Coming Home Chapter 128 - Edward


Tampa... Friday, August 06, 2010 at 10:23 P.M.

B: It's all here, babe. Everything looks great. The piano, as you can see, is gorgeous and fits perfectly. I think we have...more than you anticipated. *laugh* Have fun with the guys, and call me after, ok? Love you!

"Fuck, I missed a text from Bella," I sighed, walking through the parking lot of the bar.

I stumbled a few steps, coming to a complete and utter halt as I took in my piano now sitting in Bella's house. It fit. Hell, not only did it fit, but my girl had made the room just beautiful. It looked like it fucking belonged there.

"Just call her when we get home," Jasper sort of slurred, tossing me the keys to his rental truck.

He'd had a little more to drink than I'd had. In fact, I tended to drink less than the two of them when we went out. Emmett wasn't much better, but he was talking to Rose on the phone as we all piled in.

"Yeah," I muttered, sending Bella a quick text back.

E: Hey, sweet girl. I'll call you in 10 min. Sorry I missed your message.

B: No biggie. Can't wait, handsome! :)

"So your shit came today," Emmett chuckled happily from the back seat now that he was off the phone, smacking my shoulder lightly. "Rosie said she was over there, man. That's awesome!"

Grinning because I just fucking couldn't help it, I said, "It did. Bella sent a picture and everything." I pulled out of the parking lot onto the main road. "Though, she said there was more than she'd anticipated."

I frowned, trying to remember just exactly what had been in that storage unit. I hadn't really paid attention to the email that Marcus had sent. I'd seen a few boxes, my piano and its bench, but I hadn't really thought to look for anything else. Plus, I trusted Bella to keep an eye out for anything wrong.

Once we were home and I'd kicked off my shoes and fallen onto the bed, I dialed Bella.

"Now you have to come to Seattle. I'm holding your stuff hostage," she giggled in answer to only one ring of the phone.

"I would've come without my stuff, sweet girl," I chuckled. "No need to threaten innocent boxes."

"Oh, gotcha," she snickered happily. "Did you have fun tonight? Are you drunk?"

"I did, and no, I'm...comfortably numb," I told her, shrugging a shoulder that I realized she couldn't see. "I only had a few beers. Em and Jazz, on the other hand..." I huffed a laugh. "I'm sure they'll sleep in tomorrow."

"Oh, boy."

"Yeah. So everything looked okay? It'd been in storage for ages." I sat up, shifting to lean against the headboard.

"It looks perfect, babe. I didn't see one problem. And God, that piano is gorgeous."

Smiling, I sighed. "Yeah, I can't wait to play it again."

"Well, the movers suggested having it tuned, due to the move,, either," she told me.

"Beautiful, what did you mean by more than anticipated? There should be only a handful of boxes."

"No, sweetie, there was chest, a leather chair, a rocking chair, and a desk, too. There's also a letter that came with it," she explained.

"Well, what's it say?" I asked, curious as to how I hadn't remembered those other things.

"Edward, I didn't open your stuff," she answered nervously.

"Please," I scoffed, rolling my eyes. "I've got no secrets from you, love. Will you read it to me? It's probably from the lawyer."

There was a rustling of paper over the line, and my girl was quiet for a moment.

"Oh, it's from Irina," she said softly, and then she started reading.

"Dear Edward,

I hope that this letter...and your things...find you well. Garrett found out when the movers were emptying your storage, and I wanted to make sure a few things made it to you. Sweetie, these were important things that I think Elizabeth would have wanted you to keep, but you were so intent on just... Well, maybe if I remind you of their history, you'll understand why I did it.

The rocking chair and the hope chest were your mother's. If I'm not mistaken, she rocked you in that thing every night when you were a baby, but the chest had been passed down from her mother. I'm not really sure what's in it. The desk was your father's in his home office, and the only reason I thought you might want it was because you used to sit behind it and pretend to be him from just about the time you could walk. He loved it, Edward. You have no idea. And that manly leather chair was the same chair you two would watch baseball games in until you were too big to sit on his lap. I thought Liz would lose her mind every time you ate popcorn in it, but she loved watching the two of you in your little bubble of teams, players, and stats.

Look, sweetheart, I understand wanting to get away, especially after Ed's death. And I completely understood why you left all of it behind, but you were young, grieving, and not thinking so clearly, so I took the liberty of thinking ahead for you. Please don't be upset with me. If you don't want these things, that's fine, but I thought I'd at least give you the option. These things...they're your history, your memories, and good ones, at that.

All I want for you, Edward...all your parents wanted for you, sweetie...was for you to be happy, and from the sound of it, you've achieved it. You've grown into an extremely honorable, smart young man. Your parents would be so proud of you, and know that Garrett and I are, too, because you could have taken a different path, a darker path, but you didn't. I'm so very grateful that you're out of the line of fire and back in the U.S. And I want you to know that just because things didn't work out with Tanya doesn't mean you can't come to me or Garrett if you need us. We'll always be there for you, son.

Much love,


I rubbed my eye with the heel of my hand, taking a deep breath and letting it out. "Is it too much, Bella? Will it least until I can see them?"

"I've made it fit, Edward," she stated firmly, but her voice was gentle, like the sweet touches to my face I missed. "The rocking chair and the chest fit just fine in the bedroom. And the leather chair has already made friends with my sofa."

I snorted, shaking my head and sighing. "And the desk?" I asked, having forgotten just how much I'd loved my father's office, how many hours I'd just hung out in there with him.

"Well, it's out of the way for now," she started. "We weren't sure if it would fit in the room with the piano, so it's tucked away in the corner of my dining room. You boys can move it when you get home."


"Okay," I whispered, suddenly so fucking homesick for my girl that I was almost physically ill. "I should probably call her and thank her, huh?"

"Yes, babe. You should. That was incredible of her to do that for you," Bella said, a reverent tone to her voice. "She and your mom were close?"

"Yeah." I huffed a laugh. "Like sisters. Maybe my mother told her to do it. I don't know."

"Or maybe they knew each other so well that she didn't have to ask," she suggested. "I would know what Alice would want saved."


"Oh, and I stacked your boxes in the piano room. You can go through them when you get here," Bella said.

"Sweet girl, if you need to—"

"I'm not going through your stuff without you," she interrupted with a giggle. "First of all, boxes mean the possibility of spiders, and you'll truly have to save me from that nightmare. And second, I'd rather you be here..."

Smiling, I said, "Yes, ma'am."

"Besides, who knows if you have some sort of panty collection in there," she teased, and I couldn't help but bark out a laugh.

"The only pair of panties I've ever saved is yours from our date, Isabella," I crooned, my eyes flickering to the closet, where I knew for a fact her underwear was currently residing in the pocket of my suit jacket that I'd worn that night.

"Mmm, that was a good night," she purred.

"Indeed, Miss Swan," I chuckled darkly. "One I intend on repeating as soon as my ass gets home – only this time, I won't have to clean the car so soon."

"I look forward to it, Sarge," she countered with a giggle. "Go call Irina, you silly ass. Then you can call me back and tell me all the naughty things you intend to do to me in my own house, Masen."

Laughing, my head fell back to the wall. "Yes, ma'am. Trust me, that list is long, twisted, and rather detailed."

"Excellent," she laughed shamelessly.

We were quiet for just a moment, before I finally said, "Thanks, love."

"Are you okay, Edward?"

"I will be... When I get home, I'll be just perfect," I sighed, smiling at the mere thought of it.

"Good," she chirped. "Now...go thank her. You need to. And call me back. I need to take this twisted and detailed list down for future reference."

I laughed, falling in love with her just a little more and missing her with all that I had. "Okay... Love you."

"Love you, too."



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