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Coming Home Chapter 130 - Edward


Tampa... Monday, August 23, 2010 at 11:23 A.M.

"I'm so fucking tired of this cafeteria bullshit," Emmett grumbled as we walked into the food court area.

"Well, maybe if you hadn't eaten most of the food Bella and the girls had put away for us in like the first three weeks, you wouldn't be bitchin'," Jasper countered, shrugging a shoulder and giving him a look that basically told him to not to even try to deny it.

"I didn't," he lied through his damn teeth.

I laughed, shaking my head. "Em, man... You ate both tuna casseroles in one day. Don't fucking try it..."

Emmett grinned shamelessly. "Yeah, well, Bells knows I can't resist those..."

Rolling my eyes and smirking at him, I pulled my phone out when it chirped with a text alert. "Speaking of," I muttered, opening her message.

B: Oh, Sarge, the flowers are beautiful! Thank you! :) Love you! Consider yourself smooched to pieces. Xoxoxo

Before I placed my lunch order, I sent her a quick reply.

E: Love you, too. I'm glad you like them, sweet girl. I'm pretty damn sure they aren't as beautiful as you are, but I'm hoping that they bring you a good first day back to school. Call me tonight when you get home, Miss Swan. I want to hear everything! :)

B: You got it, handsome. :)


"Masen!" Lieutenant Morris called from across the field. "You and Corporals Whitlock and McCarty get over here."

"Aw, hell. What'd we do this time?" Jasper groaned.

"No idea," I said, shrugging as we double-timed it by some of the newer recruits that were working the obstacle course.

Morris waved away our salutes as soon as we arrived in front of him. "Not one of you three are re-upping? Not one?"

"No, sir," we answered him.

"Well, shit," he hissed, rubbing his face and giving the course a disdainful look. "That means I have to promote someone."

"May I make a few suggestions, sir?" I offered. He didn't really know my squad, and I'd been expecting this for a few weeks now.

"Go on," he said slowly, wearing a smirk.

"Wells, sir. He's just recently re-upped, his family is now living on base, and that temporary cast should be off soon. He's got the respect of the men, sir," I explained, gesturing to where Jeff Wells was finishing up for the day. He limped alongside the course wearing a cast that he could actually walk on.

"Ramirez, too," Emmett added, jerking his chin, and I nodded in agreement.

"Ramirez is tough but fair, sir," Jasper piped in. "But Wells has seen shit up close and personal. He'll make a good teacher."

"Both men are set for another four years, sir," I told Morris. "You can trust them both."

Morris cracked a small smile. "I'll consider it. Thank you, Masen. What's next for you three?"

"Home, sir," we all answered, wearing what I was sure were matching grins.

"Where's home?" he snorted, shaking his head at us.

"Seattle, sir."

"Got it," he laughed, waving us away. "Go. End this shit for the day. I've got a ballet recital I can't miss."

I called a halt to the training, sending the men on their way for the day. After a short debate, the guys decided on Chinese for dinner. I offered to call it in on my way home so it would be delivered soon after we all got to the house. They were going to stop by the store to grab a few things we were running low on – laundry detergent, beer, soda, and bottled water, not to mention paper plates. Those assholes were killing my ass with the always-full sink of fucking dirty dishes.

I was just throwing away my garbage as I tossed the last half of an eggroll in my mouth when my phone finally rang.

"Hey, bootiful," I mumbled with a full mouth.

"Are you eating?" Bella giggled.

"I was," I said after finally swallowing. "I'm done now."

"Dare I ask what was for dinner?" she sighed, but I could hear the smile in her voice nonetheless.

"Chinese," I said proudly. Bella hated when we did the fast food thing every damn day. She even went as far as sending Jasper some of her easiest recipes, but we didn't always cook at home now that her frozen stash had dwindled away.

"Good boy," she purred.

"I don't know about that, Miss Swan," I sighed dramatically, closing my bedroom door. "Three eggrolls and a pint of lo mein isn't exactly saintly, but I was a starving man. Besides, the things I've been thinking about you today wouldn't be considered particularly...good."

"Oh, Sarge, I'm sure it was plenty...good," she giggled back.

Grinning, I shook my head. "How was the first day back, love?"

"Hard, tiring, but I've got great kids this year. I've got a group of boys that remind me of you, Jazz, and Em...almost to a tee. It's rather frightening, actually," she laughed. "They're thick as thieves. A loud, funny one, a quiet, clever one, and then the really cute, shy one."

I laughed, settling back against the headboard of the bed. "Any stolen kisses or pulled pigtails on the first day?"

"Yes, of course. Poor Jeremy just about had heart failure. He's the sweet, shy one," she snickered. "Little Sophie gave him no choice in the matter. She just ran up to him at recess, planted a big sloppy kiss on on his cheek, and ran off."

I groaned out a laugh. "Oh, poor kid."

"His buddies, Ryan and Paul, spent the rest of recess guarding him." Bella huffed a laugh but went on to tell me about a few of her other new students, including a shy little girl that was new to the area. She didn't know anyone from the previous year, so Bella had to stop the kids from picking on her; she understood what it was like to hate being the center of attention.

"We have a few new teachers this year because one had a baby – a little girl – and another retired. Mike's all over them like white on rice. It's rather disturbing," she huffed.

"And just how is he with you?" I asked, unable to stop myself or the slight growl that came through my tone.

"Relax, Sarge. He was a perfect gentleman. Or as close to one as he can be." She murmured the last sentence. "He started with his same old crap until he saw my ring."

"The ring I gave you..."

"Yep," she chirped. "That one. And once he saw my flowers with your card, he muttered something about getting his ass kicked and left me alone." She laughed again. "Thank you again for those, by the way."

"You're very welcome, sweet girl," I said with a grin, trying to imagine what this douchebag, Mike, looked like. He sounded like a pussy, which Emmett had called him more than once, but he could schmooze the girls around him, so he couldn't be all that repulsive. The fact that he was fucking clueless about those same women made me chuckle.

"You might want to tell him that Emmett's still pissed," I said, shrugging one shoulder that I knew she couldn't see. "He hasn't quite forgiven him for the whole cheating on you thing. Big brother issues and all. I'm saving my opinion for when I meet him, which should prove all sorts of entertaining."

"Mike is a sexual harassment case waiting to happen," Bella stated with a touch of laughter to her voice. "In fact, I'm pretty sure the new teacher, Angela, is just ballsy enough to put him in his place – and I think she's engaged – but Jessica fell for it instantly. Poor, hopeless girl.

"All in all, it was a good first day," she concluded. "How was yours?"

"I had to pick my replacement... Well, mine, and the guys' replacements," I told her, pulling at a loose string on my fatigues. They'd seen better days, but I didn't want to replace them, not when I was out of this place in like six weeks. "We also are getting reports back that our training is really working. Some of our first classes are doing really well overseas."

"Good, babe. That's really good," she gushed. "God, I miss you," she suddenly groaned, sighing heavily.

"I miss you, too, sweetheart," I countered, trying to sound soothing, but I knew I sounded just as frustrated. Six weeks was so close, yet so far. Only the month of September and a week left in August stood in our way. Which reminded me... "Bella, what do you want for your birthday?" I asked, bracing myself for her reaction.

"Edward, please don't go crazy," she begged. "Please? I just want you wearing a big bow. Okay?" she snarked.

Laughing, my head fell back to the wall. "I'll see what I can do," I chuckled. "But what do you want? Maybe something you can't always have or something you need but never get?"

"I can't think of a thing... Well, other than you and that bow. That seems to have taken over in my imagination," she giggled. "Red...definitely, red. Only wrapped around your..."

"Don't make me call Charlie," I interrupted her with a warning because I knew where that was going. "I'll set up some elaborate thing..."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"I would, and you know it. Just...think about it, love," I chuckled. "I've got Jasper on my side. Don't think I don't. If he set up my fan-fucking-tastic birthday surprise, just imagine what I can get him to do for you."

She harrumphed stubbornly, saying, "You know what, Masen? Do your worst. I have no idea what I want, and I'm not fighting you...all of you – Alice and Rose have already started prying. Just...don't listen to them. I heard rumors of male strippers...though, I'm not sure whether they were kidding or not."

I laughed, just because I couldn't help it. "Absolutely fucking not! No greased up lap dances for you, Isabella."

"Are you offering?" she laughed. "Because I'll save every dollar bill I have until October just to tuck them on you."

I slapped a hand to my forehead. "I'm making no promises."

"Bring the bow," she giggled.

"Go eat dinner, sweet girl. I see I'm on my own for your birthday. Remember that I gave you ample opportunity to help a guy out, but no... You wanted to be silly. Your window has officially closed," I growled dramatically.

Bella laughed again, happy, sweet, and full of life, and I couldn't love her more if I tried. "I'm sure I'll live, Edward. I'll call you later."

Grinning, I shook my head. "Good. I wonder if I could hire a clown to go to the school..."

"Edward, don't you dare..." she squeaked, and I could tell she was going to say more, but I ended the call on purpose, just to drive her crazy, getting up to go talk to Jasper.



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