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Coming Home Chapter 131 - Bella


Seattle... Saturday, September 04, 2010 at 3:48 P.M.

"Picture time!" Alice squealed, grinning.

She and Rose were at my house for the day. We'd decided on a day of girl time, the first chance we'd really had to just chill since school started. I was already tired because we'd spent the morning washing our cars, and then this afternoon, we'd gone to the spa and the mall to do some shopping, finally coming back here to relax before ordering pizza for dinner and watching some movies we'd picked out.

I was also tired because it had been late before I'd gotten to sleep on Friday, but I'd gotten a ton of stuff done around the house. The rest of my papers and stuff were organized, and the books were all put up on the new bookshelf in the guest room turned music-slash-reading room. I'd had the pictures that Edward had sent from when we'd gotten them taken together in Florida for over a month, but I hadn't hung them yet, so those were now on the walls throughout the house. My favorite was one of the two of us caught unaware – his arm around my waist, hand on my stomach, and my fingers curled around his, both looking down and laughing at something silly and naughty he'd just whispered in my ear. I had hung that one in the bedroom, where I could see it every morning when I woke and every night before I slept.

Shaking my head slightly to bring my attention back to Alice, I grinned. "Rose, you have your camera, right?"

She nodded. "In my bag. You still want to do all the shots you talked about?"

"Yup," I answered, popping the "p." Standing up, I stretched and said, "Let me go change. We'll do the ones in the red dress first and go from there."

I hurried into the bedroom, pulling off my jeans, T-shirt, and bra. The dress was strapless, so I didn't wear it often, but Edward hadn't seen it yet, so I wanted to wear it for these.

Alice knocked and poked her head in. "Ready? I'll touch up your make-up and fluff your hair."

Following her into the bathroom, I said, "I don't think it needs much, but have at it." They had done my hair at the spa, and shopping hadn't really hurt it at all. It just needed to be combed through and smoothed out.

Once I was ready, I grabbed the matching red stilettos from the shoebox in my closet – another thing I didn't wear often for fear of breaking my neck. They were the exact shade as the dress, and they had a four-inch heel and a ribbon that wrapped around my ankle, tying in a pretty bow in front. I wouldn't put them on until I was already in position.

Alice and I headed to the other room, where Rose was waiting with her camera. She had already put the step stool up just beside the piano, so I handed Alice the shoes and climbed up barefoot, settling myself on the closed lid. Alice slid the shoes on my feet, tying the bows perfectly, and then I carefully drew my knees up and set my feet on the piano. No matter how sexy these pictures turned out, I would never forgive myself if I scratched Edward's piano.

Rose took several photos of me in various poses. In one, my legs were crossed slightly, arms wrapped around them, and my head was bent to rest on my knee as I looked off to the side at the camera. In another, I was lying down on my side, knees bent and kind of curled in on myself, one hand resting on the piano near my head.

My favorite of those was when I sat up near the front of the piano; one foot was resting carefully on the keys, knee bent with my elbow resting on it, and the other was positioned so my legs were parted slightly. Turning slightly sideways so you couldn't see anything, I rested back on my hand. The entire position, despite holding myself steady in order to not scratch the piano, made me feel sexy – chest out, legs open, but not quite, and I was pretty sure Rose caught my daydreamy expression trying to imagine Edward sitting right on that piano bench between my legs.

"Okay," Rose said with a grin. "Lose the dress and shoes and put on that blue lingerie set you bought this morning."

I nodded, reaching down to undo the ribbons around my ankles and letting the shoes drop to the floor. Once Alice had moved the step stool back, I carefully climbed down, picked up the shoes, and hurried back to the bedroom. Tossing the dress and shoes onto the bed, I grabbed the Victoria's Secret sack and pulled out the blue scraps of silk. The other pictures could be shown to Emmett and Jasper if he wanted, but the ones I would be taking next were for his eyes – and my girls, obviously – only.

Walking confidently back into other room wearing the sexy lace bra and matching cheeky panties – because even in these, I wasn't going to wear dental floss – I climbed barefoot back up onto the piano. Rose took shots of me on my stomach, my knees bent and feet in the air, as well as of me on my knees, sitting on my calves, getting a few other pictures as she and Alice directed me on how to move and when to hold a position.

Finally, it was time for the last few shots. As I pulled off my lingerie, Alice went to get the white satin sheet from my bedroom. When she came back in and handed it to me, I wrapped it around me and lay on my back across the front, one arm holding the sheet gathered between my breasts, the other down and resting my hand lightly on the keys of the piano. After a few similar shots to the lingerie ones, I sat up, drawing my knees up to my chest, and let Alice and Rose drape the sheet strategically to just barely cover everything. I was going for teasing and seduction, rather than pornography – although Rose tried to tell me that Edward certainly wouldn't mind.

"Bells, you know he'd love to see one of you without the sheet. How about soft-core, rather than hard-core?" she offered convincingly.

At my hesitation, Alice grinned. "He really would love it, Bella. You know that..."

With a groaning sigh, I unfurled the sheet and handed it over, holding up my hands. "Fine, I'm all yours," I laughed.


From: Bella Swan
To: EAMasen
Date Sent: Sun, Sept 05, 2010 at 1:13 A.M.
Date Received: Sun, Sept 05, 2010 at 4:13 A.M.
Subject: Consider this a late birthday present. ;)


As you can see, we were busy today! *laugh* Rose did a fantastic job of making me look sexy, didn't she? I almost didn't recognize myself in a few of them. Obviously, you can tell which ones are for your eyes only...The others you can share with the boys if you want to. If not, that's fine, too.

We had a great day. You already heard on the phone call earlier about shopping and the spa. After pictures, we ordered in pizza and popped in Hot Tub Time Machine, which was hysterical. We ended up watching three more movies: The Bounty Hunter, with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, which was fun and pretty funny; Date Night, with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, which was damn funny; and my favorite, The Back-Up Plan, with Jennifer Lopez and sexy ex-vampire Alex O'Laughlin.

I'm so stuffed because we made four different batches of popcorn. *laugh* We started off with just plain butter and salt, but then with the second movie, we wanted some parmesan cheese and a whole bunch of dried herbs and cayenne pepper. That's when our sweet tooth kicked in for all of us. We had a bowl of buttered cinnamon and sugar, as well as a bowl of plain drizzled with white and dark chocolate. So good, but so full! Now I'm lying in bed, on my side, because I tried putting my laptop up on my stomach, but that was not comfortable! LOL

I'm so tired, my eyes keep closing, but I just had to email you. Watching those romantic comedies was fun, but all they did was serve to make me miss you. I know we only have four weeks left, but that seems like forever. It's so much harder now than it was before I came to Florida. Not that I would change that, of course, but now I know what I'm missing... If I could snap my fingers and have you appear, I would. I wake up every morning, my hand reaching out to find you on the other side of the bed, and every morning, I'm disappointed. So yes, I'm anxious for October second, because I'll be in your arms, and you'll be there every morning when I wake up. *sigh*

I'd better get some sleep. Just going to be a quiet day tomorrow, I think, so will probably try to sleep in. We'll see.

I love you, Sarge.




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