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Coming Home Chapter 56 - Edward


Afghanistan... Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 8:43 P.M.

The barracks were quiet as I walked through to the CO's office carrying my laptop. Most of my own squad was still out on patrol, making sure the cell that had been attacking our transport trucks was completely eradicated. I wasn't so sure they weren't hunting whatever stragglers were out there as an act of revenge for me and Wells getting hurt. The rest of the adjoining barracks were quiet – some guys sleeping, some down at the mess tent, others already up and out to take the next shift.

I set my laptop down, starting it up. I wanted to check my email before I called Bella. Grinning at the memory of her last email, I shook my head. It had been the equivalent of a drunk text or call. My girl was just a little tipsy, lonely for me, but mostly horny.

Chuckling to myself and opening my email, I wondered briefly just how explosive it would be when we were finally face to face. Our relationship was different, but strong and honest. The flirting and innuendo and sexual tension was growing by leaps and bounds, even more so since we'd said I love you. Our first meeting was a fantasy in my mind that changed all the time. It was everything from the airport, to Bella's house, to a hotel room, but the one thing that stayed the same in that fantasy was that nothing survived – not beds, not doors, not even the walls stayed standing.

"Oh, for the love of all that's holy," I groaned, unable to tear my eyes away from the screen in front of me.

Bella had sent pictures. Blue lace. Creamy skin. Hands in not quite there places. I had to adjust myself while I just took her in as I dialed her number. She was so fucking beautiful. It was hard to believe that she was mine, that she loved me.

"Hello?" my favorite voice answered.

"Hey, beautiful," I said, unable to keep the shit-eating grin off my face.

"Hi, babe," she sighed, like she'd been holding her breath. "How are you feeling?"

"Better. Still sore and bruised, but I'm able to move around better now," I told her, rubbing my chest, but my eyes fell to the pictures in front of me. "'re gonna be the death of me, Bella..."

The sweet, naughty giggle that met my ears just made me all the harder. "I told you I had blue..."

I chuckled, shaking my head. "Yes, I see that. Blue...tiny things. Blue lacy things. And if I'm not mistaken, your car is blue, too."

"Mmhm," she hummed, a slight giggle still in her voice. "Those are just for you, Sarge."

"Everything about you is just for me," I stated without thinking, my voice dropping low. "I shouldn't be held responsible for what I would do to you if you were standing here in front of me dressed like that."

The sound that came across the phone was a sound I'd been aching to hear again. It shocked me that Bella responded so readily to just my voice, my words, but the whimper mixed with a small moan made my dick twitch with the want of her. I had to adjust myself again in order to sit comfortably.

"What? Tell me what you'd do, Edward," she commanded softly.

"First, let me ask you something," I murmured, staring at the pictures of her. I was stalling, because I wasn't sure I wanted to do this over the phone, but fuck, if the two of us didn't need something. This shit had been building for weeks, almost exploding when we'd vowed our love for each other. "Was it cold in the room when you posed for these, sweetheart?"


"No..." I smirked, licking my lips. "Mm, love. Those pretty nipples are awfully hard for it not to be cold. What were you thinking about?"


"What about me?" I asked, clearly hearing her shift on the other end of the line.

"At first, it was simple what your face would be like when you saw those pictures," she explained softly, her own voice taking on a husky tenor. Fuck, if that shit wasn't sexy as all hell. "Then it became more...detailed. Like...what would your hands feel like on me as you took everything off my body? Would you be rough? Gentle? Slow? Would you kiss me while you were doing it?"

I growled low, my eyes rolling back as I said, "I'd be all of those things for you, Bella." I rubbed the outside of my fatigues, trying to relieve some of the pressure. "Christ, where are you right now?"

"Still in bed," she answered, and I could hear a smile to her voice. "You?"

"My CO's office," I chuckled darkly.

"The door closed and locked?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely," I grunted, giving my cock another heavy rub over the outside of my pants. "Bella, are you sure about this?"

"Oh, God, please..."

My girl needed something, some sort of release, and despite the fact that I knew she was taking care of her needs herself, it was me she wanted. Something about that thought caused all nerves to fly out the fucking window.

"Oh, baby..." I moaned, closing my laptop, because I didn't need pictures of her for this shit. "Put me on speakerphone, love. You'll need both hands."

"Bluetooth, Edward," she panted.

"What are you wearing?"


"Good girl," I growled, unable to stop myself from lowering my zipper and sliding my hand inside my boxers. "You want to know what I'd do to you, Isabella?"

"Yes, please..."

"First, I'd kiss the ever-loving shit out of you, but seeing as how I can't, we'll skip that part," I started, losing myself in the sounds of her, the feel of my own hand, and the fact that the whole world just slipped away. Suddenly, she was right there in the room with me. "I'd start with your stomach, just feeling your soft skin. I bet it feels like silk. Lay that hand flat, baby, and then glide it up to your breasts. Are your nipples hard for me again?" I asked, and her sweet little sound told me they were, even if she didn't really answer me. "Make them harder...roll them, pinch them."

"Fuck, babe, I need more. Please don't tease...not this time. It's too much," she breathed. "Please?" she asked again.

I nodded stupidly, like she could see me, but I gave in. Hell, I would probably always give in to her. "Lay back, love. Spread those beautiful legs. Are you wet for me?"


"Tell me," I ordered. "Use just your middle finger and tell me how wet you are for me."

"So wet, it's on my thighs, Edward," she whispered.

"Gather up some of that sweet stuff and glide up around that clit, baby. Get it nice and slick for me," I started, because this wasn't going to take long. I could hear how worked up she was. "That's my hand, Bella. Does it feel good?"

"More, baby..."

Taking that answer as a positive, I smiled. "Good girl. Now slip that one finger deep inside. Use your thumb to rub that pretty clit. I bet you're all swollen, aching, aren't you, love?"

"Mmmhm," she panted.

"Add another finger and go as deep as you want, Bella. This is me. You'll feel every inch of me," I told her, finally giving up and pulling my hard-as-hell dick from my boxers. "Now...another finger, baby, and press down on that clit – up one side, down the other. Do I feel good?"


"Mmm, good, let me hear you. I need to hear you, Bella. You have no idea," I rambled. "I love you so fucking much, but I need to hear my name, beautiful. Take yourself hard and deep. I want you to feel this hours from now."

I knew it was coming, but the sound of my name spilling from her sweet lips as she came might've been the best sound I'd ever heard. Ever. My cock twitched hard in my hand as she panted over the phone. And I swore to fucking God that I could hear the wetness over the line. One day, I was going to fuck that girl into oblivion. If anything gave me the focus to get out of this motherfucking desert, it was that goal...right there.

"I love you, Edward," she whispered, and I smirked, because I could hear her sated tone all the way from the other side the world.

"Love you, too, sweetheart," I sighed, squeezing my eyes closed because I was still hard as fucking steel.

"Are you touching yourself, babe?" she asked, and my hand gripped harder at the tone that changed in her voice. "Are you hard for me?"


"Good, Edward. Now it's your turn to come for me."



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