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Coming Home Chapter 57 - Bella


Seattle... Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 9:15 P.M.

I lay there, boneless, completely relaxed, and utterly sated after Edward had given me the most explosive orgasm I'd had in years—maybe ever. All without laying a single finger on me. His words alone were crazy sexy, but add in that smooth-as-silk, deep, husky voice, and they became deadly.

"I love you, Edward," I whispered, still breathing harder than normal.

The soft moaning sigh as he replied, "Love you, too, sweetheart," told me he wasn't nearly as satisfied as he'd made me.

And I wasn't having that shit...

"Are you touching yourself, babe?" My nipples tightened again, a fresh wave of arousal coursing through me as I thought of his hand around his cock. "Are you hard for me?"

"Yeah..." It was breathless and almost plaintive, like he was trying to hold himself back.

I smiled, adjusting myself on the bed a bit to get more comfortable. "Good, Edward," I told him, my voice deeper, smoother. "Now it's your turn to come for me."

His answering groan sent zings of electricity from my ears to my center, making every nerve ending come back to life.

"I can't wait to get my hands on you, babe," I said, keeping my voice low. My hand clenched in the sheet, wishing it was wrapped around him instead of the fabric. "I bet you're like steel under your hand, aren't you? Can you feel it throbbing? Your cock is just begging to have me, isn't it?"

"Fuck, Bella," he groaned again, his voice even more breathy than before. I could hear soft noises as he shifted position – the rasp of clothing, the slight squeak of the chair he was sitting in.

"Where would you want it first, Edward? My hands? You said it would take two hands, so if I only used one, would it not feel as good, babe?" I was teasing him, and I knew it, but I couldn't help myself.

"Fuck no, Isabella," he growled softly. "One hands, two won't matter, beautiful."

"You know, of my favorite dreams about you is when I drop to my knees and pull that long, thick cock"—his groan again at that word nearly would have made me giggle if it wasn't so fucking hot—"from your cargoes and slide it between my lips. I want to taste you so fucking much, babe. I'd use my tongue to trace all over your shaft before licking all the way up to the tip, gathering the milky taste of you that's already dripping."

Edward hissed, and I heard a wet noise, like he'd just smacked his lips. "Fuck, sweetheart. Keep going... I'm so close."

Closing my eyes, I pictured him in my head – long, sure fingers wrapped around his eight-and-a-half-inch length, stroking himself to my words. The image was breathtaking.

"Are you leaking, Edward?" At his answering noise of agreement, I shivered, my mouth watering to taste him. "Gather that in your hand, babe. Use it to stroke yourself, and imagine it's my mouth as I take you all the way to the back of my throat."

His breath was coming faster now, harsher, spurring me on.

"Once neither of us could wait any longer, I would stand up and move over you, using one hand to hold you so I could lower myself down on you. Fuck, Edward, your cock is so big, I'm going to be so tight around you. I'm going to squeeze you like it was my hand as I ride you, but it will be my pussy—"

That was the magic word. With a groan, my name fell from his lips like a prayer and a curse combined. I could hear his hand now as he slowed his strokes, echoing his breathing as he tried to temper it back to normal.

"Did that feel good, babe?" I asked, my voice shaky and breathless now that I'd heard him come.

"Oh, love..." Edward chuckled darkly. "If it's half as good when we're finally face to face, it'll be out of this world amazing."

"Mmhmm," I agreed, closing my eyes for a second to get myself back under control.

"Give me a minute, beautiful. I'm...a bit of a mess at the moment."

There was a dull thump, like he'd set the phone down, and then a rustling noise. I grinned at the thought, wondering how he was cleaning himself up.

After a minute, he came back on the line. "I should have thought ahead, I suppose," he said.

"What'd you use?" I giggled, wondering what in his CO's office he'd have been able to find that he wouldn't have had to explain away.

There was a pause, and then he huffed a laugh. "My shirt."

I started laughing, but when I pictured him sitting there in just his cargoes and boots, the laugh turned to a groan.

"Bella?" Edward sounded worried. "What's wrong?"

"You can't do that to me," I growled playfully. "Not fair, teasing me with your bare chest...and stomach...and shoulders..."

He laughed. "Sorry, love. I'd put it back on, but... No. Just no..."

That thought lightened the mood, and I slid back down into the bed, wrapping the sheet around me.

Edward sighed softly. "Thank you, sweetheart. That was...perfect – and so very needed."

"Mmm," I agreed, smiling to myself. "And I agree. If it's half as good in person, we're going to be very happy."

"You're amazing, Bella. I don't know how I ever got this lucky."

His words were like a hug, reaching through the phone line and wrapping themselves around me.

I wanted to argue that I was the lucky one, but instead, I just smiled and said, "I think we're both the lucky ones, Edward."

We were quiet a minute, each lost in our own thoughts, before he spoke again.

"You remember that I go back to work in the morning, right, sweetheart?"

My throat hurt as I swallowed around the sudden lump blocking my airway. He didn't need to worry about me on top of everything else, though, so I put on a brave front and said softly, "I know. You'll be careful, you hear me, Sergeant Masen? You can't afford to get distracted and be off your game."

"I won't, Bella, I swear. I have to figure out the balance. Once I go on shift, I know I need to put everything and everyone else – as much as I hate it – out of my head so I can get home safely to you. I can't wait to start our life together, love. I'll do whatever I damn well have to in order for that to happen."

I smiled at his fierce statement. "I know, babe. I know you will." Glancing at the clock, I realized it was getting late over there, and he needed to sleep now so he was well rested for tomorrow. "Edward..."

He sighed, and I could tell his mind had gone right where mine had. "I know, love. I need to go. I...need a shower—"

I couldn't help the giggle that burst out of me.

"—and fuck if I'm not hard enough to have it be another long one, Isabella," he teased. "Thank you again for the pictures and for this amazing phone call. Hearing your voice was just what I needed."

Tears started making silent tracks down my cheeks as I nodded. "For me, too, Edward. I love you so very much."

"Oh, Bella... I love you, too. Don't cry, sweetheart. I'll email you tomorrow night, all right? And you should be getting a package from me anytime, love."

I swiped at my face with the edge of the sheet, sniffling. "'Kay," I said, smiling in spite of the awful feeling that came with ending our conversation.

"Have a good day, Bella, and email me, please. I live for your words," he said quietly but firmly.

"I will," I promised, swallowing back my tears. "Don't say goodbye. I don't want to hear that." I was shaking my head, begging him to understand.

There was a pause, and then, as if he realized how close I was to the edge, he ended the call with a simple, "I love you, Isabella Marie Swan."

My "I love you, too" echoed over the now empty line, and I was sobbing again before I'd even hung up the phone.



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Ugh How can you go from sexy times to making me want to bawl my eyes out? It must be a gift. Kudos to you for your talent there. ;)

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