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Coming Home Chapter 67 - Bella


From: Bella Swan
To: EAMasen
Date Sent: Wed, June 02, 2010 at 3:27 P.M.
Date Received: Thurs, June 03, 2010 at 12:27 A.M.
Subject: I got a job!

Hi, babe.

So...plans for this summer kind of changed. I'm still going to see my dad, but remember that I told you I'd emailed my mom about us coming down there to see her? Turns out she's busy all summer. She emailed this morning and said she's traveling with Phil for some of it, is involved with a new acting "troupe" (her word, not mine) that travels around different areas around Jacksonville, and is taking cooking classes and yoga. She said maybe I could come down in September, after baseball. Of course, I'll have school then...but whatever. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I decided I needed to save more this summer, rather than spend more, so instead of taking classes, I got a job! I was looking around some of the job boards and came across a freelance editor position for a romance novel publisher. It all happened so fast. Once I told them about my college curriculum and teaching experience, they sent me a couple of pages of an unedited work and had me make corrections and send them back in with some example work of my own writing. Two hours later, they called and offered me the job. It's something I can do on my own time, and as long as I meet their deadline for the work they give me, I can do as much or as little as I want.

Edward, I don't blame you at all for what happened before. Like I said... I let my own insecurities and fear overrule everything else because, babe, I *do* know you love me. If I hadn't been so stupid about everything, we wouldn't have had any problem at all. Part of the problem may have been that my hormones are all out of whack. I should have realized that because being on the birth control pill keeps me so regular, and I'm about 5 days shy of my next period. It doesn't always make me crazy, but obviously...sometimes it does. Regardless, I'm sorry for the way I reacted.

Oh, I would love to visit Germany. We had an exchange student from there when I still lived in Phoenix. The pictures she showed me always looked so great. And I totally get what you mean about wanting to visit the concentration camps. It isn't so you can gawk or just see where history was made but to honor the ones who spent time there and those who lost their lives. No one should visit Germany without seeing at least one old camp and learning the history behind it, in my opinion. Knowledge is power, and learning about what happened there can help us to prevent it from happening again, I think.

*snort* Ok then, Edward... No classes for us. ;) Although that thought is so very tempting. LOL

Mmm, one place on my body, huh? I have to narrow it down to two places, babe. My neck...I fucking love attention played to that part of my body. Sucking, biting, even just touching. The other is the space between my navel and my bikini line... For whatever reason, the skin is totally sensitive there. Just a light touch can make me wet and trembling. Even I can brush my fingers against there when I'm in that kind of mood and make myself even more turned on.

Speaking of questions... I have two for you today, Sarge... One, what's the sexiest thing a girl can wear to turn you on? For me? I love to see a guy in jeans that hang on his hip bones, looking like they are being held up by sheer will (or by his hard cock... *naughty*), either with or without a tight T-shirt. Mmm... That little vee right above a man's dick is just begging to be licked and nibbled. All those dips and ridges, pointing straight down to the main attraction? Yes, please.

My second question... How do you like your women groomed down there? There are a variety of options, you know... ;) You can go full-on wild, trimmed and groomed – but not shaved or waxed at all – a little landing strip or just a small amount of hair left on, or completely bare. So which is it, babe? (Just so you know...I'm withholding the answer as to what I've got going on down there until you can find out for yourself...)

That's great that you guys found a house! You've already secured it, so it's ready for you when you get there? I'm glad you have the master bedroom and bathroom, Sarge... We'll need it when I visit – cause you damn well better know I'll have to visit at some point, and we'll need the space! As for cooking... Well, I can always overnight some things, but really, you should get Jasper to whip you up some of his chili sometime. The man has it going on. Once you get here to Seattle, honey, I'll be glad to do all the cooking...cause that just means you get to clean up after! *laugh*

I hope your training is going well. I can't wait until you get stateside so you can have a cell phone. I want to be able to call you and surprise you sometime.

Give my love to the guys – although tell them I'm on to them about spilling secrets like my middle name...Jasper Eugene Whitlock and Emmett Milhouse McCarty! ;)

I love you so much, Edward. Sometimes it scares me, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Always and forever,

P.S. Babe, I'll be glad to pull that hair anytime you want...although I have a feeling we won't need that to get you in the mood, will we? ;) Still, I can't wait to run my fingers through it. I love doing that...and knowing you would enjoy it? That makes it even better. xoxo


Seattle... Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 11:47 P.M.

I crawled into bed, Edward's dog tags around my neck, and sighed as I pulled the sheet up around me. I'd been so disappointed to hear from my mom about not having time for us to visit her. Not so much because I was sad I wouldn't be seeing her... That would have been nice, but I was used being last on her list, so that was nothing new. But I'd have been close enough to Tampa to make that short trip down to meet Edward, and now...

I didn't even know if it would be possible to visit him, even if we'd been in Jacksonville. He and the guys were there for work, not play. It wasn't like they had normal jobs, either, where they could just take time off if their wives or girlfriends came to town.

I wouldn't see the girls until Saturday because of scheduling. Alice was helping Esme with some charity thing she was involved in, and Rose was filling in at a friend's garage while his wife went in to have their baby on Thursday. Maybe when they came over for pizza on Saturday, I'd ask them about possibly visiting Florida sometime later in the summer, after the boys had gotten into the groove of things at work.

With that thought in my mind, I relaxed enough that I was able to close my mind off and slide into sleep.



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