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Coming Home Chapter 73 - Bella


From: Bella Swan
To: EAMasen
Date Sent: Sun, June 06, 2010 at 10:07 A.M.
Date Received: Sun, June 06, 2010 at 1:07 P.M.
Subject: Aww man! I lost the bet!

Thanks so much, babe... LOL The girls and I kind of had a bet about what time you guys would be up and around. Alice and I thought for sure we wouldn't hear from you before dinner. Rose was sure it would be before noon. (Although, am I REALLY complaining about hearing from you earlier than I'd thought I would? Hell, no! ;) )

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the stuff we sent. We washed the sheets and towels and stuff so they'd be soft and ready to use. The three of us figured none of you would be up for doing laundry before you fell into bed, and we didn't want you using brand new sheets out of the packaging. That stuff is gross...all stiff and rough, and sometimes it smells like plastic. Blech. And of course you got blue! *grin* I had to give you a reminder of me every time you got out of the shower or slid into bed, didn't I?

Oh, hell no... I'm not suggesting you go out and get ANYTHING pierced, Edward. LOL I'm quite certain that you alone, with no extra gadgets or accessories, will be able to more than satisfy me. As much as your words and your voice can do to me, I know just adding in your hands and tongue and cock will be overwhelming. And babe... I'm looking forward to every single one of those positions you mentioned. I don't care how or where it happens. I just want to be with you that way, to show you with my body how very much my heart and soul and mind love you already. Just thinking of being with you like that gets me so turned on...the position doesn't make a damn bit of difference. I can't wait to experience it all with you.

As for ink...well, that's up to you, Sarge. Really. If you ever want to get something, I'm good with that. Like I said, it can be very sexy. But if not? I'm perfectly ok with that, too, babe. I'm not sure I could find you any more sexy than I already do, so don't do it just because you think it's something I want.

Question time! One... Boxers or briefs? Obviously, I don't wear boxers under my clothes...although I do have a few pairs of flannel ones I wear to sleep in sometimes. I don't like dental floss (better known as thongs), but I love boy shorts and bikini panties. I have some high cut briefs that I wear on...certain days...but for the most part, it's boy shorts and bikini panties. I have them in all colors, but there are a few pairs that I am partial to because of the style and fabric and feel of them, so I have those in multiple colors. :)

Two... If you could have one thing for your birthday (besides me...), what would it be?

I'd better go, babe. I'm going to the gym for a bit. I'll have my cell with me, so no matter when you call, I'll answer. Having a cell phone also means you can call me anytime, too, which I am way too excited about! Just another reason why having you stateside is such a relief, huh? :)

Love you always,


Seattle... Sunday, June 06, 2010 at 7:00 P.M.

I pushed away my laptop and the work I'd been doing on the latest book I'd been sent, stretching to work out the kinks in my neck and shoulders. It had been awhile since I'd heard from Edward after his phone call on his new phone. I wanted to text him, because I'd promised I would, but I also wanted to tease him. He'd gotten me so worked up with his last email, talking about positions and how he would pleasure me with his mouth... It was time to return the favor.

Taking my phone with me into the bedroom, I changed into his shirt and a pair of pink cotton panties with lacy white edges. I opened my email on my phone, scrolling back through to read some of the things he'd written that affected me every time I read them. By the time I got to the email from this morning, I knew my panties were soaked. I lay back on the pillows, propping myself up so I could hold the phone with one hand and snap a picture when I was ready.

Sliding my hand down under the cotton, I was met with wet, slick skin and yes, soaked panties. Leaving my fingers just barely under the edge of the fabric, I held the phone out and took a quick photo. It took several tries, my fingers and the idea of sending one of these pictures to Edward keeping me wet and ready for more. Finally, I got the perfect shot. It was kind of blurry, but you could clearly see the damp spot between my legs and my hand getting ready to touch myself.

I wiped my fingers on the outside of my panties, knowing I'd need to change anyway, and then grabbed my phone, settling down onto the bed.

B: Hey, babe. You still awake?

E: Hi, sweetheart. For you? Always. How was your day?

B: It was good. Got some work done this afternoon and evening.

E: That's good. I'm glad you had a good day.

B: I just had to tell you, "Shame on you..."

E: What? Why shame on me? I've been a good boy today, I swear! ;)

B: Because, you naughty boy... You made my panties wet. Again...

I snorted a laugh, knowing how that line would affect him. Unable to resist, I loaded the picture into a new message, with the subject line of Want to see? Before I could chicken out, I hit send and settled in to wait for his reply.

Four minutes later, I was still waiting...and getting nervous that I'd crossed a line or that Edward had seen something he didn't like.



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