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Coming Home Chapter 74 - Edward


Tampa... Sunday, June 06, 2010 at 10:14 P.M.

"That wire doesn't go there! This one does," Emmett argued as half of his large body was crammed behind the TV.

"You ass... Red matches red, yellow matches yellow. How hard is that?" Jasper countered, rolling his eyes at Emmett.

He and Emmett had insisted on setting up the game system. I was merely in the room to keep them from killing each other, though it was awfully tempting to just let nature take its course at this point because I'd been with them all day. I wasn't sure I wanted to be seen in public with them again.

I was saved by my pocket vibrating with a text from Bella. I was actually getting the hang of the damn thing. I'd been putting my contacts in for the last half hour, just to get used to the touch screen, but texts were even better. I had to chuckle in confusion when she sent, "Shame on you..."

E: What? Why shame on me? I've been a good boy today, I swear! ;)

B: Because, you naughty boy... You made my panties wet. Again...

My brain froze for a few seconds, my body breaking out in a sheen of sweat. I tried like hell to figure out what the hell I'd written, said, or texted in the last twenty-four hours to make cause her to...

My phone alerted again, only this time, it was a picture, with the subject, "Want to see?"

I literally had to grit my teeth in order to not moan aloud at the sweetest, most torturous sight I'd ever seen. Pink panties with some white lacy stuff around the edges, but it was the hand inside them that caused my breathing to stop altogether. And my girl wasn't lying; she was so very, very wet.

I needed to talk to her, but I looked up to find both guys staring at me. "What?"

"What you mean...what?" Jasper snickered. "You playin' or not?"

"No," I laughed, waving them on. "No, I'm not. Bella needs me to call her," I told them, the not-so-untruth giving me the out I needed, because Emmett and Jasper, as much as they teased her, allowed my girl whatever she wanted.

What I didn't tell them was what she wanted.

I walked to my bedroom, closing the door behind me. I waited just long enough to hear the game start up from the living room before I hit send on my phone.

"Edward, I—" she answered, but I cut her off.

"That's a pretty serious problem you have there, Isabella," I said, my voice low as I walked to my bed. "What were you thinking?"

"I'm sorry..."

"I'm not offended, love. I just want to know why you didn't call me sooner," I queried, falling down across my bed, my feet still touching the floor. "Tell me what you were thinking that made you so wet, my sexy girl."

"You," she answered automatically.

"No, no...not this time, Bella. What about me?"

"Everything, Edward," she replied, her voice sounding pained. "All it took was reading some of your emails, or really just the last one. I only wanted to tease you, but it..."

I grinned, dragging my tongue across my bottom lip. "Backfired?"

"Sort of," she snickered. "But your last email... Baby, I want those much."

"Me, too, sweetheart. You have no idea." I closed my eyes, my hand adjusting myself, because she sounded so damn needy. "Do you want my help?"


"Do you still have those sweet panties on, Isabella?"

"Yes," she answered, shifting around on the other end of the line.

"Put me on speakerphone and take them off. Take everything off."

There was shifting around for a minute over the phone, until finally, she said, "You, too, babe..."

I'm not sure I'd ever moved so fast, even under threat of war, but I stood up, dropping my jeans and boxers to the floor, only to sit back down on the bed. This time, I propped myself up against the pillows and headboard.

"Baby, if I was there, what would you want me to do to you...right now?" I asked her, wrapping a hand around my already hard-as-hell dick when her sweet, tortured moan echoed in my ear.

"Balls to the wall," she replied, giving me the same answer as the first time I'd asked her.

"Mm, someday, sweetheart. I promise," I vowed because damn, I meant that shit. "It's all I want, all I can think about. Are you still wet for me, beautiful?"

"More now."

"Tell me how much more," I ordered, my head falling back. "Are you swollen, love? Tender? Touch yourself like it was my mouth, like I was taking one long taste of you."

"Shit, yes," she hissed, and my own hand squeezed harder, causing the same sound to escape me. "More... Edward..."

Tonight wasn't a night for foreplay, for teasing. I could hear it in her voice. If she were with me, I'd have already slid her down over me, keeping her in my lap so that I could watch every-fucking-thing about her. No, tonight, my girl wanted hard and fast.

"Christ, baby..." I groaned, my head falling back to the headboard. "You're killing me. I want to take care of you, slide inside you, come with you." I sighed in frustration but in want at the same time. "Bella, do you have help you?" I asked, wondering if I was overstepping the line because we'd never talked about toys or anything like that. Some girls didn't like admitting they had them.

Her breath caught, but she finally said, "Yes."

"Oh, get it, baby. You're gonna need it," I chuckled darkly, waiting as I distinctly heard a drawer open and close. "What is it?"

"A vibrator."

"What's it look like?" I asked, bracing myself for a description of something representing a fake dick. That shit was scary.

She huffed a small laugh. "It's pink, smooth...sparkly."

"Is it big?" I asked, grinning despite how badly I was leaking.

"Not as big as you, Sarge," she purred sexily, but I could clearly hear her smile through her voice.

"Well, we'll have to make do for now, won't we?" I asked her smoothly, smiling when she giggled and loving the fact that none of this seemed wrong. It just was. And I wondered – not for the first time – if we were this comfortable now, how fucking perfect would it be when we were finally face to face. "Turn it on, Isabella. Coat it with those sweet juices. Christ, I can't wait to taste you," I said, the last line sounding like a wish and a prayer. "Get it wet, baby, like you would if it was really me."

My name, a few soft curse words, and another hiss met my ear, and I couldn't help but give my cock a long, firm stroke. My girl made the best sounds on the fucking planet.

"Fuck, Edward... I want you inside me."

"Me, too, beautiful," I groaned, my eyes rolling back when I just couldn't stop my own hand. "Place it right at that needy pussy, love, but don't push it in all the way. You know I'd tease you...shallow strokes, just barely inside."

"God, no teasing..."

"Push it in, baby. Slow. Easy. I want to hear you when you take every inch in."

And suddenly, I was lost to her, lost to the guttural way my name sounded over the phone. She wasn't on the fucking phone; she was surrounding me, enveloping me in heat and wetness and a smell that I associated with the sheets she'd sent me. My hand gripped my dick hard, using the precum that had been leaking almost from the moment I'd heard her voice. None of this was going to take long, for her or me. We'd worked ourselves up way too much. It seemed to happen all the time.

"Take yourself deep and hard, Bella," I panted, holding off my climax as best I could. "And then let go," I encouraged, begging her silently to come.


"Then you've got to tell me, beautiful," I grunted, squeezing my eyes closed.

When her breath caught, my name cut off midway, I knew we were there.

"Now, baby," she gasped.

"Shit!" I hissed, losing everything within me. My seed spilled hot and wet across my stomach. I snatched a handful of tissues from the box on the nightstand and cleaned myself up, 'cause that shit dried fast and was a bitch to get off if left for too long. "Jesus, Bella..." I sighed, my head falling back. "Fuck, I can't wait to see your face when you do that."

My girl sighed in utter relief and sated bliss, a small giggle escaping her. "Yeah. Soon, Edward. It won't be long now."



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