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Coming Home Chapter 78 - Edward


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Tues, June 08, 2010 at 7:01 A.M.
Date Received: Tues, June 08, 2010 at 4:01 A.M.
Subject: Sweetheart, there's nothing PLAIN about you!

Beautiful, your hair and eyes are not "just plain brown." **rolls eyes** Your eyes are extremely warm and expressive. And you can't even imagine the things I think about when it comes to your hair. My hands ache to sink into it. However, Isabella...your lips... Mmm, damn, baby... you have NO idea!

Red looks amazing on you, sexy girl. And we have a deal. Picture for a picture. As soon as I get back from a quick run, take a shower...I'll fuck around with the camera on this phone and see what I can do. Okay?

Is it childish of me to envy Mr. Sparkle? LOL He's getting all the attention that I want, dammit! Lucky bastard. We may have to retire him once I finally get my hands on you, sweetheart. There can't be two of us vying for your attention.

What do I want to try, but scares me? If you had asked me that months ago, I'd have said scuba diving. Something about having to rely on a can of air, surrounded by water, caves, and fish sounds amazing, but scary as hell. Now? This, Bella. This whole relationship between us scares me, but I so want it. I love you more than anything in this world, and the thought that this may go badly, that face to face, we won't scares the shit out of me.

I've skydived, and if you want to go, baby, I'll take you. It's thrilling and fucking terrifying at the same time.

I've got to get going, baby. I've got a shit-ton of things to do, and that's before I have to hoist Jazz and Em out of bed. :) Ice water is so damned tempting. LOL

I love you, beautiful. I'll text you later.



Tampa... Tuesday, June 08, 2010 at 8:05 A.M.

"You guys better be up!" I snapped down the hallway.

"We are!" Jasper called back. "Now," he added in a mutter I was sure he didn't think I'd hear.

Rolling my eyes, I closed my bedroom door and took the towel from around my waist, depositing it into the laundry basket. I tugged on a pair of boxer-briefs, shrugging when they weren't black. Dark gray would have to do. It had taken what seemed like forever for me to figure out how to work the stupid camera on my phone, but damned if I was going to have either of those two nosy bastards take this picture. They were worse than two women.

Once the picture was snapped, retaken, and then retaken again, I shook my head. I would've never sent Tanya a picture like that. Grinning at that thought, I sent the picture to Bella.

E: Fair is fair, my love. Will this do?

I knew for a fact that my girl was most likely still asleep. She'd stayed up pretty late, and that was after she'd had a few drinks. In fact, I didn't expect to hear from her until way later in the day.

I was right. I didn't hear from her until I gave the all-clear for lunch. I gave the class and my squad an hour. Jasper, Emmett, and I made our way to the food court over by the commissary. They were on the phone with their wives when my sleepy girl finally texted back.

B: Well, good morning to me... ;) That is one sexy as hell picture, babe! SO many places to kiss you...

E: LOL Glad you think so, beautiful. How'd you sleep?

B: Alone, sadly. I'm getting rather tired of it. :'( But this picture... I think I have new fodder for good dreams.

I chuckled, shaking my head and taking a bite of my sandwich. I ignored all the noise and chatter going on around me. None of it mattered. She had my undivided attention.

E: You'd better be alone! Don't make me get all jealous and possessive!

B: LOL No need. I'll happily wait. Besides, I have Mr. Sparkle. ;)

E: Oh, THAT guy again? I'm thinking I hate him.

B: Sigh... Yeah, I'm only using him for convenience sake, if it makes you feel any better. I plan on dumping him soon. ;)

E: Poor guy. He'll be heartbroken. I would be.

B: YOU have nothing to worry about, handsome. How's your first day going?

E: Fine. I promise to call you and tell you all about it when we're done. The recruits seem so young. I don't remember being that young.

B: You were probably never that young. You had to grow up pretty fast, babe.

E: I guess. What are you up to today?

B: Well, I have this new picture, and I need to see if someone can blow it up into a movie-sized poster. :)

E: LOL I'd ask if you were kidding, but I'm afraid to know the answer. However, if you tell me it's going on the ceiling above your bed...I'm not sure I can deal with that image.

B: Oooh! Good idea! Thanks, babe!

E: **rolls eyes** Love you, silly girl. I'll call you later.

B: *giggles* Love you, too. Xoxoxo


I finished the last pan from dinner, tossing the dishrag up onto the counter and pulling out my phone. The three of us had been starving when we'd gotten home, so Emmett had grilled out on the back deck. As soon as we'd finished, Jasper had run off to call Alice. He'd been secretive with his calls to her as of late, but considering what Bella and I got up to, I didn't judge him one bit. A man had to do what a man had to do, especially when he needed his girl.

"Hi, Mr. Sexy Abs," Bella answered with a giggle.

"Hey, beautiful," I chuckled, shaking my head as I walked into my bedroom. "What are you doing?"

"The girls are coming over later. Rose is bringing Chinese, and Alice has gone to get wine. It's movie night," she explained.

"She's actually on the phone with Jasper," I told her. "It seems she's multitasking."

"That's Alice," she giggled. "Tell me about your day."

I fell across my bed, wearing an inexplicable smile as I told her how the first day had gone. The first week would be classroom training the first half of the day, the last half hands-on training. The newbies needed to know what it was like in the heat, an urban war zone, and had to learn to work with Special Ops. The latter part of the training wouldn't come for a few months.

"We're gonna be busy, sweetheart," I sighed, grimacing at the thought, "especially these first few weeks. Once all the new recruits arrive, we'll have our hands full. My schedule will vary, but not by much. There will be a few times we'll train them at night, though."

"That's understandable, babe. I'm not worried about your schedule. I'm just glad you're doing something safe," she stated. I could almost see her little shoulder shrug. "I know you'll stay in touch one way or another."

"I will. I promise," I vowed, nodding dumbly as if she could see me. "So...did you get your poster made?" I chuckled.

The laugh that came through the phone was adorable, all sexy and embarrassed at the same time.

"I was kidding, Edward!" she giggled. "It's tempting, but no. I'm afraid I have to keep that picture just for me. Even the photo shop people aren't allowed to see what's mine."

Smiling, I said, "Don't tell me it's the wallpaper on your phone..."

"My phone, my laptop, my e-reader..." she laughed. "Can't help it. It's the best I can do without you here."

My heart ached with those words, but she was only being honest.

"Soon, baby," I sighed. "Just the summer. I promise. And then it's over. It'll be you and me."

"I know," she added, her voice sounding upbeat. "I can't wait."

"Me, either."

"Food's here, babe. I'll text you later," she said, and I could hear the girls in the background.

"Drunk texting?" I laughed.


"Good, I love those. Love you, sweetheart. Have a good night," I told her, sitting up on the edge of my bed.

"Love you, too."



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