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Coming Home Chapter 79 - Bella


Seattle... Tuesday, June 08, 2010 at 9:32 P.M.

B: Don't ever let Alice make you a "sparkling wine"... Tastes like a wine cooler, my ass!

I laughed as I sent the text off to Edward. The girls and I had just finished watching The Notebook, and Alice had claimed that she had a new drink she wanted to make. She combined sparkling cider with the Zinfandel we'd had with dinner...and really, it had been awful. Even she'd had to admit that it was a dud. After that, we'd stuck to one frozen strawberry margarita and a rum and coke each.

E: There's my sweet girl. I was wondering if you were going to write before I crashed for the night. You just caught me.

B: Ooh, does that mean you're in bed? *bats eyelashes* Whatcha wearin', Sarge? ;)

E: Unlike the desert, where I have to be ready to go at a moment's notice, I'm free to wear whatever I want here, Isabella...which usually means now.

I felt a flash of heat race through me, but I tamped it down, knowing it was after midnight and he needed to get to sleep. But oh the images that put in my head...

B: You tease... Tell me that again when you have time to do something to take care of the problem you just gave me. ;)

E: **sigh** You're right, love. I do need to get to sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day, and as much as I would love to talk with you more, I have to be up in less than 6 hours to fit in a run before heading over to the base. But Isabella...promise me something.


B: Anything, Edward...

E: You think of me tonight, filling you, wrapping myself around you until there's no space left between us, and make yourself come, baby. I want you to scream my name so loud, I can hear it from across the country. And don't just stop at one, sweetheart... You know I wouldn't. Push yourself until you think you can't take anymore, and then think of my fingers, my cock...pulling one...more...orgasm out of you. I want you so satisfied, you'll still feel me when you go to bed tomorrow night.

Holy hell...

E: Can you do that for me, love?

B: *nods dumbly* Fuck... I promise, babe.

E: Good. I love you, Bella. We'll talk again as soon as my schedule allows it, sweetheart, ok?

My heart squeezed in my chest, absolutely hating saying goodbye.

B: Love you, too. So much. Good night, babe.

E: Good night, Bella.


From: Bella Swan
To: EAMasen
Date Sent: Wed, June 09, 2010 at 1:33 P.M.
Date Received: Wed, June 09, 2010 at 4:33 P.M.
Subject: You're my reward! :)

Hi, babe!

I've been editing since I woke up, aside from a short lunch break before noon, so I am taking a few minutes to just sit back and relax. And that includes being able to reply to your email finally!

Let's see... First of all, you have nothing to worry about, Sarge, trust me. ;) Mr. Sparkly will get shoved back into the back recesses of the drawer come October and only pulled out in cases of extreme emergency. *grin* I have no doubts that you and your cock will be MORE than enough for me. But for now, he'll have to do...

Scuba diving sounds so fun, like it would be so beautiful. I'd definitely be willing to do that with you if you'll take me skydiving! The thought of jumping out of a plane terrifies me, but with you...I'd do anything.

By the way... Get the thought of us not working when we finally meet face to face right out of your head, Masen. *grumbles* There is nothing to fear, Edward, really. I know I was worried for a little bit before, but I have zero doubts about us now, babe. You shouldn't have any either. Trust in our love. Trust in me like I trust in you, ok?

Now...on to the fun stuff. ;) (Read: Naughty...)

What is the naughtiest thing you've ever thought about me?

For me? I think it'd have to be my dream last night. I did what you told me to do and played until I'd come three fucking times...and I think that led into some really, really good dreams... They involved spankings and blindfolds and your cock sliding between my breasts...and you wouldn't let me come until I was about to explode from want. It was so fucking hot, I swear. I woke up sweating and panting this morning, aching enough that Mr. Showerhead got a workout once I'd convinced myself to get out of bed. (I swear, I've never played as much as I have since I met you! LOL)

Ok, babe...I've got to go. I want to get some more work done so I'm free tonight to catch up on some TV without feeling guilty about it.

Oh, by the way... My dad called this morning and said he was going to be busy this coming weekend, but he'd love to have us visit the weekend after. I know that's your birthday weekend, but I'll still have my phone and computer with me, so we can still email and talk all we want. I talked to the girls, and we'll probably go up Friday, late afternoon or evening and stay until late Sunday night. I just wanted to let you know now.

Love you, Edward. So very much.

Yours, always,


Once I sent the email to Edward, I picked up the phone to call Alice.

"Hey, Bella!" she chirped in answer. "What's up, sweetie?"

I smiled. No matter how I was feeling, just talking to Alice made me feel better. "Just wanted to let you know that I planted the seed with Edward about visiting my dad. That way, when I'm out of touch for a few hours, he won't realize we're on our way to Florida, not to Forks."

I could hear her clapping her hands in excitement. "Excellent. He's going to get the shock of his life. Jasper said he has no idea we're planning anything."

Laughing, I shook my head. "That's true, but he does notice you and Jasper being all secretive in your phone conversations."

"That's okay," she said with a giggle. "Half the time, we're sneaking around for phone sex. Let him think whatever he wants."

Of course they are. It's not like Edward and I are any different! I thought with a laugh.

Alice and I finished up the conversation quickly after that, making plans to get Rose and meet up for lunch the next day, and then I settled back in behind the computer, determined to do a few more chapters of editing before calling it quits for the day. I needed to earn some extra money if I was going to be heading to Tampa in less than two weeks!



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