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Coming Home Chapter 84 - Edward


Tampa... Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 12:01 P.M.

"Hi, handsome!" Bella sang over the phone, and I finally smiled for the first time in what seemed like days.

"Hey, sweetheart," I sighed in contentment as I decided to walk from the training facility to the food court. I needed a minute away from every-fucking-body. "Please tell me you haven't forgotten me and that you still love me."

A sweet giggle met my ear. "Hmm, let's see... Is this that tall sexy thing I know? You know, the one with the killer smile, a jaw I have secret fantasies about, abs that go on for days, and a voice that makes me all swoony?"

"Yup. That's, me." I grinned like an idiot, but I didn't give a shit.

"Then nope...haven't forgotten you. And I'm head over heels for you," she laughed.

Chuckling, I shook my head. "Good, because I'm so sorry I've been so busy."

"Aw, Edward, please don't apologize. So soon we've become spoiled, talking all the time. It's okay if it doesn't happen. I'm certainly not upset about it. I live for these moments...right here, babe," she assured me.

"Me, too. What are you wearing?" I asked with a laugh.

"Um...sweats, Edward. I can't lie," she giggled. "If you want me to make something up, then tell me."

"No! Hell, no. Don't make it up," I told her. "I have a feeling whatever you come up with will cause me trouble walking on this base. Is it sad that I find the sweats sexy, too?"

She burst into a fit a giggles. "A little, but I'm sure you in sweats would be too much for me to handle, so we'll call it even. Shall we?"

"Fine, even," I sighed, rolling my eyes at her, even though she couldn't see me.

"Good," she said, the laugh still in her voice. "It's chilly today because it's rainy outside, so I put on sweats to get my house ready and pack. Later, the girls and I have a date at the spa to get ready for the weekend."

"Oh, yeah?" I asked, both intrigued and extremely jealous. "What are you getting done?"

"The whole works – hair, nails...waxing," she said, leaning on the last word.

I moaned in want, my imagination running wild – soft hair, smooth skin...really fucking smooth skin. "Damn, Bella... You should save that for me..."

She laughed. "This is girl time, Edward. Not just for my trip."

My nose wrinkled and my heart broke just a little at the fact that she'd be going to Charlie's – not that I was mad about it, but damn, I'd give anything to have her come to me. Maybe it was the whole patience thing. We were so fucking close to the end, yet so far away. I really just needed to count my blessings and shut the fuck up. A few weeks prior, I couldn't call my girl whenever I wanted, so shit was definitely improving. And I definitely couldn't fault her for wanting to see her father. There were times when I'd give up a limb to have just one more conversation with my mother, so yeah, I certainly couldn't stop my girl if she wanted to spend time with her dad.

"Beautiful, please promise me you'll be careful going to your dad's," I begged, trying not to let every fucking awful scenario run through my head, from slippery, rainy roads, to some sort of animal running out in front of them, to kidnappings at the fucking gas station.

"We will, babe. I promise," she vowed. "You'll definitely hear from me tomorrow. I'm not sure what time, but you will."

"Okay, baby." I was slightly placated, but not by much. Nothing could happen to the sweet girl on the other end of the line. I wasn't sure I'd survive it. I needed her too much, loved her too much to even consider it.

"Alice says Jasper is taking you out for an early birthday thing tomorrow," she snickered. "What'choo doin', big guy? Say strip club, and we're gonna have issues, mister."

I laughed at just the mere thought. "Uh, no. No, ma'am, no strip clubs. Just food and then drinks at a bar the guys heard about. I'm not sure I even want to go. I told them it wasn't a big deal, that we could just hang at the house."

"Go, babe," she urged. "You'll have a good time. Em and Jazz know how to celebrate. Trust me," she laughed. "You need it after this week. Have a drink... For me?"

"We'll see," I hedged.

"No, no, no. Promise me you'll go."

Grinning, I stopped just outside the food court. "Okay, okay, I'll go. You're awfully bossy, sexy girl," I teased.

"Get used to it," she giggled. "You'll learn to embrace it."

"I already have," I snorted. "Love you, my sweet girl. I need to grab a quick lunch. I'll email you in the morning. Okay?"

"Love you, too, babe."


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Fri, June 18, 2010 at 6:34 A.M.
Date Received: Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 3:34 A.M.
Subject: I know...broken record... PLEASE BE SAFE!

Hey, my Bella...

I just wanted to drop you a quick email for when you got up in the morning. I'm not going to stop worrying about you, so don't ask it of me. Please be careful driving.

I'll have you know that I finally conceded to Jasper's plans for tonight. **sigh** I really just don't think it's necessary, but they insist, you insist, and I'm going. Emmett said that I had to go, because you guys always celebrate birthdays. Like it's some sort of tradition. Jasper said that it was just a reason to drink. LOL I still say I could drink at the house. **shrugs** But then Alice screamed over the phone that it was what family did for each other. LOL She's bossier than you, baby. ;) No wonder she's perfect for Jasper.

Things should lighten up next week at the base. I found out yesterday just before we left that one of the first squads is being sent over to Afghanistan, which removes about a dozen men from our class. They're needed for a mission over there. I think they'll be working with Special Ops. I'm not cleared for details, nor do I want them. I just hope they remember their training.

Sweetheart, I'm going for a run. Please call me, text me, something when you get to your dad's tonight, and tell him the guys and I say hello. Okay?

I love you so much...more than I ever thought it possible to love someone. I just don't think I can get that across to you without you thinking I've snapped. LOL You're every thought, fantasy, and heartbeat that I have, my beautiful girl.

Forever yours,



Canyaceme said...

Well, drat! I was hoping you would at least get Bella there before ending the chapter. Who am I kidding, I 'd be upset that we didn't get to read about their first meeting and then what happens next! You just can't win, can you? Loved it.

Georgie said...

They're finally going to meet! Squeeee!! Can't tell you how excited I am for the next chapter! LOVE this story!

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