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Coming Home Chapter 88 - Edward


Tampa... Friday, June 18, 2010 at 8:13 P.M.

I took a long, slow drink from my beer, glancing around the club. My goal wasn't to get drunk, but the few that I'd had already had taken the edge off the really long week and the uneasy feeling that came with hearing Bella upset just before we'd left for dinner.

The only thing about being in the busy club that was truly bugging me was...

"Hey, you guys wanna dance?"

I locked eyes with a smirking Emmett before we both looked up to the two girls standing next to us. They were pretty in a blonde, cookie-cutter sort of way, because they acted, dressed, and spoke just like every other girl in here, but I just shook my head.

"No thanks, ladies," Emmett said, obviously politer than I was, but that didn't stop the pouting looks they gave us when they walked away, just like the girls not ten minutes before them.

Jasper checked his phone, pocketing it quickly before taking a drink of his beer.

"Nothing?" I asked, because none of us had heard from the girls, and they should've arrived at Charlie's by now.

"Nah," he said as he glanced around the room, smiling and shrugging. "Don't worry. They'll be fine."

I took another long drag on my beer, my heart clenching at the song that came on next – "Come Home" by One Republic. It had been one of the sweet, sad songs that Bella had sent to me. I set my beer down and considered taking a walk outside, at least until the song was over.

"Hey, handsome. Can I have this dance?" I heard behind me.

I sighed, my shoulders sagging until I looked at the guys across from me. Jasper was trying like hell to hide his smile, but I could still see it as he concentrated more on the bottle of beer in his hands than anything else around him. Emmett was smirking, waiting for me to answer the girl.

I was already shaking my head no as I turned to face her, but then I froze. It seemed like a dream I'd had a million times in the last several months. I thought maybe that I'd had one too many beers already.

Standing there in utter perfection was Bella. My Bella.

Christ, she was fucking stunning. The sweet brown eyes I'd come to live for had flecks of gold in them – something that no camera had picked up on – as she gazed nervously up at me. Her hair had this light touch of red in it, but only when the lights from overhead shone down on her in a certain way. But it was that anxious bite to her bottom lip that snapped be back.

"Bella," I gasped, slipping down from my bar stool, barely seeing two women fly past her toward Emmett and Jasper. "You'"

She giggled and nodded, and I swear to God, it sounded better in person than over the damn phone. "I am. Happy birthday, Edward."

"Yeah, Happy birthday, Edward," I heard in unison behind me.

My head spun to see all four of them grinning back at me. I recognized Alice and Rose from the tons of pictures the guys had shown me, but as they left us at the table, I turned back to Bella, unable not to reach out and touch her.

With the backs of my fingers, I touched her cheek, saying, "I'm not dreaming this, right? I'm not like passed out at home in a drunken stupor?"

Bella laughed, "No, babe. You're awake."

"Good," I chuckled, closing the distance between us. I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up, inhaling deeply the pure and perfect essence of her as she squeaked in surprise, but her arms wound around me. "Jesus, I can't believe you did this!"

"I had help," she murmured against my jaw, and the pure feel of electricity shocked my entire body. "And I promise to tell you all about it, but I really want that dance..."

Laughing, I set her on her feet. "Anything... Come."

Taking her hand, I entwined our fingers together, and she was a perfect fit. It was like slipping into a favorite, worn-out pair of jeans. Nothing had ever felt as comfortable as that moment right there.

Finding a small open space on the dance floor, I pulled her to me, not allowing any space between us. As long as she was with me and as long as she'd let me, I was not letting anything stop me from touching her.

A million questions piled up on the tip of my tongue, but nothing would come out as I gazed down at the beautiful girl in my arms, who looked up at me, once again biting at her bottom lip. I knew her well enough to know that she was worried.

"Nervous?" I asked, taking her arms and wrapping them around my neck so that I could pull her closer by her waist. Her body molded to mine like she was the missing half of me.

"A little," she snickered, her little nose wrinkling adorably. "I was excited about this plan until we got closer, and then it all sort of hit me at one time."

I nodded because that most likely explained her nightmare.

"You?" she asked.

I chuckled, shrugging. "I don't know, love. I think I'm still in shock. And you're way more beautiful in person," I told her honestly, reaching up to finally touch the hair I'd been fantasizing about for months. I brushed it away from her face, and it was every bit as soft as I'd imagined it would be, like strands of silk through my fingers.

Bella blushed, giggling a bit as she traced my face with her small fingers, across my eyebrow, down my jaw, and up my cheekbone, only to run her fingers through my hair. The act was so natural, so easy, like she'd planned that route for the longest time.

"You're hot," she laughed, her eyes never leaving mine as she repeated the first words she'd said after seeing my picture. "Even more so in person, babe."

And just like that...all nerves flew out the window. Just like our first Skype conversation, just like every phone call, every letter, every fucking email, it was We laughed, and I couldn't help but pull her even closer, my forehead falling to hers.

I knew the song was almost over, and I had no intention of grinding on Bella should the next one be a faster song, but I only had one question.

"Why?" I whispered, but she heard me, and she understood immediately.

"Because we could, because I couldn't wait, and because your birthday seemed to be the perfect excuse," she rattled off in a whisper. "Because I love you..."

"Fuck, I love you, too," I breathed, my eyes never leaving sweet brown as I said the most truthful words I'd ever uttered. In fact, I was pretty damn sure I'd just fallen in love with her all over again. Instead of the slow build that had happened over the months we'd been writing, this was fast, sharp, and fucking instant, like being run over by a speeding Mack truck. ", I..."

"Kiss me, Edward," she ordered breathlessly, and it was all over, because she'd just told me to do the one thing I was just about to ask her for.

We weren't even dancing at that point, merely swaying to the music. Slowly, without removing my forehead from hers, I angled just enough to brush my lips across hers. I really wanted to savor the moment, and I swear to God, I tried, but it was impossible. Sweeping my lips over her top lip, bottom lip, and back to the top again, I lost every bit of restraint when Bella's tongue slipped out for the smallest of tastes because at the same time, small but firm fingers threaded into my hair.

I pulled back just enough to slide my hand to the back of her neck because I was really going to fucking kiss that girl. Turning her head, my mouth covered hers. Her soft, sweet moan spurred my own as my tongue slid languidly with hers, swirling, tasting, claiming. Trying my damnedest not to eat her alive on that dance floor, I couldn't help but revel in the flavor of her – mint and Bella and just nothing I'd ever tasted before, but never wanted to go without again. Noses brushed as we turned our heads at the same time, heavy exhales ghosting against cheeks. Now that I had her in my arms, I wasn't sure I could stop, especially when one of her hands was in my hair, while the other gripped the side of my shirt.

My body lit up like the filament of a light bulb, my skin prickling with the feel of her pressed against every inch of me, her lips against mine. It was perfect, beautiful, yet painful torture, because as much as I didn't want to, I had to pull away.

The song changed, and I was right; it was faster, more upbeat, and it cut the lust that was raging through me. With one more brush of my lips across hers and one to her forehead, I sighed, closing my eyes.

"Best birthday present...ever," I muttered into her hair at the side of her head, smiling when she giggled. "How long do I get to keep you?" I asked softly in her ear before looking down at my happy girl.

"A couple of weeks." She snickered, that amazing blush returning to her cheeks. "Just long enough for you to get tired of me."

"Never," I growled dramatically against the skin of her neck, unable not to kiss it because she was there, smelling like flowers and sin and all things I needed in order to take my next breath.

"I'm glad you think so, babe." She took my hand, giving it a tug as she glanced up to find our friends in the crowded room. "Come, handsome. Meet the girls, and we'll tell you how we pulled this off."



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