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Coming Home Chapter 89 - Bella


Tampa... Friday, June 18, 2010 at 8:25 P.M.

Not letting go of Edward's hand, I began to make my way through the writhing bodies on the dance floor. I couldn't bear to let go, even for that short distance. He was the only thing keeping me grounded in place, and without his touch, I knew I'd have felt lost...disconnected. He must have felt the same, because his fingers tightened on mine.

"Bellsy!" Emmett boomed, pulling me from Edward's grasp and wrapping me in his standard bear hug. His arms were like a vise as they squeezed me to his chest.

Laughing, I squeezed him in return and then teased, "Can't breathe, Em!"

When he pulled away, he looked sheepish but winked before stepping back beside Rose.

"Hi, darlin'," Jasper said, wrapping me in his own much more gentle hug. "You look good, Bella."

"Thanks, Jasper," I said, giving him a squeeze before pulling away to stand by Edward, who immediately took my hand again. "You guys are a sight for sore eyes."

Rose and Alice were just about bursting with the same happiness I was feeling. I realized they hadn't been formally introduced to Edward yet. Dropping his hand, I wrapped my arm around his waist to pull him closer to me and then turned to my friends.

"Guys, this is Edward. Babe, you know them from their pictures, obviously, but this is Alice and that's Rose," I told him, motioning to each of them in turn.

The girls both stepped out of their husbands' arms and moved up to Edward. Alice, tiny little thing that she was, basically threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest. Rose chuckled but held out a hand to shake Edward's.

"Thank you for keeping our guys safe," Alice said once she'd released him and taken a step back.

"And thanks for making Bella so happy," Rose told him with a smile in my direction.

Edward put his arm around my shoulder and tugged me back against his side as he smiled down at me before looking back at Rose and Alice. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

"You guys grab a booth. Alice and I will get drinks," Jasper said, taking Alice's hand and tugging her with him as he turned to the bar.

As much as had missed my friends, I didn't want to sit in the damn bar with Edward. I wanted to go back to his house. I wanted more of those kisses that he had given me out on the dance floor...among other things. But I also didn't want to come off as a hussy, either, so I smiled up at him before we followed Rose and Emmett to the back wall where there was a row of booths. We were lucky because one group had apparently just left, and a waitress was just cleaning the table of the empty glasses and bottles, leaving it open for us to grab.

Rose slid into one side, followed by Emmett. I started to slide into the other, but Edward stopped me, moving ahead of me into the booth. When I started to sit down beside him, he tugged me down and over until I was on his lap, half sitting sideways so I could still see his face.

"Is this okay?" he asked, his warm breath against the skin of my neck sending shivers down my spine.

"Umm," I murmured, nodding dumbly. It was like just being this close to him had short-circuited my brain.

When Jasper and Alice returned with a shot for each of us, as well as six bottles of imported beer, they set the tray of drinks down on the table before falling down into the booth, almost mirroring mine and Edward's position, with Alice on Jasper's lap. Rose and Emmett might as well have done the same damn thing, as close as she was to him.

Emmett passed out the drinks and then held up his shot, motioning for us all to do the same. Once our glasses were raised, he said, "To being back on U.S. soil safely, to having our beautiful ladies here with us, and to Edward for a happy twenty-sixth birthday."

"Here here!" we all echoed before downing our shots in one swallow.

I shuddered at the feel of the tequila burning a trail of fire down my throat. Plain tequila shots weren't my favorite, and I definitely wanted a clear head, so the shot and the single beer were going to be my limit tonight.

"So how in the hell did you set this up," Edward asked as he set his empty shot glass next to mine before putting his hand back on my knee.

Giggling, I looked over at Jasper. "We had some help."

Edward groaned, shaking his head. "Damn. You guys knew they were coming and you didn't say anything? Cold, man... That's just cold." I could tell by the shaking of his chest against my shoulder that he was barely holding in suppressed laughter.

Emmett held his hands up in surrender. "Don't look at me, man. I'd have spilled the beans. I'm glad they didn't say anything!"

The girls and I laughed as Jasper nodded. "Damn straight. You wouldn't have been able to keep from telling him the plan."

Alice went on to explain how she and Jasper had taken care of most of the details, including booking the flight into Tampa and signaling when it was safe for us to go to the house.

Through the entire story, Edward's hands were never still. He had one arm around my waist, keeping me tight against him. His other hand moved from my knee, up my thigh, his fingers playing with the skin right under the edge of my skirt, before sliding down to the skin of my inner thigh for a moment, and then back down to my knee...where he started the journey all over again. It wasn't like he was alone in the touching, though. My fingers on my left hand were entwined with his on my stomach, and I was using the nails of my right hand to lightly scratch his scalp, playing with the slowly growing out hair on top before moving down to brush at the soft, prickly hairs at the base of his skull.

The longer we sat there and talked, the more we touched – and the bolder Edward's hand became. With each pass up my leg, his hand went a little farther, hidden from view by the table and the darkness of the club. I could tell my panties were already damp with my arousal. Edward was clearly just as turned on as I was, because I could feel him against my hip, growing hard.

"Dance with me?" I groaned, although it came out as more of a question than anything. I needed to feel his body pressed against mine out on the dance floor one more time.

Neyo's "Closer" started playing as soon as I moved to my feet, and Edward took my hand, leading me to the middle of the crowd, where we were virtually hidden from view of anyone, just one of the many couples getting lost in one another.

Edward's strong thigh slid between mine, and his hands slid down my arms, moving them up to wrap around his neck. Once I was holding on, he moved one hand back to my hip, guiding me to move with him, his other hand sliding back up to tangle in my hair at the base of my neck. As we swayed together to the heavy beat, my hips rocking me against his thigh, Edward grasped my hair and tilted my head back, lowering his lips to my neck.

I shook against him as his teeth scraped gently, tongue and lips laving and soothing the soft skin under my ear. I knew I was making noises, so turned on that I couldn't keep quiet even if I'd wanted to, but I didn't care. My own hands were busy, scratching, tugging, grasping...anything to keep him closer to me.

By the time Aaliyah's "One in a Million" came on, I was done for. My body felt like it was on fire, and everywhere Edward touched just burned that much hotter. I could feel him hard and insistent against my leg, and that thought nearly had me throwing him down to the floor right in the middle of everyone.

Edward must have felt the same because he growled as he kissed and suckled his way up to my ear. "Come home with me?"

Nodding, I reluctantly let him pull away. We looked through the crowd and caught Jasper's eye. He and Alice were still sitting at the table, wrapped up in one another. Emmett and Rose were nowhere to be seen, but I imagined they were out on the dance floor – and if not, I didn't want to think about where they'd gone. It wouldn't have been the first time they had sneaked off to the bathroom of a club.

Edward gave Jasper a nod to the door as I gave Alice a wave. Then we turned, and he guided me through the crowd to the door.

Neither of us spoke as we hurried to the parking lot, Edward's hand gripping mine like he thought I was going to disappear. He pulled me to a small black SUV, digging his keys out of his pocket.

I couldn't stand still. My need for him was driving me crazy, and I felt like I was going to go up in flames from the inside out. Wrapping my arms around him from the side, I rubbed against him, trying to find some relief from the tension I was feeling.

"Fuck!" Edward hissed, dropping his keys and spinning me around so my back was pressed against the side of the car. His body covered mine as he greedily claimed my mouth.

I was surrounded by hard – hard, cold steel behind me, and hard, hot body in front of me. Edward braced a hand by my head, leaving his other to explore...everywhere. His tongue claimed my mouth as his fingers traced down my face and neck, over my shoulder, teasing the side of my breast over the fabric of my shirt. I whimpered when he cupped my ass, only to slide down enough to hitch my leg up around his hip, which brought him that much closer. Everything lined up, and I was lost – lost to lips, heavy breathing, sweet, talented tongues, and gripping fingers.

My want for him exploded exponentially, and there was no way to stop my hips. They rolled slow and heavy against his erection, pressing exactly where I needed it. My breathing stopped, Edward hissed, and my head fell back to the car window with a dull thud.

Rubbing my thigh softly from the back of my knee up to tease the edge of my underwear, Edward murmured, "Fuck, Bella... I have to get you out of here. I don't want to do this here."

I nodded, still breathless, because he was right; we didn't want to go at each other like animals in a bar parking lot, but damn, if he wasn't killing me. It wasn't even about the physical attraction, though that was really hard to miss, but it was about the love that we'd held back for so fucking long.

"I know," I panted, locking eyes with dark green as he gazed at me through the longest, prettiest eyelashes I'd ever seen.

"I want to take you this right," he explained, his beautiful face pained as he set my leg back down to the ground and took a step back. Cupping my chin, he brought his lips to mine briefly. "Please?"

"Okay," I said, stepping out of the way of the car door.

He picked up his keys and let me in, and with a few long strides, he was behind the wheel, cranking the engine.



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