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Coming Home Chapter 91 - Bella


Tampa... Friday, June 18, 2010 at 10:56 P.M.

"Edward...please!" I knew I probably sounded like I was begging, and I was – for Edward's cock, for relief from the intense feelings he was creating with his mouth and tongue...for everything. Anything.

I gasped when his tongue came out and lapped at my clit and his fingers curled just right, reaching for the spot that had made me crazy once already tonight.

"Oh, no... Baby, you're gonna give me another one..."

With a vibrating hum, he wrapped his lips around my clit. When his other hand gently pressed down on my lower abdomen, his curled fingers threw me over the edge. I stiffened, crying out his name once more as I came, feeling wetness shoot out around his hand.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I cried, tugging hard on his hair, my heels digging into the mattress as I rocked my hips up to meet his face.

The orgasm seemed to go on forever until I finally collapsed, boneless, to the bed, my hands falling limply beside me.

Edward gathered me into his arms, pressing soft, tender kisses to my cheeks, my closed eyelids, my nose, and finally, brushing a few across my lips until I came back to the land of the living, opening my eyes to stare up at him.

"What in the blue hell was that?" I asked, reaching up to run my fingers along his scalp, hoping I hadn't pulled any his hair out in my...enthusiasm. "Did I just pee?" My free hand came up to cover my face in embarrassment.

He chuckled, deep and husky, moving my hand from my face and running a single finger down my cheek to my chest, circling my nipple. "That, my love, would certainly qualify as squirting – or female ejaculation, to put it in terms you might understand."

"What... I mean... How? Oh, my God. I've never done that before!" I was stammering, and I knew I was beet red.

When I looked at Edward, he was grinning proudly. "I've never had that happen before, either, but apparently I hit just the right spot."

"Mmm," I agreed. "Indeed you did."

I giggled at the proud as fuck look on his face, but when his hand trailed farther down, circling my belly button, the giggle turned into a moan. Suddenly, I was ravenous for him. Reaching down, I grasped him through his jeans, where he was hard and long and so very ready for me.

"Take them off," I commanded, trailing my hand up to the snap at the top of the denim.

Edward's already dark green eyes darkened even further, and within seconds, he was off the bed, kicking off his shoes and socks and sliding the zipper down so he could get rid of the last remaining article of clothing between the two of us. I couldn't hold in my groan when I realized he had nothing on underneath the jeans.

When he started to move back to the bed, I held up a hand, stopping him, and then turned to my side so I could get my fill.

My eyes raked over him, taking in every detail. He was long and lean, his shoulders and arms built, but not overly so. His pecs were perfect – there was enough muscle definition to be sexy, but not enough to give him the appearance of breasts, while his stomach was solid enough to bounce a quarter off of. There was just a dusting of bronze hair on his belly, leading down to... Yeah, my eyes couldn't focus on that yet or I'd never make it any farther. That same hair was speckled on his strong thighs and calves, and even his feet were perfect.

By the time my eyes made it back up to the slightly darker hair at the juncture of his thighs, my entire body felt electrified. All my nerves were standing on end as my arousal spiked. It looked like I wasn't the only one, either. His eight and a half inches were fully on display as his erection jutted from his body, pointing my way like a homing beacon. He was perfectly straight, the head a few shades darker than the rest of his cock, and there was already a drop of pre-come beaded at the tip.

"God, you're sexy," I murmured, my eyes moving once again to meet his. When I crooked my finger at him, he wasted no time in sliding back in beside me.

I licked my lips, reaching down to grasp his length, giving a few good strokes as his head fell back and he groaned out my name.

"Bella... Fuck, love, if you keep doing that, I'm not going to last, and I want to be inside you when—"

Interrupting him with a kiss, I gave him one last squeeze and then released him, whispering, "Make love to me, Edward."

He wasted no time in moving over me, positioning himself on his knees with one hand braced beside my shoulder and the other holding his length to place it at my entrance.

"I love you so damn much, Bella," he groaned, shaking his head once, before dipping to place a tender kiss to my chest, right over my heart, as he slowly – achingly slowly – pushed inside me.

I moaned, immediately reaching up to grasp ahold of his biceps when he put his other hand down on the other side of my shoulders. Even with just a few inches inside me, he was already stretching me.

"You okay?" His voice was raspy, as if he was having to hold back so much, it was painful.

Words failed me, so I nodded my head, biting my lip and silently begging him for more as I rocked my hips up to meet his.

"Christ, Isabella," he hissed, his forehead dropping to mine. "I don't know if I can take this slow. Not this time."

I moved one hand to cup his face, tracing the lines around his eyes formed by the tension in his body, and then slid it up into his hair. It was short – almost too short – but just long enough for me to grab onto. Giving it a tug, I breathed, "So don't..."

He was as still as stone for a moment, searching for something in my eyes. He must have found what he was looking for because, with a guttural growl, he thrust his hips and slid all the way inside me until I could feel the hair at the base of his cock tickling my lower lips.

"Fuck!" I cried. "Please, Edward. More, just like that!"

One of his hands tangled in my hair, and he angled my head back as he began to piston his hips, hitting me so hard and so deep, I wasn't sure I'd ever been touched there before. He dipped his head again, latching himself to my neck, just below my ear, with his lips, biting down gently before soothing with his tongue.

I let go of his hair and braced myself on the headboard behind me, meeting him thrust for thrust as best I could.

When his hand left my hair and moved between our bodies to give a gentle pinch to my clit, that was all it took. I cried out, his name falling from my lips over and over like a prayer.

Edward gave one last hard thrust, slamming his hips to mine, and came in pulses inside me.

We were both breathing heavily as Edward collapsed beside me, and even though we were both sweaty and sticky, he pulled me into his arms, pressing a kiss to my temple.

"That was..."

"Amazing," he finished for me. "Spectacular? Perfect?"

I giggled, wrapping an arm over his waist and snuggling in. "Take your pick," I told him, unable to keep the grin from my face even as I yawned.

"Tired, love?" he asked, pressing a kiss to my hair.

I nodded. "I've been too excited to sleep the last few nights."

"Let's get ready for bed, then, sweetheart." Edward sighed, but it was a happy sound. "I have big plans for you, and you need your rest."

I agreed, so I leaned up, kissed him softly, and then teased him by crawling over him to get to the other side of the bed so I could do what I needed to do in the bathroom.

His groan told me I'd succeeded.

Fifteen minutes later, we were both back in bed. I had washed my face, run a cool washcloth over most of my body, and taken care of Mother Nature, and then waited in bed for Edward while he did the same.

Without a word, he turned me to face him, wrapping me in his embrace. I tilted my head up, and he dropped a long, slow, sweet kiss to my lips before pressing his forehead to mine.

"I'm so fucking glad you're here and so fucking glad you're mine. I've said it before, but I am the luckiest son of a bitch alive, Isabella. I love you so damn much."

My heart sputtered as my love for Edward grew, even though I hadn't thought that possible. "I am here, Sarge, and I am yours – just as you are mine. Love you, too, babe."

He kissed me once more and then pulled me even closer, sighing as our legs tangled together and my head fell to his shoulder.

My last thought before I succumbed to sleep was of feeling like I was home for the first time in a long time.



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