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Coming Home Chapter 94 - Edward


Tampa... Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 6:13 A.M.

"Happy birthday, Edward," Bella mumbled sleepily, burrowing farther into the covers.

Grinning, I bent down and gave her cheek a soft kiss. "Thank you, sweet girl. Go back to sleep. I'll be back. I'm just going for a run."

"'Kay," she said with a yawn, pulling the covers over her head.

Chuckling at my sleepy girl, I left the room. I couldn't fall back to sleep, and I couldn't touch her because she was way too sore. It was my fault she was so damned exhausted, so I'd opted for a run. It usually helped me clear my head, and it would give Bella a chance to get some rest.

I walked into the kitchen to find Jasper groggily pouring a cup of coffee. His usually tamed blond hair stuck up in every direction, not unlike mine on a daily basis.

"Happy birthday, Sarge," he rasped, blinking up at me. "Going for a run?"

"Thanks. Wanna go?" I asked.

"Yeah, gimme a sec," he sighed, rubbing his face and taking a sip out of his mug.

He disappeared into his room, coming back out wearing running shoes and a pair of shorts. "I'm sure Alice thanks you," he said with a wry grin. "Well, she would if she was speaking. I'm pretty sure she's in a coma. The girls do love to sleep in during the summer..."

"Right," I chuckled, leading us out onto the front porch.

Once we were stretched, we started a slow jog up the street, aiming for Bayshore. It was my favorite part of the run. Not only did it give an amazing view of Tampa Bay but the city skyline, as well. It was nowhere near the size of Chicago, but it was cool all the same.

It was a seven-mile run from one end of Bayshore to Ballast Point Park, though we were sort of starting in the middle. By the time we'd reached the park, I needed water. Way too much drinking in the last few days had dehydrated me.

"We might as well take our time," Jasper panted as he waited for me to drink from the fountain.

I nodded, wandering away from him to cool down for a bit. It was already a sweltering eighty-something at seven in the morning, and the humidity coming off of the water was not helping. At the farthest end of the park was a long pier, and from there, you could just barely make out the end of MacDill, though the constant air traffic gave it away.

Sitting down on a bench, I let my head fall back to the pier's railing. I heard Jasper approach and opened an eye to look at him. I needed to thank him. Seriously.

"I owe you one, man," I sighed, sitting forward and resting my elbows on my knees. "Thank you for bringing Bella here."

He grinned, all crooked and happy. "It wasn't all me, Sarge. Alice had a lot to do with it. And it was purely selfish, I assure you. I missed my wife."

I laughed and nodded. "I can imagine. Does it get easier? Being away?" I asked him, thinking about having to let my girl go at the end of her visit.

"No, man. It doesn't." He huffed a humorless laugh. "Not at all. Ali's strong and sharp, but I still worry about her alone. I don't think that'll change." He studied my face for a moment. "Bella's tough, but this is new for her, so I should tell you to brace yourself. She's as happy as I've ever seen when this trip for them is over, I can imagine it'll be...emotional. The first time Alice and I separated for a few weeks..." He stopped, shaking his head. "She just about killed me."

I stood up, stretching my back, thinking it wasn't only going to be Bella that would crack when we had to separate until October because I'd finally found the other half of me, that one person I couldn't live without. Taking a deep breath, I nodded to him.

"Thanks," I sighed, gesturing that we should start back.

"Yeah, we should go. I believe the girls have big plans for your birthday. You sure you don't wanna just go out?" he laughed, slapping my shoulder.

"Hell, no. Staying in is just fine," I chuckled, shaking my head no. "Besides, Bella promised me a cake."

Jasper grinned. "Well, hell... That's worth it right there. Let's go."


It really was just best to stay out of the way. So as I sat at my new piano, I glanced up at the kitchen. The girls were working together like a seamless machine while Jasper and Emmett started the grill on the back patio. I truly was useless when it came to cooking, so I'd just opted to duck and run. Not that they'd let me do anything anyway.

It had been a relaxing as hell day, all thanks to the people bolting in and out the back door. The girls had slept in until at least noon and then got up to head to the store, only to come back and start immediately on my cake. The smells coming out of that kitchen were driving me crazy.

There was something comforting and familial with the way it felt in the house. The constant teasing, laughter, and smiles proved to me that they'd known each other for years, especially the girls, but I didn't feel left out. At all. They told me stories about each other, each trying to find that most embarrassing moment. Emmett usually won out, because he had no shame in public.

But it was my girl my eyes kept falling to, my hands never leaving the keys. I'd play whatever her smile, her adorably wrinkled nose, or her sweet laugh brought to mind. She was happy, and I wanted it to always be that way. Now that I had her in front of me, I only felt cemented in my feelings for her. I was done. She owned me. I'd thought I felt that way before we'd met face to face, but now it was another level altogether. I wanted everything with her, and seeing her in my kitchen only proved it.

"You look awfully pensive, Sarge," I heard beside me, and I chuckled, looking up at her.

"No, love. Just thinking. It's best to stay out of the way," I told her, spinning on the bench so that I could pull her to stand between my legs. I had to laugh when I gazed up at her. "It seems you've been taste testing the icing, sweet girl," I snickered, pulling her closer to my lips. Knowing I was probably playing with fire, I licked the corner of her mouth slowly, cleaning up every bit of chocolate I could get because Bella and icing were a fan-fucking-tastic mixture.

Bella giggled but kissed me back fully, leaving my whole being aching for more. "God, you really are shameless when it comes to sweets."

"To you. Not, baby," I reiterated, making sure she could see that I was telling the truth. "The combination may just kill me."

Bella laughed, kissing my nose. "Well, let's see if that theory holds true...after dinner. C'mon, handsome. It's time to eat."

The food was amazing, as was the cake Bella had made. I'd begged them earlier not to buy presents...or sing...or even light a single fucking candle. Not one of them had listened, because even Bella said she had a gift for me for later.

Setting a bottle of PatrĂ³n down onto the table, Emmett boomed, "Let's play 'I've Never.'"

"That's totally not fair," Bella huffed, sitting back against me as we shared a lounger on the back porch. "You've done everything – and you're not ashamed to admit it."

I laughed, burying that shit into her hair.

"That just means he'll be trashed at the end of this game," Rose muttered wryly, rolling her eyes at her husband's grin. "But pour the shots. I'll go first," she said, holding up the glass when she was ready. "I've never...been outside the country," she stated, grinning when Jasper, Emmett, and I had to drink.

"She's only getting started," Bella murmured to me. "She'll drink you under the table and still walk straight when it's all said and done."

"Shut it, Bellsy," Rose laughed. "It's your go."

"Hmm...I've never...had sex in public," my girl said with a laugh, because the other four groaned when they had to take a shot.

I, however, left my shot glass where it was on the table. When Bella turned to face me with a raised eyebrow, I bent to her ear. "I told you I wanted it, not that I'd done it – an activity I plan to experience before your vacation is over, Miss Swan."

She laughed nervously, her sweet cheeks tinging the darkest shades of pink I'd seen yet. "Fine, smart ass...your turn."

Chuckling, I looked around the porch. "I've never...been tattooed," I stated, knowing my girl had to drink, not to mention Emmett. What surprised me was when Alice groaned and knocked back a shot.

"Don't ask where it is!" she snapped, wearing the most hilarious of grins as we all broke into laughter. "My turn. Um, I've never...been on a boat."

"Dammit," Bella groaned, rolling her eyes and taking her shot, along with myself, Jasper, and Emmett. "You can thank Charlie for that one. Fishing is his thing...and not mine. Unfortunately, we found that out the hard way."

"Seasick, sweetheart?" I asked, kissing the back of her head.

"Seasick, landsick, fishsick...not my favorite hobby," she groaned. "That is not a like father, like daughter scenario."

"But put a gun in her hand..." Rose laughed.

"Really?" I asked, somehow getting hard at the thought of it, and she felt that shit instantly as it pressed into her back. I remembered her mentioning something about that in one of her emails, but I hadn't realized she was quite that good.

"Just you wait, dude," Emmett laughed, pointing to Bella. "When we go to the shooting range with her'll see. He taught her well."

After a few more shots, everyone decided to call it quits, considering the guys and I had to head back to the base the next morning. By the time my buzzed ass got Bella to my room, all I wanted was to wrap myself around her, even if we talked all night, but she had other ideas.

"Don't move," she stated almost in a growl as she pushed me back against the bedroom door. "I know you said no presents, but I have something for you to unwrap..." Her smile was naughty, sexy, and all things I could barely wrap my mind around at the moment, but when she tugged her shirt off over her head and shoved her shorts down to the floor, I couldn't help the moan that escaped me.

Ribbons. Every tiny, blue lacy thing she was wearing was being held together by sweet bows, and my hands itched to untie them. But she smirked, shaking her head at me.

"Not so fast, Sarge," she purred, walking back to me to skim her hands under my shirt to tug it off over my head.

When she knelt in front of me, I knew what was coming, and my head fell back to the door. The conflicting feelings of wanting to watch her fought with how fast I'd come while looking at her. Not that I looked away for long, because as soon as her hands reached for the button of my cargo shorts, I looked back down at her.

"Baby, you don't..."

"Hush. You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this..." she said, tugging my shorts and boxers to the floor so I could kick out of them. "My, my, Mr. Masen...if you aren't hard already. Mmm, and leaking, too."

"It's a constant state I've been in since you arrived," I chuckled darkly, shrugging a shoulder when she gazed up at me, wearing the sexiest of smirks. But when she licked her lips, my laugh turned into a moan. "Christ, Bella... I won't last long like this. You have no...fuck idea how good you look down there," I sputtered, squeezing my eyes closed when her hand wrapped around my dick.

I'd be a lying bastard if I said I didn't want it. I'd fantasized about it more than I'd care to admit, but the reality of watching her tongue flick out and drag slowly along the underside of my shaft was erotic, intimate, and un-fucking-believable. It took all I had not to thrust my hips forward when her mouth teased me, licked me, finally sinking fully down around me as far as she could go.

Bella used her hands, her teeth, her tongue, all to drive me closer and closer to the edge. And I was so right; I didn't last long at all, because the sight of her lips wrapped around my cock was too much. I could see every bit of her love, her want pouring out of her. She wasn't shy, wasn't afraid to touch, hum around me, or reach around to my ass, urging me to move. As I got closer and closer to the edge, I gently threaded my fingers into her hair.

"Oh, shit, close..." I warned her, but she only sped up her movements, sucked that much harder, and I was done, especially when she swallowed around me. It was all I could take, and I came hard down her throat. "Jesus," I panted, my head falling back to the door again, but I had to peek when her sweet giggle met my ears.

She was standing in front of me, all lace, satin ribbons, and sex, licking her lips the way I'd eaten a piece of my fucking phenomenal birthday cake. Reaching up, I dragged my thumb across her bottom lip, trailing my fingers down her throat to the pretty bow between her perfect breasts.

"Mine?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yes, babe. Yours," she answered, watching as I tugged slowly at the bow until it fell open. "Happy birthday, Edward," she whispered back.

"You were the only thing I wanted, and I got so much more," I told her, reaching for either side of her hips to tug those bows open as well. "I love you, sweet girl...more than I ever thought possible."

"I love you, too, babe. Take me to bed," she ordered, wrapping her arms around my neck, and I scooped her up, falling into the unmade bed to lose myself in her.



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