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Coming Home Chapter 96 - Edward


Tampa... Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 11:30 A.M.

"Go, go, go! That's not fast enough. Move it!" Emmett yelled at the new recruits on the obstacle course. He truly did enjoy egging them on because they couldn't do shit about it. First, he was one big motherfucker, and second, he outranked them. Plus, he loved to put them through exactly what I'd put him through.

Chuckling, I leaned against the wall, pulling out my phone. There were no messages from Bella yet, but the girls had said they were going shopping for the day. The guys said not to expect much communication because they "took that shit seriously."

I looked up when Wells hobbled my way on his crutches, smiling like he'd won the lottery.

"Hey, Sarge," he sighed wearily, still wearing his smirk.

"What did the doc say, Jeff?" I asked, noting that his cast had been changed.

"That it's all good, sir. I'm healing clean. There shouldn't be any problems," he explained, shrugging a shoulder. "Although, I'm staying here when October rolls around."

"You re-upped? And they're keeping you in Tampa?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said with a grin. "The wife is already here. She left Miami yesterday. In fact, she's down at the base's beach today."

We both looked up when Emmett called for the break for lunch. And Jeff's last statement reminded me that I needed talk to the girls.

Turning back to Wells, I slapped his shoulder. "Good for you, man. Have Emmett drive you over to see her for lunch. Got me?"

"Yes, sir," he laughed, pushing off with his crutches.

I scrolled through my phone, dialing Bella and walking away.

"Hey, sexy," she purred into the phone.

Grinning, I rolled my eyes. "Hi, sweet girl. Have you bought out the mall?"

"No," she answered with a laugh. "But I did find this really cute bra and panties set."

I moaned shamelessly. "Hmm, what color?"


"Nice. Did you take a picture?" I laughed.

"Nope. Suffer, big guy. You'll see it soon enough," she said haughtily. "So to what do I owe the pleasure, Sarge?"

"Believe me, Isabella," I started, unable to stop myself from teasing her, "I'll show you pleasure when I get home. I think that mark on your stomach is getting awfully light..."

"Promises, promises..."

"Hush, beautiful," I snorted. "Two things, love. First, I want to take you out Friday. Just the two of us."

"Are you asking me out, Masen?" she chuckled. "Like fancy clothes and everything?"

"Yes, ma'am," I laughed. "Please?"

"Of course, babe. And now I have a real reason to shop, aside from things you usually tear off in thirty seconds."

"Keep buying those, Miss Swan. Those are the sweetest thirty seconds of my life," I said, lowering my voice to the tone that I now knew drove her crazy. "My goal is to rip every color of the rainbow off your sweet ass before you go home. Then I may frame each and every pair of panties just to remind you that you shouldn't have had them on in the first place."

"Oh, damn," she groaned. "Edward Masen, please don't drive me crazy while I'm standing in the middle of the mall. Please?"

I laughed, knowing she'd have no shame to give it right back, but I wanted to ask her one more thing.

"Okay, next thing, baby. Would you girls like to come with us to the base tomorrow? There's a beach you can hang out on all day. I heard you girls talking about it," I told her.

"Oh, yeah... Hang on, babe, let me get Rose and Alice." I heard her tell them about the beach, and she came back to me after exuberant answers echoed over the line. "That's a yes."

"Okay, well... Here's the catch. You have to ride in with us early in the morning, or you can't come on the base. We have to get you in. All right?"

"Yeah, no problem."

"Good," I sighed, smiling that she could be so close tomorrow. "I'm gonna grab a quick lunch, love. I'll see you when I get home."

Something about that line felt so damn good, so right.

"Love you," she sang, ending the phone call.



"Hmm?" I hummed against Bella's belly, not bothering to open my eyes.

I was way too fucking comfortable, with a full stomach on top of it. It didn't help that we'd just ravished the shit out of each other because I hadn't been kidding her; the love bite just above her bikini line had faded way too much for my liking. And now her fingers ran slowly through my hair over and over.

"Where are you taking me Friday?" she asked, scratching her nails along my scalp.

"Out, Isabella," I grunted, still keeping my eyes closed, fighting my smile when she huffed frustratedly.

"Out where?"

I lifted my head, setting my chin on her bellybutton and wrapping my arms around her. "You really want to know, sweet girl?"

I chuckled when her nose wrinkled adorably. The conflict was priceless – let it stay a surprise, or ruin it.

"No, I guess not," she finally sighed, pouting just a little.

"Good," I said, kissing her soft skin, opening my mouth to swirl my tongue in her navel. "I just want to show you off, beautiful. Let me do that."

"Okay," she snickered, grinning down at me. "What about tomorrow?" she asked before I could lay my head back down. I raised an eyebrow at her so she'd elaborate. "I mean, will you get a break to come see us? Have lunch with us?"

"Definitely. Why?" I asked, scooting up her body and settling between her legs. Bracing my elbows on either side of her head, I brushed her hair from her face. "As soon as we break for lunch, we'll drive over to you."

"Cool," she said, practically beaming. "I'll pack a big enough lunch for all of us then."

"You mean I don't have to eat fast food tomorrow?" I asked excitedly, causing her to laugh, her head falling back to the pillows.

"Nope. I'll most definitely make something better than French fries, Sarge. I promise." She giggled, and it turned into a sweet moan when I kissed her exposed neck.

"I'm holding you to that," I stated firmly, slipping back down her body to where my new love bite was clear as day. Trailing my tongue around it, I locked eyes with her. "Oh, yeah... One rule on our date, Isabella... No panties."



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