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Coming Home Chapter 99 - Bella


Tampa... Friday, June 25, 2010 at 5:43 P.M.

I was so damned excited about my date with Edward tonight, I could barely sit still. Alice was laughing because Rose kept grumbling about tying me down so she could finish my hair. I wasn't in my dress yet, just sitting in a new set of sexy black panties and strapless bra; since it zipped up the back, I could shimmy it on over my hips, rather than having to put it on over my head. When Edward had told me he was taking me out somewhere nice, I'd called an emergency shopping trip the day after the beach. The girls and I had found this stunning sequined dress in one of the stores at the same mall we'd been to a couple of days before. There were three rows of color—black on bottom, silver in the middle, and red on top—and each color carried on through the three-quarter length sleeves. It had a scoop neckline and only hit about mid-thigh, so it was sexy without being over-the-top.

"Are you sure I shouldn't wear jewelry with this?" I asked the girls again. Earlier, I'd brought up needing to borrow something of theirs, since I hadn't brought anything with me, and they had told me the dress was enough on its own.

"Bella," Alice said, huffing a little with her arms crossed, "just trust us, would you please? We know what we're talking about."

Laughing, I held up my hands in a gesture of surrender. "Fine. You win. You guys know best."

"Okay, sweetie. Take a look." Rose moved out of the way so I could see myself in the reflection of the bathroom's mirror.

Even without the dress on, I could tell Rose had done a fabulous job with my hair, and as always, Alice was a genius with my make up. My eyes were lined on top and bottom in black, but softened by smudging over it with her thumb. Then she'd added enough color to the lids, my cheeks, and my lips without making me look like it was caked on. Rose had curled my hair with her biggest curling iron and then combed through it with a giant toothed comb of some sort, making it falling in crazy, loose, sexy waves.

Apparently they could tell I was about to tear up when I turned to face them because they both shouted, "No tears! You'll ruin your make up!"

I giggled as I shook my head. "Okay, okay. No tears. Thank you both. Really." Waving my hand quickly in front of my eyes to hold off any crying, I sighed. "Just...thank you."

"Now, let's get you into that dress," Alice told me, grinning. "Edward said six o'clock on the dot."

I let them lead me into the bedroom. Rose grabbed the dress, which was hanging on the front of the closet, while Alice opened the box from another one of the stores in the mall. I'd been worried about the heels, but they had insisted I would be fine, even if Edward and I went dancing after dinner. I didn't know if that was his plan or not, but I wanted to be sure I wouldn't fall over and embarrass myself or him if that was the case.

Once completely dressed, I smoothed out the hem, straightened my sleeves, and turned to my girls. "How do I look?"

"Ready for a night out on the town," Rose said, smiling confidently.

Alice nodded. "You look great, Bells. Now go." She shooed me to the door with her hands, looking like she was brushing away flies. "It's just now six, so you're right on time."

I gave them each a hug, grabbed the little silver clutch I'd borrowed from Alice that already contained my phone and everything else I might need for the night, and then walked from the room.

When I entered the living room, Emmett and Jasper whistled, grinning.

"You look great, Bellsy," Emmett said, shooting me a wink.

"You do, darlin'," Jasper agreed. "Edward's a lucky man tonight."

The man in question stood up from his seat on the recliner, his eyes glued to me and looking so fucking handsome, it nearly took my breath away. His suit was a dark navy blue, damn near black, with a white dress shirt and matching tie. He hadn't shaved since this morning, so he was a little bit scruffy – just like I liked him – and his hair had grown out enough that the top was a little wild and messy. I wanted to just about eat him up. Edward in jeans and a casual top was sexy. Edward all dressed up in a suit and tie was indescribable.

"God, Bella," he huffed, shaking his head as he walked slowly to me where I'd paused in the doorway. "You look stunning. You are so damn beautiful."

After straightening his tie, I cupped his face and kissed him, careful not to smear my lipstick. "And I'm going to be the envy of every woman out there tonight, Sarge."

He started to lean in to kiss me again, but Alice's throat clearing from behind me stopped him in his tracks.

"Make up, Edward. You ruin it, I'll have to hurt you," she teased.

Taking a step back, he grinned. "Sorry, Alice." He reached into his front pocket and pulled out two small boxes. "Would you do me the honor of accepting these and wearing them tonight, beautiful?"

When he flipped the lid of the first box, I saw a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet with a toggle clasp and heart-shaped charm on the end. In the second box was a pair of silver teardrop earrings with a small diamond in the center of each. They were just as beautiful as the bracelet.

Looking back at Alice and Rose, I gave them a teasing glare. "This is why you didn't want me wearing anything else, isn't it?" At their winks, I turned back to Edward. "I would be honored, babe. It's too much, but I will treasure them. They are beautiful."

As he fastened the bracelet around my left wrist, he shook his head. "They are just accents to help show off the woman wearing them, love."

I swallowed back the sudden lump in my throat and took the earrings from him, slipping them into my ears before taking a deep, calming breath. If I wasn't careful, I'd burst into tears of happiness and ruin all of my girls' hard work.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" Edward offered me his arm, which I gladly accepted.

"Don't wait up," I teased the others as he led me out the front door into the sultry night air.



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