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Coming Home Chapter 137 - Bella


Seattle... Friday, September 10, 2010 at 5:52 P.M.

I groaned a little when I stretched, already feeling the burn of using muscles I hadn't used this much since I'd left Florida. Edward and I hadn't been at the hotel for more than a couple of hours, but we'd made love twice and I'd come twice more from his mouth and fingers.

"You okay?" he murmured softly, running his fingers gently through my hair as I lay in his arms.

"Mmm. Just a little tender," I chuckled, my own fingers doing their own exploring of light dusting of hair on his chest and the "happy trail" leading down to what was currently covered by only a sheet.

Edward pulled me tighter against his side and brushed a kiss across my temple. "You want to soak in the tub before dinner gets here?"

Glancing over at the clock, I saw that I'd have just about ten minutes before room service delivered the order Edward had placed in secret, wanting to surprise me.

"Nope, I'm good," I answered, turning back to him and smiling. "Maybe we can use that big tub together later?"

He nodded, smiling contentedly. "Sounds perfect, love."

"I am going to get up and take a moment in the bathroom, though," I said, realizing part of my discomfort was that I really had to take care of Mother Nature. I wanted to clean up a bit, too. "I'm going to clean up and wash my face."

I scooted up and cupped his face in my palm, stroking his scruffy jaw with my thumb before leaning down to kiss him tenderly. "I love you, Edward Masen," I told him, feeling every bit of emotion inside me welling up and threatening to spill out at the love I saw in his hooded green eyes and soft, crooked smile.

"Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? Any concept at all of how much I love you?" he asked softly in response.

I felt my heart sputter when he said those simple words. I couldn't help but kiss him again, feeling so extraordinarily grateful and lucky to have this man in my life.

Finally, I broke the kiss, deciding my body had had enough waiting. I stood and made my way naked to the bathroom. When I looked back, he had scooted up on the bed, leaning back against the headboard, the sheet pooled around his waist. He looked relaxed and so fucking happy, it took all I had to close the door behind me.


I heard the knock on the door to the suite right after I came out of the bathroom. Seeing Edward's shirt and boxers on the floor, I quickly pulled them on. His fatigues were on the floor, as well, so when I heard him speaking with the room service waiter, I had to wonder what he had put to go out to the living room.

As soon as the door to the suite closed, I made my way out to Edward, self-consciously checking my chin for drool as I looked at the gray sweatpants that hung low on his hips, showing off the vee that led to the promised land. Apparently, I'd stood stupidly stunned in the doorway for too long because he looked up from arranging dishes on the table and smiled a sexy, all-knowing smile.

"I like your choice of outfits, Isabella," he said, his voice deeper than normal. He padded on bare feet over to me, stopping just short of actually touching me. Running a finger down the neckline of the shirt, his finger barely grazed my skin, igniting a fire under his touch.

"W-We don't need dinner, do we?" I asked, clenching my hands into fists at my sides. I wanted him so badly, even after all the time we'd spent in bed already.

Edward chuckled, sliding his hand back up to cup the back of my neck and tangling his fingers gently in my hair. He tilted my head up and lowered his to brush my lips with his once, twice. His lips were warm and soft and his kisses tender. "Let's eat, love. We have all night for that, and we'll need the energy dinner gives us."


I set my fork down on the plate, unable to eat another bite. I glanced wistfully at the dome-covered desserts, but I knew if I ate the one Edward had ordered for me – a Triple Chocolate Mousse with cherry brandy reduction – I'd be too full for anything else tonight, and that was just unacceptable.

"We can put them in the fridge for later," Edward said, interrupting my inner debate.

Looking up, I saw the sexy smirk as he tried and failed to hold in his amusement.

I thought about pretending to be indignant, telling him we couldn't all have a hollow leg – where he and the boys put all the food they ate, I had no idea – but after a moment, I realized, fuck it. Laughing softly, I nodded. "That would be good."

I put the desserts in the small refrigerator while Edward gathered the rest of our dishes and set them out in the hall. When he came back into the dining area, I was looking out over the water from one of the wall-to-wall picture bay windows throughout the suite. Wrapping his arms around me, he set his chin on my shoulder and sighed.

"Happy?" I asked, turning in his arms and stretching up on my toes to kiss him softly.

He smiled against my lips, nodding. "Incredibly so."

As he lowered me back to my feet, I shivered.

"Cold?" he asked, rubbing my back and pulling me tighter against him.

"Little bit," I admitted. Standing where we were, the glass of the windows was cold from the outside air. "And just full and relaxed."

"How about a bath?" Edward murmured against my hair, even as his hands moved to rub my arms, warming me.

I didn't even have to think it over. Looking up at him, I smiled. "Join me?"

In answer, he scooped me into his arms, grinning when I squealed and laughed, and carried me into the bathroom, setting me on my feet again just inside the door.

Looking almost embarrassed, Edward gestured to the door to the toilet, which was separated by itself in a corner of the bathroom. "Do you...?"

I smiled, stretching up to kiss him again, and then nodded. "Start the water," I murmured against his lips before turning and closing the door behind me.

When I came out, Edward smiled and brushed past me to take care of himself. When the door clicked shut, I pulled off the T-shirt and boxers, kicking them out of the way before moving to the counter, where my bag with my bathroom stuff sat. I unloaded what I knew I'd want – thank you, Alice and Rose – and then moved to the large tub on the other side of the room. The water was about halfway up the sides. I reached in to test the temperature, and finding it just perfect – warm enough to feel hot, but not scalding – I carefully stepped in.

I couldn't stop the quiet moan that escaped as I sank down into the water. I could already feel it working to warm and relax me, so much so that I didn't hear Edward until he stepped up to the tub. Looking up in surprise, I felt my face warm at his amused expression.

"Falling asleep?" he asked innocently.

I growled playfully and sat up, scooting forward so he could slip in behind me. "Get in here, Masen," I huffed, grinning as he laughed and climbed carefully into the tub.

Once he was settled, his long legs outside of mine and his arms loosely wrapped around my waist, I sighed happily and covered his arms with mine, playing with the fine hair on his arm with my fingers. We were quiet for a few minutes, just relaxing and letting the water soothe us. Finally, I broke the silence with a thought that had been running through my head since even this morning when I first woke up.

"Three weeks..."

"Hmm?" Edward asked, his warm breath tickling my neck.

"Until you're out," I explained. "That was my first thought this morning. Yesterday was three weeks to your last day in the military."

He nodded without commenting.

After another quiet moment, a question spilled out of me that I hadn't planned to ask. "Will you miss it?"

Edward squeezed me once, sighing. "In some ways, I will. I'll miss the camaraderie – although since I'm friends with Emmett and Jasper well as you and the isn't as if I'm going to get out and not know anyone." He paused, moving one hand to take mine. "I'm also going to miss the structure of the military. It's all I've known since I was eighteen. Suddenly being without that is going to be damn disconcerting." His voice deepened then. "But what I'm gaining... You have no idea, love. So much more than anything I'm giving up."

Turning my head, I kissed his jaw, his day's worth of scruff rough under my lips.

"What about you?" he asked after another quiet minute. "Your life is going to be changing, too, sweet girl. Are you worried?"

My immediate reaction was a vehement denial, but rather than saying anything, I took a minute to really think. Finally, I spoke. "I'm not really worried about living together. We know so much about each other by now that we're really not going to run into too many surprises. I am going to miss something, though," I admitted.

"What's that?"

"Our emails," I said simply. "They've always been honest. From the beginning, we've been able to talk openly about everything. It'll be different now."

Edward shook his head, squeezing my hand. "The only thing that will be different now is that instead of those honest and open talks happening through email, they'll be in person. If we make an effort, not only will it not be different in a bad way, it will be better. All those times we wished we could say something face to face... Now we can. I can hold your hand"—he squeezed my hand with his—"and look into your eyes when we talk about our days. If you have a bad day at school, I can hold you in my arms. And love... You'll still be going to school; I'll be going to school. Nothing says our emails have to stop."

I sighed happily when he pressed another kiss to my hair.

Soon, the water began to cool. I scooted up and unplugged the drain, letting a little of the water out, and then stopped it back up and turned the water on to make it warmer in the tub. When I scooted back, I grabbed my sponge and body wash.

Reaching over my shoulder, I asked, "Wash my back?"

Edward took them, and I heard a click as he opened the cap and then the noise of the strawberry-scented wash as he squeezed it out of the bottle. He gently pressed on my upper back, bending me forward a bit. Rubbing up and down my spine firmly, he then held my hair out of the way so he could reach my neck and shoulders. It was so relaxing, I was boneless as his hands moved to my arms and around to my front.

Using slow, sexy circles, Edward started lathering my breasts. My head fell back to his shoulder as he circled each nipple, making them even harder than they had been. From there, he stroked down my chest and over my stomach, making me whimper when he brushed the sponge across the top of my bikini line, and continued down. But when he moved to the left and across my thigh instead of between my legs, I huffed.

"Don't tease..." I said with a frown.

Edward chuckled. "Patience, love."

After switching to the other thigh, he then moved back up between my legs and oh-so-slowly swiped from bottom to top, pressing a bit more as he circled my clit before moving back down. On and on like that he went, until I was afraid with much more stimulation, I would come. I didn't want that. Not yet.

Stilling his hand with mine, I moved it away from my body, curled my knees up, and then carefully turned until I was straddling his thighs. I was far enough back that our lower bodies weren't pressed together but close enough I could easily reach him.

Taking the sponge from him, I added more body wash before picking up one of his hands. I scrubbed each hand and arm gently, massaging as I went. Edward's eyes were closed, his head back, totally relaxed. When I moved the sponge to his chest, he sighed, his hands falling into the water and running lazily up and down my legs from my ankles to my knees and back again.

After teasing his nipples and making them tighten, I ran the sponge down over the ridges of his abdomen, wishing it was my tongue and not the sponge, finally reaching the thatch of hair between his legs. His erection was standing tall and proud, and I couldn't help but run the sponge up and down his length.

"Oh, fuck!" Edward cried in surprise. His head came up, and his eyes flew open. They were hooded, dark, and his breathing was heavy as I continued to gently run the sponge over his cock. "Bella," he groaned, his fingers tightening slightly around my ankles. "So slick..."

Concentrating on stroking the underside of the shaft right below the head, I knew I'd hit pay dirt when his hips bucked.

"So sensitive," I murmured, running the sponge over the spot near the head of his cock where the skin was ultra thin and packed with nerve endings.

"Bella..." Edward was breathing faster, soft moans escaping from his lips every few strokes of the sponge. "Fuck, baby!"

As much as I wanted to see him come, I wanted to feel him inside me when he did it. I tossed the sponge behind us and then scooped up handful after handful of clean water to rinse us both off. The entire time, Edward's eyes were dark and hooded as he watched me from under lowered lashes.

He helped me stand and then climbed out, holding out his hand for me to use for support as I followed him out of the tub. Once I had both feet on the floor, Edward handed me a towel.

"You have one minute," he told me in almost a growl. "One minute to dry off as much as you want before I carry you to the bed."

Oh boy!



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