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Coming Home Chapter 138 - Edward


Seattle... Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 8:21 A.M.

Gazing out the sliding glass doors, I could feel the slight chill of the day emanating from the glass as I sipped a cup of coffee. I was up early, as always, trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was standing in what would be my new hometown in less than three weeks. I wanted to see it, play in it...spend the day with my girl learning about it.

I walked over to the bed, setting my cup on the nightstand, and slipped under the covers behind Bella. Placing a long, slow kiss to her tattoo, I smiled against her sweet-smelling skin when she reacted instantly.

"Wake up, Isabella," I crooned in her ear, unable to not tease her with my hand by sliding it palm flat around to her stomach and between her breasts. I chuckled silently when she grunted, rolled to face me, and burrowed her face into my neck. "Please, sweet girl?" I whispered, holding her as close as I could.

Her legs tangled with mine, and she grunted again as she tugged on my sweatpants with her toes. "Why skin...covered up?" she mumbled groggily against my neck.

"Because I'm pretty sure that the guy delivering breakfast to our room wouldn't appreciate me answering the door naked," I told her.

She giggled softly, her warm breath ghosting across my throat. "You don't know that for sure..."

"I don't want to find out. Let's put it that way."

"You're pretty, Sarge. Either sex can appreciate that," she murmured against my jaw, dropping soft kisses behind my ear. "He might've tipped you." She grinned against my ear, clearly amused with herself.

I laughed, burying it into her bare shoulder. "Pretty? Please never say that in front of Emmett. Men prefer ruggedly handsome..."

Bella snorted softly. "Fine, whatever." She sighed contentedly, pulling back to look up at me with sleepy-sweet brown eyes. "Why are we up so early?"

"I want to play with you today."

"Isn't that what we've been doing?" she teased, placing a kiss to my chin.

"Yes, and there will be more of that." I chuckled, raising my eyebrows up and down, which earned me another giggle and an eye roll. "But I meant out there...dressed, in public, seeing shit."

Bella smiled, cupped my face, and nodded. "You want to see the city?"

"Yes." I nodded vehemently, giving her the biggest, most pathetic puppy face I could muster at the same time that my hand cupped her ass, giving it a squeeze.

"That's kinda pitiful, babe," she chuckled, shaking her head at me. "No need for the heavy artillery, Masen. We'll go do the tourist thing..."

"Good!" I said, kissing her lips hard and fast. "Then get up, Miss Swan." I smacked her ass cheek lightly.

"Tease," she muttered, rolling her eyes at the laugh that barked out of me. She sat up, holding the sheet around her. "You know," she mused, running her free hand through my hair, "I've never seen the Space Needle..."

"You live here," I pointed out, my eyebrows raising high.

"I'm aware," she laughed. "I've just...never been." She shrugged one bare shoulder that I couldn't resist kissing.

I then kissed her lips and quickly got out of bed. "Then we are so going... Breakfast. Showers. Let's go!"

She laughed, shaking her head, giving me a mock salute. "Sir, yes, sir!"


"Who knew all that stuff was underground?" Bella asked, leaning into my side when I wrapped an arm around her as we left the little restaurant.

"Apparently, a lot of people. It's a tour," I teased with a laugh, grunting when she poked my stomach. "Oh, come on. You know you always wanted to see the first flushing toilet..."

"Um, the thought never entered my mind, Edward," she muttered. "Some things you just accept at face value."

"You mean, like our tour guide flirting with you?" I asked, dodging another poke to my stomach.

"He was gay."

"Not in the least bit," I stated with a laugh and a shake to my head. "In fact, he's probably got your ass memorized by now."

"He was staring at you!" she laughed, color tinging her cheeks.

The two of us stopped dead on the street, realizing that the guy had been staring at both of us. Bella's evil smirk crept up her beautiful face. I could see what she was about to say coming a mile away.

I tsked, rolling my eyes. "I don't share," I stated firmly. "Hell, I can barely play well with others, Isabella."

"You play just fine with me," she purred, wrapping an arm around my waist.

"You...I love. Him...not so much," I grumped, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and swinging her in front of me. "He almost disappeared in those tunnels," I admitted with a wave of my hand, frowning down at her ever-so-amused face.

Bella laughed, taking my hands. "Come on...the Space Needle. And don't make me point out our waitress back there, babe. 'Are you sure I can't get you anything else?'" she mocked in a high pitched voice.

Scoffing, I let it go and guided her back to the hotel so we could get the car. I hadn't thought my girl had heard the waitress...until she returned silently from the restroom. To be honest, I hadn't even given the woman a second glance until she'd tossed out the innuendo my way. It happened more times than I'd like to admit, even more so if Emmett, Jasper, and I were out somewhere together.


The view from the top of the Space Needle was breathtaking. It was a cool, crisp day, allowing for a clear view all the way around the observation deck. Seattle was big, bustling, and on one side, surrounded by water – the Pacific, which was much bluer than the Gulf of Mexico. Having grown up inland and then been stationed in the desert, the ocean still fascinated me. The endlessness of it, the constant push and pull of it. The water screamed freedom, but it also soothed the soul.

"Intimidating, right?" Bella asked from my side, offering me a sip of her drink. "With how big the city is, I mean."

"No, not really," I told her, stepping in front of her and pressing her against the railing, my hands on either side of her head. "Chicago, remember?" I chuckled. "Did it scare you to move here from Forks?"

"Wait 'til you see Forks," she muttered wryly, rolling her eyes adorably, which caused me to laugh softly. "So small...everyone knows everyone else's business. But no, not really. It was only scary leaving my dad. I liked living with him the last few years of high school, taking care of him and making sure he ate healthy. Otherwise, he'd eat at the diner all day, every day."

I smiled, brushing my lips across hers. I loved that she took care of people. It was just how she was. She didn't do it out of obligation or necessity but because she loved them, wanted to make sure they felt loved. It came shining through in the simplest of things – cooking, emails, even her voice.

"Love you," I whispered against her lips as she murmured it back, ignoring the stunning scenery, the tourists around us, even the screaming kid in the stroller a few feet away. "Please let me take you to dinner," I begged, grinning at her giggle. "No getting out of it this time, Miss Swan. I want to spoil you for your birthday."

"You're here," she laughed. "That's really spoiling me, Edward."

I shook my head because that was nothing compared to what I wanted to do for her, which was hand her the world on a silver platter. She need only to ask for it.

"Please?" I pleaded, taking her top lip and then her bottom, only to pull away just slightly.

"Okay," she conceded, nuzzling my nose with her own, which was freezing. "You don't fight fair."

I laughed, taking her hand to leave the needle. I picked it up and kissed the back of it. "I never claimed that I did, sweet girl."



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