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Coming Home Chapter 140 - Edward


Seattle... Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 8:36 P.M.

All day. All fucking day I'd had to keep the wolves at bay. Isabella was too beautiful for her own damn good. And she never fucking saw it. Ever.

The fact that she gave no man the time of day settled me down but only by a small margin. I remembered taking Tanya out – a beautiful woman in her own right – and she'd reacted differently. Tanya relished the attention, flaunted it, returned the flirting right back. At the time, it didn't bother me, because that was just Tanya – all flair, self-centered, and eventually a cheater.

But the only attention Bella wanted was mine – a fact that made her unattainable – yet the men couldn't help but stare because they wanted what they couldn't have. I never felt a fraction for Tanya the way I felt for Bella, so the mere thought of someone wanting her made me just shy of acting like a caveman, of which our poor waiter caught the brunt. I knew the kid was harmless, that Bella's sweet smile and stunning face made him nervous, but I didn't care. He represented them all – the tour guide that stared at her ass, the married man twice her age at the Space Needle that ignored his chattering wife as drool practically slid down his chin at the sight of Bella in tight-as-hell jeans, the table full of college boys we'd passed on the sidewalk that suddenly stopped talking, and finally, the doorman at the hotel, who was one more lick of his lips shy of his picture showing up on a fucking milk carton.

Bella saw none of them, but I was done, especially knowing that she was bare underneath that sexy ass dress she was wearing. By the time we reached the elevator, I could barely keep my hands in check.

The car was full when the two doors slid shut, and we were forced to the back, surrounded by older couples and several businessmen and women, all chatting loudly. I had to position Bella in front of me, which caused a giggle to escape her because she could feel me pressing into her back.

"Problem, Sarge?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder.

I bent to her ear, dropping my voice down low. "Nothing I don't plan on taking care of once we're in the room, love."

While loud talk of conventions or meetings or some shit waged loudly around us, I took the opportunity to tease Bella.

"I have a sneaking suspicion, Miss Swan," I started, wrapping one arm around her waist while the other stealthily skimmed up the back of her dress, "that I'm not the only one with a...problem."

I felt more than heard the moan that erupted from her. It was lost in the chatter of the elevator.

"Uh uh, baby. You have to keep so very quiet..." I told her softly in her ear, instantly becoming a hypocrite when my own moan escaped.

She was already wet, her legs spreading slightly for me as her ass arched back just a little. My fingers teased from her clit, around her entrance, to between the cheeks of her ass, and all my actions were hidden in the corner of the elevator.

"I don't think I have time to make you come, sweet girl," I said softly in her ear, my eyes glancing up at how quickly our floor was approaching, "but tell me... Who makes you this wet?" I smiled into her hair when her breathing picked up, her body leaned a little more against me, and her hips arched, but she said nothing. "Is it me? Do I make you this wet?" I asked, grateful for the noise around us as I sank a finger into her wet heat. "Don't speak, love, but tell me."

She nodded fervently, her fingers twining with mine against her stomach, giving my hand a shaky squeeze. Her head fell back to my shoulder, and I couldn't help but place a kiss to her neck.

"Stand up straight," I whispered against her skin. "You don't want them knowing what I'm doing to you, do you?" I asked, adding another finger inside of her as she lifted her head.

If she was wet before, she was absolutely drenched now because I was giving her the one fantasy she'd told me about. My girl loved the idea that she was surrounded by people completely oblivious to what we were doing. No one knew. They weren't even paying us any attention.

Bella jumped when the bell dinged, signaling a stop. I chuckled darkly, pulling her closer to me, but my fingers continued to tease. The larger, louder group of businessmen and women exited the car, leaving us with two older couples.

"Now you really have to behave, Isabella," I warned low in her ear, moaning almost silently when her walls clamped down on my fingers once. My girl was close. "Mmm," I purred, dragging my tongue along her ear, "maybe you will come for me in time, baby."

Bella's juices covered my hand, but we both froze when the elevator stopped again, the last of the passengers stepping out into the corridor without so much as a glance back at us, which made me wonder if they even knew we'd been behind them.

We had two more floors. And we were now alone.

"Fuck," Bella hissed when the doors slid shut, reaching behind her to grip my short hair as best she could.

I bent down, kissing the shit out of her, my tongue claiming, my fingers not stopping, and finally, nipping her bottom lip with my teeth.

"Come now, Bella," I breathed against her mouth, my eyes soaking up the sight of her. She was so fucking close.

One more floor.

"You know what I'm gonna to do to you?" I rumbled in her ear, teasing her clit as she shook her head. "I'm gonna strip you down in front of our window. I'm going to fuck you in front of the entire city, Bella. Hard. I'm going to take what's mine..."

My girl's breath caught when I curled my fingers at the same time I brushed another finger across her clit, her head falling back to my shoulder again as her knees shook.

"Edward...fuck!" she hissed, coming hard around my hand.

I knew better than to think I had all the control because by the time we reached the door to our room, Bella had recovered. Popping up between me and the door, my girl's mouth was on mine, causing all thought processes to come to a complete and utter halt. I was so fucking turned on by what we'd just done that I could barely comprehend that my shirt was being pulled from my pants and warm hands were pulling at my sides and back.

Fumbling with the key card, I finally got the door unlocked without my mouth leaving hers. Gripping a handful of her hair, I barely got us inside the room before we fell back against the door, my body covering hers.

"Christ, Bella," I panted, pressing my forehead to hers as my hand reached down to hitch her leg up around my hip at the same time her quick, nimble fingers unbuttoned my shirt. I shrugged out of it, letting it fall to the floor, and smiled when she pulled at my dog tags to bring me back to her mouth. "In a hurry, love?"

"You have no fucking idea, Edward," she rasped, and it sounded like a growl coming from her.

My fingers found the zipper of her dress, yanking it down roughly. The material fell away from her shoulders, and it pained me to step away just long enough to shove the damn thing to the floor.

"Goddamnit, you're beautiful..." I groaned, shaking my head at the sight of her completely bare in front of me. She'd had nothing on under that dress. Nothing. "And you're trying to kill me," I muttered as I leaned back into her, smiling against her mouth when she laughed sexily.

"I'm trying to fuck you, babe... There's a difference," she chuckled darkly, wrapping her arms around my neck.

God, I loved her. Every-fucking-thing about her.

Scooping her up and wrapping her legs around my waist, I pulled her from the door at the same time I was trying to kiss her. It was messy, awkward, but neither of us gave a shit. She squeaked into my mouth when I pressed her up against the cold ass window.

"Cold?" I teased with a chuckle, watching as her nipples tightened and her fingers flew to my belt.

"I don't care," she mumbled, her hand finally slipping inside to cover my hard cock over my boxer-briefs. I was so damned hard for her that my tip was just about to the waistband.

I moaned, burying my face in her neck. "Not like this," I panted, squeezing my eyes closed at just how fucking good her hands felt. "Put your feet down, baby. Please." I kicked out of my socks and shoes, and Bella shoved my pants and underwear down so that I could step out of those, too. "Turn around and face the window, Isabella," I ordered, taking her hands and pressing them flat against the cold glass, holding them there once she'd turned.

I leaned in, kissing from her shoulder, up her neck, to her ear. "Look, love," I practically growled, tapping the glass in front of her face at the same time I ground my cock between her legs. "Look at all those fucking people. Don't you think they should know, sweet girl?" I urged her legs farther apart with my knee, bending her slightly at the waist, all while still holding her hand flat against the window. "All fucking day, I've watched as men stared at you, wanted you. I fucking hated it."

"You weren't the only one," she panted, glancing over her shoulder with a deep, heated, fiery look in her eye, moaning long and heavily when my cock brushed against her clit.

Chuckling darkly, I nuzzled her cheek. "Then perhaps we both have something to prove..." I murmured, swirling my tongue along the soft spot just behind her ear at the same time my fingers teased the smooth, silky skin along her bikini line. "Yes?" I asked, nipping at her earlobe when she didn't answer. "Yes, Isabella?"

"Yes..." she gasped, but it turned into another moan when my hips pushed forward again to brush against her entrance all the way to her clit. "Edward, stop teasing," she ground out through gritted teeth.

Trailing my fingers up her arm, across her shoulder, and down her spine, I finally grasped ahold of my dick and lined up with her entrance. Placing my hand back over hers against the cold window, I sank deep inside of her. She was tight, hot, and so fucking wet, her pussy enveloping me in a vise-like grip.

"The whole world should know you're mine, baby," I rumbled in her ear, pulling out and pushing roughly back in. "Just as I belong to you, Bella. You know that, right?" I asked her, suckling at the soft, now sweaty skin of her shoulder as a breathy, "Yes," fogged up the glass in front of her.

I could feel every inch of her back against my chest, skin brushing skin. Holding one hand in place, my other explored everywhere: her breasts, tweaking each nipple; her stomach, feeling the muscles contract with each heavy thrust I gave her; and finally, her mound, skirting over soft, trimmed curls to find her clit sensitive, swollen, and aching.

"You want to still be able to feel my cock two and half weeks from now when I come home, don't you, beautiful?"

"Oh, God, yes," she panted.

"You want the ache to still be there..."

"Edward, I'm... Fuck, yes..."

Pulling back just a little, I left her pressed against the glass, holding her hip with one hand while the other worked her clit, my thrusts taking her hard.

Maybe it was because it was our last night together before I left, maybe it was because I loved her so much that my sanity had completely snapped, or maybe I just wanted the whole fucking world to know she was mine, that I was hers, but whatever it was, I came unraveled when her pussy constricted around me. Her climax hit her hard, my name bouncing loudly off the glass in front of her back to me, and it was fan-fucking-tastic.

My head fell to her shoulder, but my arms wrapped around her waist because her knees buckled. "I've got you," I panted, kissing her sweaty skin before pulling out of her and scooping her up.

We tumbled into the bed, and despite our heavy breathing and our sticky skin, I pulled her to me, wrapping myself around her.

"I think the city knows now, babe," Bella muttered against my neck as she draped herself across my chest, smiling when I chuckled.

"Good," I huffed, hitching her leg up around my thighs and patting her bottom. "Mine."

She giggled, tugging on my dog tags. "Shut it, Sarge. I own you."

I rolled over quickly, pinning her underneath me, which caused her giggle to explode into full hysterics. I kissed her neck with a loud, sloppy kiss. "So true, love. Completely and totally true."



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