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Coming Home Chapter 141 - Bella


Seattle... Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 10:28 P.M.

"Today is nine eleven," I mused after seeing the date on my phone before I set it back on the nightstand beside the bed. Alice had texted me to let me know she and Rose would pick me up the next day at the hotel because Edward didn't want me to have to see him off at the airport.

Edward nodded, snuggling me close after I moved back to face him. "Yes," he said solemnly. "It's hard to believe it's been nine years."

Rolling over to my stomach, I looked up at him with a sad smile. "You were a junior when it happened, too, right? Your mom was..."

"Sick already," he finished for me. "I was in my first period English class when I heard about it, and I immediately called her to see if she had heard."

"I was asleep when it happened," I started. "My dad came in and woke me up, telling me it looked like terrorists had attacked on U.S. soil, and he had to go into the station. Alice called just after Charlie left and said she figured he'd had to go in so she invited me to come over. We sat in front of the television for hours because they canceled school for the day. Did you guys get sent home?"

"No, we didn't get sent home, but they turned on the televisions in the rooms, and we pretty much got no work done at all." He shook his head. "I'll never forget that day. It's one of the few days that are just set in my mind, I guess."

I nodded, truly understanding what he meant.

We were quiet again then as I curled back up against him, my fingers tracing random letters on his chest and stomach and my legs tangling with his.

A few minutes later, I patted his chest and looked up at him. "I need chocolate," I stated firmly, determined to lighten the mood. Dessert was a good way to accomplish that.

"Want to go eat the mousse we never had last night?"

I shook my head. "The mousse, yes... Out there, no. Bring it in here?"

Edward's eyes darkened, and a purr-like noise erupted from deep inside him, making his chest rumble under my hand. "Mmm, dessert in bed. Even better."

I laughed when he jumped out of bed, leaned down to kiss me, and then hurried out of the room, his bare ass making me drool.

Not two minutes later, Edward was back, carrying one bowl filled with the chocolate dessert and a single spoon. I scooted up in the bed, my back against the headboard, and let the sheet fall to pool at my waist, leaving my upper body naked to his view. He stopped short of the bed, openly staring at me for a moment until my giggle broke him out of the trance he seemed to be under.

"Sorry," he said, chuckling as his cheeks turned a bit pink in the dim light of the room. "I'll never get over how gorgeous you are."

I grinned, shaking my head, but didn't comment as he slid back onto the bed. Setting the bowl down on the table beside the bed, he then reached over and grasped my hand, tugging me up and onto his lap. I straddled his thighs, wrapping my legs around him, and then scooted up until our lower halves were brushing against one another, drawing a soft groan from Edward as he leaned over to pick up the mousse.

"Sit still, or we'll never get through this dessert," he warned, his dark eyes flashing with mischief.

"Promises, promises," I teased, my words turning to a moan as he slid the first bite of the cold chocolate between my lips.

"Good?" he asked, dipping the spoon back into the bowl and bringing it up to his own mouth when I nodded. "Mm, yes, I agree."

Edward fed us each several bites, his eyes growing more and more hooded with each spoonful of the decadent dessert. I may have been playing up the moans with every bite, but I'd never admit it to him. It was too fun to tease him, using my sex noises as I ate the mousse while perched on his lap. With every moan and lick of my lips, I could feel his cock pulse, trapped between his body and mine.

"Two can play that game," he warned, swiping his finger across the spoon and scooping up a dollop of the mousse. Before I could protest – although I wasn't sure I would have... – he had painted my nipples with the smooth chocolate. Leaning down, he captured one nipple between his lips, his tongue licking off every bit there before doing the same to the other.

By the time he sat up straight, both of my nipples were hard points and tingling, and I was rocking my hips against his, seeing friction.

"Delicious," he murmured, licking his lips. Giving me a crooked grin, he picked up the spoon again.

I shook my head, and before he could question it, I dipped my finger into the bowl and painted a line of chocolate along his jaw and down his neck to the spot where it met his shoulder. His eyes darkened, and his cock twitched as I sucked my finger clean before leaning in and attaching my lips to his jaw where I'd put the first of the chocolate. Following that line with my lips, my tongue cleaned off the sweetness, lapping at his skin like a kitten with cream. When I reached the last of it, I sucked hard at the skin, feeling him jerk underneath me as my teeth scraped across it, leaving my mark on him.

"Fuck..." he groaned, drawing the word out to multiple syllables.

When I pulled away, grinning and licking my lips, the smirk on his face grew.

"What?" I asked innocently, teasing him. "You started it." I looked pointedly down at my chest.

He chuckled darkly. "That I did...and now I'm going to finish it..."

Before I could guess what he meant, he set the bowl down beside him on the table and then turned back to me. Tangling his fingers in my hair, he captured my lips with his, coaxing my lips apart with his tongue. He tasted like chocolate, the alcohol we'd had with dinner, and the taste that was uniquely Edward. We kissed like that for several long minutes, his cock sliding between my lower lips, hitting my clit with every thrust of his hips.

I was moments from orgasm when Edward pulled away, sliding his hands to my hips and then almost dumping me backwards on the bed. I laughed when I realized his eyes were glued to my breasts again as they bounced with the movement.

Shaking himself out of it, he grinned shamelessly and then turned to swipe two fingers through the mousse. "This tastes good, but I know what will make it taste even better..."

Turning back to me, he traced each hip bone with his chocolatey fingers, curving down to my lower lips, which he parted with his other hand, leaving the last of the dessert around my entrance and up around my still-sensitive clit.

The difference in the cool dessert and his warm breath as it ghosted over me when he lay down between my legs was startling and sent shivers throughout my body. I gasped aloud as he leaned in to lick and nibble his way from one hip to the other, skipping where I wanted him the most.

"Mm, sweet," he purred, pressing a kiss to my inner thigh.

His eyes glued to mine, he dipped his head again and licked from the bottom of my slit to the top, swirling around my clit but not touching it. My hips jerked, needing more, but Edward placed a hand on my stomach, fingers sweeping across the sensitive skin above my bikini line, holding me in place. He sucked each of my lower lips into his mouth, nibbling and licking until I was writhing underneath him.

"Edward, please!" I gasped, fisting the sheets under my hands until I could feel my nails biting into my palms through the fabric.

Edward pulled back and looked up at me, licking his lips. "Oh, my sexy, beautiful girl... What have I told you about begging?"

Before I could answer, he lowered his head once more and sucked my clit in his mouth, sliding two fingers deep inside me and curling them to stroke the perfect spot inside me. I shattered around him, bucking my hips into his face as I came hard. I cried out, his name falling from my lips as if in prayer.

When I finally surfaced from the haze of my orgasm, Edward was reclined beside me, head propped on one arm. His other hand was on his cock, slowly stroking. He was hard, and I could see a drop of precum leaking from the tip.

"Yum," I said more to myself than to Edward, licking my lips. "My turn."

I grinned at Edward's lust-filled expression and quickly moved to the head of the bed, picking up the bowl with the last bit of chocolate mousse. As he turned to his back, cocky smirk in place, I gathered the dessert on my fingers. Crawling on my knees back over between Edward's legs, I watched as his breathing quickened, and he bit his lower lip, moving his hand from his cock to his side.

He was standing tall and proud, the vein running along the underside nearly pulsing with how hard he was. Like everything about Edward, his cock was beautiful, which wasn't something every man could honestly say. But he truly was – long, thick, straight, the same light pink color as his skin until the darker, flared head...and the feel of him was velvet-covered steel. He was perfect...and he was mine.

Unable to wait another second, I covered him with the mousse, making him groan, and then lowered my mouth over him. Up and down, I used my lips and tongue to taste him, cleaning the sweet dessert from every inch, tasting the musky drops leaking steadily from him along with the chocolate.

"Christ, Isabella," Edward groaned, one hand moving to his chest and sweeping down, curling into a fist at his stomach. "Fuck, love... You're killing me. You feel so good. Too good."

I hummed around him, drawing a strangled groan from him before he sat up, effectively pulling me off his cock. "Edward..." I complained, looking down at him greedily.

Edward stood from the bed and took my hand, waiting until I'd scrambled to my feet before speaking. "As much as I love your mouth—" he traced my lips, grinning when I nipped at the tip of his finger "—I'd much rather finish inside you. And I don't know about you, but I'm a little sticky..."

It was like a light bulb went off over my head. "Oh! Ohh..." Rising to my tiptoes, I kissed him quickly and nodded. "I am a little chocolatey," I said with a laugh before reaching between us and wrapping my fingers around him. "And so are you... Lead on, Sarge," I teased.

"You first," Edward said with a waggle of his eyebrows. "I like the view..."

I laughed and stepped around him, putting an extra wiggle in my hips as I made my way to the large bathroom. There was no door on the shower in this suite. It was separated by a doorway. I turned the lights on low and moved into the huge shower with stone walls and floor.

With a sexy growl, Edward stepped in behind me, guiding us out of the way of the water from the rainfall shower head as he fiddled with the knobs, getting the temp of the water just right. When he deemed it correct, he stepped back into the spray, pulling me with him.

As the water cascaded around us, I tipped my head back, looking out the skylights in the ceiling at the starry night. I only looked back when I heard the click of a lid to a plastic bottle. Edward had grabbed the body wash from the shelf and was pouring himself a handful before he handed me the bottle.

"Clean first, and then... Then we can finish what we started," he huffed, shaking his head with a naughty grin on his face.

I laughed and poured some of the body wash into my hand before setting it back on the shelf. When I turned back to face Edward, I was met with his hands as they settled onto my breasts.

"Very dirty," he teased. "Must clean them thoroughly."

"Mmm, yes, very dirty," I agreed, arching into his touch.

Once he was assured that my chest was clean and my nipples were hard points under his hands, he moved to clean the chocolate from between my legs. Carefully, he cleaned my hips, thighs, and the outside of my lower lips. By the time he finished, I was damn near humping his hand, I was so worked up again.

"I want you," I panted, feeling his finger slide over the top of my mound before moving up and teasing my stomach just above my bikini line, where I was so sensitive.

I reached out and wrapped my soapy hand around his cock, which was still hard and ready. Stroking him, I stayed away from the head, sliding my hand all the way down to cup his balls and roll them around in my palm before moving back up, squeezing gently.

"That's enough," Edward told me, reaching down to stop my hand.

He stepped back into the water and let it rinse all the soap from his body before tugging me under the spray with him and helping to rinse all the suds from everywhere. When we were clean, he pulled me to him until we were chest to chest, hip to hip, toe to toe. The water rained down over us as wrapped his arms around me, one hand splayed between my shoulders and the other cupping my ass as he lowered his head to kiss me hungrily.

Needing to breath, I broke the kiss, the air in the shower feeling hot and heavy. Turning, I took a few steps until I reached the wall. I bent slightly, placing my hands flat on the stone, and looked over my shoulder.

"Fuck me, Sarge," I said in my most commanding tone of voice. Seeing him reach down to stroke himself once broke my stern facade. "Please, Edward..."

He took two steps forward, placed one hand on my lower back to press me forward more, and used the other to guide himself to my entrance. With a groan from both of us, he slid slowly inside until our thighs were touching and he was completely inside me.

"God, yes," I whimpered, feeling my insides flutter. He felt so good at this angle, I knew I wouldn't last. I could feel him brush my g-spot as he pulled back and thrust back in.

"You're so tight this way," he hissed out between gritted teeth. "You have to come again, Isabella. I'm not going to last long... Hold on."

He leaned forward, bracing himself on the wall with his hands beside mine, and began thrusting hard.

I felt every inch of him this way as my pussy gripped him. With every thrust, every brush of his cock against that spot inside me, I felt myself inching closer and closer to the edge. When he moved one hand down to where we were joined and rolled my clit between his thumb and forefinger, I flew over the precipice, my cries echoing in the enclosed space.

"Oh fuck!" I gasped out, jolting and feeling my body squeeze around him when he slammed into me once more, a string of curse words falling from his lips as he orgasmed, shooting rope after rope of hot come inside me.

We were both breathing heavily for what felt like hours, but I knew it was only minutes later that he finally pulled out of me, guiding us back under the still-warm spray. We were quiet as he tenderly cleaned between my legs, washing away the evidence of our joining.

When he'd cleaned himself, Edward turned off the water. Then he grabbed one of the towels from the shelf outside the shower and wrapped it around his waist, pulling a second one down for me. I took it from him, tucked it around my body as best I could, and then squeezed as much of the water from my hair as I could. With a soft smile and a sweet kiss, Edward took my hand led me out of the shower and back to the bedroom.

"Go ahead and get under the covers, sweetheart," he murmured, picking up the bowl and spoon from our dessert. "I'm going to take this to the other room and turn off the lights. I'll be right back to join you." He kissed me softly and pointed to the bed behind me.

I nodded. "'Kay," I said, suddenly feeling exhausted.

I was barely awake a couple of minutes later when I felt the bed dip and then Edward's body wrap around me from behind, pulling me to his chest.

"Love you," I mumbled, shifting to put my head on his bicep.

His soft chuckle ghosted across my bare shoulder. "Love you, too, beautiful."

I was asleep before I had time to think of anything else.



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