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Coming Home Chapter 147 - Bella


Seattle... Friday, October 01, 2010 at 9:46 P.M.

"If I have another spoonful of ice cream, I'm going to burst," Alice groaned from her spot on the couch as Rose got up to switch movies.

I nodded, rubbing my stomach. "I know. I think that last brownie did me in."

"What next?" Rose held up The Proposal and The Lake House.

Alice and I both pointed to Rose's left hand, and she nodded, popping The Proposal out of the case.

We were having our last girls' night without the boys being home—which included snack stuff like pizza rolls, taquitos, and nachos for dinner, brownies and ice cream for dessert, wine coolers, and all the Sandra Bullock movies we could stomach. We'd already watched Miss Congeniality—the first and second—and Hope Floats, and we had three more to choose from besides the one we'd just picked.

I checked my phone again, still seeing nothing from Edward. He and the boys were out with the guys from their squad and some of the people they'd met there on base. He had said he'd call or text when he got home, and I knew they didn't plan to be out much past midnight. It was just after one in the morning there, so I expected to hear from him anytime.

While I waited, I settled in with my Pomegranate Raspberry to watch Sandra and cutie Ryan Reynolds.


About thirty minutes into the movie, my phone dinged, signaling a new text message. I hit pause on the remote and laughed when Alice's and Rose's phones both alerted them, too.

"Guess the boys are done with their party," Alice giggled.

Rose and I nodded before turning our attention to our phones.

E: Never bet Emmett that you can drink him under the table...

I snorted a laugh. Emmett weighed twice what I did and had at least fifty pounds on him. What in the world had made him think he could outdrink the man?

B: Oh, baby... I could have told you that. The only one who can somehow keep up is Rose. *laugh* Are you home?

As I sat waiting for his reply, Rose laughed loudly, and I knew she'd heard from Emmett what Edward had already told me.

E: Not yet. They took our keys, baby. **frown** Jeff is driving us. I wish I was coming home to you. :(

Giggling again, I typed back quickly.

B: Probably for the best, Edward. You sound a bit too mellow to be sober. ;)

E: I'm feeling goooood, Isabella. And I want you. You know what I'd do if you were here?

Damn... Drunk Edward was a horny Edward...and he was still three thousand miles from me.

B: What would you do, babe?

E: I would kiss you...and touch you. You have such pretty pink nipples. I want to suck on them and make them hard. Would you let me do that?

Fuck me...

B: Mmhmm, I would. I love when you play with my nipples...

E: That's good. They're pretty. **nod** I want to lick your pussy. You taste better than all the shit I had to drink tonight. I'd rather be drunk on you. Mmm, just thinking of sucking your clit and tasting you makes me hard. I wish you could feel me right now.

I moaned before I could stop myself and only remembered I wasn't alone when Alice laughed.

"Eww, Bella!" She grinned when I looked over at her, my cheeks heated. "You're in the same state Edward is. Jasper just said he's feeling himself up in the truck. You'd better tell him to knock it off 'til they get home."

"Crap," I muttered, shaking my head when they giggled.

B: Babe, wait until you get home to touch yourself. For me, please. That shit is only for me to see – not the boys. ;)

E: Oops. **grin** Jasper already threatened me. I just want you, baby...

Shaking my head, I quickly replied.

B: I know. I want you, too.

Several minutes went by without a reply. Just when I was about to suggest playing the movie, my phone dinged again.

E: I don't feel so good, baby. :(

B: I bet! How many shots did you do?

E: 6. Emmett had 8. Fucker. He probably won't even throw up, and I feel like I'm gonna hurl all over his shoes.

B: *laugh* Get home, take some Tylenol, drink some water, and then go to sleep. Call me in the morning when you leave for the airport, Sarge.

E: K. Love you.

B: Love you, too.

When my phone was silent again after a few minutes, I set it aside, shaking my head as I picked up the remote. "Six shots... Dummy."

The girls laughed as I hit play.


By five o'clock on Saturday, I was a bouncing ball of energy and excitement.

Edward had called about an hour before their plane took off, waking me up at the way too early time of seven in the morning. I'd tried to go back to sleep, but I'd been too excited. After tossing and turning for over an hour, I'd gotten up, thrown on some sweats, a sports bra, and a T-shirt, and gone running. I'd slacked off lately, but now that Edward was going to be here, it would be good to go with him sometimes. I usually only ran once a week, so I doubted I could keep up with him, but it might be fun to try.

Alice and Rose had gone home around midnight, and then we'd met at the spa after lunch to get pampered and primped for the boys' arrival. Now, we were putting the finishing touches on makeup and hair, following Alice's advice on what to wear – to a point.

"Alice, I'm not going to go to the airport dressed like I'm going to a fancy party," I grumbled. Stalking over to my closet, I pulled out the new dress I'd bought the last time I'd gone shopping. "This is what I'm going to wear. I agree about wearing a dress, but nothing fancy."

The one I'd picked out was short-sleeved, had a faux-wrap silhouette, and a deep vee neckline that would show off my cleavage without being slutty. It hit about two inches above my knees, so I still got to show off some leg without worrying about flashing anyone.

"Hmm, it's pretty," she said, nodding. "He'll love the color." Smiling, she shrugged. "Okay, good. You're set, then. Wear the nude pumps with it."

I laughed as she turned to Rose and started debating between the three dresses Rose had brought over with her.

An hour later, the three of us were parked at the airport in the short-term parking and walking inside. We'd agreed to meet the guys at Baggage Claim. We were almost an hour early, but none of us had been able to stand waiting any longer. My stomach was in knots as I looked at the Arrivals board to find their flight. It was listed as On Time.

Since we knew which carousel was for American Airlines, we headed down to the Alki Bakery Express, which was located a few spots down. It would be easy to keep an eye on the announcement boards from where we would be sitting. Plus, none of us had felt like eating dinner, and while I wasn't sure my stomach could handle any more coffee, I knew they had some tea I could nurse while we waited.

By the time the Arrivals Board announced Edward's flight had landed, I was pacing.

"Bells," Alice murmured, rubbing my arm. "Why are you nervous?"

Shaking my head, I huffed. "I don't know! I'm excited, too, but I guess it's because it's suddenly here. It's real now. What if he gets here and decides it's too boring or isn't what he thought it would be? I'm messy. He's neat. What if he can't handle that? I know he loves me, but what if that's not enough?"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Snap out of it, sweetie. That man couldn't be any more in love and any more excited to be coming here to you."

I couldn't help but smile at that, thinking of the countdown we'd had going between us the last couple of weeks. "He did seem as excited as I am..."

"There ya go," she said, smiling and tucking her arm through mine. "Now come on. Let's go find our men."

Alice skipped ahead of us, the skirt of her dress swishing around her as she led us to baggage carousel two. By the time we caught up, she was bouncing in place, her hands clenched together in front of her. I slid my free arm through hers, and the three of us stood waiting as a new wave of travelers began coming down the escalators.

My heart was thudding in my chest so hard that I was afraid everyone could hear it. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe and to not bite my lip, worried I would bite clean through. That would be just like me... Edward would arrive in Seattle, coming home for good, and I'd be bleeding all over myself.

I closed my eyes and took a deep, calming breath. When Alice squealed and gripped my arm tighter, my eyes flew open. It took a moment for me to see what had her so excited, but then, over the heads of the crowd, I caught sight of three tan, military-issue hats.

It was like the rest of the people around us disappeared. The crowd seemed to part, and suddenly, all I could see was Edward in his desert camo fatigues. With his trademark crooked smile, he dropped the duffel he had slung over his shoulder and opened his arms.

With a sob, I took off running, throwing myself into his arms.



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