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Coming Home Chapter 149 - Bella


Seattle... Saturday, October 02, 2010 at 7:52 P.M.

I was unable to not give Edward one more kiss before literally opening the door to our future. I was so excited to have him have him home...that I could barely stand it. My world narrowed down to this moment, to this man as I pressed my forehead to his and blindly reached back to move his hand to the lock on the door.

When the lock disengaged and the knob turned, I gave the door a gentle nudge and brushed my lips across the quirked up smile mere inches from my own.

"Welcome home, Sarge."

Edward broke into a grin that stretched from ear to ear. The happiness I saw written across his face took my breath away, and I couldn't help but mirror his expression as I turned in his arms and stepped into the house. One hand was on my hip as he reached back with the other. As soon as the snick of the door closing echoed through the small entry, his other hand moved to my other hip, and he stepped close, pressing his body to mine.

I took a moment to look around, trying to see the house from a fresh perspective. The entry opened straight into the living room, which I'd left lighted so we didn't come home to a dark house. It was a bit crowded, what with Edward's furniture and boxes mixed with what I'd already had. I knew the paint could use freshening up – it was a cream color, and I'd just cleaned the walls a couple of weeks before, but it hadn't been painted since I'd moved in a couple of years before. was home.

"So this is our living room," I said, finally breaking the silence, emphasizing the our in the description.

Edward moved up to stand beside me, keeping one arm around my waist to hold me to him. "It's just like I pictured, honestly," he said as he looked around the room. "I mean, I've seen a bit from when we Skyped, but seeing it in person is something altogether different."

He walked us over to the entertainment center, looking at the pictures in frames I had scattered around the shelves – the two of us, my friends, Charlie, Renee and Phil...and finally, the one of him and his parents that he'd sent me for safekeeping a few months before. With a single finger, he traced the frame lightly, sadness, regret, and love all flashing across his face.

"Thank you," he murmured quietly. "It means a lot to see it up here with all your important pictures."

"It's important, too, Edward," I told him honestly. "They were your family. This is your home now. You deserve to have your family here with you."

He squeezed me close, pressing a kiss to the top of my head before releasing me with a deep, shuddering breath.

After looking down at our mix of movies and music, he continued moving us around the room, taking in the other photos I had hanging on the wall, the old quilt of my grandmother's laying over the back of the couch, the books stacked haphazardly on the end table.

Finally, he ran his hand lightly over the well-worn leather of his father's old chair. I gave him the quiet he seemed to need. I had known that seeing his parents' things would bring back memories, both good and bad, and if he needed time to process it, I would give it to him. After all, he was here now; we had all the time in the world.

"It does work well here, doesn't it?" he mused softly, giving the chair one last look before turning to me. Kissing me sweetly, he murmured against my lips, "Thank you for fitting my things into your home, beautiful."

I smiled, reaching up to cup his face in my palm, stroking his cheek with my thumb. "Our home now, remember?"

He grinned, nodding. "Our home. Show me more?"

Laughing softly, I moved out of his embrace and took his hand. "Come on, then. The dining room is through this archway."

Edward gripped my hand as we stepped into the crowded dining room, with its light green and white walls, dark wood table, and chairs wrapped in matching green slipcovers. I loved this room simply because of the paint color, but with Edward's father's desk, it was definitely cramped.

"This is our dining room," I said, even though it was really unnecessary.

He laughed, shaking his head. "Yeah, definitely have to find somewhere else for that desk. If nothing else, we can get a small storage unit for it."

He led me over to it, running his free hand over the top much like he had the chair.

"Irina said she remembered me sitting behind it, pretending to be him..." Scrubbing his face with his hand, Edward sighed. "I didn't remember that until just now – actually doing that, I mean. I remember sitting in his big chair when I was small enough that my feet dangled at least four or five inches off the floor. I would swing them back and forth as I pretended to give a speech." He chuckled, shaking his head. "That's what I thought he did...give speeches. I would sit on one of the other chairs in his office while he practiced his closing arguments, so at the time, that was all his job entailed in my mind.

"One day, before he came home from work, I wanted to pretend like I was a big man giving speeches. So I climbed up into the chair and was babbling – arguing about cleaning my room or eating my peas at dinner or something, I'm sure – when he came through the door. I remember starting to get up, and he shook his head and told me to continue as he went and sat down on the other side of the desk, where I usually sat to watch him. He listened to me until I finally ran out of steam." Edward patted the desk once and then turned back to me. "That's my earliest memory of my father. I can't believe I remember it. I had to have been about four."

My eyes felt suspiciously damp, and I reached up to swipe at them before the tears could fall, but Edward beat me to it, using his free hand to brush them as they leaked out and wet my cheeks. I turned my face and pressed my cheek to his palm, enjoying the warmth and weight of it against my face.

"I love you," I told him, raising my eyes to meet his. "We'll find a way to keep this here. We need a desk anyway. I don't want it to go into storage."

Edward dropped my hand and reached up to cup my face as he lowered his head to meet mine. "Love you, too, sweet girl. Thank you."

Before I could tell him no thanks were necessary, he brushed my lips once, twice, finally claiming them in a heated kiss that took over all my senses. I felt his uniform shirt, rough beneath my fingers, as I slid my hands up his chest to his shoulders. His breath was warm and tasted sweet, like peppermint, as he parted my lips with his tongue. We both groaned as he angled my head to take the kiss deeper.

When we finally pulled apart to breathe, he didn't go far. With his forehead pressed to mine, he chuckled, the little puffs of air mingling with my own. "Show me the rest of the house, Isabella, or the rest of the tour will have to wait until tomorrow...or next week," he finished with a smirk.

I grinned and then kissed his lightly once before pulling away and taking his hand. "You'll like the next room..."

The kitchen was the main reason I'd picked this house when trying to find someplace to live. The house itself was slightly older than I'd liked, but the couple who owned the place and lived here before having to move when their family outgrew it had recently remodeled the kitchen. The cabinets were a light wood, the appliances were stainless steel, and the counters were all a dark granite. There was a large island, which housed the sink and gave me plenty of room when I was baking.

Sitting on the island was the gift I'd bought for Edward. I'd searched for weeks to find the perfect housewarming present.

"Our kitchen," I announced, again stressing the our.

"This is great, Bella," Edward said, looking around the kitchen. "I love the bar stools at the island." Pointing to the piano on the counter, he asked in an amused tone of voice, "Why in the world do you have a piano in the kitchen?"

Laughing, I said, "It's less than a foot long and only five inches deep, babe. It's not like I put your baby grand in my kitchen." Bumping his shoulder with mine, I told him, "Check it out. Press the middle key."

When he carefully hit middle C, the first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony sounded, and the lid of the grand piano popped open, revealing the cookies I'd made after I couldn't fall back asleep early this morning.

"Oh my fucking hell..." Edward growled softly, reaching out and snagging one of the peanut butter on top. "Where in the world did you get that?" Before I could answer, he popped the entire cookie in his mouth, moaning as he chewed.

I laughed again at adorable boyishness and answered, "From a company online. It's based in China, so I almost didn't buy it, but I couldn't find anything locally, so..."

He shook his head, even as he reached in and pulled out a snickerdoodle. "Fuck, I'm going to have to run an extra mile every day, or I'll outgrow all my pants," he laughed, popping the cookie into his mouth.

When he kissed me again, his lips were sweet and sugary, a few stray crumbs ending up on my mouth instead of his. I licked them from my lips and watched his eyes darken.

"Isabella," he groaned, and in one fell swoop, he pulled me against him, moved his hands to my waist, and picked me up, setting me on the counter.

I opened my legs, pulling him between them so he could kiss me. He slid his hands up my thighs under my dress, stopping when his thumbs brushed over the damp satin of my panties. With eyes so dark, they looked like black pools of ink, he gazed down at me, his breathing heavy.

"I want you so much," he huffed as he stroked me lightly over the fabric. "Will you come for me? Right here, right now. I want to make you come. It's been too fucking long."

Panting, I nodded, biting my bottom lip as he pushed my underwear aside and slid two fingers all the way inside me.

"Fucking hell," Edward hissed. "You're so wet, baby..."

I knew I was... I could almost hear it as he began to finger me, moving his fingers almost all the way out before thrusting them in again.

His other hand moved so his thumb was brushing my clit. When he curled the two fingers inside me and stroked over my g-spot at the same time as he lightly pinched my clit, I shattered around him.

"Oh, God!" I cried out as stars exploded behind my eyelids. I felt myself squeezing his fingers so hard that for a moment, I was worried I would hurt him, but then the pleasure overwhelmed me, and I lost track of all thought until he finally withdrew his fingers.

I was still gasping for breath as he stuck his fingers in his mouth and sucked every last bit of my juices from them, groaning.

When I could finally breathe again, I laughed, shaking my head. "You may have to run an extra two miles every day if that's my reward every time for making you cookies."

Edward threw his head back and laughed before leaning in to kiss me. I tasted myself on him lips and tongue – tart and earthy, but not altogether unpleasant.

"Come on," he said as we finally pulled apart. "There's one more room I want to see before you show me the bedroom – in extensive detail," he teased with a crooked grin and raised eyebrow.

Scooping me into his arms, he set me on my feet, grinning again when I wobbled unsteadily on my feet for a moment.

"Follow me, Masen," I told him, taking his hand and leading him from the kitchen

We walked back through the dining and living rooms and then down the hall leading to the library. I had the door closed so it would be some dramatic reveal, even though he'd already seen pictures and had seen the room through the window at the front of the house as we pulled into the driveway.

"Go ahead," I said quietly, knowing this was the room he'd been most looking forward to seeing.

Edward reached out and turned the knob, pushing the door open lightly so it didn't hit the wall behind it. He was quiet as he walked in, pulling me behind him. Once inside, he stopped us in the center of the room, keeping his hand in mine as he slowly spun, looking at all the bookshelves, the loveseat...but he stilled when his eyes landed on the black baby grand piano by the French doors.

"Play for me?" I asked softly, wanting it more than almost anything else at the moment.

Edward nodded, bringing me with him as he moved to the piano and slid the bench out. Once he was sitting in front of the keys, he patted the seat beside him, asking me without words to sit with him as he played.

He opened the cover, running his hands over the black and white keys almost reverently. "It's probably way out of tune," he murmured apologetically.

I shook my head, biting my lip before admitting the other surprise I had for him. "I had it tuned last week... I asked the music teacher at school for a recommendation," I hurried to assure him. "She gave me the name of the guy she uses for not only the school pianos, but also the one she has at her house." I closed my mouth before I could ramble any more.

"Yeah?" Edward took a deep breath and then played a quick set of warm-up scales, nodding and grinning. "It's perfect. Thank you, sweetheart."

He looked back at the keys in front of him and began to play. I recognized it as the song he'd written for his mom. It was hauntingly beautiful, and I could tell how much it meant to him as he closed his eyes and lost himself to the music.

By the time the last notes rang through the room, silent tears were again falling unchecked down my cheeks.

"Oh, Bella," he murmured. "Come here, sweetheart."

With his help, I clambered up into his lap, straddling his thighs and leaning into him, resting my forehead on his shoulder.

"It's so b-beautiful," I mumbled into his neck.

His only response was to tighten his arms around me and press a kiss to my hair.

After a moment, I spoke again. "Play mine?"

Edward chuckled, the movement jostling me on his lap and brushing our lower halves against one another deliciously.

With a groan, he put his hands back on the keys and began to play. It started off slow but quickly transitioned into light, fast notes. I could feel every bit of tension leave him as I clung to him, listening to the song he'd written just for me.

When he finished, I whispered, "Again..."

This time, I couldn't keep my lips to myself. Feeling him hard and ready, pressing against me intimately, knowing he was here to stay had me suddenly ravenous for him. As the music built and swelled, I placed kisses to his neck, sucking lightly at his Adam's apple. When I nipped at the stubbled skin of his jaw, he abruptly stopped playing, standing smoothly with me in his arms as the bench scooted back along the hardwood floor with a screech.

"That's it," he growled softly, leaning down to kiss me hard and fast. "Which way to the bedroom?"

I laughed, my head falling back, and said, "Out the door and to the right at the end of the hall."

I was still laughing as he used his elbow to switch off the light and moved us quickly out of the library toward the bedroom.



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