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Coming Home Chapter 150 - Edward


Seattle... Saturday, October 02, 2010 at 9:01 P.M.

Christ Almighty! I just couldn't take another second of it. It was all just too fucking much – the house, the absolute solid blend of my things with Bella's, the sound that came from my piano, and the feel of her in my arms as I played it.

I carried a highly-amused girl down the hallway, unable to not chuckle at her. The pure joy of finally being together – permanently – was practically making us stupid. But damn, I wanted her. It felt like I hadn't been buried inside of her in years, not the simple, easy two and a half weeks it had truly been.

There was a part of me that kind of wanted a tour of the bedroom, but my cock protested, and it was smarter and much more in control than me at the moment, because it was focused on small nimble fingers tugging at my fatigue shirt, pulling it from my waistband and unbuttoning it. It was straining against my pants to get closer to the warmth, the wetness that was searing me while strong legs gripped my hips tighter.

I made it as far as the door before Bella's tongue, lips, and teeth became overwhelming against the skin of my jaw, neck, and throat. With a rumble from my chest, I pressed her into the hard wood of the door, using the leverage to grind against her at the same time that one of my hands shot to her hair to pull her mouth to mine.

Swallowing her sweet whimper, I kissed her hard. I wanted so badly to do this properly in her bed – damn it, our bed – but when her mouth opened for me, I was just fucking done. Luckily, Bella had just a touch more sense about her than I did.

"Edward," she mumbled against my lips, smiling when I huffed and kissed her to shut her up. "Babe," she snickered, grasping either side of my face. Pulling my forehead to hers, she whispered, "I want you in my bed. Please. You have no idea how long I've waited..."

Panting heavily, I nodded against her. "Our bed," I corrected her.

Her smile was so fucking beautiful, filled with so much hope and love and promise that I forced myself to slow down. We had all the time in the world now. Certainly, I could relish this moment.

"Yeah," she breathed, still smiling.

I kissed her lips quickly before tugging her off the door, but I fucking refused to set her down. "Open the door and show me," I commanded, my voice huskier than I expected, but she reached down and turned the doorknob.

The room was basically like stepping inside of Bella's heart. Her influence was practically dripping down the walls. Her scent filled the room, making me even harder than I already was. But that was when I noticed the little things – my shoes by hers, my clothes hanging next to hers, even my suit that was already dry-cleaned for Charlie's wedding hanging on the hook of the closet door. Pictures of the two of us in Florida were everywhere, the largest hanging just over the chair in the corner. A stack of books here, her laptop and school work there, a T-shirt of mine she must have slept in on the top of the dirty laundry basket – it all felt so fucking right, like it had always been that way.

But it was the bed my eyes finally landed on, causing my heart to ache with want. I'd seen her in it over Skype, but nothing prepared me for the moment to actually take her in it. Sitting down on the edge of it, I kept her in my lap. She had been pushing at my shirt until she was almost frustrated, so I took sympathy on her and shrugged out of it.

"Better, sweet girl?" I asked her but smirked when she shook her head no, her hands immediately reaching for the hem of my tan T-shirt. Once that was off and tossed to the floor, my hands slid up her thighs and underneath her dress. "What do you want now that you've got me where you want me?" I asked her, gathering up her dress so that I could lift it off of her, which left her in satin and lace and all things sexy and blue.

A wicked little smirk curled up her lips, and she whispered, "Everything."

My dick twitched hard at the purr to her voice, the dark look in her eyes, and the unbelievably sexy lick of her lips. Her warm hands caressed my chest and my stomach, her fingers taking in every dip of muscle and every inch of skin. When her thumb swirled along the trail of hair that disappeared into the waistband of my cargo pants, I leaned forward to place a long, slow, wet kiss to the swell of her breast, skimming my lips up to her ear.

"Hmm, everything isn't specific enough for me, Isabella," I crooned, suckling on her skin lightly. "I'm thinking you need to give me details, my sexy girl."

I knew I was playing with fire because hearing her say words like pussy, cock, and come absolutely drove me mad. But fuck, I wanted to hear it.

"Touch me," she whispered, sliding her hands up my biceps to my shoulders and finally cupping either side of my face. "And don't stop. I need to feel that you're finally here. Really here."

Tucking her hair behind her ear, I kissed her lips softly, whispering, "The wait is over, beautiful girl. I promise. No more goodbyes."

"Good," she breathed, capturing my mouth with her own.

I gave her what she wanted. Starting at her shoulders, I trailed fingertips lightly down her spine until I came to the hook of her bra, which was quickly undone and discarded. With palms flat and fingers spread, I touched every inch of skin – the small of her back, the outside of her thighs, around to her perfect ass, my fingers delving beneath satin in order to touch something even softer. I let my thumbs tease her sensitive area just above her underwear, and finally, I cupped her full, round breasts with nipples so tight and hard that they had to have been almost painful because she let out another desperate sound into my mouth.

"What else, baby?" I asked her, arching her in my arms so that I could capture her left nipple, swirling my tongue around it, suckling it, nuzzling it with my nose, all while cupping the other breast. "What more did you want me to do to you in this bed?" I let my lips brush against her nipple with each word, each push of breath across now very wet skin.

Her breath caught as her head fell back, but she didn't answer me. She simply gripped my hair to hold me where she wanted me. Sitting her up straight, I dragged my lips across her sternum, her collarbone, and her neck along the way to her ear.

"Can I tell you what I wanted?" I rumbled against the soft spot of her skin, trying to keep her hips from rolling over me too much because if she kept that up, I wasn't going to last long. She nodded yes, and I continued. "I've wanted to see you naked in the middle of this bed for so long, I thought I'd go mad. I wanted to see you waiting for me, ready for me to fuck you hard, deep, all night long."

"Oh, God, yes," she breathed, her whole body giving a shudder.

"Good girl," I praised her. "Now stand up for me."

She slipped off of me to stand between my legs on unsure feet. Once she was steady, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her underwear.

"These...mmm... These are very, very pretty, love, but I want them off. And then I want you in the middle of this bed. Got me?" I asked, looking up at her through my eyelashes as I dragged the silky fabric down her legs, making sure I touched her teasingly all the way down to her feet.

I was every bit aware that Bella loved my orders, my "commanding Sarge voice," as she called it. She stepped out of her panties and crawled onto the bed, giving me a fan-fucking-tastic view of her ass and her swollen, wet pussy. I had to adjust myself in order to untie my boots. I kicked them off, along with my socks, finally standing up to shed my pants and underwear. Gazing down at the stunning view on the bed, I knew I wouldn't last much longer without burying myself so deep inside of her that we couldn't tell where I ended and she began.

I shook my head at the thought that this beautiful creature was mine, that I finally got to keep her, and that I never, ever had to let her go again. The knowledge that I would be waking up every fucking morning with her in my arms just about made my chest ache. There was no more ticking clock, no more crossing off days on the calendar, and no more waiting to start our future. All of that was fucking over.

"You're so fucking perfect," I whispered from the foot of the bed. "Spread your legs for me, baby. Show me how wet I make you."

Two beautiful, smooth legs bent at the knees in front of me, and her breathing was heavy, which caused her chest to rise and fall with every inhale and exhale. She was so wet that I could see the slickness of it on the inside of her thighs, and I licked my lips in want of it.

I pursed my lips, shaking my head one time, asking, "Oh, sweet girl, how many times did you cry out for me in this bed?"

She huffed a laugh, but her hands gripped the bed linens hard in her little fists. "More times than I can count, babe."

"Mr. Sparkle got to have all the fun," I mused, tilting my head at her and dragging my tongue along my bottom lip. "His services are now—"

"No longer needed," she finished for me.

Chuckling darkly, I nodded in complete agreement. "Yeah, he's so fired." I sighed at the sight of her, all wanton and ready but happy all at the same time. "God, love. I want you so badly. I can barely see straight."

"C'mere," she whispered, holding her arms out for me.

Crawling up the bed, I pressed kisses to the top of each foot, ghosting my lips up her shin, only to kiss both knees. Gathering up her amazing taste from the inside of her thighs, I smiled against her skin when her hips bucked up off of the bed.

As much as I wanted to taste her, feel her come on my face, lips, and tongue, I wanted to be inside of her even more. I wanted to lose myself in her wrapped around me in every way the first time we made love in our bed. However, the flavor of her could not be ignored. I licked her from one end to the other, loving the sound of my name from her mouth. Nuzzling the soft, trimmed hairs of her mound, my lips finally trailed up to the sweet, sensitive spot just along her bikini line.

"Yes," she moaned, her eyes rolling back as I marked her as mine, sucking her skin hard.

Her hips rolled underneath me, trying to get closer, find friction. Something – anything. I wanted to tease her some more, but I had a feeling she was just about to her breaking point, and I was right, because suddenly, her hands were in my hair, her voice desperate.


I fell over her, planting my elbow by her head in order to kiss the ever-loving shit out of her. Her hands curled into claws along my back, pulling me closer, urging me to take her.

"I can't wait any longer," she panted, sounding pained, her voice filling with emotion. "I've missed you...I've waited so long..."

"I love you," I simply said, pressing my forehead to hers as our eyes locked at the same time I lined up with her entrance.

"Love you..."

Her voice cut off as I sheathed myself inside of her as far as I could go, both of us crying out at the feel of it. I didn't think anything would ever feel as good as how tight and wet and warm she felt.

"Fuck," I growled through gritted teeth, trying my damnedest not to come at the heaven that was clenching around me, attempting to adjust to having me inside of her again after not having me for a few weeks.

"Shit, you feel so good," she whispered, urging me to move as her entire body practically vibrated around me.

I started a slow, deep pace, my eyes never leaving the beautiful face under me. The ache that I'd had during the last separation disappeared instantly. The need to never be away from her again that had almost been overwhelming the last time we'd said goodbye came bubbling up to the surface and out of my unfiltered mouth.

"I never want to be away from you again," I murmured. "Never."

"You don't have to," she said, gasping when I lifted her leg between us. "Oh, Christ...right there..."

If possible, she got even wetter as I asked, "Here? Is that what you need?"

"Oh, God... Yesss," she hissed, her eyes rolling back into her head as I picked up the pace, which was a double-edged sword because I was so fucking close to losing my shit. Hard.

"No. No... You look at me when you come, Isabella," I ordered, wanting nothing more than to watch her sweet brown eyes darken to almost black before she fell over the edge. "The first time you come for our'll look at me."

"Edward...fuck," she moaned, dragging the curse word out when I let her leg fall to the crook of my arm and my hand snaked between us to find her clit. "I'm so close," she warned me.

"Good, you come...and come hard for me, sweet girl."

When she shattered beneath me, her whole body clenched down on me – her legs pulling me closer, her hands gripping my ass, and her pussy constricting around my cock hard. I tried to hold out, to make myself last, but the burn in my stomach exploded, causing me to fall over the edge right along with my beautiful girl.

Letting my forehead fall to her shoulder, I tried to catch my breath. Small, gentle fingers trailed up and down my spine and through my hair. I let Bella's leg fall back to the bed, soothing it a little with an open hand before pulling back to look at her. I had zero desire to separate from her at the moment, so I stayed connected to her as I pressed soft kisses to her forehead, each eye, the tip of her nose, and finally, her lips.

Our skin was tacky with sweat, but still I couldn't tear myself away from her gaze, her touch, her mouth.

She smiled against my lips when our kisses heated, deepened, and suddenly, I was hardening inside of her again.

"My, my, Sarge," she purred, cupping my smirking face. "Someone's needy."

I chuckled darkly, unabashedly, because I couldn't help it. I had no shame in letting her know how much I wanted her – all day, every day, for the rest of our lives.

"Now," she crooned, pushing at me a little. "Let me show you what I wanted to see in this bed."

I rolled onto my back, taking her with me. Even though it caused me to slip out of her, she was just beyond sexy as she slowly straddled me and sank back down over me. My hands gripped her hips, urging her to move, but she held still, her eyes taking in every inch of me beneath her.

She sighed, her eyes warm but still filled with want as she whispered, "I'm so glad you're finally here to stay, Edward."

Sitting up, I cupped her face, kissing her lips softly, gently. "Show me, Bella."

With a glorious roll of her body and a light push on my shoulders, she took control as I fell back, letting her show me what it felt like to finally have found home.



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