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Coming Home Chapter 151 - Bella


Seattle... Sunday, October 03, 2010 at 8:32 A.M.

The first thing I became aware of was Edward: his hand, the palm flat on my stomach slowly sliding down; his thighs pressed to the back of mine, the coarse hair tickling my skin; his hard cock trapped between us, stroking up and down the cleft of my cheeks as he slowly thrust his hips against mine; and finally, his warm breath, ghosting over my cheek, my neck, my shoulder as he pressed kisses to my skin.

The second thing was easy to ignore. That slight soreness – in my legs, my shoulders, between my legs, and even my fingers from gripping the sheets... All of that was a result of the many, many rounds of sex from the moment we made it into the bedroom last night until we fell asleep, emotionally and physically exhausted, around three in the morning.

"Mmm," I purred softly, reaching back to touch his face as he pressed yet another kiss to one of the spots he'd marked overnight. "G'morning."

"Morning," Edward rumbled quietly as he cupped me gently between the legs. "Sore?"

"Not sore enough," I promised, bucking into his hand as I reached back between us and grasped his length lightly. Lifting my top leg, I positioned him until he was sliding back and forth across my slit, the head of his cock hitting my clit with every thrust. I moaned, feeling him slip just over my entrance.

Edward must have known I needed more because his hand moved until he was guiding his cock inside me with his next thrust, pulling a groan from us both.

"Fuck, yes," he growled low.

In this position, there wasn't a lot of freedom of movement, but he was in the perfect position to slide across my g-spot with every stroke, taking me higher and higher.

Reaching back, I turned my head and pulled him to me, echoing with my tongue what he was doing below. When I started whimpering into his mouth, he growled into our kiss, nipping my lips and soothing with little kisses as his fingers found my clit where we were joined. Just when I thought I couldn't stand it any longer, when I felt like the string inside me had been wound so tight, it would snap, he pinched my clit, sending me over the edge.

"Oh, God...oh, God," I chanted breathlessly, bucking my hips as I tightened around him. I could feel him thrust one last time, coming in silent pulses inside me as he gasped against my lips.

For several minutes, we lay in the same position, breathing heavily but unable to move. Finally, Edward slipped out of me, rolling to his back and tugging me with him. I curled up beside him, propping my head up on one hand and resting the other lightly on his abdomen, watching the muscles twitching under my touch.

"That's quite the way to wake up," I laughed, grinning when he glanced up at me with a sheepish look.

"I'm sorry," he said, reaching up to cup my face, stroking my cheek with his thumb. "You're sore, aren't you?"

Placing my hand on top of his, I smiled. "Babe, I'd have stopped you if I'd been too sore, I promise. Trust didn't do anything I didn't want you to do."

He looked long and hard at me, staring into my eyes before moving his gaze over the rest of my face and down. I knew what he was looking for and what he was seeing. He was looking for twinges of soreness – or worse, of pain; I also knew that all he would see was more love, peace, and happiness than I'd ever felt before.

His worry finally satisfied, he smiled. "Good. I woke up, and you were right there, that gorgeous, soft ass pressed against me... Then I looked around and realized again that I was..." He huffed, shaking his head. "That I was home. It was just too much."

Giggling softly, I leaned down to kiss him once. "Feel free to react that way every time you realize you're home," I told him with a wink. "Or when you realize it's Monday, or when you can tell your hair has grown out some..."

I was listing silly nonsense, wanting to see him smile again, and it worked. He reached up to run a hand over his head and raised an eyebrow.

"Well, how about that," he said, a wicked sexy grin spreading over his face. "I can tell it grew out a millimeter overnight..."

I squealed as I found myself suddenly on my back, my naughty Sarge hovering over me, leering. I was just about to call a truce because I really was a bit too sore to go again so soon, but then Edward's stomach growled – loudly.

Edward dropped his forehead to my shoulder, his body shaking with silent laughter, and I couldn't help but join in.

"Hungry?" I asked, snorting a little when my own stomach seemed to echo his.

"Apparently we both are," he said through his laughter.

"Come on, Sarge," I said, giving his shoulder a gentle shove so he fell back to his back. "I get first in the bathroom, and then I'll start the coffee and breakfast while you take your turn."

He grabbed my hand so I couldn't get out of bed. "I'm really good in the shower..." he teased, fluttering those damn long eyelashes.

I laughed. "I know you are...but honestly, I'm not sure I can handle another round right now..."

Suddenly all serious, he said, "Shower with me, beautiful girl. Let me take care of you. I'll keep it clean – so to speak – I promise."

Sighing happily, I leaned down to press a kiss to his frowning lips. "C'mon, then," I told him, letting go of his hand and climbing out of bed. "Let's go clean up so we can feed the beasts."


I laughed, shaking my head, as I looked at the clock on the microwave. Edward and I had spent almost forty-five minutes in the shower. We hadn't had sex – I hadn't been lying when I'd said I was too sore – but that didn't mean we hadn't thoroughly loved on one another. Edward had washed my hair, something no guy before him had ever even offered to do, and spent a good long while making sure every inch of me was clean. He'd even squatted down until he was sitting on his heels and then picked up my feet, washing between each toe. Then from his position below me, he'd put one leg over his shoulder and licked and sucked at me until I came.

Of course, I'd been just as bad. From the tips of his toes to the top of his head, I'd washed him all, delighting in coaxing another orgasm from him using my strawberry-scented body wash to stroke him until he made a mess all over the wall of the shower.

Grabbing the bag of coffee beans I'd bought specifically for Edward and the new coffee grinder, I set about making the coffee on autopilot while I thought about breakfast. For Edward's first morning home, I wanted to do something special. I knew I had everything I'd need to make coffee cake, and that fit the bill.

Edward was getting dressed and going to grab his stuff from the car, but I knew he would come looking for me soon, so once the freshly ground coffee was in, I pulled out all the ingredients for our breakfast. I chopped walnuts, measured out flour, sugar – both regular and light brown – cinnamon, salt, and melted butter, mixing them all together and spreading out the crumble on a parchment-lined pan before putting it into the refrigerator.

By the time I had the butter and sugar creamed together, I'd begun to wonder about Edward. He had mentioned needing to call Garrett and let him and Irina know he was in Seattle for good. Maybe he'd decided to do that now. It was two hours later in Chicago, so it wouldn't be too early. Shrugging, I went back to preparing the batter for our coffee cake.

As soon as I put the pan in the oven, I washed my hands and then went looking for Edward.

"Edward?" I called out when I realized he wasn't in the living room.

There was no answer, and after a quick check in the bedroom, bathroom, and library, I knew he wasn't in the house. Moving to the living room again, I looked out the window and laughed when I saw him standing by the car, his bag at his feet. Miss Mary was standing near him, speaking animatedly with a permanent grin on her face.

Making a quick stop in the bedroom for a pair of shorts – I'd been wearing one of Edward's T-shirts only – and then the kitchen, I went back through the living room and out the front door.

Miss Mary caught sight of me first, and her eyes lit up even further. "Isabella, sweetheart! Good morning!"

Edward turned to look at me, and the emotions that flitted across his face nearly made me giggle. There was love, of course, but there was also amusement and relief. I could only guess that while he was enjoying speaking with my elderly neighbor, she'd kept him occupied for longer than he'd have liked.

"Good morning, Miss Mary," I said, wrapping the older woman in a gentle hug. "I see you met Edward."

"Oh, yes, I did!" she responded excitedly. "Your young man and I were just having a very nice chat. I told him I felt like I already knew him from everything you and your girls have mentioned over the last few months. Did you know his daddy was a lawyer?" She shook her head. "Of course you did! Anyway, I just had to tell him that my late husband was a lawyer, as well, after he got out of the army. Fred would have liked you, Edward," she said, turning to beam at him.

Edward chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "I'm sure I'd have liked Fred, as well, Mrs. Jackson. He sounds like he was a remarkable man."

She frowned. "What did I tell you about that Mrs. Jackson nonsense, hmm?" She grinned. "Mrs. Jackson was my mother-in-law. It's Mary or Miss Mary, if you're like Isabella here."

"Miss Mary, then," Edward acknowledged.

I held out the bag of goodies. "Miss Mary, I made muffins yesterday and knew you'd enjoy them, so I wanted to bring some out to you."

She took the plastic baggie from me and peered at it up close. "Oh, my lands! Blueberry. Thank you, you sweet dear. Yes, those are my favorite, as you know. And are those chocolate chip cookies?"

I grinned. "They are. I know your doctor said to limit them, so there are only a few in there. But you know where to find more if you want them," I teased, glancing over my shoulder at the house.

"That quack," she grumbled. "I am almost eighty-four years old. If I want a few extra cookies, I'm damn well going to eat them."

I laughed and then realized I needed to get back inside before the coffee cake burned. "Miss Mary, we have breakfast in the oven, so I need to get back inside before I ruin it. Would you like to join us?"

"Oh no, dear," she answered, shaking her head. "You and your young man go enjoy. I'm going to the senior center in a few hours for lunch and to see some friends, so I need to go." Turning to Edward, she said, "It was very good to meet you, Edward. You are just as handsome as your picture and every bit the gentleman Isabella said you were."

Edward smiled and moved his arm from my shoulder to shake her hand. Leaning down, he brushed a kiss over the back of her hand and then smiled. "It was very nice to finally meet you, as well, Miss Mary. Perhaps you can join us for lunch one day soon?"

Miss Mary looked flustered and blushed – a first that I'd ever seen! – before smiling and nodding. "Yes, that would be wonderful." Turning to me, she winked. "Goodbye, Isabella. Have fun welcoming him home."

With that, she turned and slowly made her way back across her lawn to her house.

Once she was safely inside, Edward bent down to get his bag, and it was only then that I heard his snort of laughter. "Damn, that woman can talk," he laughed, straightening up and shaking his head.

"What in the world did you talk about?" I asked, giggling as we headed back to the house.

He shook his head again. "I'll tell you when we get inside. You mentioned breakfast was in the oven?"

I laughed and pulled open the door, enjoying the fact that Edward seemed to love my cooking as much as he loved me.



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