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Coming Home Chapter 153 - Bella


Tuesday... October 05, 2010 at 6:45 A.M.

I struggled awake when my alarm blared, pulling me from the dream I'd been having, involving Edward and an ice cream sundae. Throwing one hand out to silence the infernal beeping, I reached over for the man of my dreams – both literally and figuratively – only to find the bed beside me empty and the sheets cool to the touch. Since I'd woken up the last two mornings with him, it was a bit disconcerting.

When I rolled over to look and make sure I hadn't missed him, I realized the bed wasn't completely empty. In his place was a piece of paper and a pretty pink flower from one of the bushes out back.



Sorry I wasn't there when you woke. I got up early and decided to go ahead and get my run in since I've skipped it the last few days. I'll be back shortly – definitely before you leave for school.



I put the flower to my nose, inhaling the sweet, floral scent, and smiled. My man could woo like no other.

Realizing that it was the perfect time to carry out the plan I'd made the night before, I sat back down on the bed. After setting the note and flower aside, I opened my bedside table and pulled out my stationery and pen. I hadn't sent Edward a hand-written letter in a while. Now that I was going back to work, I thought it was the perfect time to tell him via letter how much I loved him and how happy I was that he was here.

Putting my feelings down on paper was easy. Once I finished, I folded the letter, stuck it in one of the matching envelopes, wrote Edward's name on the front, and hurried down the hall to the library. I had debated about where to leave it, since I wanted it to be a surprise. I knew he was planning to finish unpacking the boxes today, and I was sure he'd spend some time at the piano, I left it propped up on the piano where the sheet music would normally sit.

Once I'd turned the light back off, I hurried back down the hall to the bedroom. I didn't want to give Edward any clue that I'd been in the other room so early and make him curious. Passing through the bedroom, I headed into the bathroom to shower and get ready for school.


By the time I came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel with another around my hair, Edward was back and sitting in the rocking chair in the bedroom...but he wasn't alone.

"Oh..." I groaned happily, reaching out for the big Starbucks cup he was holding.

He grinned, pulling his hand back out of my reach. "Uh uh," he said, shaking his head. "Kiss first."

Laughing, I leaned in and touched my lips to his. "I'm all clean, and you aren't. That's all you're getting for now, mister. Now gimme."

Edward chuckled and handed me the coffee. "Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream, right?"

I couldn't help but gape at him. I'd mentioned that just a couple of times months ago.

He shrugged, his cheeks pinking slightly. "I figured today was a special enough day. It's kind of the first day of the rest of our lives, ya know?"

Leaning in, I kissed him again, unable not to. "I can't believe you remembered my go-to special occasion drink."

"I remember everything you've ever told me, Bella," he said sincerely. "Now, get dressed, sweet girl. I need a shower..." He held open the neck of his shirt and took a whiff, making a face. "Yeah, definitely a shower."

Laughing, I backed away, nodding. "Want some breakfast? I was just going to heat up a banana-blueberry muffin for myself, but I can make something for you. I have time."

He shook his head. "Nah, I'll just take a couple of muffins, too, if there are enough." With one last kiss, he moved around me and headed to the bathroom.

Taking a long, careful sip of the coffee, I sighed happily. Setting it down on top of the dresser, I went to the closet to pick out my clothes for the day.


As I settled behind my desk at school, I thought back to the last few minutes. Edward had walked me to the car, holding my hand in one of his and my bag in the other. He had opened the passenger door and set the bag on the floor of the passenger seat before walking me around to the driver's door, where he'd proceeded to kiss me senseless.

Laughing, I swiped my tongue across my lip as he pulled away. "It's a good thing I brought my lipstick," I teased, knowing it was all messed up after that enthusiastic goodbye.

He shrugged, raising an eyebrow. He was trying to be all smooth, but the grin that stretched across his face then belied the laid-back approach he was going for. "It was worth it."

"Have a good day with the boys," I said, leaning in for another quick kiss. "I'll call you when I have some free time."

"You'd better," he replied, shutting my door for me after making sure I was out of the way.

It was the best start to a school day I'd ever had.

Unpacking my laptop and pulling out the stack of papers for my class, I knew it was about to be even better. Stuck between the lid and keyboard of my laptop was an envelope, which I knew could only have come from Edward. Glancing at the clock, I realized I still had a few minutes before the kids came in, so I pulled it out, smiled at my name written in Edward's script on the front, and settled back to read.

My sweet, beautiful Isabella,

It's so easy to get wrapped up in instant gratification. With text, email, and phone calls – not to mention now seeing you face-to-face – it's understandable that actually hand-writing you a letter has been pushed to the wayside. But I really wanted to go back to it for what I wanted to tell you.

You truly have no idea what your first letter did for me. Honestly. You were this feisty thing that was more upset about the Wicked Witch than I was, and it not only made me laugh, but it intrigued me to the point that I wanted to know more. You were this breath of fresh air, a cool glass of water sent to me in the middle of the desert – literally. You became everything I didn't know I needed – someone who'd listen, cheer me up when I needed it the most, and be there for me no matter what. I came to rely on it. It wasn't the care packages, though I lived for them. It was the thought that went into each and every one. It was coming back from seeing the most awful things and knowing that I could fall into your words, making everything okay when it looked like nothing would ever be okay again.

Then I saw your face. My first thought was that you couldn't be real, that you weren't this sweet, caring person and so damn beautiful at the same time. It seemed impossible. It was then that I knew that I'd fallen completely in love with you and that if we spoke face to face on Skype, I'd be done. Just...fucking done. And I was. It was the conversation that changed my life for the better forever.

Before you, I was alone. And I didn't realize that I'd given up hope, that I was pushing myself day to day just to get through. I didn't open up to anyone because in my mind, everyone would leave or could be taken away from me, so it was best not to allow myself to get too close. Until you. Somehow, you snuck in. You settled around my heart, giving me something to live for, to aim toward.

Bella, you gave me my light at the end of the tunnel, something to smile about and something to look forward to every day. We've been through it all, sweet girl. Ups, downs, and in-betweens. And every last step has been just perfect.

When I first realized my feelings for you, I couldn't make you any promises. I didn't know if I would walk out of that desert in one piece – or if I'd walk out at all. I found your love for me amazing and a double-edged sword because I couldn't protect that love the way that I wanted.

But now I can.

As you sit at work for the first time since I've been HOME, I have a few promises to make. I promise to love you every day for the rest of our lives. I promise to drive you crazy and then spend hours making it up to you. I promise that no matter what, we'll always work things out together. I promise to give you anything you ever ask for, to do whatever it takes to keep you smiling, and to try to show you in every way just what you mean to me. And Isabella, I promise day, I'll ask you to marry me.

My love for you is impossible to write, type, or text. It's so big that it takes my breath away some days, leaving me feeling overwhelmed. There's no way that I can explain what you mean to me, but I plan on showing you.

I love you – heart, body, and soul. Forever.


By the time I finished reading, I had tears running down both cheeks. It seemed Edward and I had been on the same page, feeling nostalgic and overwhelmed with our love for one another.

Running my finger lightly over his signature – neat, clean, no flowery loops or anything else girly – I glanced up at the clock. My class would be arriving momentarily.

Sighing, I folded the letter and put it back in my bag so I didn't forget it later, and then I pulled out the little makeup mirror I kept in one of the small pockets of the bag. Crying had resulted in a little bit of a mess around my eyes, so I fixed that and realized I had just enough time as the students came into the room to text Edward.

B: Thank you for the sweet words, babe. They make being away from you today easier and harder. Easier because I know you'll be waiting at home for me when I get out of school, and harder because all I want right now is to be in your arms. I love you. I'll call when I'm free. xoxo

Making sure the phone was on vibrate, I put it into the top drawer of my desk and looked up.

Smiling at the kids, who were all still putting away their backpacks and settling into their seats, I spoke above the din, "Good morning, guys! How was your day with the sub yesterday?"



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