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Coming Home Chapter 154 - Edward


Seattle... Tuesday, October 05, 2010 at 8:03 A.M.

The morning air was cool as I walked Bella to her car. I would've driven her in, but I had a feeling I was going to be busy at the house – and Miss Mary's – all day. There were boxes left to unpack, my father's desk to move, not to mention Emmett and Jasper were coming over to help trim the trees before the winter weather turned nasty.

Once I'd set her things in the passenger side, a sense of excitement came over me. This was it. This was how my life was supposed to be. Another mental list of future things to do started ticking off in my head – check out UW, look for a ring, and yeah, I really needed my own car. But first and foremost, I needed to kiss the ever loving shit out of my girl.

She was too beautiful dressed for work in a skirt, but I was well aware that she was wearing a pair of the underwear I'd sent her that said "Naughty Teacher." Pushing her against her car, I leaned in to press my lips to hers. Bella tasted like the coffee I'd brought her – minty and sweet. I kissed her to claim her mouth, to thank her, to just have the flavor of her for as long as I could before she left me for several hours. And I kissed her until she was laughing adorably.

"It's a good thing I brought my lipstick," she giggled, dragging her tongue along her bottom lip, and my eyes drank it in.

I tried to play it off, but my face showed my happiness. "It was worth it."

"Have a good day with the boys," she said, kissing me one more time. "I'll call you when I have some free time."

"You'd better."

Letting her go was bittersweet. I'd already grown used to having her undivided attention over my first weekend home. Three whole days of doing whatever we felt like doing, which usually consisted of lot of naked activity. But watching her leave meant this was really our first day of reality. And it was a good reality.

I stood in the now empty driveway, assessing the tree situation. When I'd called Jasper the day before, he'd said that Bella didn't have many yard tools, so he would be bringing his own to help me out. Yet something else to add to the list, but I knew my girl; she'd hate it if I went crazy buying shit, so a trip to Home Depot was going to have to wait.

The guys weren't due for another half hour, so I decided to finish with the last of my boxes. Just before I reached the house, I heard my name.

"Edward?" Miss Mary called from her front porch, her newspaper in hand.

"Yes, ma'am?"

"When those boys come over, you come see me. I'll feed you lunch before you get to work in the yard. You hear?" she said, though her voice left no room for argument. "Isabella would have my head if I let you go hungry."

Chuckling, I shot her a wave. "Well, we can't have that. I'll let you know when we plan to start."

She nodded and shuffled back inside. Once her door was safely closed, I headed on in.

I opened the last two remaining boxes of books and added them to the shelves. Gathering up the broken down boxes and garbage, I took them down to the street. When I came back, all that was left was the box that Tanya had sent me that Bella and I had left on the piano bench. After poking through it, I saved the envelope of pictures, intending to send them to Lt. Stephens, because he'd totally crack the fuck up. I also saved the DVDs and CDs, but nothing else in there was important. Snatching the whole thing up to toss onto the rest of the garbage, I noticed an envelope on my piano, my name clearly written in Bella's beautiful script.

I set the box back down and picked it up, smiling when I realized that Bella and I had obviously done the exact same thing for each other because inside was a letter.


It's been far too long since I gave you a hand-written letter. Since that is how our relationship started, I thought that was the perfect way to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me now.

When I wrote you for the first time back in March, almost seven months to the day, I had no idea where that one letter would lead – or if it would even lead anywhere. I honestly think I expected you to just brush it off, maybe with a polite "thank you very much," and be done with me. I mean, here I was, a stranger, writing to talk to you about your private personal life and send you all these random things. LOL Honestly, I'm not sure I'd have blamed you had you ignored it altogether.

But you didn't...

You didn't make me feel like I was butting into your life. In fact, you made the request for more, which thrilled me to no end. I could tell right from the beginning that you were someone special, and I've never been happier to be right.

Because you are, you know. I knew from the moment you told me about your mission to Kandahar, when you lost the man there – Carlos, if I remember right? I could tell how hard you had taken it, how it had affected you. A lot of men I know would have just shrugged his death off as a casualty of war. And while you knew that it was, unfortunately, something that happened during war time, you also took it personally. He was more than just a soldier, a casualty of war like I mentioned. You knew he was a husband and a father, that he would be missed. And that touched my heart.

You made me smile, laugh, and look forward to something as I waited for every new reply at the beginning. When I'd had a long day, I knew I could count on an email from you to lift my spirits.

When we finally decided to Skype and I realized I was falling in love with you, I knew my life would never be the same. And you know...I was right. But Edward, it is infinitely better with you in it. You make my days brighter. My future looks happy and content, not lonely and dark, and that's all because you love me just as much as I love you.

I can never tell you just how much you mean to me because honestly, I'm not sure I could find the right words that would express it. But know that you are my light, my love, my everything. No matter what we have to face, I know we will face it together and be stronger because of it.

I love you, Edward Anthony Masen. Always.


I folded up the letter, tucked it back into its envelope, and stowed it away in the back pocket of my jeans. Smiling as I thought back over the last seven months, I realized that Bella and I were such similar creatures. Had our paths not crossed, we'd have persevered, but our lives wouldn't be beautiful and honest, fun and silly, and they wouldn't be as full as they were now.

A hard knock on the front door broke me out of my thoughts, along with Emmett's booming voice. "Yo, Sarge! You ready to get to work?" he asked.

"Yeah, in here," I told him.

"Wow, this place looks awesome," Jasper chuckled, whistling as he gazed around the room.

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, the girls outdid themselves in here. Come on. When we finish in here, Miss Mary wants to feed us."

"Sweet," Emmett said with a grin. "I hope she makes those homemade biscuits. They rock!"

As I told them the plan for the desk and then the two yards, my phone went off in my pocket.

B: Thank you for the sweet words, babe. They make being away from you today easier and harder. Easier because I know you'll be waiting at home for me when I get out of school, and harder because all I want right now is to be in your arms. I love you. I'll call when I'm free. xoxo

I smiled as I typed out my own message, knowing she probably wouldn't get it until her break.

E: And thank you for your beautiful words, my sweet girl. I can't wait for your call, but know that I truly intend to make up our time apart today. I'll be waiting to peel the day off of you along with everything you're wearing, Miss Swan. I love you. See you when you get home.



tds88 said...

I never would have thought that one little scene such as Edward running his hand over the picture of his parents would be so emotional, but that little piece started a whole episode of emotions. It was such a beautiful moment that there is no words to desribe it. It was perfect. I do love Miss Mary. She's a hoot and a half.
I'm so glad they're finally both home and getting to enjoy it. They are so sweet together.

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