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Coming Home Chapter 159 - Bella


Forks... Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 12:14 P.M.

"Have you heard from Edward?" Rose asked, plopping down beside me on the couch.

Pulling my feet up under me, I swallowed the bite I'd just taken from the sandwich in my hand and then shook my head. "I haven't heard from him yet, but he warned me that my dad told him service might be spotty out on the lake. Since he hadn't been to Lake Crescent in years, he wasn't sure."

The guys had all left at five thirty this morning to go fishing. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward had surprised him the night before with the knowledge that for his "bachelor party," they were not only taking him over by Port Angeles to fish, but they'd rented a boat for them all and had invited Charlie's best friend, Billy Black, to go along.

Edward had come upstairs to my room just before they left to wake me and tell me goodbye.

"Bella," a quiet voice murmured, pulling me from a deep sleep. "Wake up, sweetheart."

Rolling over, I came face to face with Edward, who was lying beside me on my small twin bed. I quickly realized he'd turned on the small light on the other side of the room so the light wouldn't be directly in my eyes. His elbow was bent, his head propped up on his hand. The soft smile he was wearing was almost at odds with the sparkle in his eyes, his amusement clearly shining out of them.

"Morning," I mumbled. "What's so funny?"

"You were talking in your sleep when I came in. Something about not making you go fishing because you didn't like worms – unless it was mine." His smile grew wide, and he chuckled when I blushed and buried my face in his chest. "It was cute, love."

"Yeah, yeah," I said, yawning suddenly. "What time is it?"

"Five twenty. The guys just got here, so we're heading out to go to La Push to get Billy and then go fishing. I just had to come up and kiss you goodbye before we left."

"Mmm, I'm glad you did." Tilting my head up, I told him, "Kiss me so you can get out of here before my dad comes to find you in my bed."

Edward grinned, nodding. "He knows I'm up here, but you're right. Best not to test his good graces."

Leaning in, he kissed me softly, just barely brushing his lips across mine. When I reached out and pulled him closer to me, he chuckled against my lips before kissing me more soundly. In deference to the fact that my father was right downstairs, we kept it short. When we broke apart, he kissed my forehead once before climbing to his feet.

"Get some more sleep, Bella. I'll try to call you later if I can. Love you, sweet girl."

Nodding, I mumbled, "Love you, too."

I was already settling back down as Edward turned off the light and shut the door quietly behind him.

Sue's voice startled me back into the present. "I don't expect them back for another few hours," she said as she came into the living room and settled into Charlie's chair. "They were going to drive into Port Angeles for lunch and then go back out on the lake as long as everyone was having a good time."

"As long as they're back by five o'clock." Leah, Sue's daughter, shrugged from her seat on the floor in front of her mom. "We're supposed to be over at the reservation by six."

Originally, Charlie had planned to take us all out to dinner at the Lodge, the "fanciest" place in town, but Friday afternoon, Sue had come in with the news that all of their friends were throwing them a rehearsal dinner of sorts – a party at the community center in La Push. There was going to be food, music, basketball, and even a big screen TV set up to play video games if anyone wanted since there wasn't a game on.

"They'll be back," Sue assured her, smiling mysteriously.

Alice laughed. "What's that smile about? How are you so sure they'll be back in time?"

Sue's smile grew before she answered Alice's question. "I told Charlie if he missed it, the wedding night would be awfully cold and lonely."

Leah and I looked at each other for a second, and then as one, we said, "Eww! Too much information!"

Everyone in the room cracked up laughing, including the two of us.

While we finished eating, we started catching up. Alice and I had known Sue and Leah for years, and once Rose started coming to Forks with us, she had gotten to know them, as well. We really liked them both a lot. Sue was warm, funny, kind of a smart ass, and the perfect complement to my dad. Leah was a lot like her mother. She'd gone through a rough patch in high school after her father died suddenly of a heart attack. It was like for a year or so, she'd become another person – someone bitter, easily angered, and almost mean on occasion. Once she'd gotten past feeling like her father had abandoned her, she had matured into the woman that sat with us now – lively, vivacious, and sweet, yet still with a bit of an edge about her.

Leah smiled. "I've been seeing the cousin of one of the other ladies on the rez. He came up for a visit a few months ago from Portland, and we hit it off."

Alice asked what he did for a living, and we listened as Leah talked all about her new man – Sam's job as a rookie police officer, his family, and the dates they'd been on.

"Plus, he's packing," she finished a grin, her eyes alight with amusement at the groan from Sue. "Not so fun hearing about your daughter's sex life, huh, Mom?"

Once Sue looked properly abashed, I brought a subject that I'd been wondering about. "Hey, Sue," I started, smiling when she raised an eyebrow in question. "My dad hasn't mentioned it, and I guess I just assumed I knew the answer, but where will you guys be living after tomorrow? Will you move in here or will he move there?"

She smiled slightly. "We weren't sure for a while. We finally decided, though, that I would move in here. Because of his job, he needs to be closer to town than he would be if he were living on the reservation."

"And, don't mind that this is where he lived with my mom?" Then I realized how rude or uncomfortable that might have sounded so I quickly apologized. "Sorry, sorry. You don't have to answer that, really. It was just a random thought in my head."

Sue chuckled, flipping her braid back over her shoulder. "It's all right, Bella. I don't mind." She thought for a moment and then shrugged. "We talked about it – about moving to a new house, I mean. But really, we both have pasts. We can't hide from that. Charlie is the man he is today because of that past. And I have some good memories of this house, too. Harry was a good friend of your father's, and he would come over with Billy a lot to watch the games or cook some fish after a day of being out on the water. I would accompany him sometimes, so a lot of my favorite memories of all of us happened here."

I smiled, remembering one such visit. "Yeah, I remember you guys coming over when I was visiting one summer. I had to have been...what? Eight years old? Leah, do you remember? We refused to eat the fish they'd caught. I don't remember what we had instead..."

"Mac and cheese," Leah supplied, making me grin.

"Yeah! That's right. Seth would have been four, right? He had the mac and cheese, too."

Sue nodded. "The blue box stuff, he called it then."

We all laughed.

"How is Seth, by the way? He's been working at the school on the reservation and taking classes, right?" I looked from Sue to Leah and back again.

Smiling, Sue nodded proudly. "He's working on a degree so he can be a teacher. I keep trying to convince him to move to Seattle to finish it up there, but so far, he's been resistant. He keeps telling me he doesn't want to leave me here."

Leah snorted. "More like he doesn't want to leave the free cooking and cleaning."

Sue laughed, agreeing, "Yes, I'm sure that's part of it."

Alice raised an eyebrow. "Is he moving in here?"

"Oh, Lord, no," Sue said firmly, shaking her head. "Since Leah has her own house on the rez now, Seth is going to stay at my house over there until...well, until I can convince him to leave for Seattle. Hopefully, once I'm married and living here, he'll realize he doesn't have me as an excuse anymore."

"Send him to us," Rose said, grinning. "We're all there. We'll help him adjust."

We all agreed, making Sue laugh. "I will." She looked at Alice and Rose. "How does it feel to have your husbands home again?"

Without even glancing at one another, my friends sighed. "Great!" they both said decisively, making us all grin.

"I'd forgotten how much of an adjustment it is, though," Rose said with another sigh – although this one was more in exasperation than anything. "I've come bolting awake in the middle of the night twice already because Emmett left the toilet seat up and I forgot to check it before I sat down."

Alice nodded. "And I'd forgotten about the nightmares. Jazz hasn't had many, but they scare me every time – for him, I mean. I'm not worried about myself."

Frowning, I said, "Yeah, Edward is dealing with a few himself. Normally, if I wrap my arms around him, he settles and doesn't even fully wake up. But it's hard seeing him that way. He has trouble getting to sleep, too. Sometimes, I'll wake up in the middle of the night, and he's not in bed. I'll find him in the library with the door closed, playing quietly on the piano."

"I remember Harry telling me years ago that Charlie had those after he got back from the war," Sue mused quietly. "Usually, they do go away, though, so hang in there."

"Besides the nightmares," Leah started, "how is it having Edward with you all the time now?"

I grinned. "It's great, actually. No more eating alone, no more nights spent on the couch wishing and hoping for something I didn't have... We're both having to get used to sharing our space, but we're getting there. Edward's the first man I've lived with since Charlie, so it's an eye-opener."

Alice laughed. "Wet towels on the bathroom floor?"

"Empty cartons of juice and milk in the fridge?" Rose nodded sagely.

"But sex anytime I want it," I said with a shrug. "So there's a trade-off."

"That's definitely a positive," Alice agreed, smiling with Rose nodded fervently.

"It'll be good for Charlie and me to be here...alone." Sue smirked. "You may be out of the house," she told Leah, "but your brother isn't. It's hard to have...private time...when your son is in the other room and aware of what you're doing."

We all laughed except Leah, who cringed again. "Really, Mom? Again with the sex talk?"

Sue shrugged. "What? It's a fact."

"Speaking of sex talk," I said, "how do you guys do it? Edward and I were after they got back that I could barely move the first few days."

"I was sore for over a week," Rose confessed. "Of course, my monkey man's...well...he could run his own three-legged race."

Everyone cracked up, although Leah looked a little jealous. "Sam is a good size, but not that big!"

Alice shook her head.

"You've heard the expression it's not the size of the boat; it's the motion of the ocean, right?"

Leah nodded, but Sue looked slightly confused. I knew way more than I cared to about Emmett and Jasper both, thanks to late night girl talk while the guys were away, but I still listened as Alice clapped gleefully, turning to the other ladies.

She continued, "Jasper isn't a...Cockasaurus Rex – I mean, don't get me wrong, he's not small or anything... – but I dare you to find a guy that can give you the big O more than once with nothing but penetration." She smiled smugly. "He's slightly bent and...well, pierced, so..."

Sue and Leah cringed – and they weren't the only ones. I'd known about it already, but every time I heard it, I still felt my stomach roll. I tried to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth as Sue asked why Jasper had gotten that done and how they did it. Leah just laughed as her mother peppered Alice with questions.

By the time the room was quiet again, I looked up, realizing every eye was on me.

"What?" I asked, looking around. "What'd I do?"

Rose wiggled her eyebrow at me. "Spill it, sweetie. You've heard about everyone else's man. You have yet to share about Edward."

Shaking my head, I said, "Hell, no." I laughed. "No way am I sharing anything about Edward's...package."

"Now, Bella," Leah started, all sweet and light. "We've all told you everything about our men. It's only fair that you let us in on Edward's big secret."

Alice gasped. "Or is that it? Is Edward hiding a teeny weenie?"

I giggled but shook my head no, not giving them any more than that. It was so much fun holding out and teasing them.

"Give it up, sweetie," Rose said firmly. "We won't let it go until you do."

Finally, I decided I could give them two words that would satisfy every one of their curiosities. "Two hands," I said smugly.

They were all quiet for a minute, and then every single one of them burst into laughter.

"Nice!" Rose finally said, nodding.

"But does he know how to use it?" Alice grinned.

Finally giving up all the goods, I shrugged and answered simply, "Like a baseball bat attached to a jack hammer."

We all laughed for a long time after that.


By four thirty, the guys had called to say they were heading back. Leah and Sue had gone back to Sue's house to shower and change. They would just meet us there since the community center was only a few blocks from her house. When they left, I jumped in the shower, wanting to be out before the guys got home so they would have the time and hot water to get ready themselves.

I was standing in front of the mirror, fixing my hair before doing my makeup, when Edward knocked on the door.

"Bella, we're back."

Grinning, I pulled open the bathroom door. "Hi, Sarge."

I started to reach for him, but he shook his head, taking a step back. "You're looking and smelling all kinds of good, baby...but I..." He took a whiff down the front of his shirt and pretended to gag. "I am not. Mind if I jump in the shower while you are finishing getting ready?"

In answer, I opened the door completely and stepped back so he could maneuver around me without touching me with his stinky, sweaty, fishy clothes.

"Thanks," he said, laughing as he leaned in and kissed me again on his way by.

"Mmm, I have selfish reasons, babe," I teased, winking as he reached back and pulled the T-shirt up and over his head in what had to be one of the sexiest moves a guy could make.

He laughed as he unbuttoned his jeans and, hooking his thumbs in the waistband, pulled both them and his boxer-briefs down in one smooth move, stepping out of them on his sock-covered feet. "Mmm, if only we'd been a few minutes earlier, I'd have gotten the same show."

It would have been sexy had he not nearly fallen over toeing off his socks. I giggled when he caught himself and somehow managed to stay upright.

"Yuck it up, Isabella," he growled, pointing my way before turning to the shower.

I whistled. "That is one attractive backside you have there, Edward Masen."

Being silly, he wiggled it before stepping into the shower and pulling the curtain closed behind him.

"Tell me about your day," I said after a minute.

While he talked, I finished my hair and makeup, finally needing him to stop so I could escape the steam-filled room.

"Okay, Sarge. Finish your story later. I'm going to go grab your clothes and leave them on the sink here, all right?"

"Thanks, sweetheart."

I hummed my welcome and left the hot little room, moving into the bedroom to grab his nice jeans, dark green T-shirt, and black button-down to wear over it since the nights were chilly. Slipping back into the bathroom, I set the jeans and T-shirt on the counter and hung the other shirt from the hook on the back of the door.

"Okay, babe. Your clothes are here. I'm going to head downstairs."

Edward peeked his head out, his hair lathered up with bubbles, and smiled. "Thanks. Tell your dad I'll be out shortly."

I nodded and then slipped back out of the bathroom, leaving him to finish his shower in peace.



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