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Coming Home Chapter 164 - Edward


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The door slammed behind me as I stepped down to the yard. After rolling up the sleeves of my dress shirt, I pulled out my car keys, hitting the unlock button. My phone was right where I'd left it – on the console of the car. Bella had been in such a hurry to get inside the house to finish helping set up for the reception that I'd completely forgotten about it.

By the time I closed the car door and turned around, I wasn't alone. I let out a deep breath, shaking my head and folding my arms across my chest.

"Jake, you really don't want to do this," I told him, glancing at the kitchen window before locking back onto the two guys in front of me. "Not only will it piss Bella off, but it'll piss Charlie off, too. I'm sorry about the game—"

"You tried to break my nose," he stated, his face filled with fury...and bruises, the latter of which made me smile every time I glanced at his face. "You did that shit on purpose."

"If he had done it on purpose, Jake, then I promise you, you wouldn't have gotten up off that court floor," Jasper said, stepping quietly off the porch with Emmett right behind him.

"And your face wouldn't be fit for the public," Emmett added with an evil grin. They flanked me in front of the car door as he said, "Saw them sneak out behind you. Thought they'd be lookin' for revenge."

"Not cool, gangin' up on a guy," Jasper mused, rubbing his chin. "It shows a lack of...honor."

"This isn't about honor," Paul scoffed, rolling his eyes. "You smashed his face. We aren't letting that go."

"It was a game, dudes," Emmett laughed, though it came nowhere near his eyes. "Street ball gets need to nut up. Take your shit like a man. Quit pissin' and moanin' like a pussy."

"Enough, Emmett," I sighed, smacking his chest with the back of my hand. "Jake, you have a problem with me, but it's your problem. Not mine. I'm not fighting you." I shook my head at their smirks.

We all flinched when the front door flew open. I groaned, sighing, because this was exactly what I'd wanted to avoid.

"Jacob William Black, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Bella snapped, stepping between us.

"Oh, damn, she middle-named you, bro," Emmett teased. "She hasn't had to do that to me in years."

I fought my smile because a nervous expression came over Jake's face. Apparently, he'd been on the receiving end of Bella's temper more than once.

Suddenly, Jake turned into a whiny kid right before our eyes. "Aw, Bells... Do you even know this guy?" he asked, gesturing to me. "I mean, letters...really? This guy could be anyone."

Bella stepped up to him, poking his chest with her finger. "Not that it's any of your business, but yes, I do. The person I don't you," she sneered, poking him with every word. "And you'd think I would, considering we fucking grew up together."

That hit home with him. He grimaced, looking everywhere but at her face. Despite the fact that he towered over her, he seemed to shrink before her presence.

"What are you thinking? Picking a fight on my dad's front lawn...on his fucking wedding day?" she asked him through gritted teeth. "You're no better than the third graders I teach."

We all grimaced because my girl was on a roll. I wasn't sure there was any stopping her at this point. And by now, Paul was slowly backing away.

"And just what did you think picking a fight with three men that are merely two weeks out of the army would accomplish, Jake? Seriously." She huffed, rolling her eyes. "I don't answer to you." He opened his mouth to argue, but she quickly shot a hand up. "Shut up. Your opinion on who I date, live with, and love means nothing to me. And if it did, do you think this is the way to get it across?"

Jake shook his head. "No, but—"

"No buts!" She scowled, looking more like an angry kitten than anything else, but she glared up at him. "My life is none of your concern. It hasn't been for a very long time, Jake."

"Hey, Bells," Charlie called from the door, but his eyes took in the scene before him, darkening a bit just like his daughter's. Instead of asking Bella, his gaze landed on me. "Edward, everything okay?"

"Yes, sir," I answered, smirking up at him. "We were just clearing the air with Jake and Paul here about that basketball game last night." I locked eyes with Jake.

"Mm-hm," Charlie hummed, eyeballing all of us, but his gaze landed lovingly on his daughter. "Bells, Sue wants a few more pictures with everyone before we load back up for the rez tonight."

"Sure, Dad," she said, narrowing her eyes on Jake before heading up the porch steps.

"You, too, boys. Let's go," Charlie commanded, gesturing to all of us.

We all trudged up the steps, but Charlie stopped Jake. "And when we're done with pictures, you can finish the dishes for Bella. The next time you want to pick a fight, I'll have no problem arresting my best friend's son. Got me, Jacob?" he asked, but his voice left no room for argument, and Jake simply nodded. I was the last up the steps, and his hand landed on my chest. "Don't sugarcoat shit for me, son. I'm well aware of how Jake feels about my daughter and how his temper works."

I grimaced, my nostrils flaring at the mere thought of it.

"But I also know that she's outgrown him. I've known that boy his whole life, and I wasn't actually thrilled when they went out in high school. He's old enough to know that his mouth writes checks his ass can't cash," he continued, giving me a pointed look. "Trust me, I'll be having a long talk with that boy when I get back." He raised an eyebrow up at me at the same time he gave my shoulder a squeeze. He suddenly grinned. "She tore him up, didn't she?"

Laughing, I nodded. "Yeah, she did."

"Good," he huffed, nodding once. "Maybe I'll put him to work in the jail..." he muttered to himself, but I could only grin behind him.

"Dad,!" Bella called from inside.

We both chuckled. "Yes, ma'am."

Pictures didn't take long. Sue wanted some of her new family – which included me, much to my surprise – but this time, she wanted more casual shots. She also wanted some of Charlie and Bella. Apparently, Alice, Rose, and Bella would be working with Leah to make a scrapbook of the wedding.

After the last picture was taken, Emmett and I loaded up Leah's car because she was dropping Sue and Charlie off at Sue's house for the night. They were flying out to Vegas the next morning.

With hugs, handshakes, honeymoon innuendos, and goodbyes all around, the newlyweds drove off toward La Push.


"Not a chance in hell," Jasper cracked the fuck up. "I'm sure it's some sort of arrestable offense to touch a police officer's car."

It was just the six of us hanging out at Charlie's house. Everyone else had left for the night. The newlyweds were staying at Sue's house in La Push so they'd have the privacy they wanted – apparently Leah and Seth were both staying with friends – and Rose, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper had helped clean up after the reception to put the house back into some sort of order. Jake and Paul had been...kind enough to finish the dishes for Bella.

"Yeah, but you have to admit that shit woulda rocked!" Emmett laughed, shaking his head and taking a sip of his beer. "We coulda tied beer cans to the chief's car, written 'you have the right to remain just married' on the back window, smeared Vaseline in the door handles, tied condoms on the lights..." His voice trailed off wistfully.

"Taken a ride in the back for vandalism," Alice finished with a chuckle.

"Right?" Bella laughed, laying her head on my shoulder and linking our fingers together. "Never touch the cruiser," she stated like it was a fast and steady rule from way back.

Pressing a kiss to the top of her head, I glanced around the house. The five other people in the room looked comfortable here because they'd hung out here so much. Emmett had said that he even preferred Charlie's, just simply for how easy it was to be there. And after spending an entire weekend here, I could understand why. Charlie may have only gotten Bella at the end of her high school years, but I was willing to bet that he'd been preparing for her for much longer than that. Traces of a woman's touch from long ago still lingered around the house.

"Does your mom know Charlie remarried?" Rose asked, and I looked down at Bella, interested in the answer because my feelings on Renee were still iffy.

Bella huffed a laugh, shook her head, and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. All things that told me she wasn't exactly happy. "Yeah, it was a short conversation. She said to tell him congratulations and then wanted to know if Edward and I were coming to Florida for Thanksgiving," she sighed, meeting my gaze. "I haven't had a chance to tell you yet. Sorry."

I smiled, kissing her forehead. "No worries. You've been busy. Do you want to go?"

"Do you?" she countered, her brow wrinkling.

I shrugged a shoulder. I hadn't given much thought to the upcoming holidays. I had merely assumed we'd be with Charlie, which I was completely cool with. If not Charlie, then the six of us would've done something, but meeting Renee, traveling to Florida...that sounded interesting. Tedious, but interesting. It would be the right thing to do, at least.

"You should go, Edward. You need to meet Renee," Alice chortled, rolling her eyes and standing up. She offered a hand to Jasper. "Come on. The quicker we sleep, the quicker we can go home tomorrow."

Rose and Emmett agreed, standing up as well. There were fist bumps and hugs and promises to meet for breakfast in the morning before following each other back to Seattle. By the time Bella returned from locking the front door, I had pulled out the blanket that I'd been using on the couch.

"Really, Sarge?" she asked with a wicked grin before pushing me down onto the sofa, only to crawl into my lap. "We're home alone, you know..."

I grinned, shaking my head at her. "That's a small bed you have upstairs, sweet girl."


I bit my bottom lip in order to keep myself in check, but my hands couldn't be stopped. They caressed and squeezed, rubbed and touched everywhere I could. She'd changed into jeans, so her ass was irresistible. Giving it a slight pop, I then pulled her closer, her legs straddling my thighs.

"Naughty, Isabella," I chuckled darkly, leaning forward to brush my lips across hers. "And just how many boys have you snuck upstairs?"


Her face was smug, sexy, and a feeling of pure want encased me, especially when her eyes darkened to almost a pitch black in the dim light of the living room. Something about her never bringing anyone upstairs just fucking wrecked me. It caused a feeling of possessiveness to flow through me like I'd never felt. I thought I'd wanted her in her childhood bedroom before, but that was nothing compared to how I felt now that I knew she'd never deemed anyone worthy...before now.

"Fuck, really?" I asked, my voice barely audible.

"My dad's a cop, Edward. Do you really think I'd subject helpless boys to that? They barely wanted to date me, much less come over to my house for fooling around," she explained, but her amusement at my reaction was plainly written all over her face.

And she totally worked it to her advantage.

Leaning closer, she whispered softly against my lips. "Oh, baby, do you have any idea what I've thought about up there since we met? What all your emails and texts did to me when I stayed here?"

"Bella..." I was panting because I really fucking wanted to give her that. Anything she wanted. Slipping my fingers up her shoulders and weaving them into her hair on either side of her head, I asked, "Did you name, love?"

"God, yes," she barely breathed, gripping the collar of my shirt. She tugged it just enough that the first few buttons came undone. "More than once."

"Jesus," I groaned, trapped between honoring Charlie's wishes and giving my girl what she wanted. My dick solidified to steel when she leaned in to kiss my neck, her teeth scraping across my skin. "Fuck it," I growled, standing up with her and taking the stairs two at a time, all the while keeping my hands firmly planted on her sweet ass.

Bella's giggle ghosted across my neck, but she pulled back to look at me once I'd slammed her bedroom door closed behind us. Suddenly, I felt honored and a touch nervous to be doing this, but I so fucking wanted it. It negated everything from her past, leaving only me as having claimed her in her own room, and I captured her mouth in order to focus.

"What did you think about in here, my beautiful girl?" I finally asked, laying her down in the middle of the bed. She had somehow successfully unbuttoned my shirt, so I shrugged out of it, letting it drop to the floor. "And don't say me. I want...details, Isabella."

"I thought about sneaking you in here just to make love to me, simply because I needed you," she said, and it stopped me short.

I wasn't sure what answer I was expecting – perhaps some naughty fantasy about me crawling through windows or some shit – but her sweet response made me kiss her.

Clothes were reverently shed, all dropped to the floor without ceremony. Kisses deepened and then trailed away from lips to other soft parts. And finally, completely bare, I braced my elbows on either side of her head, gazing down at my beautiful girl as my hips settled into the cradle of her thighs.

"Tell me, Bella," I said cryptically, but she knew what I meant because her response was instant.

"I love you," she whispered, grasping my face and pulling me down for a kiss. "I need you..."

I pressed my forehead to hers, letting my lips barely graze across her own. "Always, my sweet, sweet girl. You'll always have me," I vowed, sliding completely home inside of her.



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