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Coming Home Chapter 166 - Edward


Seattle... Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 7:05 P.M.

"I'm gonna toss a few more brats on the grill before the coals die out. Anyone want anything?" Jasper asked, standing up from the table.

"You might as well cook the rest of them. I can take one to work tomorrow for lunch if it doesn't get eaten," Bella said with a shrug.

"Ooh, good idea. That ought to drive Mike crazy." Alice laughed. "He's always bitchin' about his cold bologna sandwiches."

I snorted and then tossed an entire deviled egg into my mouth, thinking that if it irritated Newton, then I was all for it. I'd been home for a little over a month and had visited Bella at work on several occasions. Each time, Mike had avoided me like the plague. I made him nervous. Even better was the day that Jasper, Emmett, and I all ran into him at the hardware store on a weekend. He'd tried to hide in the plumbing aisle, but Emmett had wanted that same chat he'd promised him while we were still overseas. The result had been so very rewarding – a sweaty, shaking, very agreeable Mike Newton. With the three of us in front of him, he'd been quite apologetic...and he'd confessed to every sin for which he was guilty. It had been extremely entertaining, especially when Emmett had threatened to shove a piece of PVC pipe up his ass.

"What?" I mumbled when I saw the girls staring at me.

"Chew, babe," Bella answered with a giggle.

I swallowed and then grinned. "They're good!" I exclaimed, reaching for another one.

Alice laughed and patted my arm. "Thanks, Edward. And Jazz eats them the same way. Don't sweat it."

"Mike," Emmett chortled, shaking his head. It seemed his thoughts had drifted to the same place mine did. "How's that little pussy?"

I laughed, muffling it into my burger as the girls explained the next set of antics Newton was attempting. Apparently, the new teacher, Jessica, who had been oblivious to his personality before, now kept a heavy thumb on him.

"And did you see him last week?" Alice asked, turning to Bella. "He'd been fine all damn day, but when the sink backed up in the teachers' lounge bathroom, he went pale as a ghost when the plumber showed up."

"Yeah, I saw him go home early. What the hell?" Bella shrugged, taking a long draw on her soda.

Emmett grinned, shooting me a wink across the table. "Mike's a strange dude."

"True," we all agreed.

Jasper came back in with a plate filled with the rest of the brats and a couple of burgers, setting it down in the middle of the table. The conversations ranged from Miss Mary next door, to mine and Bella's trip to Florida, to Alice's parents, who were due back from Haiti any time now, to the possibility of Jasper and me starting classes at UW after the new year – the latter of which earned the two of us severe warnings against hot, young, college girls and just what would happen to them if we allowed inappropriate behavior.

"Like, there's this old guy in my English class," Emmett sang, sounding just like every vapid waste of space on TV.

"Exactly!" I cracked the fuck up, leaning to Bella's ear. "Why on Earth would I need to deal with that when I have the smartest, sexiest, most beautiful girl at home? Hmm?" I dropped a quick, open mouth kiss to the spot that drove her crazy, only to say, "I know just how fucking lucky I am, my sweet girl. I don't need to be threatened."

She blushed and grinned, her eyes on the table, but her head leaned so that I could give that sweet neck one more kiss. "Just you remember that, Sarge," she said softly, but her voice held no conviction.

"I'm grabbin' another beer. Anyone else?" Emmett offered, standing up from the table.

Several calls for beers and wine coolers flew at him, and he laughed, nodding, and stepped into the kitchen.

When he returned, passing the bottles all around, he said, "We should toast. Ya know, it's Veterans Day."

I nodded, stood up, and held my beer toward the center of the table as everyone else followed suit. Glancing around, I could see just how fucking lucky the guys and I were. Some men – some of our friends – didn't come home at all.

"To the fallen," Jasper stated.

"Joseph Stanton," I added softly the name of the first guy we'd lost in Afghanistan.

"Kyle Bardom," Emmett said. Kyle had been too close to a mine when it went off.

"Sean Minton." Jasper voice was solemn, but I'd forgotten about Sean. They'd been friends in basic.

"And Carlos Mendez," I said finally, a wave of regret and gratefulness wracking my frame. Without Carlos, I wouldn't be where I was, but there was a young, pregnant widow somewhere in Philly that was missing him with her entire soul.

The room was silent except for the sound of six bottles clinking together.


"Bella, I'm gonna make sure the coals are out," I told her as I finished straightening the living room after everyone had gone home.

"Okay, I'll just finish putting the dishes away," she called over her shoulder from the kitchen.

Emmett and I had taken cleanup duty since most everyone else had done the cooking. But dishes at home were a hell of a lot easier than dishes in Tampa. Here, at least, there was a dishwasher.

The night had turned chilly, but it wasn't unbearable. However, winter was moving in quickly. Soon, it would be December, and sloshy snow would replace misty freezing rain – something I hadn't dealt with since Chicago.

Once I'd made sure the coals were cooled down, I bagged up the garbage and took it out to the curb. Stepping back into the living room, I took a deep breath. The house smelled like us. When I'd first come home, the whole place was drenched in the beautiful scent of just Bella, but now it was both of us. It was her laundry detergent, my aftershave, her shampoo, and my running shoes – which I tried to keep outside on the porch, or at least by the front door because they smelled mostly of sweat but sometimes that and soured rain water.

Walking into the kitchen, I pressed a kiss to the side of Bella's head before washing my hands at the sink.

"I have some math homework to grade," she murmured softly.

"I was going to play a little. Will it bug you?" I asked, wincing when she spun to face me.

"Edward, stop." She giggled, grasping either side of my face. "I love that you ask, but you don't have to., baby. And you playing the piano would never bug me."

"I can't help it," I admitted with a slight chuckle, clawing at my hair. "I've been asking permission for shit for years, love. I'm sure it'll fade, but..." I shrugged, giving her a nervous smile when she smirked over at me.

Kissing my lips quickly, she said, "I'll be in there in a minute."

The library was one of my favorite parts of the house, running a close second to the bedroom, which Bella and I had defiled in just about every way imaginable. But the library was different. She'd created a safe haven for us. It was cool, comforting, and quiet. Our books blended together on a couple of bookcases, my father's desk fit in the corner off to the side next to a small sofa, and my piano looked like it had been built specifically for this room. Add in some of our favorite pictures from Florida hanging on the walls, and this room was perfect...and really, truly ours.

I pulled out the bench, sitting down at lifting the cover. Lightly grazing my fingers across the black and white keys, I let out a deep breath as I gazed over the shiny black closed lid. It had been an interesting day. It was fun and busy and a little sad, but it was strange thinking I was a Vet now, not a soldier. It was something that was hard to get used to when I'd pretty much assumed I'd die for my country.

Wanting to rid myself of this somewhat melancholy feeling, I started with heavy, fast scales, moving into Clair de Lune, then my mother's song. Chopin's Nocturnes moved into Moonlight Sonata, only to finally calm me down to Bella's song...or Isabella's Overture, as she so lovingly called it.

A shift in the chair in the corner made me glance up. I hadn't heard her even come in, much less change back into my boxers and T-shirt. Bella's hair was twisted up into some loose, complicated knot on the top of her head, secured with a pencil, but her focus was the stack of papers in front of her on my father's old desk. She was so beautiful, even in my clothes. Especially in my clothes. Her face was scrubbed clean of makeup, her skin glowing. And fuck, if her legs weren't gorgeous as she pulled one up to her chin.

With a smirk, I started playing for her. I started with Fur Elise but changed to more contemporary songs just to see if she'd catch on because just looking at her made me want her. My Love by Paul McCartney moved on to Need You Now by Lady Antebellum, and I finally got a reaction when I started Come Home by One Republic. It was the song that meant the most to us, the song that had been playing when I first laid eyes on her in person and for our first dance. And I'd been working on it for a few days now while she'd been at work.

I shot her a wink when her head snapped up to gape at me. She set her red pen down, pulling her other knee up into the chair, wrapping her arms around her legs and resting her chin on top. By the time I was finished, her eyes were a sweet, watery brown.

"Sweet girl, c'mere." I chuckled softly. "I hate this," I sighed, pulling her between me and the keys as I wiped away her tears.

She sniffled but smiled. "You have no idea how much emotion comes through your playing, do you, Edward?"

I just shook my head no.

"I can feel it, you know," she whispered, cupping my chin and kissing my nose. "You started kinda sad tonight, but then you mellowed out a little. Then you played for me," she explained, running her fingers through my hair when my brow furrowed. "God, you're so talented, baby. It was beautiful. All of it."

"Are you done?" I asked in a barely there but raspy voice that I hardly recognized because I needed her, and I didn't want to fight it. I just didn't have it in me.

"Not quite," she replied, giggling when I cupped her ass and pulled her onto my lap to straddle my thighs on the bench.

"Too bad," I laughed, nuzzling her neck.

Our laughter died quickly, though, because she wrapped herself around me in the sweetest of hugs as my forehead fell to her shoulder. Fingers threaded into my hair, holding me close as I kissed her neck again, this time opening my mouth for a taste of her sweet skin.

Pulling back to gaze down at her, I brushed my lips across hers, reveling in the fact that I was here, that she was mine, that the comfortable feeling, the fiery want, and the friendship between us hadn't fizzled out in the month that we'd been living together. It had only increased. All of it. And it didn't seem real some days.

"I love you," I told her, gently running my hands up the side of her thighs and toying with the hem of my boxers, only to slip my fingers just a little farther underneath.

"Love you, too..."

Digging my fingers in a little, I pulled her closer, pressing my lips to hers. I took her bottom lip while she took my top, but with one firm tug of my hair, I was done. Bella's hips rolled lazily over mine, and I couldn't help but grind against her. With a sweep of my tongue and a hand weaving into her hair, I turned her head to truly fucking kiss her. A sweet whimper pushed out against my cheek, which only made me claim her, taste her, drink from her that much more. Dragging my lips from hers, I nibbled at her jaw, only to pull one of her earlobes into my mouth.

"Edward, bedroom," she panted in my ear, her fingers already tugging and pulling at the hem of my T-shirt.

"Fuck that," I said, my voice almost a growl in her ear. ""

I wanted her on my piano. It wasn't exactly a secret, and while we'd made out right on this very bench plenty of times, we'd never moved further than that. Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, I stripped it quickly off over her head, only to reach up to take the pencil out of her hair. Chocolate waves tumbled down around her shoulders as I threw the damn thing somewhere over by the desk.

Bella looked like sin incarnate as she sat panting on my lap. Her nipples peaked high and tight as the cool air hit them, and her blush traveled just about to her navel. With a flat hand, I skimmed up her stomach, between her breasts, and around to the back of her neck, pulling her her forehead to mine. My mouth met hers as my thumbs raked across both nipples, causing a gasp of air to suck from my girl.

"Lean back," I commanded, arching her with a hand between her shoulder blades.

Strong legs gripped my waist as Bella leaned until her shoulders met the keys. The sweetest, sexiest discordant chord ripped into the quiet room, making her jerk a little.

"Beautiful," I crooned, not sure if I was talking about the sour notes or the half-naked woman in my lap. Both, probably.

I cupped both breasts, raising my hips to meet hers as she rolled them again. Bending forward, I dragged my teeth across ribs, swirled my tongue in her navel, and finally suckled each pert nipple. The piano made another odd chord when Bella writhed in my arms.

Chuckling against her sternum, I looked up at her through my eyelashes. "Hmm, B flat..." She huffed a laugh, but it turned into a gorgeous moan when I scraped my teeth over the swell of her right breast, never taking my eyes off of her while my fingers teased the seam of her boxers. "Nope...wrong. F major..."

"Cruel, Edward," she accused weakly and breathlessly, and it sounded half-amused and half-pleading.

I gathered her back into my arms, standing up with her as she leaned in to kiss me. Instead of heading to the bedroom like she probably thought, I set her sweet ass on the top of my piano. It was eerily familiar because she'd sent pictures to me of herself up there while I was in Florida.

Rubbing her thighs until she unwrapped them from my waist, I gripped the waistband. "Lift up for me, sweet girl," I told her, dragging them down and off her legs. "Fucking hell, you look really good like that," I rumbled, smiling when her left foot fell to the keys, causing tinkling high notes to shatter the air. "Mmm, G...maybe D. I'll have to remember these notes, love. This is the prettiest song this piano has ever played."

"Baby, please!" she cried out when my hands pushed at her knees to force her legs apart, my thumbs just barely grazing the wetness already pooling at her hot pussy, but she sat up, reaching for my shirt.

I grasped the back of it, wrenching it off of my head, and dropped it down to the floor. "I want to taste you up there. Can I do that, my very beautiful, very wet girl?" I crooned, lifting one of her legs and skimming my lips from her knee up to the inside of her thigh.

I wanted to moan at the scent of her, all musky, floral, and just Bella. Her shoulders fell back to the top of the piano when my tongue snaked out to swipe from one end of her to the other. Spreading both of her legs as far as I could, I finally just consumed her. Swirling tastes at her entrance, teasing nips to her clit, and long suckles just to get as much of her flavor as I could. Her thighs fought me, her back arched up off the black surface of the piano, causing a small squeak, and her cries and breathing increased. Letting one of her legs go, her heel hit the keys again – only this time, it was the low end.

Slipping two fingers deep inside of her, I murmured, "Definitely C," against her now swollen clit before flattening my tongue over it. Hot, wet, and tight clenched down on my fingers as my girl got closer and closer to the edge. "Oh, baby...come for me."

"Ung," she moaned, her body arching again. "Right there, right there..."

Curling my fingers to rub the spot inside of her that always drove her crazy, I asked, "Here, love?" Flicking my tongue a few more times over her clit, my girl shattered right there on my piano, and it was better than any fucking fantasy I'd ever had. In fact, the sight of her blew every daydream out of the water.

Her juices coated my hand as I rode out her spasms, unable to take my eyes off of her stunning face. Her hair fanned out around her, her eyes rolled back, and my name was mixed in with a whole lot of curse words. Some didn't even make any sense, which caused me to chuckle darkly against her mound.

Rubbing her stomach gently as she came down from her high, I bent down to kiss the spot on her bikini line that I had claimed as mine our very first time together. There was a part of me that wanted to just fucking mark that shit permanently. Mine. Always.

Bella sat up, pulling me between her legs in order to kiss the ever-loving shit out of me at the same time that her fingers frantically worked at the button and zipper of my jeans. Using her feet, she pushed and shoved my underwear and jeans to my ankles.

"Sit, Sarge," she ordered softly against my lips.

I knew what she wanted, so I scooped her off of the piano and sat on the bench with her straddling me again. My dick was like leaking steel against her stomach, and a hiss escaped me when her hand finally wrapped around it.

"Fuck,, no..." I panted, squeezing my eyes closer. "Shit, Bella...I'll come if you keep doing that. I want... Let me..."

At least she understood what the fuck I was babbling about because she sat up on her knees, lined me up to her still very hot, very wet pussy, and slowly engulfed my cock in the sweetest piece of heaven I'd ever fucking felt. Lips met my neck when my head fell back. I held her hips still for just a moment so that I wouldn't fucking come the second she moved.

Bella's body rolled in the sexiest wave, her arms letting go of my shoulders as they landed on the keys behind her. I growled low when another unusual set of notes broke into the room. Guiding her, meeting her rhythm with my hips, I gazed down at her, biting my lip in order not to come.

Pushing off the keys, Bella wrapped herself around me, her lips at my ear. "What note was that, baby?"

I groaned, knowing this shit was payback. My eyes rolled back when Bella swiveled her hips just right only to slam back down on me. "Umm... A?"

"You sure?" she chuckled darkly, nipping at my jaw.

"No? Bella, please...I'm so close, baby..."

"Then come for me, Sarge," she purred in my ear, suckling my earlobe. "I can feel how close you are. Your cock gets harder...bigger..."

I was done. There was no holding back. Gripping her hard, I spilled heavily inside of her. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I panted against her neck. My breathing was erratic as I held her close. "Not A...B flat."

Bella snorted, pulling back to kiss me. "Those were some ugly notes, Edward."

I grinned, standing up with her in my arms. I wasn't done with her. Not by a long shot. "Those were perfect notes, Isabella. I may have to write a song..."

Her head fell back as I took her down the hall, but as I laid her down in the middle of our bed, the laughter fell away.



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