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Coming Home Chapter 169 - Bella


Seattle... Friday, December 24, 2010 at 4:22 P.M.

"Sweetheart, you want some more cocoa?" Edward murmured, holding his hand out.

"Mmm, yeah, thanks." I smiled, handing him my now empty mug.

As he went to the kitchen for more hot chocolate, I gazed into the fireplace, thinking of all the changes we'd made to the house in the last month.

The first, of course, was the gorgeous fireplace currently situated in the entertainment center that held the television. The weather had been unseasonably warm for most of November, but once the cold weather hit, Edward had suggested trying to find a gas or gel fireplace that would work. We'd found this one almost immediately. Because the room didn't have a lot of extra wall space, finding one that was in a media unit was perfect for our needs. The TV sat on top of it, and there was plenty of room on the shelves for all the gaming stuff plus some books and pictures.

We'd also painted the living room and bedroom. Not huge changes, but it went from feeling like some general house to a home. Since we were renting, there wasn't a lot else we could do, but just the small changes had made a difference.

And once we'd gotten back from Florida, we'd started looking at the Christmas decorations I already had. I usually had a fake tree, but since this was our first Christmas together, we both decided we wanted to do a live one. That meant waiting a couple of weeks, but before then, we hung up garland, put out other decorations, and made the house feel like Christmas. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we'd gone with the gang to one of the tree farms in the area and cut our own. It was currently situated in the corner, and although we'd had to shift things around to fit, it was perfect. We'd thought about sticking with a couple of colors, but in the end, with the personal ornaments – including a couple that Irina had saved and included in one of the boxes from Chicago – and the lights, it was kind of a mess, but we loved it and thought it was beautiful.

Edward handed me my mug and then slid down onto the couch beside me. "We did a good job, didn't we?"

Leaning over to kiss him once, I agreed with a nod. "We did."

"Have you heard from the girls?"

"Oh! Yeah, Alice texted about an hour ago while you were outside, shoveling the snow. They got there just fine."

Edward smiled. "Good. I figured they would, but it's kind of slick out, so that's good to know." He took a sip of hot chocolate before speaking again. "I bet Alice was glad to see her parents."

Smiling, I said, "Yeah, I'm sure she was. They've always been close. Her parents are great. They weren't really strict, but then...Alice wasn't really a hellion or anything. Esme was a good mother figure whenever I needed one after moving to Forks. It wasn't that my mom wouldn't listen if I needed her to, but sometimes, it was just easier to have a mother's shoulder right there to cry on or a mother's perspective about a situation if she knew the players involved. And Carlisle is just...well, there's really no better way to say it than he's Carlisle." I laughed, shaking my head. "He's so selfless, and he'll go out of his way to help you if you need it. He has all the nurses pining for him because he's so sexy—" I giggled at Edward's raised eyebrow. "Sorry, but he is. He looks younger than he is, so people are surprised when they find out he's old enough to be a grandfather."

"Jasper seems happy with them," he commented.

I nodded. "He is. They accepted him from minute one, treating him like a son. He loves Ali like crazy, and they can tell that. They're great because they love Emmett, Rose, and me like their own, too, just like I know they will you." I squeezed his thigh, where my hand was resting gently.

"Are you upset that you aren't with them down in Forks now?" Edward looked a little worried, sad, and definitely curious.

Shaking my head once, I moved, angling my body more toward him. "Babe, this was the right decision for both of us. Tomorrow, we're going to Forks to spend the day with my family. I'll get to see Esme and Carlisle then. I wanted to spend some of it with just the two of us. Today is about us as a couple – celebrating our first Christmas together. Don't doubt at all that this is what I wanted, okay?"

After a moment, he smiled, leaning in to kiss me softly. "Okay," he murmured against my lips.

When the kiss didn't seem to be stopping, he reached over and put his mug on the table beside the couch. Then he took mine and set it beside his, never once letting his lips move from mine. He cupped my hip and tugged. I took the hint and moved to straddle him, groaning when he rocked his hips.

A few minutes, clothes were scattered around us on the floor, the fire warming our skin as our bodies, sated, finally relaxed once more.


A few hours later, our dinner of frozen pizza finished, Edward and I were settled on the couch in front of the television. We'd debated which of the multiple Christmas movies playing on TV to watch, but in the end, it really hadn't been a hard decision.

"Ohh, what about How the Grinch Stole Christmas?" I asked, pointing to ABC Family on the list of channels.

"If it were the animated version, maybe," Edward said, grimacing. "Not the Jim Carrey one." He watched as I scrolled down farther. "Wait, go back up." When I did, he said, "What about Miracle on 34th Street?"

I shook my head. "Not the new version. I like the old one, but I think that's later tonight."

We both shook our heads at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Jingle All the Way and White Christmas with Bing Crosby, but TBS was the winner.

"Yes! I love this movie," Edward said, nodding as I hit play.

"Me, too. I've seen A Christmas Story at least once every Christmas season." I laughed, shaking my head. "Rose and Alice hate it, but I love it. Charlie does, too, so we usually watch it together – sometimes two or three times."

Somehow, we made it through the ninety-minute movie relatively chastely. Hands had wandered, lips had caressed, but both of us had spent most of the movie actually watching it.

Turning over to face him, I grinned. "I swear, my favorite part is the dogs getting the turkey and then the family having to eat Chinese food for Christmas dinner. The looks on their faces when the waiter solves the problem of the head-on duck are priceless!"

Edward snickered and nodded. "I love that, too, but I gotta go with the leg lamp..."

"Of course you do," I teased, rolling my eyes. "You're such a guy."

"Don't doubt it, sweetheart," he growled, nipping at my jaw.

I pulled away, laughing. "Not now, cowboy. I need to use the bathroom and grab something from the bedroom. Get me some hot chocolate and meet me back here?"

Kissing me softly, Edward smiled against my lips. "Love you, sweet girl."

I kissed him back, taking a moment just to breathe him in. "Love you, too."



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