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Coming Home Chapter 170 - Edward


Seattle... Friday, December 24, 2010 at 8:35 P.M.

I set the two mugs of hot chocolate down onto the coffee table before clicking the TV off and turning on a CD of Christmas music that Bella had asked me to record on the piano. I snorted, hearing my own mistakes, but it wasn't something she'd most likely catch.

With a nervous hand through my hair, I walked into the library and straight to my father's old desk. I knew I was about to get into trouble, but I couldn't just let our first Christmas go by without getting my girl something, despite how we'd agreed that we didn't need anything. It was just supposed to be us, a celebration of being together after a really long year of waiting, writing letters, pining to be with each other. I opened the bottom drawer and pulled the small wrapped gift out from behind the file folders. Thinking maybe I'd wait for another time, or perhaps present it to her for the new year, I'd stashed it away, but after spending such an amazing evening with her, I wanted her to have it. It sort of fit with why we were alone for the holiday anyway.

Walking into the living room, I cracked a smile. It seemed I wasn't the only one that had broken our rule. Setting my own wrapped gift next to another one on the coffee table, I chuckled down at my girl, who was lying lengthwise on the sofa, wrapped in a quilt. Falling down over her, I smirked as she eyed the two gifts.

"We're both liars, huh?" She giggled, cupping my face.

"It's good we found out now," I said, using a false sincerity to my tone. "I gives us something for our New Year's resolutions. Otherwise, it'll soon be lies, lies, nothing but lies all the time."

Bella laughed, pushing at me until we both sat up. "Fine, Pinocchio. Let's see, then."

Raising an eyebrow up at her, I suddenly snatched her gift up, ripping at the paper, but her laughter made me stop.

"What? There's a time for being a gentleman, but Christmas presents isn't it!" I explained, absolutely reveling in that happy face that was now suddenly nervous. I stopped, setting the gift on my lap. "What, sweet girl?"

"It's just... It's not much, but I thought you could use it. I mean...and it looked so much like you," she rattled off, biting nervously at her thumbnail.

Leaning over, I pressed a kiss to her wrinkled brow. "It could be a bowling ball, and I'd love it, my beautiful girl."

She snorted, rolling her eyes, and poked the side of my leg. "It's not a bowling ball, Edward."

"I can see that." I chuckled, only to lean in to her ear. "Thank God. I hate bowling," I whispered.

Bella merely shook her head at me, watching my every move as I tore off the wrapping paper. Inside the small box was a little black book with an elastic band around it. Opening it up, my eyebrows rose high into my hairline. It was a music journal of sorts, filled with blank composition pages. On the front of the leather cover, my initials – EAM – were engraved on a small plate, surrounded by a couple of music notes. It was really beautiful.

"You asked for composition pages while you were overseas," Bella said softly. "And you'll be starting school next month... I thought maybe..."

Cupping her chin, I forced her nervous gaze to mine. "It's absolutely perfect, love. I will use the hell out of this." I kissed her lips softly, pressing my forehead to hers. "Thank you, Bella."

"The cover comes off so you can put in a new notebook when that one's full," she added, sounding much more confident and relaxed now.

I kissed her again, losing myself for just a moment, simply because I could. Pulling away, I reached over, setting my gift for her in her lap.

"It seems we were thinking similarly, but while you were concerned with the future, I went with the past," I said with a smirk.

My girl was neater when it came to unwrapping her gift than I had been. But when a book was revealed, her fingers immediately opened to the first page, which caused a gasp to escape her.

"Is this...? Did you...?" she sputtered, suddenly flipping through several pages, only to occasionally stop to read.

"Every single letter and email between us up until I came home," I whispered, glancing worriedly between the book in her shaking hands to her now watery eyes. "I never want to lose them."

The company that I'd found had done an amazing job; they'd used copies with our own handwriting for the first letters but had transcribed every email into a beautiful font for every word after that. They'd bound it all in leather, using a parchment-like paper in order to give it that classic look.

"I tried to wait," I rambled, glancing over her shoulder at a few pages, "but I found that I couldn't."

Truer words never had been spoken. In fact, I found that there were a lot of things that I just couldn't wait on any longer. It was all I could do not to beg her right then to marry me. But I didn't think the time was right. I knew I needed to wait, give ourselves time to acclimate to being together on some sort of daily basis, but fuck me to tears, I wanted it. With moving, Charlie's wedding, traveling for the holidays, my getting accepted into UW, and Bella's school schedule, I'd yet to find that right time. But it was getting harder and harder not to just beg her to be my wife. What kept my mouth shut was the fact that her ring wasn't even in the house.

"I'm glad you didn't," she gushed, turning to kiss me quickly. "Edward, it's really amazing. And to see them back to back..."

"I know," I said with a nod. "It's like watching the whole thing happen." Sweeping her hair off of her neck, I chuckled softly against her skin. "You like it, I'm guessing."

"I do! I love it! Thank you," she gushed, closing it, only to open it back to the beginning.

Bella barely took her eyes off of the pages, even when I shifted us on the couch so that she was sitting between my legs. Pulling her back to my chest, I read over her shoulder as she skimmed through the first few letters. Just our simple, kind, polite introductions brought back the memories of where I'd been, how she'd made me feel.

"Hello, Sergeant Masen! You don't know me. My name is Bella Swan."

"But if I never hear from you again, Miss Swan, which I completely understand...again, thank you. Sincerely, Sergeant Edward Anthony Masen"

"Cookie Thief," Bella said with a giggle, which only made me smile against her shoulder.

"You still are!" I growled dramatically. "Not every cookie makes it into the jar."

"It's my right as baker, Edward," she argued, leaning in to my kiss to her cheek.

Easy, getting-to-know-you conversations slowly changed to revealing histories, past loves, the deaths of my parents, and finally, Twenty Questions – the latter of which changed everything. Walls started to come down, the flirting started to kick up, and it was pretty fucking obvious that the two of us were falling just about the same time. And it all came bubbling over when I got hurt.

"Fuck, everything changed then," I sighed softly, shaking my head at the emails that occurred after the Skype session where we'd both said "I love you" for the first time.

"Yeah," she said slowly, softly, and with a slight nod of her head, but then she snorted into a sexy-as-hell giggle. "I can't believe you had the doc measure your cock..."

I groaned at the sound of that word escaping her lips and at the fact that I'd been that fucked up on pain meds to allow someone to do it. My forehead hit her shoulder as she laughed that much harder.

"The doc asked, love," I snorted, shaking my head but keeping my face buried. "I'd just finished reading one of your emails; I was stoned on pain meds, so I had a severe problem at the moment. When he mentioned the reaction of my body, the request came flying out of my mouth before I could stop myself."

She closed the book, set it on the table, and turned over so that we were stomach to stomach. "You know, Sarge," she purred, her eyes dark as she braced her hands on my shoulders, "we can't exactly show the kids or grandkids this book."

"Or anyone else, for that matter," I clarified with a chuckle, tucking her hair behind her ear with one hand while the other skimmed over the T-shirt of mine that she was wearing and down to her sweet bottom that was barely covered in soft cotton. "We weren't exactly..."

"Rated G," she finished with an adorable snort, but then bit down on her bottom lip. "We said it all, you know..."

"Mm," I hummed against her lips. "We did. And we haven't even come close to acting some of those out..."

"So true..." she breathed, rubbing her body just right against my now-growing cock to make me shudder. "But the ones we have were so, so good..."

"You still look so fucking sexy in my shirts," I stated, gripping her bottom so that I could pull her up to straddle me.

"I can't get in an elevator unless you're with me," she said with a sexy grin and a tortuously slow roll of her hips.

"Do we even shower alone anymore?" I asked, smiling crookedly up at her as she loomed over me. Her hair fell around us like a curtain, smelling clean, flowery, and a touch like the cookies she'd baked earlier to take to Charlie's.

"Not if we don't have to." She laughed, running her fingers through my hair. "And don't get me started on this place," she said, waving a finger around. "Is there a spot in this house we haven't defiled?"

"I doubt it," I crooned against her lips, "but I'm all for repeats. You know, just in case we missed someplace."


"God, you are so beautiful," I sighed, tracing my finger along her cheekbone as I reveled in her sweet, silly, slightly lust-filled face. The combination on her was absolutely fucking breathtaking.

Bella's eyes were heavy-lidded, but her smile softened into warm and wanting. Her body molded to mine as she leaned down to kiss me. My hands skimmed up her thighs, over her bottom, and underneath her shirt.

"I love your hands on me," she whispered against my lips, only to pull away long enough for me to gather up her shirt and toss it to the living room floor.

My hands didn't stop; they merely continued to touch every inch of her. I held her breasts in my hands, my thumbs brushing lightly across her peaked nipples just to hear the sweet whimper that always escaped her. Trailing my fingertips down her spine, I slipped underneath the waistband of the bright red and green boyshorts she was wearing.

Bending my legs behind her, I whispered, "Lie back."

I tugged at her legs so that her feet were on my chest. Grabbing her underwear, I pulled them down and off of her, which left me with the best view of her hot, wet pussy sitting on my bare chest.

"Look at how wet you are, love," I purred, teasing the inside of her thighs with a single finger. I bit down on my bottom lip, trying my damnedest to not just eat her alive, but I was pretty sure I'd fail. "How'd that happen?"

"Your letters, Edward," she panted, her head falling back as my finger slipped just inside her folds to taunt her. I could feel her soft hair down my legs, the tips tickling the tops of my feet. "The things you said to me...I ended up in this state every time."

I smiled, kissing her ankles. Her thighs pressed together and her hips raised up, but I stopped her. "Uh uh, sweet girl. Open up for me. I want to watch my fingers fuck you."

Her legs fell open, and the heat and wetness that enveloped my finger as I slid inside of her caused a hissing string of curses to erupt from me. My thumb found her clit, circling it, applying just enough pressure to make her walls clench.

Bella's body rolled from head to toe in a glorious, wanton wave. "More, baby, please."

"How many, Isabella?" I asked, her nipping at the skin of her calf. "How many fingers did I tell you to use?"

"Umm... Ah, fuck," she gasped when I added a second finger inside of her.

"How many, love?"

"Th-Three," she finally answered, her voice raspy.

"That's right, three. Look at me, baby," I commanded. "Watch me make you come..."

My girl's brow was glistening with sweat as she sat up, but her breathing was coming out in pants as I removed my fingers from her and licked the flavor of her off of them, only to slide inside her again – this time, with a third finger. Fuck, she was so wet, so hot, and so very, very close as she watched what my hand was doing to her, the sound almost overshadowing the music that was playing in the background.

Using my other hand, I spread her open, finding her clit swollen and so sensitive. Starting with a slow circle, I teased it, flicked it, finally applying enough pressure to feel her climax almost reach its breaking point.

"Oh, sweet girl. Come for me," I begged her because I needed to be inside of her soon.

Watching her, feeling her, tasting her was driving me mad. I was hard as steel, throbbing to the point of it being painful. She was too beautiful, too responsive to my touch for her own good. She was the epitome of sexy and sensual.

Her walls clenched hard. Her head fell back again as my name filled the room. But it was the raising of her hips, her feet pushing up off of me, and the shaky grip of her hands on her thighs that made me smile in triumph. Her whole body jerked, her fingers grasping at my wrists to pull me away. As she sat up, I could feel her juices against the skin of my stomach.

"Put your legs down, baby," she said, scooting back and tugging my boxers down.

With quick movements, we shifted until I was braced over her because I couldn't wait much longer. Staring down at her at the same time I lifted one of her legs between us, I knew I wouldn't last very long without asking her to be mine in every way, to be my wife. I'd thought I could wait, but I'd been so fucking wrong. I loved her too much, needed her too much to keep holding it back.

But for now, all I could articulate was, "Merry Christmas, my sweet girl. I love you."



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