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Coming Home Chater 162 - Edward


La Push... October 16, 2010 at 8:24 P.M.

"Got room for one more?" a guy asked, walking up in shorts and a T-shirt. "I think you're gonna need it. Jake had a buddy join him outside."

"Yeah, definitely," Emmett said with a grin, holding out his hand. "You work with Charlie, right?"

"Yeah, Jonathan Duncan," he said, shaking all of our hands. "But everyone calls me Jed."

We made quick introductions while Jasper dribbled the ball, giving our competition a glance when they walked in the door. They looked way too happy to be skins in this game, but I could see why. They were in shape. Paul, Jared, and Jake were older than their fourth team member, who we were introduced to as Brady.

"This will be so easy," Emmett chuckled low and soft. "Not like the ass-kicking we got against those Navy Seals that one time, remember?"

I grinned and nodded. Those guys had been badass and ruthless, but it had been one helluva game. "Wonder how Rocky's doing?" I asked, looking over to Jasper because we'd liked the big lug. He was seriously one of the best communications specialists we'd ever seen.

"He's a daddy now...a little baby girl," he answered with a grin.

I was just about to say something to that when Jacob had to go and open his jackass mouth.

"Watch me, Bells. I'll show you how it's done." The wink and grin he gave her was so fucking cheesy, but the scowl she shot back was a thousand times better, which made me give her a smile.

"This asshole's getting on my last fucking nerve," I muttered almost in a growl.

"Wait," Jed whispered. "Aren't you dating the chief's daughter?" He grimaced at my nod. "You must be all right if you're what the hell?"

"Jake can't seem to take no for an answer from Bella," I told them, quickly explaining not only some of the past things that she'd dealt with but the scene I'd walked in on in the kitchen earlier.

Finally, Emmett sighed, his happy-go-lucky face gone. "Let's teach him about...closure. Shall we?" he asked, meeting the other team in the middle of the court. "Street ball, no ref, call your own fouls, full court. And we play to fifty. Sound okay to you, Jake?" When the others agreed, Emmett threw the ball with extra force, saying, "Good...the ball is yours first. Game on."

I knew the second Emmett said street ball that we were in for a fight. It was what Emmett wanted. He wanted to take cheap shots against these guys because I could see that he was in serious big brother mode.

They say that the cream rises to the top, and it did in this game. Quickly. Despite how Jake and his boys obviously worked out, they weren't conditioned. Jasper, Emmett, and I were. We ran just about every day. And our endurance started to show, which only pissed off Jake that much more.

The score stayed pretty even, but soon, it didn't matter who was ahead. Shots were blocked, guarding became push and shove, and fouls stopped being called. My speed became our advantage. Emmett and Jed made sure to send the ball my way because I could get up court quickly, easily using layups to score.

But the trash talk was getting out of hand.

Paul scored, and I took the ball to the sideline to throw back into the game. Jake suddenly appeared in my grill, his breathing heavy, covered in sweat, but his eyes were black, focused on me.

"It won't last, Pretty Boy," he taunted with a sneer as I tried to find an open man. "Bells will drop you like a bad habit. She does it to everyone."

I grinned, shaking my head. He was goading me, trying to get me to snap, but it wouldn't work. I knew where Bella and I stood. However, as he stood in front of me, I could see how Bella's emotions had flared up back in Florida when we'd dealt with Tanya. Facing our pasts wasn't easy, but they just didn't fucking matter. Jacob's case of sour grapes was not my fucking problem because he had no idea what I'd do to keep that girl in my life. None. He had no idea what I'd survived just to get to her. He was, in all reality, insignificant.

"Oh, but what a sweet, sweet ride until she does, yeah?" I countered, giving him a wink and finally throwing the ball to Jasper, who caught it nicely away from Brady's grasp.

We raced back down to the other end of the court, and I could hear the cheers but couldn't narrow in on anyone. I got into position on the opposite side of the paint from Jasper. He had no shot. Brady was guarding him closely, so he passed the ball to Emmett. Paul came nowhere near Emmett's height, so with a quick step forward, Em took his shot, but not before Paul got a touch on it. It hit the backboard with a heavy thunk, rebounding back out.

With a jump, Jake and I went up for it at the same time, but my reach and angle were better so my hands locked onto the ball with ease. Coming back down, though, was a different story. My elbow caught Jake's face with a loud crunch.

"Ah, fuck!" he groaned, holding his face and bending over at the waist. "You motherfucker! You did that shit on purpose!"

His nose was bleeding when he stepped up to me, but I grinned, standing my ground. "It doesn't look broken, but then again, it looked pretty crooked to start with, so..."

When I shrugged, he lunged, only to be stopped by several hands.

"Easy, Jake," Jasper drawled, wearing the sweetest of smirks. "It's street ball. These things are bound to happen..."

When Paul stepped forward, I knew shit was about to go south. I glared at Jake, who was still chest to chest with me.

"Step the fuck back, and maybe that's the only bruise you'll sport for the wedding tomorrow," I warned him, raising an eyebrow at him.

"That's enough!" Bella's voice rang out through the gym. I felt her hands tugging at my shirt, but I wasn't moving.

"Game's over, boys," Charlie's authoritative voice added. "Edward, son...step back."

"Sir," I grunted without taking my eyes from Jake. "You'll leave her alone, or I'll tell Charlie you don't quite know your boundaries with his daughter, got me?"

Jake's eyes shot a nervous glance toward Charlie but locked back with mine. "You don't deserve her," he breathed, his lip curling in hatred.

"Maybe," I said with a smile at the same time I shrugged a shoulder. "But you had your chance, right?"

"Edward, let's go," Bella said, tugging my shirt again. When I didn't budge, she popped up between Jake and me. "Now, Sarge," she snapped, forcing my gaze to hers. "Let's go for a walk, baby. Okay?"

"Jacob Black," I heard Billy's voice yell. "Calm the hell down."

I stepped back as Bella pushed and shoved me away from Jake, but my eyes finally landed on her face. She was worried – and a little pissed.

"Sorry," I muttered with a sigh.

"Come on," she snorted, rolling her eyes and taking my hand. She mumbled something about stupid boys and testosterone as she dragged my ass out the back door and across the street.

She led us out onto the beach and away from prying eyes, but I didn't say a word. I was still practically shaking with my anger. She suddenly stopped, glaring up at me.

"Did you hit him on purpose, Edward?" she asked, her facial expression unreadable.

"What? No!" I rubbed my face, trying like hell to calm down. "He was too close when I came down, Bella. I swear."

She sighed, nodded, and leaned back against a large rock, folding her arms across her chest. "He's no different than when I was fucking seventeen. I swear to God."

I huffed a laugh at her absolutely adorable, grumpy frown and the sound of indignation in her voice.

"It's true," she sighed, looking up to me. "He used to pick these little fights just to push me. Fights about other guys, other girls, my curfew. It was like he tested my loyalty on a continuous basis. I couldn't take it."

"He's still doing it," I pointed out, clawing at my hair and looking out over the black water. The moon and stars were reflecting off the surface, giving the impression there were twice as many. It was really beautiful.

"You shouldn't let him get to you," she stated softly. "He means nothing."

When I spun to look at her, I couldn't hold her gaze. I was ashamed I'd let Jake pick at me. I shook my head, my nostrils flaring. "I can't let him insult you, Bella. It's impossible to ignore. I won't allow it. He has no idea what you mean to me."

"He doesn't matter," she countered with a sigh, but she reached out and grabbed the front of my T-shirt, pulling me to her. "This," she said, motioning between us. "This is all that matters. I'm yours, Sarge. End of story. Please calm down."

I leaned into her, resting my forehead to hers. Nodding slightly, I tried to ground myself. She was right; this shit was ridiculous, and I had only played into his hands.

"Mine," I breathed, sweeping my lips across hers. I was suddenly aware of just how sweaty I was, but if Bella cared, she certainly wasn't protesting, because her fingers gripping my shirt tugged me even closer.


It was all too much – someone wanting her, two nights without her, and the gorgeous leg that was suddenly snaking up around my thigh. I knew we were adjusting to my being home, to acclimating to her family and friends, and still, this was just too much. My lips met hers in a searing kiss, moans erupting from us both. It was desperate and needy, most likely being fueled by the adrenaline that was still coursing through me. Teeth raked over lips, tongues tasted and claimed, and my hands slipped up bare thighs and underneath the short hem of her skirt as I pressed her back against the rock.

"Bella, love... You can't... We shouldn't," I panted, sweeping my tongue along her bottom lip and hitching her leg up higher.

"No one's around," she stated, sounding like Eve herself when she teased Adam. Her arms wound around my neck, and she boosted herself up.

When her legs wrapped around my hips, I wasn't sure I could be stopped. I'd missed the feel of her body under my hands, the feel of the cradle of her thighs, and the sensation of being deep inside of her. Guilt about where we were stepped back, and desire overshadowed everything.

"Shit," I hissed, squeezing my eyes closed as Bella rolled her hips. Heat and wetness rubbed over my dick, causing it to strain against my shorts and underwear. "Tell me what you want, baby," I groaned, unable not to grind myself against her. I was already leaking, and the friction wasn't enough.

"You, Edward," she stated, grasping either side of my face. "Fuck, I've missed this the last two days..."

"No shit," I said, my voice coming out closer to a growl than my normal tone as I licked and nipped up to the sweet spot behind her ear. "Where, love?"

"Right here," she stated, reaching between us to push the front of my basketball shorts and boxers down. "Just fuck here."

I gazed at her through my eyelashes as my hands explored underneath that skirt. I didn't want her naked, and I was pretty damn sure she'd kill me for destroying her underwear, so with a swift tug, I wrenched her underwear to the side.

"So fucking wet, Isabella," I purred, loving that I fucking made her that way. "What started that, my sweet, beautiful girl?" I asked her, looking down between us as she helped me line up to her entrance.

"You...just you, baby," she answered. "I missed the feel of you inside me."

I slid all way into her, my mouth hanging open as I pressed my forehead to hers. "I don't want to hurt you. Pull away from that rock, love."

She nodded, leaving nipping, wet kisses on my lips, my chin, and my jaw. She sat forward, allowing me to wrap a protective arm around her at the same time that my other hand gripped her ass. Her skirt bunched up around her hips, but my body covered hers, blocking anyone from seeing her should we be interrupted. However, from what I could tell, the place was deserted.

Careful not to grind her against the stone, I still took her hard. The brunt of her weight was on the denim of her skirt and the back of my arm. The last thing I wanted was to explain ripped clothes and blood to anyone.

"Oh, sweet're gonna need to come for me," I begged her, my fingers gripping her ass just a little bit harder as I swiveled my hips to hit that one spot that made her cry out.

"Fuck," she gasped, her mouth open to the side of my neck. "Yes, baby...right there."

Oh, I knew what my girl wanted, but I wanted more. Swirling my finger around her other entrance, I said, "Touch that pretty clit for me, beautiful. Come hard for me."

The pad of my middle finger just barely grazed across her ass when her own hand snaked between us. Deep, dark brown locked gazes with me, my name spilling from her lips as her climax started to wind up. I couldn't help the groan that rumbled out of me when her sweet pussy clenched down on me.

"Fuck, I love you," she gasped, her head falling back as her hips rolled to ride out her orgasm.

She pulled me right along with her with the feel of her, the sound of the three words that I lived to hear from her, and the tight-as-hell grip on my still sweaty hair. I spilled heavily into her, curse words muffled against her neck.

I held onto her, dropping kisses to her sweet skin. "I love you, too," I finally muttered.

Calm, soothing fingers scratched my scalp at the same time she giggled softly against my cheek. "We should get back, babe," she said in a whisper.

Pulling back, I nodded, sweeping a kiss across her lips. "Yeah, we probably should."

I set her down on the sand, standing in front her as we both righted our clothes. I clawed at my hair as she straightened her skirt.

"You okay?" I asked, turning her around.

She grinned, letting a rather adorable snort out. "Yes, Sarge. I'm fine. Feel free to check."

I lifted her shirt, but there were no signs of any scratches. "Good," I said, dropping a heavy kiss to the top of her head. "Let's go before Charlie sends a search party. I don't want to explain what we were just doing."

She laughed, threading her fingers with mine. "Yeah, can't see that happening... 'Well, Dad, what happened was...Edward playing basketball made me extremely wet...'"

I laughed, scooping her up and carrying her off the beach. "Duly noted, sweet girl. Come on...let's go act respectable."



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