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Haunted Angel Chapter 6

Chapter 6
"Take a left up here on this main road," I told Edward from the back seat as I studied the directions on my phone to the closest electronics store.
"Thank you, Bella," he answered softly, his long fingers flipping down the turn signal in the Volvo.
There were just five of us in the car – Edward, Alice, Jasper, Kevin, and myself. The rest had stayed back at home to continue the search for my box of Edward's letters and to sort out exactly where we were going to be setting up the cameras.
Kevin suddenly snatched my phone from my lap, his laugh coming out in a snort. "Oh ho! Is that Heavy E's sweet ass as a wallpaper?"
I laughed, especially when Edward groaned. "Why, yes…yes, it is," I told Kevin smugly. "I have a whole file of those. Wanna see?"
"Isabella," Edward grumbled with a shake of his head.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 5

Chapter 5
After flipping through the pages of William Varner's God-awful notebook one more time, I sighed at the fact that there were no more entries. "He just...tied his son to a tree? Like a mongrel dog?" I asked, completely unable to fight my growl. I looked to Edward, who was studying Alice, the latter of whom had been completely silent throughout the entire journal reading. "Guys?"
The room, which had been a beehive of activity to coordinate the search for this secret workshop of Varner's, came to a halt.
"I...I can't see anything," Alice whispered, dragging her worried gaze from Edward, to Jasper, and finally to Carlisle. "Nothing. No outcome of this search, no future, not a single thing."
"What do you see?" Carlisle asked calmly.
"It changes because we haven't made a decision as to how we're approaching this search," Edward answered for her. "It's utterly everywhere at the moment."
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Haunted Angel Chapter 4

Chapter 4
"Love, what exactly were you looking for?" I asked, tossing another pile of shredded cardboard boxes into the rolling garbage can.
I scowled at just how much damage I'd caused, shaking my head a little. Nothing major had been destroyed – no guitars, no drums, not even the piano...though I had suspicions that Bella had shielded them. A few of Carlisle's books would have to be rebound – a fact that brought my guilt boiling to the surface. I shouldn't have lost control, but I had, and now I'd have to face the consequences.
My sweet girl turned around on the ladder she was standing atop of, flipping through a burgundy leather-bound book, only to place it back on the shelf behind her. She was adorable with still-damp hair from our recent bath in our new bathroom; it was all wound up into a loose knot on the top of her head. She was wearing long, baby blue plaid pajama bottoms, one of my blue T-shirts, and no socks, leaving her with bare feet. She looked and smelled so sweet that I could barely keep myself from scooping her up again. Once again, she'd been the rock while I'd fallen apart, and she'd allowed me to bury it all inside her. And instead of worrying or fretting, she'd just taken it, never batting an eye.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 3

Chapter 3
"I think we should hit the newspaper first," I suggested, climbing into the passenger side of Emmett's pickup truck – because we needed to stop at the hardware store, we couldn't bring Edward's Volvo. "There wasn't much online, except to say that the office was open to browse microfiche. Jasper called, and it seemed the server crashed a few years back. They just never uploaded again."
"And then the library?" Edward verified, cranking the engine. When I nodded, so did he, saying, "Okay, we'll stop at the hardware store last to pick up the bathroom stuff I ordered. It's in."
He grinned, all sweet and proud of himself, which caused me to laugh a little. Sometimes, he was too cute to even look at. It didn't help that today, he was dressed to look like the seventeen-year-old in which he was frozen. Black jeans, sneakers, leather jacket, and a gray button-down that he'd left untucked reminded me of the mysterious yet beautiful boy I'd met in Forks so long ago. Because Alice said we had to play the part of students doing a history project, I'd had to dress young, as well. Dressed for cooler weather in jeans, a hoodie, and my own leather jacket, I'd tossed my hair up into a ponytail.
Another thing that helped Edward to look relaxed was that a little of his worry had ebbed away now that not only was the whole family trying to help him, but that Jasper had been witness to what he'd been going through – though, my true theory was that telling Carlisle everything took away his burden just a bit. It always did. Without Carlisle around, most of the responsibilities of the family fell on Edward's shoulders, so adding the strange mind that he'd been hearing was causing him to stress the hell out. At least now, he didn't feel quite so alone in it all.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 2

Chapter 2
"It doesn't make sense," Edward said softly, his voice almost a threatening growl as his hand clawed at his hair.
I grimaced, picking up his hand and turning his wedding ring slowly as we sat on the back deck steps. I wanted to give him comfort, but it didn't seem to be working. Just like we'd talked about the night before, we took off into the woods together as soon as the sun came up behind thick, gray clouds. We went farther this time, circling the entire perimeter of the house, even going as far as the highway several miles away. The only scents we picked up were of the local wildlife, the most recent passing cars, and a few faded trails of humans that had apparently cut through the property several weeks back. It seemed those humans were making their way toward the main highway, so Edward and I tacked it up to vagrants on the move.
There was nothing to indicate that anyone – immortal or human – had been anywhere near the house the night before.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 1

Chapter 1
"Sweet girl, would you please calm down?" Edward chuckled, shaking his head at me at the same time that he placed a hand on my thigh.
I grinned, tearing my gaze away from the car's window and landing on him. "I can't help it. I've missed them." I laughed softly, shrugging a shoulder. "They've been gone for months."
"I know, Bella," he sighed, wearing a patient smile below his warm butterscotch eyes, "but you're going to break the seatbelt."
I forced myself to sit back in the seat of his newly-acquired Volvo SUV. "Heaven forbid I harm your precious car..." I muttered with a teasing roll of my eyes, squeaking when the comforting hand on my leg suddenly attacked my side. "Okay, okay, okay," I conceded, smacking at him.

Haunted Angel Book Cover & Info


Title: Haunted Angel

Summary: The FOURTH in the Angel Series. Its a year later. When the Cullens move to a new home, Edward begins to hear something he can't explain. Is it a ghost or is he losing his mind? As always, there's love, angst, and music, plus old friends & new. AU/slightly-OOC Canon couples E/B Lemons/language

Story Notes: Goodness, I never thought I'd be here least not with this set of characters. :) It's been 2 years since I finished An Angel's Promise and a year since I wrote the last outtake. O_o Wow! That's crazy. It so doesn't seem that long.
Okay, so I wanted to go over a few things before we start. Please. First, this has always been fun, lemony goodness, with splashes of music added, and that hasn't changed. This is also not going to be as long as the usual Angel stories. They averaged about 40-something chapters. This will probably be a little over half that. Okay?
Next, it's better if you've read the series and the outtakes because this will pick up right where the last outtake left off. I know for my new readers, that's a big deal and a lot of reading, but for those that have been following me since Broken Angel, this means nothing because they've reread it a million times (you know who you are...LOL).
And I'm not here to drag Angelward and his Bella through hell and back, so for some that are already nervous, just relax. Enjoy the ride. Yes, it says angst, but it's not what you're thinking. This is just a different type of plot for them. (A plot I have to really, truly thank JenRar for!!!) It'll have a dark theme to it merely due to the subject, but if you've read me before, then you know my rules for my fics – no cheating, no tragedy, and always HEA. Mm'kay?
Lastly... Oh, I know some of you have favorite characters that you're just itching to see. **cough** Kevin **cough** All of them will be back, though the family in Forks (Charlie, Sue...Jake and the wolves), they don't really play too prominently in this fic. But you'll hear about them eventually.
With that, I give you Haunted Angel...