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Haunted Angel Book Cover & Info


Title: Haunted Angel

Summary: The FOURTH in the Angel Series. Its a year later. When the Cullens move to a new home, Edward begins to hear something he can't explain. Is it a ghost or is he losing his mind? As always, there's love, angst, and music, plus old friends & new. AU/slightly-OOC Canon couples E/B Lemons/language

Story Notes: Goodness, I never thought I'd be here least not with this set of characters. :) It's been 2 years since I finished An Angel's Promise and a year since I wrote the last outtake. O_o Wow! That's crazy. It so doesn't seem that long.
Okay, so I wanted to go over a few things before we start. Please. First, this has always been fun, lemony goodness, with splashes of music added, and that hasn't changed. This is also not going to be as long as the usual Angel stories. They averaged about 40-something chapters. This will probably be a little over half that. Okay?
Next, it's better if you've read the series and the outtakes because this will pick up right where the last outtake left off. I know for my new readers, that's a big deal and a lot of reading, but for those that have been following me since Broken Angel, this means nothing because they've reread it a million times (you know who you are...LOL).
And I'm not here to drag Angelward and his Bella through hell and back, so for some that are already nervous, just relax. Enjoy the ride. Yes, it says angst, but it's not what you're thinking. This is just a different type of plot for them. (A plot I have to really, truly thank JenRar for!!!) It'll have a dark theme to it merely due to the subject, but if you've read me before, then you know my rules for my fics – no cheating, no tragedy, and always HEA. Mm'kay?
Lastly... Oh, I know some of you have favorite characters that you're just itching to see. **cough** Kevin **cough** All of them will be back, though the family in Forks (Charlie, Sue...Jake and the wolves), they don't really play too prominently in this fic. But you'll hear about them eventually.
With that, I give you Haunted Angel...


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