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Haunted Angel Chapter 15

Chapter 15
I felt raw and ragged around the edges as Edward led me out of the library. The talk with Archie, while beneficial for him, had left me feeling everything on the surface. Edward had to have been feeling the same because his grip on my hand was unrelenting.
He paused in the doorway, turning to face Archie. "No, I didn't. Jake is still alive," he stated without any emotion. "Though, it wasn't for lack of trying...twice."
My nose wrinkled, knowing that Archie had just mentally asked Edward if he'd killed the man that had harmed me.
Turning to face Archie, I said, "Jacob redeemed himself, Archie. I promise. In fact, he spent quite a few years trying to make up for all that he did. He's now an extremely loyal friend."
Edward nodded in agreement, but squeezed my hand. His thumb rubbed my knuckles over and over, but he chuckled softly. A small, almost evil smile curled up on Archie's face, giving him the look of a slightly mischievous little boy.
"Yes, I'd like to see him try to slap her now, as well," he stated with a grin. "He wouldn't survive it."
"No, he probably wouldn't," Archie concurred with a slow shake of his head.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 14

Chapter 14
"Th-Thank you." Archie swallowed nervously but faced us all bravely. "I-I don't know...what to say..."
"Well, holy hell," Kevin murmured, wearing a proud smile. "Say anything. At this point, it doesn't matter."
Archie sighed, fighting a small smile. "Sorry about that..."
I'd heard him decide to speak way before he actually uttered the words, and of course, Alice had practically bounced right out of her skin when she saw it coming. Archie's voice was unsure, soft, and very similar to his inner tone, but it was Jasper's mind that was amused the most.
Damn, Ed... He's practically overflowing with gratefulness. He truly means that shit. His thoughts were laced with amusement because he understood that feeling. When he and Alice had first joined us, we'd welcomed them immediately. He knew what the overwhelming sensation of being accepted felt like, despite one's past or mistakes.
I gave him a quick nod, wrapping an arm around Bella from behind, but it was Carlisle that was about to speak for all of us.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Skin. It was all I could focus on. My front was covered with soft, smooth, sweet-scented skin, and I was surrounding it with all that I had. Bella's back was to my chest as she sat between my legs. Leaning against a pile of pillows, I squeezed her closer, gripping hair up off her shoulder so that I could rake my teeth across the skin that was driving me mad, despite the fact that we'd been left alone all night.
Music was still playing on the stereo since Bella had added her song the night before, but I couldn't have said what song was actually playing. It was simply there to drown out anything outside our room – though, I could still hear everything, if I chose to. And there was a slightly twisted side of me that just didn't care – after eighty years or more of suffering through it alone – whether or not everyone knew what I was doing with my mate, my wife. There had been moments throughout the decades that they'd driven me out of the house with it. So no, I didn't care. At all.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Edward ran for miles – well into Canada. At one point, I'd actually lost sight of him, but that wasn't exactly a surprise, considering just how fast he was. Fortunately, I was able to track his scent.
My heart broke for him because I knew my husband. He'd always had a tendency to carry the weight of the world on his broad shoulders. I wasn't sure – and I mentally noted to ask Carlisle – if that was something that came with his change, a result of hearing every thought around him, or if Edward Anthony Masen Jr. was just as sympathetic as a human. My theory was that it was a little of both, but I still wanted to talk to Carlisle. In fact, it had been ages since Edward and I had sat down with him to – something I planned on remedying as soon as possible because ever since moving to Caribou, Edward had been struggling.
I couldn't imagine Archie's story, and there was a part of me that really didn't want to hear it, especially if it had upset Edward this much. But we'd offered our help, and like the song says, "in order to understand the future, you have to go back in time." If we were truly committed to helping Archie, then we had to delve into what made him the way he was.
I sighed deeply, both to catch Edward's scent in the forest and let out a little frustration. This shit was not going to be easy. First things first, though...I needed to calm my sweet Edward down.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 11

Chapter 11
"Yo, Archie!" Emmett bellowed from behind his drum kit. "We're gonna get a little loud, buddy. Just lettin' ya know!"
"He's invisible, not deaf, you dolt!" Jasper snapped, strapping on his electric guitar and giving our grinning brother a scowl, which only caused Adrian, who was sitting on the sofa happily reading a book, to laugh.
Lifting the lid to the piano, I had to laugh because not only had Archie gotten used to my rather large family, he'd grown to enjoy a little rock and roll every now and then. Personally, I think he just liked the energy of the room, though he stayed quiet to my brother's rather loud announcement.
It had been a couple of days since he'd finally sated his thirst completely, finally communicated – with Bella, Carlisle, and me. He was still very shy, still very scared of anyone coming near him, but he'd learned to calm himself down. He remained hidden most of the time, but he'd started coming closer to the library door when we were all in there. I wondered if perhaps Jasper was feeding the room with brave yet mischievous emotions occasionally, but he said no. At least, no more than what we normally put out. He simply said that Archie was curious, and he also said that Archie was feeling a touch of relief. Whether it was from his thirst or from being found, I wasn't sure.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Gazing around the small clearing, I sighed a breath of relief at having hunted. Even though it hadn't been long, it always cleared my head and my emotions. And emotions had run high in the house at the end of the night. I quickly disposed of my recent kill – a couple of lynx. They, along with the buck I'd found not far from here, had been enough.
Winding my way through the dense woods, I found Edward sitting down on a fallen tree.
"You're not hunting?" I asked him, collapsing into his embrace with a small giggle when he fell back with me into the autumn leaves. They plumed up around us.
"No, not yet," he answered, smiling up at me. "I'll go later."
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Haunted Angel Chapter 9

Chapter 9
I flinched at the roar and crash that came from downstairs. Four days. Four days of anger and sadness that wafted through the house like a thick fog. I finally started to shield whatever room we were in. At the moment, it was Edward's and my room.
After our discovery of Archie, it had been decided in a family meeting not far from the house that we would try to help him. Since he posed no real threat, everyone agreed that he needed us, especially when I stood up for him. Demitri, Carina, Brandon, and Catherine offered to stay around just to help. We were all curious as to how Archie came to be, but Edward could only see what the vampire actually thought about. And therein lied the problem.
Archie was weak and scared and angry, but when he figured out we knew his maker, Victoria, any trust we'd built with him in those first few minutes was completely shattered. Gone. He no more wanted us down in his cellar than he wanted to leave the house. He shunned everything we offered him, including blood, which worried us all to no end, and he would lunge at Brandon, knowing he was taking away his ability to hide. No one wanted to hurt him or restrain him, so we let him be, though Carlisle hadn't given up trying. He went in every day – sometimes, more than once – to talk to him. Archie, however, had still not uttered a single word.
Victoria. I tsked, rolling my eyes and flipping the page of the book I wasn't really reading as I lay across our bed. What a nuisance she'd been – apparently for her entire existence. Poor Archie wouldn't listen to a thing we had to say about her, so he had no idea that she was no longer walking this Earth, thanks to Edward. Personally, I think it was something he needed to hear.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Alice and I both suddenly stepped forward in a protective stance over the shivering and once again growling person on the floor. The second Esme had spoken, he'd covered himself up again and started to snarl, which caused everyone in the room to surge forward.
"Stop!" we both cried out.
I turned to Brandon. "Let me out…let my shield go!"
He did as I asked, and I slammed it down between us and everyone else. There were too many powers down in that small room. With Catherine's ability to draw people in, Edward's mind reading, Jasper's empathy, and many more, it seemed to make the walls feel like they were closing in on us. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the scared man at my feet was feeling or thinking about it all. He'd been found out and was now trapped like a wild animal in the one place he felt safe.
"Can't you see? You're scaring him!" I sobbed, simply because the fear that Jasper had emitted was so very strong.
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Coming Home Chapter 176: Outtake 2 & Pic

Seattle... Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 2:27 P.M.
Are you ready?” I teased Edward.
He nodded slowly, looking wide-eyed at the sign out on the building.
After Edward asked me to marry him, he left a mark on me with his mouth right above my bikini line as we celebrated our new engagement. I laughed the next morning when I looked in the mirror and saw the dark spot just a few inches above the trimmed edge of my mound. I'd told him that I should just get a damn tattoo put there so his mark on me would be permanent.
At the time, it was just another joke to tease him, but two weeks later, he'd slid a small pile of brochures over to me after dinner and said for me to choose one.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 7

Chapter 7
The long ride home from New Brunswick was torture. I was ravenous for my husband, but then, I always was after an open mic night. The fooling around that we'd done in the park near the bar wasn't enough. I was wound tight like a spring, and I had to shield my thoughts and my emotions in the car, or the whole family would've been in trouble.
I wanted to be home. Immediately. I wanted to climb Edward like he was an unexplored mountain. I wanted to crawl into his lap and kiss him stupid, despite the fact that he was driving. He was good at multitasking, but it was quite possible he'd wreck. I wanted us buried deep under the covers of our bed with nothing between us. But the reality of the situation was that I couldn't. We had to get home to beat the sun and to check the cameras that we'd left recording all night.