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Haunted Angel Chapter 23

Chapter 23
The sound of Esme pulling into the driveway met my ears. She'd been gone for most of the day, but no one had spoken of why. I'd assumed she was Christmas shopping. But it was the sound of heartbeats that caught my attention, making me ask who was with her.
I froze at the scent that met my nose. I knew that smell. It was as familiar as Edward's – or even my own – scent.
Spinning to face my now-very smug husband, I gasped, "You didn't!"
His smile, his sweet chuckle, and his very, very warm honey-colored eyes told me everything as he cupped my face. "I did. Merry Christmas, my sweet, sweet girl."
I barely heard Carlisle echo that sentiment, because standing in the doorway was someone I hadn't seen in quite some time. Charlie looked amazing – though, inevitably older – and so very happy to see me as I launched myself into his arms.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 22

Chapter 22
I giggled, sniffing the air. Edward's scent wafted around our bedroom, but I couldn't see a thing because he'd blindfolded me, sat me down in the chair, and ordered me not to move.
You not fair. I huffed, folding my arms across my chest as the scent of evergreen pine met my nose and the sound of something being plugged into the wall met my ears. The last time I was blindfolded...
"Isabella..." Edward's voice was a low, warning growl, but there was a smile in there. I could hear it.
Suddenly, I was lifted, deposited into his lap, and kisses were pressed to my cheek.
"Ready?" he asked softly.
I nodded, wearing a stupid grin, I was sure. "Yes!"
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Haunted Angel Chapter 21

Chapter 21
"Where are we?" Bella asked breathlessly, scrambling over the console of the Volvo.
"It doesn't matter. Anywhere. Nowhere. Come here," I growled, sliding the seat back as far as it could go and pulling her to my lap.
She was driving me crazy. She'd been driving me crazy all damn day. It was supposed to be a simple shopping trip into Bangor, but everything she did, everything she said, even her sweet, happy laugh, pushed me closer and closer to just taking her. It could've been anywhere, and I wasn't quite sure if I cared that anyone in that God-forsaken mall heard her when she called my name. In fact, after several flirting boys – and one oblivious girl – it had been all I could do not to force her into the closest dressing room just to bury myself deep inside of her, to claim her as mine.
It was everything about her – her tight jeans, her form-fitting thermal shirt, her dark curls that cascaded over her shoulders, her deep brown eyes that sparkled with so much love and mischief that I could barely breathe, and it was the way she simply responded to everything I couldn't stop myself from doing. I touched, flirted, teased, and stole kisses every time the opportunity had arisen.
Maybe it was the holidays, maybe it was the freedom of being away from a full house, or maybe I was completely and totally neck deep in a moment. I couldn't quite tell. And I really wasn't sure I gave a shit at this point. There would be no making it back to the house. I fucking wanted her.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 20

Chapter 20
"New rules!" Jasper called from downstairs. "Everyone is playing this year – ahem, Mom and Dad – so there's no excuse! Let's go!"
Giggling into the phone, I said, "I gotta go, Dad. Give everyone hugs from us, okay?"
"Kick ass and take names, kiddo," he said with a chuckle. "One day, I'll have to watch this tradition."
"Oh,'s all sorts of twisted and wrong, Dad. You really shouldn't," I warned him with a groan. "Did I ever tell you what Emmett made with snowmen?"
"Isabella Marie!" Esme growled. "Don't you dare!"
I covered my mouth to stifle my laugh because it had been a replica of Carlisle and Esme in a compromising position that Emmett had formed out of snow. He'd dressed them up in Carlisle's doctor coat and Esme's clothes. If a vampire could have an aneurysm, then Esme came damn close that day.
"Damn, she middle-named me," I huffed, smiling at my father's laughter over the phone.
"Go, Bells. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Check in next week, will ya?" Dad's amusement was loud and clear, but I told him that I'd call him, that I loved him, and then ended the call.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 19

Chapter 19
"Oh ho!" Jasper growled excitedly, rubbing his hands together. "You know what would fu—sorry, Mom...freakin' rock?" he gushed, looking at us all wild-eyed and grinning.
Edward laughed, his head falling back as he draped an arm around my shoulders. "Oh, nice!" he agreed, though none of the rest of us were in on the joke.
"What?" I asked, looking to my brother.
"Archie would be the king of Capture the Flag!"
He grinned when Emmett hissed a long, slow, "Yes!"
"What's Capture the Flag?" Archie asked as we made our way into the middle of the backyard.
"It's a game," Alice told him. "Two teams each have a flag, and they hide it, usually within a pretty big designated area. Each team designates someone to capture the other team's flag without getting caught."
"Well," Rose chortled, "that's how we play it. And Edward and Jasper have always treated it like Mission Impossible. And Edward's so damn fast..." She grinned, shoving her brother, who simply continued to laugh.
"But you, dude..." Emmett pointed at Archie, wearing a big grin. "You would rule the game because you would be invisible. It would be a fight for whoever had you on their team. No lie!"
"That's very true," Carlisle agreed with a chuckle. "So...are we playing that or football?"
"Football!" Alice sang, wearing a knowing grin.
"With or without talents?" I asked, giving my husband a big cheesy smile.
"With," he growled at me, flicking my nose with the tip of his finger, only to back away wearing a smug smile. "I call captain of one team."
"I'll take the other," Emmett called, standing opposite him. "Mom, flip a coin to see who picks first."
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Haunted Angel Chapter 18

Chapter 18
It had taken all the restraint I had to stop myself from intervening when Archie launched himself at my wife. Every bit of restraint. If it hadn't been for the fact that she and Jasper were pushing him, that her smile when he'd jumped had been genuine, then I would've stepped in.
Not since since Kevin had the family rallied around one person, one singular vision. The time prior to that had been protecting my Bella. There were times in between when we were a flawless team, but not as solid as this. The whole lot of us had been utterly overflowing with pride when Archie finally let go.
As we all sat in the middle of the snow-covered backyard, Archie gazed around with wide eyes. His thoughts were shock and a touch of awe at himself. He'd come so far, been pushed passed just about every limit, and now he was sitting in the yard that he'd played in as a child.
That last thought made me smile, but I hid it in Bella's shoulder. Unable to be quiet, the family broke out into different subjects. Maybe it was to help relax Archie, or perhaps they were nervous for him, because he was definitely out of the house. And more than just a step or two. He was several yards from the back cellar doors.
"I rode my first horse...right over there," he suddenly piped up, though his voice was tentative. He pointed toward the far back of the yard at the edge of the woods.
We all came to a standstill, letting him guide us, letting him lead the moment. I didn't even want to hear his thoughts at this point because this was an enormous step for him.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 17

Chapter 17
"Let's talk about dads, shall we?"
The whole house came to a standstill once we realized Kevin had locked himself in Archie's room. I'd seen his mind, seen how he'd hated hearing Archie let something as insignificant as poor parenting wreck him. Kevin, at his heart, was aching for Archie. My newest brother, despite the haughty front he put on, completely understood what it was like to fear a father that had no idea who his son truly was – and wouldn't accept him even if he did.
"Oh hell," Jasper murmured, and we all looked to Carlisle, who couldn't decide whether to be amused or concerned.
Edward, it'll be fine, Alice thought to me in a rush. Kevin will give Archie something to think about...
"Alice says it will be okay," I told them all.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 16

Chapter 16
The radio was playing softly in the car as my gaze took in our surroundings. Edward was quiet, but I couldn't look his way for fear of crawling into his lap, despite the fact that he was driving. There was something comforting in the silence, something that didn't require work. And shielding my thoughts from him only helped, because I couldn't imagine the things he'd heard all night long.
Trees were everywhere, and it was so similar to Forks that my heart felt a little homesick for a split second. The snow we'd had a few days prior was almost melted, but small drifts of it were still here and there along the side of the road that seemed to be leading into the mountains.
"Um, Bella?" Edward said softly, and I turned to look at him. He looked nervous for some strange reason. "I sort of lied."
I raised an eyebrow at him, but he simply chuckled, his hand clawing at his hair.
"Well, I said no woods, but..." He pointed out the windshield as we drove deeper and deeper into the forest.
I snorted, smirking over at him. "And I said I didn't care. Besides, I'm sure it wasn't a lie, Edward. More of a spoke too soon thing?"
He grinned. "I suppose it was."