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Haunted Angel Chapter 31

Chapter 31
"Hey, Archie?" Caroline called softly once we'd all piled out of the cars at home.
"What?" he snapped, unable to look her in the eye, but he flinched when Bella growled low right behind him. He sighed in defeat when Emmett's heavy hand landed on his shoulder. Archie gave in, finally meeting her worried gaze. "Yes?"
"Um, th-thank you," she said softly, allowing Rose and Alice to guide her inside the house.
The very second the door was closed, Bella spun Archie around to face her. "It won't work, Archie. This...angry, pushing her away thing. She already knows you're lying. I can see it in her eyes," she sneered.
"I messed up! I know!" he argued back to her.
"So?" Bella countered and then pointed a finger in his face. "She's your mate, Archie. You might as well face it. But lying to her isn't the best course of action. She's been lied to enough already by everyone else she knows."
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Haunted Angel Chapter 30

Chapter 30
Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump...
Caroline's rhythmic heartbeat was calm, slow, and told that she was in a deep sleep. The house was quiet, though there were several different conversations going on at one time at a volume that the sleeping human would've never heard. Carlisle and Esme were outside on the back deck, speaking in low tones about Archie and Caroline and what the future may hold for them – Edward and I were brought up quite often in comparison. Alice and I were in Edward's and my room. She was flipping through a magazine while I read a book. The boys were playing a video game in the living room with the sound down low.
We were – for Archie's sake – trying to maintain a calm, controlled atmosphere. Jasper was helping, but most likely, it was the gentle heartbeat that was keeping us in check.
Tim Dixon had emailed his itinerary. He wouldn't be arriving until Thursday afternoon, due to a work meeting he couldn't get out of and flight schedules. Most flights that he'd checked were booked, others had long layovers in Atlanta, and I could imagine some were just damned expensive. He took what he could. And that meant we'd have Caroline in our home for three days. Four...if you counted the day before when she'd knocked on our door.
It was a little bit before three o'clock in the morning – the middle of the night. Caroline had fallen completely asleep not long after Archie's self-discovery that she was indeed his mate. It had taken Jasper and Carlisle both to stop him from going into his room simply to see her. Edward said nothing about watching the poor girl sleep – something that made me catch some hellacious giggles. Edward said her sleeping wasn't nearly as fascinating as mine because she didn't talk in her sleep. Silly, handsome thing looked rather proud of that declaration.
But it was Esme that said for Archie to wait until the next day. So...he was waiting. Impatiently, at that.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 29

Chapter 29
"Oh, boy..."
Bella's hand shook as she gripped mine. Her shield was pulling and tugging at her hard. Her memories of me in biology flashed quickly to the forefront of her mind. As I faced the doorway of the library, I saw so much of myself in Archie that it was utterly ridiculous. The poor guy's mind was reeling. He had no idea what he was feeling, no clue as to why the mere sound of the human girl's voice had brought him up out of the library like a bloodhound catching a scent, and he was lost to the sound of her heartbeat. It wasn't even her blood that drew him in. And that really didn't make sense to him.
"Jasper," I said low enough that Caroline couldn't hear me.
Jasper gathered everything he had in him to send out a calm feeling to the room. The most affected was Caroline, who physically shuddered. Her mind was quiet for a split second, but her eyes were locked onto Archie. However, I could hear her think she must have done something wrong since he looked so damned angry. Sighing, I gave my girl's hand a squeeze.
"You okay?" I asked her.
"Yeah, go to him," she stated almost silently back to me with a quick nod.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 28 Pic

Haunted Angel Chapter 28

Chapter 28
I grinned over at Archie, whose eyes were transfixed on the rather overwhelming sight spread out in front of him. I understood that feeling. Having grown up as a human in Chicago, the most I'd known were very large lakes. I'd pretty much felt the same way the first time Carlisle had taken me to see the ocean – very small and completely insignificant.
"It's kind of ominous, right?" I asked with a chuckle, my eyes automatically seeking out Bella as she made her way down to the shoreline.
"Yeah, a little," he barely spoke aloud, but his mind was reeling. "Where's she going?"
Chuckling, I said, "She's used to this. She's from the Pacific Northwest, remember? This isn't much different – cold water, harsh waves, rocky beaches. I'm sure she's just...taking it in."
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Haunted Angel Chapter 27

Chapter 27
"Edward...we need you home. Now!"
"Alice? What's wrong?" I asked, my still heart sinking at the myriad of possibilities.
"I've seen... I can't say. I need you to see it," Alice urged.
I locked gazes with Bella, who looked worried, but the whole group of them was quiet with concern.
"Where are you?" I asked Alice.
"In the woods outside, but I can't stay out here. I can't tell you out loud yet. Understand? I need you to see what I see," she explained, though it was terribly cryptic.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 26

Chapter 26
Slamming open our hotel room door and stalking in, I held back my growl at the sight of the bright rising sun shining through the windows. I was too pissed off – and completely filthy – to enjoy the amazing view that our suite gave of Washington D.C.
"Just...don't." I held up a hand, not even bothering to look Edward's way. "It was really, really stupid. I know!"
"I would never say that," he muttered softly, sounding offended.
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Haunted Angel Chapter 25

Chapter 25
"Bella," Edward said softly as he set our stack of presents on the bed.
"Hmm?" I hummed from deep inside our closet as I tried to decide whether to take a large duffel bag or one big suitcase.
"The duffel," he answered for me, which made me laugh.
I dropped it onto the bed but met his worried gaze.
"We don't have to do this." His voice was soft, tentative.
"What? Christmas?" I asked sarcastically, raising an eyebrow at him and smirking when he huffed a small laugh through his nose.
I knew what he was talking about, but I was playing stupid on purpose. There wasn't a time that Demitri hadn't come to our aid when we'd needed it, so doing this for him and for Marcus wasn't a request that could be so easily turned down. Though, I'd ultimately left the decision up to Edward.
Instead of letting him worry that he'd made a mistake by offering to help, I simply asked, "How long am I packing for, Edward?"
He studied my face, listened to everything going on inside my mind, and eventually nodded in acquiescence. "Alice sees us there for a few weeks."
Nodding, I quickly raided our closet and dresser, packing dark shirts, jeans, and sneakers because if Alice said a few weeks, then we were going for more than just a chance for Edward to read someone's mind. We were going to hunt the streets of Washington D.C.

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Haunted Angel Chapter 24

Chapter 24
Deep brown eyes gazed unseeingly out over the skyline of New Brunswick, but the sharp mind behind them was much farther away than that. Bella seeing her dad was a double-edged sword. It always was, and it most likely always would be. Carlisle and I had discussed at length what bringing Charlie in for just a few days would do. She adored her father, but he came wrapped up in all her human memories, not to mention the reality of never seeing her mother ever again.
I'd worried when Bella had gone to her father's room, but despite the sentimental subject and gift, my girl was just...thankful. She was thankful to Charlie for thinking of her, to Jake, Anna, and Seth for coming along, and to me for setting it all up as a surprise. And she'd thanked me. Repeatedly. She thanked me in ways that I was trying not to think about, lest I take her again. She was tempting enough, lying on her stomach, completely bare with the sheet covering her legs.
My fingers danced lightly down her bare back as I relived her old human memories through her mind. I was pretty sure she was trying to remember every time Renee wore the necklace Charlie had given my Bella just a few hours ago. I smiled, leaning down to press kisses to her shoulder blades as I viewed the world through a very young Bella's eyes. It was those moments when I was grateful for my mind reading ability because it gave me so much more than if she'd have just told me.
One such memory made me laugh out loud. "Was that...Barbie?" I asked her.