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In Pursuit Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Marie POV
Mary stumbling out of bed woke me, and I startled, sitting up as I tried to calm my racing heart. I quickly determined there was no threat and croaked a greeting back when my sister uttered something that vaguely sounded like, “Good morning,” when she stumbled into the master bathroom.
Knowing she would take a while in the shower, I grabbed a change of clothes and my bathroom stuff and made my way to the second bathroom. My own shower was quick. I had twice as much hair as my sister, but she liked to primp and make herself up in the mirror, and unless we were going out, I didn’t. Once I was dressed in a clean pair of jeans and a fresh, minty green T-shirt, I ran a comb through my hair and pulled it up into a low ponytail.
I made my way down the hall to find something to drink and maybe eat. My stomach was gnawing on itself. It had been too long since I’d had anything substantial to eat – the sausage biscuit that I’d picked apart at McDonald’s seemed like forever ago.

In Pursuit Chapter 5 Pics

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In Pursuit Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Marie POV
I was aware of little as Jasper drove the dark gray Ford Taurus down I-495. It was still the middle of the night, just before four o’clock, so it was dark outside, if you didn’t count the headlights from passing cars and lights alongside the interstate. The area was populated enough that there were plenty of small housing developments and businesses that ran alongside the busy road, so it didn’t feel exactly like we were in the middle of nowhere, but I still felt plenty alone, even with Mary beside me and our two guards in the front seat.
I supposed they weren’t guards in the sense that we were prisoners, but they were our bodyguards for all intents and purposes, so the word fit nonetheless. Whatever I called them, they were there to protect us, so I was thankful – even as I hated them for why they were there and why we needed them in the first place.
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In Pursuit Chapter 3 & Pics

Chapter 3
Marie POV
Jesus, it had been a long day. I scrubbed my hand over my face, trying to wake up enough to focus on what Ben was saying. He’d just gotten to the motel, and not only had he brought our bag from the other place, he’d also stopped and picked up dinner. We had fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, green beans, and biscuits, as well as drinks from the pop machine outside the motel office. Way too much food, especially since neither Mary nor I were particularly hungry, but apparently Ben could put away food like he was a football player.
“So, after checking all your stuff for bugs, the guys helped me get free of the tail I picked up as I left the hotel,” he explained around a mouthful of potatoes and green beans. “From there, I parked in a garage, picked up the borrowed car that my friend Tyler brought me, and let him take my car back to the station.” Taking a big swig from his can of Coke, he finished, “I changed jackets and put on a hat and sunglasses, so in different clothes and a new car, no one recognized me, so no one followed me out of the garage.”
“Did you talk to Shelly?” Angela had the grace to wait to take her bite until she’d finished talking, chewing the piece of chicken slowly while Ben nodded.
“I did. It’s ours if we need it. She’s going to call the neighbor who has a key so she can get in to water the plants and tell her that someone will be by to get it in the next couple of days. She didn’t ask what we needed it for, and I didn’t tell her, of course.” He looked over at Mary and me. “Assuming Edward and Jasper approve it, that’s where we’ll move you next and where – hopefully – you’ll stay until the trial is over.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Edward and Jasper?”
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In Pursuit Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Marie POV
“What time is it?” Mary asked from her position on the couch beside me. Her head was on my shoulder, where she’d been resting it for the last twenty minutes, eyes closed.
Looking at the clock, I groaned. “Way too fucking early in the morning.” When she poked my arm, I said, “Just after nine.”
It wasn’t that nine a.m., even on a Saturday, was that early – I was used to being at work at seven thirty, after all – but we’d been up all night, talking with Angela and Ben, as well as two detectives from the Organized Crime division.
“I want to go home,” she sighed, raising a hand to rub her face.
Angela must have heard Mary’s comment because she breezed into the room and said, “Just a little bit longer, and then if you both are determined to go home and not to a hotel, I’ll take you myself, all right?”
I nodded wearily. “What now?” I asked as Mary sat up.