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In Pursuit Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Bella POV
It had been two days since Edward and I had... Declared ourselves sounded a bit outdated, but I supposed that’s what it was. Two days since he’d told me he couldn’t stay away from me any longer, two days since we’d kissed...and two days since we’d had any privacy. The minute we’d gotten back to the house, Alice had dragged me upstairs and ordered me to tell her everything.
Tell me, tell me, tell me,” she said with a giggle as she pulled me into her room. “You look...happy.”
I fell down onto her bed, sighing dreamily. “It was fun,” I finally said, propping myself up on my elbows. “We went to the diner and had lunch. I met a handful of people he knew, including this one—”
Bella!” Alice squeaked. “Get to the good stuff.” She winked suggestively.
Laughing, I shook my head. “We talked...a lot,” I huffed, remembering the walk on the beach and Edward’s story in the bleachers of the football field. “We have a lot in common – more than I realized, even. We have similar tastes in music and movies, and we both like to read, although he prefers murder mysteries.” I shook my head, again thinking that was a little too close to home for me to be comfortable now. “He... His romantic past is...well, let’s just say neither of us has had a healthy history of relationships.”
Alice nodded, smiling sadly. “All Jasper told me was that Edward had been hurt in the past, so to cut him a little slack.”
Thinking back to his story about Maggie, I nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.” I wouldn’t betray his trust by spilling the story of his college girlfriend, even to my sister, but I could tell by her expression that she knew it had been bad.
We were quiet a moment, and then she asked, “So...did he kiss you?”
Kissing... That’s all we’d been able to do since getting back on Friday. It was as if Alice and Jasper had conspired to keep us apart. I knew they hadn’t, really. Things had been tense for a while between Edward and me, which had affected everyone, so now that we were both happy and relaxed, the other two just wanted to spend time with us. But I was about to crawl out of my skin, wanting him to touch me.
“You’re awfully quiet,” the man himself said as he slid onto the couch beside me, handing me a bottle of water.
Shrugging, I smiled. Quietly, so Alice and Jasper – who were currently engaged in a discussion about whether or not they wanted to watch another movie – wouldn’t overhear, I said, “Just thinking. Wishing we had some time by ourselves.”
His breath caught and he closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, his gaze was heated, and I felt like he was peering into my soul. His tongue darted out to trace his lips, wetting them, and then he leaned in and whispered into my ear, sending shivers through my body.
“Go change clothes – put on jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and sneakers – and then meet me out back.”
“What? Why?” I’d do it, of course, but I wondered what plan he’d thought up.
“We’re going to get some alone time,” he said with a wink.
Nodding, I grinned and then jumped up, ignoring Alice’s question of where I was going as I raced up the stairs.
Ten minutes later, I’d changed clothes and pulled my hair up into a ponytail and I was walking out the back door onto the deck.
Edward was leaning against the rail behind him, resting on his elbows, and he smiled as I closed the door.
“Cute,” he said, playfully tugging on the hair hanging down my back. Then he leaned in and kissed me, a quick, chaste kiss, but one that promised good things if I was patient.
“What’d you tell the others?” I asked with a giggle as I thought about Alice’s thumbs up when I passed through the living room.
“Just that we’re going on a hike in the woods and they weren’t allowed to come.” Edward looked pretty proud of himself.
I laughed. “A hike? Really?”
He nodded. “I used to love to explore out there, and there’s somewhere I want to show you.” Looking uncertain, he said, “If that’s okay, I mean. We can always just go into town or something to get away from the house.”
Shaking my head, I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. “A hike is fine, Edward. Really. I’m not as clumsy as I used to be, but I may have to hold your hand so I don’t fall,” I teased.
Edward chuckled and took my hand. “I would carry you on my back if I had to,” he promised, leading me off the porch.
Even though it was sunny out, walking into the trees was almost spooky. It was much darker once we were actually in the forest itself, the ground and air in shade from all the tall, dense greenery of the trees. I heard birds and small animals all around us, and somewhere in the distance, I could barely make out the sounds of water.
“You know where we’re going, right?” I asked, a little nervous about getting lost in the forest, our bodies never found.
“I do,” he answered, squeezing my hand. “It’s pretty straightforward from the house to the spot I’m thinking of. Plus...” With his free hand, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a walkie-talkie. “I told Jasper where we’d be, and I can get him with this if we need him. We’re safe, Bella, I promise.”
“I know,” I murmured. “I trust you.”
His answering grin was breathtaking, and then he squeezed my hand again. “Come on, now. It’s just over a mile in, but it’ll be worth it.”
Forty-five minutes later, I wasn’t so sure, but when he finally pulled me through a last clump of trees, I gasped.
The meadow was small and round, between fifty and seventy-five feet across, and perfectly round. It was filled with the most beautiful wildflowers I’d ever seen – shades of violet, yellow, and a soft white that seemed almost a relief against all the other colors. The sun was shining down on this untouched piece of land that was somehow free of trees, and I could hear a stream somewhere close by.
“It’s beautiful,” I whispered, not wanting to disturb the peace of the place.
Edward nodded. “Come on,” he said, tugging on my hand and leading me toward the center. “We can sit and take a break for a while.”
I grinned, having an idea that “taking a break” wouldn’t mean just sitting there. I was proven right when Edward dropped to the ground and tugged my hand, pulling me off-balance.
“Eep!” I squeaked, but then I giggled when he caught me and helped me climb onto his lap so I was straddling him.
“Mm, that’s better,” he purred, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close.
The moment his lips touched mine, I forgot everything – the meadow, Alice and Jasper...everything. His lips were firm, but soft...insistent, even, as he pulled my hair free of the band holding it up so he could slide his fingers into the hair at the nape of my neck.
Edward was in control, guiding me with his hands as his tongue gently pressed against my lips, parting them to move against my own in a hot, slippery slide that left me breathless. He groaned, suddenly moving us together until I was on my back with him hovering over me. He had one hand behind my head, cushioning it against the hard ground, and the other was propping him up.
“Christ, you’re beautiful,” he huffed as he pulled away to look down at me. “Is this okay? Are you comfortable?”
Letting my actions speak for themselves, I nodded as I dragged my hands up his arms and laced them around his neck, pulling him down for another kiss as I hooked my legs around his thighs, urging him down.
With a groan, he lowered himself until he was pressed against me fully, and then his lips were on mine once more.
The kisses were drugging, stealing my breath even as he gave me his own. I was panting, trembling under his touch, but my entire body was screaming for more. My heart was thumping so loudly, I was sure he would hear it. I kissed him with a desperate longing, needing him more than I’d ever needed anyone.
When he rolled his hips above me, I cried out, breaking our kiss. “Oh, God!”
Edward chuckled, his breath warm against my neck as he opened his lips against my skin, tasting me. He moved again, thrusting gently with his hips as he sucked the skin of my neck between his lips, and I felt myself growing even more wet.
“Fuck,” I gasped. “More, E-Edward!”
His voice was a purr at my ear as he said, “Will you come for me, Bella? I want to see you fall apart, out here where you can let go with no one but the two of us around.”
I whimpered as he rolled his hips again, over and over. The fly of his jeans pressed against the seam of my own, and when he sucked my lower lip into his mouth and bit down at the same time as he thrust hard below, I shattered, crying out as my body tightened and released in time with his thrusts.
Edward was finally still, kissing me slowly, gently, with soft sweeps of his lips back and forth over mine until I could breathe again.
“Beautiful,” he murmured in a rough voice. “Let’s go back to the house. I’m going to lock us in the room upstairs if I have to.”
“Mmm,” I agreed with a languid smile. “Sounds perfect.”
With one last kiss, Edward climbed to his feet and held out his hand, helping me to stand. After he brushed off the dirt, grass, and leaves clinging to my back and hair, he took my hand again and began to lead me back the way we’d come.
“Can we come back?” I asked, looking over my shoulder at the beautiful meadow.
Edward smiled and answered, “Anytime you want.”
The hike back to the house took a little longer than it had to get to the meadow – whether because I was tired of walking or because we were delaying the return to the sometimes much-too-crowded house, I didn’t know. By the time we got there, I was ready to kick off my shoes and give my feet a break.
I was also ready for a shower.
“I’m gonna take a shower and change clothes when we get inside. I’m itchy from lying in the grass,” I told Edward, shaking my head in amusement when he grinned proudly.
“Sounds good.” He leaned in and kissed me once. “I’m gonna have a smoke – but only one,” he amended when he saw my grimace. “Quitting’s a bitch,” he grumbled, “but I’m tryin’, I swear.”
Nodding, I kissed him again and mumbled against his lips, “Come find me when you’re done.”
Edward opened the door for me and poked his head in, listening for a moment, and then ushered me inside with a hand on my lower back before closing the door behind me.
I watched him turn away, pulling his cigarettes and lighter out of his pocket, and then I moved through the kitchen. A note on the fridge caught my eye.
I’m taking my girl out. We’re having dinner at The Lodge and then may catch a movie. Call if you need me.
We were alone?
We were alone!
Hurrying my ass up the stairs, I forgot about my sore feet as I raced to the bathroom attached to my – Edward’s – bedroom. I tossed my clothes into the basket to be washed and then looked in the mirror. My hair was clean enough, so I ran a brush through it to make sure I didn’t have any grass or leaves in it and then pulled it up into a bun before jumping into the shower. I quickly washed the dirt and sweat from our hike, glad I’d shaved earlier that morning so I didn’t have to worry about it.
Once I was clean, I hopped out, drying myself and then wrapping the towel around my body. Back in the bedroom, I tried to decide what to wear.
Just a robe? No... “Too forward and slutty,” I grumbled to myself.
Fully clothed? “Yeah, from one extreme to the other.” I huffed as I stared at my dresser, finally deciding on a pair of panties and a dark blue USMS T-shirt that had been Edward’s before I’d stolen it from the clean clothes as I was folding them from the dryer. This was the first time I’d wear it in front of him – I’d been sleeping in it until now – but it was long enough that it came to mid-thigh, which was perfect.
I was combing through my hair with my fingers when Edward surprised me by knocking on the open door.
When I turned, he was leaning against the door frame, arms crossed and eyes moving over my body slowly, pausing at the sight of his shirt. I could see him visibly swallow and he groaned softly, squeezing his eyes closed for a moment, which gave me time to look him over. He’d showered and changed, as well, now wearing a pair of cotton athletic shorts and no shirt or shoes, showing off his gorgeous muscles and his ink.
“Bella,” he started, his voice seductive, “where did you get the shirt?”
I smiled as I crooked my finger in a come-hither motion. “I stole it when it was my turn to do laundry,” I told him, my own voice breathy. “I figured you wouldn’t mind.”
He shut the door and then moved to me, reminding me of a panther stalking its prey. When he reached me, he pulled me to him, one hand in the hair at my neck and the other sliding down my back to cup my ass.
“No,” he huffed with a shake of his head. “I don’t mind a damn bit. In fact, it’s pretty fucking sexy.”
With his hand, he angled my head and then pressed his lips to mine. I whimpered as the minty taste of his lips and tongue made my mouth tingle.
My breasts were pressed against his chest, my soft curves against the hard planes of his chest and stomach. I could feel the ridge of his erection against my stomach, making me ache to my very core.
“Come to bed,” I whispered against his lips, taking a step back.
Edward walked me backward to the bed, his lips on mine the whole way, and as I climbed up into the center of the mattress, he followed, hovering over me but not touching until he finally lowered himself to rest between my legs.
I reached up and pulled his head down to mine, brushing soft, tender kisses over his lips as my hands explored the muscles on his shoulders and down his back. After a moment, he took control of the kiss, deepening it, drawing out both our pleasure with his lips and tongue.
When we finally pulled apart to breathe, his hands moved down to guide my shirt up. “Sit up,” he commanded softly, tugging at the material when it wouldn’t go farther.
Once I was holding myself up on my hands, Edward pulled the shirt over my head and I slipped it off my arms, falling back to the pillows as he tossed it to the floor.
“Fuck, Bella,” he growled, sliding back down over me and propping himself up on one elbow while tracing a line up my sternum with his finger. “Look how your body responds to me.”
I gasped, closing my eyes as he circled my nipple. I could feel it pucker even further under his touch.
“Open your eyes, Bella. I want you to see how beautiful, how sexy you are.”
His tone brooked no argument, so I forced my lids open, gazing at his face and then down to my chest, where he moved from one nipple to the other, circling it and then gently squeezing it with his thumb and forefinger.
“See this?” he questioned, leaning down to place an open-mouthed kiss to the puckered tip. “These tell me you love my touch, that you want more.”
I nodded, my whole body tingling and screaming for more. I spread my legs wantonly, arching my hips, desperate for more.
“Mmm,” he hummed. “If you’re this sweet here—” he swiped at my nipple with his tongue, sucking gently once “—then I can only imagine how sweet you are here...” His hand moved down to cup me possessively over my panties.
“God, Edward,” I moaned, bucking my hips into his palm.
He hissed, pressing the heel of his hand into me. “Christ, you’re so hot, so wet...even through these.” His fingers rubbed over the silky fabric of my panties. “May I?” he asked as he tugged gently at them.
Unable to speak, I nodded fervently, biting my lower lip. It had been...way too long since anyone had put their mouth on me. Most of the time, the guys I was with were more concerned about me going down on them or just a quick fuck, not worrying about my pleasure.
Edward kissed me sweetly once more before moving down my body. My hand in his just-long-enough hair guided him down as he kissed my chin, the upper curves of both breasts, and my stomach, swirling his tongue around my navel for a moment and nibbling at the ticklish skin there. When he reached the edge of my panties, he kissed one hip bone, trailing his tongue along the lace to the other side, giving a gentle nip to the skin. Then he hooked his fingers in the sides and pulled them down and over my feet, tossing them to the floor with my shirt.
I fisted the blanket in my hands as he just sat on his heels, looking at me. I could feel how wet I was, and I was sure he could see it. Before that thought could make me feel self-conscious, Edward moved to his stomach, pulling my legs up over his biceps and holding me flat to the mattress with his hands on my hips.
“I have to taste you,” he murmured, lowering his head before I could protest.
The first swipe of his tongue on the outer lips of my pussy had me crying out and bucking my hips to his mouth. He held me still and lapped again and again, gently teasing the tender skin with his tongue and teeth. With a moan, he reached down with his long fingers to part my lower lips.
I writhed against his touch as he tasted me, his tongue swirling around my clit and down to my entrance, dipping inside before moving back up and repeating the circle over and over again. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he moved one hand back around and followed his tongue with his finger, finally sliding it inside me.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I chanted, gasping for breath.
When he curled his finger and wrapped his lips around my clit, sucking hard at the little bud, I cried out and shuddered as I came with an explosive climax.
Edward continued stroking me with his tongue even as he slid his fingers gently from my still-pulsing body, tasting everything I was giving him as I came down from my orgasm.
“Mm,” he hummed, finally sliding back up my body to lie beside me on the bed. “You are stunning when you come...and you look—” he huffed, shaking his head “—amazing in my bed.”
I laughed, turning over on my side to face him. “I’m sure I’m not the first.”
He shook his head quickly. “No, you are, Bella, I swear it.” Wrapping his arm around me, he pulled me close.
Feeling my heart swell, I sighed, leaning in to kiss his jaw and bury my face in his neck. “Good,” I mumbled into his skin, feeling his chuckle vibrate through me.
Edward POV
Pull your knees to your chest...hold it... And stretch them out...hold it...
My sweaty forehead thumped to the fridge door as the sounds of that evil yoga woman continued to torture my ass from the other room. It was tempting as all hell not to pour the entire contents of the bottle of water over my head...or down my shorts. Either would work.
That was a lie. Nothing worked – cold showers, running, rubbing one out almost on an hourly basis. Nothing. I stayed hard for Bella. And it was only exacerbated by how beautifully she responded to everything I said or did. I wanted her with a slow-burning fire in the pit of my stomach. I literally ached for her, but Jasper’s words rattled around my head on a continuous loop. Bella wasn’t the women from the bar. She was different. She was more. And I was determined to show her that.
We both had fucked-up pasts with relationships, and neither of us had been exactly innocent since then. I didn’t just want a quick fuck, so I was denying myself her touch in order to learn her, take my time with her. My dick, on the other hand – again, literally – wanted instant gratification. He was an impatient bastard.
Squeezing my eyes closed at the memory of her taste, the feel of her fingers in my hair guiding me, urging me on... And holy mother of fuck, the mere memory that I’d had her sprawled out in my old bed – where no girl had been before, not even when I’d been in high school – just did something to me. I had to slow shit down or else I’d most likely crack her in two with my want for her.
“Fuck,” I hissed to myself, downing the rest of the bottle of water and reaching into the fridge for another one.
I stood in front of the open refrigerator, letting the cold air hit the bare sweaty skin of my chest from my run in order to calm the hell down. I glanced up when Jasper slowly guided a limping Alice to the kitchen table.
“What happened? Pull somethin’?” I teased her, laughing when she flipped me off with her small-ass middle finger.
“Cramp!” she growled, batting at Jasper’s hands.
“Walk it off, darlin’,” he soothed her, smirking at her temper.
I chuckled at the two of them, reaching up to grab a banana off the counter. “Here, shorty. Eat this,” I told her, raising an eyebrow when she glared at me. I had a feeling she was about to tell me to eat something. “Shut up and eat it. You need potassium.”
She sighed in defeat, nodded, and fell down into a chair, where Jasper immediately picked up her leg and started to massage her calf. Alice took the banana with a mumbled thanks and started to peel it, but my ears caught the TV from the living room.
Arch up off the floor, hold it for a count of ten. One, two, three...
I sent a silent, pleading glance Jasper’s way, and he grinned, jerking his chin toward the living room, telling me without words that he’d keep Alice occupied for a moment. Some shit never fucking changed; that was how we used to work in the bars. However, if Alice and Jasper were in here, then Bella was alone, still doing yoga, wearing really small, tight shorts and a sports bra. That’s it. I knew this because that outfit sent me on the run in the first fucking place.
Stepping quietly into the den, I shook my head at the sight before me. Bella was all concentration, glistening in sweat, her ponytail skimming the ground. I licked my lips at all that bare midriff skin exposed, stretched and toned.
Bella arched up again into a back-bend, her eyes closed. I knelt stealthily beside her, leaning slowly down to press kisses to the skin of her belly. She squeaked, fumbling a little.
“This position looks familiar,” I teased her, licking just outside her navel and catching her bottom before she could fall. “Ah, ah, ah, Bella. You have to hold it.”
“Hold it like she says, baby,” I whispered against her skin. “One,” I said, nipping at her right hip bone, then her left, only to swirl my tongue in her bellybutton, counting off with each kiss I pressed to her salty skin. I wanted to laugh by the time I called out, “Ten,” simply because Bella’s arms and legs were shaking. When she was flat on her back again, I hovered over her.
“Edward, what are you doing?” she asked with an almost exasperated giggle, but I could see how her eyes drank me in. I wasn’t blind; I knew she liked how I looked after a run, for whatever reasons.
Licking my lips at the sight of her, I shook my head. “Something I’ve wanted to do since you two found these fucking DVDs. So don’t you dare stop, beautiful.”
I had to give credit where it was due. Bella held onto the next back-bend like a champ, considering my fingers did the touching this time – from hip bone to hip bone just above the waistband of her shorts, around her navel, and up the inside of each thigh, stopping just shy of where I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs.
There was a perverted, twisted side of me that was enjoying watching her falter, tremble, whimper. That same side of me want to be beneath her with every move she did next. The coherent, logical part of me knew I was playing with fire. I was just about to back off the teasing until the bitch on the TV spoke up.
Onto your stomach and toes...and lunge. Hold it...
Fuck, I was a weak man. Bella’s body surged forward in a position not unlike a push-up – everything taut, everything stretched, and everything...right there – her back to me. My body shifted, lining up right behind her, my mouth at the sweet slope where her neck met her shoulder. I tried so hard not to think of how badly I wanted her in this position – hell, any position for that matter.
“Jesus, Bella,” I whispered, dropping an open-mouthed kiss to her neck. “Do you even know how beautiful you are?”
Dark, heated eyes glanced over her shoulder, and I almost unraveled right there. But it was the disbelieving wrinkle to her brow that kept my mouth going. The sadistic bitch on TV was long forgotten.
Nuzzling her cheek with my nose, I forced her hips down to the floor with my own, grinding the proof of what she did to me into that delectable ass of hers. My dick practically throbbed in celebration of at least some friction. Needy bastard.
Feel what you do to me,” I hissed, holding my upper body above hers, my arms on either side of her shoulders. “Do you feel it? I’m like this all the time, Bella. I’ve been this way for weeks. Feel it?” I practically growled against the soft spot behind her ear.
She shifted beneath me, rolling onto her back and her hands making purchase on my shoulders. “I can help with that, you know.” She smiled as she dragged her tongue sexily along her bottom lip.
Grinning, I shook my head. “Not yet. Soon, Bella. I’m a weak motherfucker, but this...” I sighed, sitting back onto my knees and she followed me like a magnet. Motioning between us as she sat up on her knees in front of me, I said, “This is different. This isn’t just itch that needs scratching.”
Her face fell a bit, but I cupped it in both hands, kissing her. Dragging my lips across hers slowly, I finally turned my head, raking my tongue along her bottom lip, not unlike how I’d kissed that unbelievably sweet pussy a few days ago. She granted me entrance, giving just as good as she got. Bella’s kisses were addictive and made me stupid, forgetting we were in the middle of the living room. Wrapping one arm around her, I pulled her to straddle my thighs, my mouth never leaving hers. Slipping my fingers of one hand into her hair, the other stilling her hips, I pulled back with a gasp for air.
“Look at me,” I said, a little harsher that I’d intended, but her long eyelashes swept up to reveal those stunning brown eyes. “I’m not saying no, Bella. I’m saying wait. I want to savor you. Understand?”
“Yeah,” she panted, licking her lips.
“I don’t think you do,” I countered, leaning into her neck and placing a long, slow kiss. “Bella, when you finally touch me, my resolve to take this slow will crumble. I can barely control myself right now. I want you sure of this...sure of me.”
I wasn’t fucking stupid; I’d been a real dick up until a few days ago. I needed to prove to Bella and myself that I was worthy of her trust, her affections. I needed to prove to her that I wasn’t Mike, looking to break her down to nothing. I needed to prove to myself that what I’d had with Maggie was an apparition – a mere specter in comparison to how much I wanted the girl currently running her fingers through my sweaty hair. But more than all of that, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the second that gorgeous girl touched me, I’d be a changed man. I could feel it happening already. And it felt...fucking amazing. I really didn’t want to fuck up.
I must’ve said that last thing out loud, because Bella giggled softly. “You won’t fuck up.”
I raised an eyebrow at her, which only caused her to laugh harder. “Truly, we haven’t met. I’m Edward Cullen.”
“Stop it,” she ordered, still laughing her ass off. “Okay, fine, so we’ll both probably make mistakes, Edward.”
Grinning at her sweet giggle, I shrugged, allowing that. “Oh, I’ll make mistakes. Bank on it. Everything outside my job is just plain...fuckery, Bella.” When she looked at me like I was crazy, I went on, ticking off my bad points on my fingers. “I drank too much, ran around too much, and my family... I was always late, if I didn’t blow off functions altogether. Before I got this assignment, I’d gone almost a month without seeing my parents. I mean, I’d had a fugitive recovery assignment, but it didn’t last a damn month.”
“You shouldn’t do that,” she sighed sadly, wrinkling her nose a little as she tilted her head at me. “You never know when, all of a sudden, they won’t be there.”
I kissed the sadness away from her brow, whispering, “Exactly my point. I’ve been really, really selfish with my life. I don’t want that here.”
She smirked, pressing her lips to mine before standing up from my lap. “You’re allowed certain moments of selfishness, you know,” she said with a sexy-as-hell lilt to her voice. Before I could take back all that I’d said, yanking her back down onto my pouting dick, she asked, “We’re still going to the beach?”
“Yeah, definitely. We can go in a few hours, hang out until nightfall. The reservation always sets off fireworks for the Fourth of July.”
There was a childlike glow to her eyes at the mention of that. And I stood up in front of her, willing my libido down because she looked sweetly excited.
“Go get ready, and don’t forget to drag your sister with you. Jasper and I will pack a cooler. Okay?” I told her, pressing a kiss to her forehead as she nodded against my lips.
I turned away from her, but she stopped me, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind. I stiffened a bit when I felt her lips press to the ink on my back.
“I know what you’re doing, Edward,” she whispered.
I could feel the tip of her nose trace every swirl, every line on my back, and the difference between the last time someone did that to now was almost staggering, causing my breathing to hitch. Instead of cringing away, I leaned back into it, my dick harder than ever.
I’m not stupid. You’re not him, and I’m not her.” Her voice was soothing, calm, if not a little amused.
Rubbing her arms that were secured around my waist, I linked our fingers together. I sighed contentedly before I turned to face her. “You’re right, which is why I’m trying my damnedest to do shit different, Bella. Please.” I kissed her mouth that quirked up into a small smile. “Go get ready, you tempting thing. I can’t imagine what swimsuit you’ll torture me with, so we’d better let the pain begin.”
Bella laughed, backing away from me while gesturing up and down my body. “Right, because you in board shorts is so fucking innocent.”
I growled playfully at her, lunging her way, but she took off at a run, calling for Alice. I shook my head, still grinning like a fool. I actually couldn’t wait to see her at the beach, but even more, I couldn’t wait to claim her, to show that she was mine in front of old friends and strangers once we were there.
I blew out a heavy puff of smoke, leaning back against the rock behind me. From my position, I could pretty much see the entire beach. The sun would be setting soon, and we’d been there most of the afternoon. The weather had played nice, the sun coming to chase away the clouds.
I’d forgotten how popular First Beach was for fireworks. It was a pretty big deal for the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. My family had come every year when we’d lived in Forks.
From where I was, I could see my old friends, Paul and Embry, showing the girls and Jasper what happened when driftwood was lit. The colors from the dried saltwater made for an unusual fire. They were good guys, a little rough around the edges, but they were both married now, still living on the rez. They’d been a hell of a lot of fun to party with back in high school.
In fact, this was the largest crowd of people the girls had been around since we’d taken this WitSec detail. And this was probably the safest place they could be. The rez was its own little world, separate from the rest of society. They had their own legends, laws, and schools. Sue, who we’d met at the diner the day I’d given Bella a tour, was married to Harry Clearwater, and he had been in charge for as long as I could remember.
I took another long drag from my cigarette, mentally groaning when I saw who was approaching.
“The ink looks hot on you, Edward,” Claire said, eye-fucking me like we were still in homeroom together. “It makes you look like totally dangerous. What do you do now?”
I smirked at that. “Law enforcement,” I stated, not elaborating for many, many reasons but loving watching her squirm, because I wasn’t fucking blind. She’d been with a group of people all damn day, passing around a joint at the far end of the beach.
She fidgeted nervously but recovered well, most likely realizing that if she were in trouble, it would’ve already happened. Yeah, there was history between us. Sad part was, there was history between Claire and a lot of people – Embry and Paul included. Back then, she’d been willing, so who was I at seventeen to turn that shit down? I took another drag on my cigarette, wanting to finish it quickly and get back to Bella. But I studied Claire for a moment. Life looked like it had been fairly difficult for her. She looked older, tired, sad – something I hadn’t noticed when we’d run into her at the diner.
I’d been so focused on Bella that to see Claire – a blatant reminder of my sexual history – was something I wasn’t prepared for. My eyes drifted to the girl in question as Claire babbled away about people we knew in school, what they were doing, who was already married, divorced, and parents. Her speech pattern and incessant chatter was annoying. Some shit never changed.
I fought my smile when Paul caught my eye. He grinned, leaned over to Bella, and jerked his chin my way. What I wasn’t prepared for was Bella’s laughter when she saw who was talking to me. However, with a confidence I wasn’t expecting, she started up the bank toward me.
Bella – and Alice, for that matter – had been on the receiving end of appreciative stares all damn day. Jasper had taken in all in stride, with the laid-back attitude he’d always carried. After I’d done my own share of ogling at two very small pieces of blue bikini, I’d practically pissed on Bella’s leg by kissing her right there on the beach. And a few more stolen ones when we went in the water, not to mention a grope or two.
Claire’s speech faltered as Bella came up to me. I could feel the jealousy rolling off her in waves.
“Hi, beautiful,” I said, smiling in spite of it all. I held up the almost finished cigarette. “Sorry.”
Bella grinned, placing a hand on my chest, and kissed me. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, Edward,” she whispered teasingly against my lips. “Your friend Paul told me to come find you. Said you could show me the tide pools?”
“Yeah, definitely,” I said with a nod, bending down to stub the butt out in the wet sand. I turned to Claire, who was trying not to glare, but she was failing miserably. “Bella, you remember Claire,” I said, dragging my fingers down Bella’s spine. She’d pulled a tiny pair of denim shorts on over her swimsuit bottoms but still had the top uncovered.
“It’s good to see you again, Claire,” Bella said sweetly, her smile genuine, but it was the possessive hand on my abs that made me smile.
“You, too!” Claire gushed in a squeal, but the smile was fake as shit. “Edward and I were totally catching up on everyone from school.” She turned to me, eyeing my hand as it twirled Bella’s ponytail. “Tell Rose I said hello, okay?”
“Sure thing,” I said with a chuckle to my voice and then wrapped an arm around Bella to guide her away from the beach. “My sister couldn’t care less about Claire’s hello. They hated each other in school, so Rose’s reply would be for her to go fuck herself,” I whispered in Bella’s ear.
Bella laughed, glancing up at me as we walked along.
“What did Paul really say?” I asked Bella with a snort.
“That I needed to save you from her. He said to come ask you about the tide pools before she had a chance to sink her claws into you.” Bella giggled, shooting a glance over her shoulder. “Everyone got a ride on that, didn’t they?”
I stopped, laughing so hard that I had to bend over. “True story, B.” When I straightened up, she was smirking at me, her eyebrow raised up dangerously. “I was seventeen, Bella!” I defended, shrugging. “No teenage boy would turn down the willing.”
“True, but watch out... Your friends say she’s now a single mom...looking for daddy.”
My eyebrows shot up, and I spun around to look back toward the beach. “No shit?”
“None whatsoever,” she said with a chuckle. “It pays to be quiet and listen. People like...totally forget you’re there.”
“Fuck, Bella. Stop that. It was bad enough having to endure an entire conversation listening to that bullshit. I get it.”
Bella cracked up. “Just keeping you on your toes, Edward,” she said, leaning into the kiss I placed on her temple before guiding her toward the tide pools. “It’s really pretty here. The people are sweet. Sue is adorable.”
I grinned. “I loved it here as a kid.” I tugged her to the first tide pool, which was on the other side of the beach. “Here,” I told her, reaching in to pull out a starfish for her.
“Wow, that’s amazing,” she whispered, gently putting the creature back, only to poke around in the water. “So, what? The tide rolls in but brings in enough water and food to maintain these little pools?”
“Yeah, exactly.”
I studied her as she continued to play around in the water. She was such a stark contrast to not only the girl we’d just brushed off, but just about every woman that I’d ever been with. Bella was smart – brilliant, really – and so damned beautiful that it almost hurt to look at her. She was fragile, but at the same time so very fucking strong. My eyes drifted down to her shoulders that had turned an adorable shade of pink. Reaching over, I pressed down to test how badly she’d burned.
“You got some sun,” I murmured, replacing my finger with my lips. Fuck, I couldn’t keep away from her if I tried. And I wondered how I’d survived the first few weeks without touching her.
She snickered, turning to face me. “This is nothing. I lived in Florida, remember?” she asked, and I nodded. “One time, my parents took us to Daytona. Alice and I were burnt to a crisp – like lobster-red – because the suntan lotion kept washing off. It was awful. Even worse when we started to peel. I felt like a lizard shedding its skin.”
I chuckled, bracing my arms on either side of her on the tide pool rock. “How old were you?”
“Eight or nine.” She giggled, shaking her head. “Alice and I would take turns peeling each other. It itched so bad!” Her smile fell a little. “Thank you for today. We haven’t been to the beach in years. I’d forgotten how much I like it.”
I grimaced a little as I watched her commit another thing to memory from her past so she wouldn’t lose it. Knowing the girls the way I did now, I was pretty sure that day at the beach was caught on film and on my laptop back at the house.
I glanced over Bella’s shoulder toward the beach. The sun had set, and I could see Embry starting to set up for the fireworks. It was dark where Bella and I were, the bonfires casting off enough shadows to pretty much hide us away. It was that thought – the thought that no one could see us – that made me kiss her, touch her, grind into her. My tongue swept along her bottom lip, only to claim her mouth almost roughly. I’d felt it all today – jealousy from men ogling her, pride that she was mine, and the desire to fuck her in every way imaginable. It was that last thought, that last shred of control that made me pull back.
“We should get back. It’s getting dark,” I whispered against her lips.
“I don’t want to,” she whispered back, her eyes dark as her fingers trailed over my bare torso and around the waist of my board shorts. She toyed with the tie, but her eyes were locked with mine.
“Bella...” I warned her, but it was half-assed at best. I leaned into her, if only to trap her hand between us. “What do you want?” I asked, but from the look on her face, I knew.
Maybe the twisted fucker inside of me just wanted to hear it, because I was a blink away from giving in to anything she asked of me. Hell, my dick had given Bella his undivided attention all damn day. He was nothing if not determined.
Bella leaned up, one of her hands gripping the back of my neck, but the other hadn’t stopped playing with the tie on my shorts. “I want to touch you,” she stated against my lips before kissing me senseless.
“Here?” I asked stupidly.
She giggled, but damn, that shit was sexy. “No, here,” she said, rubbing me on the outside of my shorts. “Let me help with this, Edward,” she urged. “Be selfish, just once.”
Pressing my forehead to hers, I panted heavily at the feel of her pressing where I needed it the most. My mouth hung open a bit as my mind tried to find an excuse not to, but she felt too good, it had been too long since someone had touched me, and I wanted Bella way too much to find a reason to tell her no.
“I get why we’re waiting,” she told me, nodding a little. “I just... I want to savor you, too. Plus, since someone forgot to mention their birthday, I owe you a present.”
If Bella was the devil, I’d gladly sell my soul, walking into hell without shame. My resolve to hold back shattered when she kissed me while undoing my shorts. I hissed the second her hand made contact with my very eager dick at the same time her teeth scraped against the skin of my neck. She let out a sultry hum when I twitched in her hand as it moved slowly up and down my shaft, giving an amazing fucking twist around my head. I forgot my damn name when her thumb gathered what was leaking from me already. When she brought it to her mouth and sucked off what glistened there before gliding her hand back down my shaft, I groaned, feeling myself twitch in her hand. If she wasn’t careful, this shit would be over way too quickly.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I rambled. “Bella, what are you...”
She sank to her knees in the sand in front of me, which essentially hid her from view should anyone who happened to look our way. Eyeing my now-freed cock like it was her next meal, she merely raised an eyebrow at me.
“I mean, I know what you’re doing... But fuck, Bella, you don’t have to,” I sputtered, sounding like a damn kid about to get head for the first time.
Bella leaned in, smiling against my stomach. “Are you always so nervous when you’re about to get a blow job?”
“Fuck, you can’t say shit like that,” I grunted, unable to tear my eyes away from her as her tongue dragged up the underside of my shaft, only to swirl around the tip.
She placed a kiss to the end, suckling a bit, her hand continuing to move up and down with the perfect amount of pressure. My head fell back, my breathing coming in pants.
“Edward, look at me,” she commanded, and I did. She dragged her tongue across the slit, seemingly savoring the taste, which only made me twitch that much harder in her hand. “You’ve made me come twice. Why?” she asked, like she knew the answer.
“You’re fucking stunning when you come. And fuck, you were so damn wet...”
“Mmhmm,” she hummed around me, which didn’t help my control situation whatsoever, her eyes still on mine. “Exactly. My turn, baby.”
Any granule of ability to stop her fell away when she called me that and called me out on why she was about to suck my cock. Gone. I had...nothing left. I wanted it too badly, had fantasized way more than I should have, and she felt so fucking good. I was a weak, weak man.
“Sweet Jesus,” I groaned when her mouth finally sank down around me.
Her mouth was so hot, wet, and felt like fucking heaven. She took most of me, her hand making up the difference, which only added to how good she felt. My hands twitched at my sides, and she solved my problem about where to put them. Reaching up with her free hand, she set one on her head. She moaned long and hard around me when I gripped her hair, guiding her but not pushing.
Her hands and mouth did shit to me that made me encourage her in incoherent sentences. She sucked, cupped, squeezed, licked, and hummed. It beat anything my own hand could do. My showers would be worthless now. Nothing was as good as her mouth around me.
“So good, so good. Fuck, Bella. Baby, I’m gonna...” I squeezed my eyes closed, trying my damnedest to stave off my release, but the very second I locked with those dark, not-so-innocent eyes gazing up at me, I was fucking done.
My balls tightened, the burn in my lower back and stomach increased, and my legs practically buckled as she sped up everything, knowing I was about to blow it all. What caused everything to snap was when she sank down around me and I could feel the back of her throat swallowing. My release was violent and fast, causing stars to flash behind my eyes at the same time fireworks popped loudly from across the beach. That shit was fitting, no lie. Best blow job. Ever.
Bella sweetly helped me right my shorts, simply because my hands were still shaking, and then she brushed her knees off. As soon as she stood in front of me, I kissed her. Hard. I could taste myself on her tongue, which caused a moan of possessiveness to rumble out of me. Pressing my forehead to hers, I kept my eyes closed until I could get my shit together, finally opening them to see my slightly unsure girl back.
“They’ve started the fireworks,” she said softly, running her fingers through my hair.
“What fireworks?” I whispered, smirking at her sweet, soft giggle. “Thank you,” I said suddenly. “That was...” I shook my head to clear it, trying not to think too hard about how she’d gotten so good at that.
My theory was that the assholes like Mike made her do it. He sounded like a selfish prick, so I’d be willing to bet he took more than he gave, especially remembering the way that she’d responded to how I’d made her come on my tongue. Thoughts like that were going to get me into trouble. In fact, my greedy dick perked up once more at the mere idea of feasting on Bella again.
Bella smiled at me, biting her bottom lip, which was red and kiss-bruised. “You look so...relaxed,” she teased with a giggle. “It looks good on you.”
I chuckled, kissing her lips before tugging her hair down from the ponytail I’d thoroughly ravaged with my hands. I ran my fingers through it, smiling when she rolled her eyes, snatched the stretchy band back, and tossed it back up.
“Thanks to you. Come on. We’ll get back down there so you can see,” I told her, guiding her back down the trail that the bonfires were illuminating.
As we sat back down on the blanket with Jasper and Alice, Bella told them about the tide pool and the starfish, carefully avoiding our other activities. But my eyes were only on her. I knew, without a fucking doubt, I wasn’t going to hold back much longer with her. I wanted her too much, and she’d slowly squirmed her way in when no other had been able to, and that was both comforting and frightening at the same time.


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