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In Pursuit Chapter 14 & Pics

Chapter 14
Bella POV
None of us woke up early the fifth of July – our fourth had been a lot of fun, but we’d been out late the night before and then we hadn’t gone right to sleep after we got home. When I finally stumbled into the living room after a shower to finish waking myself up, Edward was sitting on the couch, cup of coffee on the table in front of him as he flipped through the channels.
“Morning, B,” he said with a smile as he patted the seat beside him.
I slid down beside him and gave him a kiss good morning. “Morning. Where are Ali and Jasper?”
“They heard you stirring and decided to go pick up lunch. Jazz wanted subs, and Alice said she knew what you’d want.”
I nodded, chuckling. “I get the same thing every time,” I told him with a shrug. “So what’s the plan for today? We didn’t get to swim last night. Want to go to the pool?”
Edward raised an eyebrow. “Promise to wear that little bikini again?” At my giggle, he winked. “Sure, we could go swimming. I was thinking about seeing if you guys wanted to go bowling, but we could do that another day.”
Smirking, I admitted, “You know, I’ve never actually bowled.”
“Really?” Edward smiled. “I could teach you. It would be fun.”
I laughed, shaking my head. “You just want an excuse to teach me how to handle a ball,” I teased.
“Oh, Bella,” he purred, looking dangerously seductive. “I think you know how to handle a ball...”
My panties suddenly felt like they were combusting, and I felt the heat everywhere. Giving as good as I got, I slid my hand onto his thigh, inching it slowly upward until I was cupping him through the front of his jeans. “Oh, baby, surely a little more...practice can’t hurt, can it?”
Edward groaned as I flexed my fingers around him, pressing himself into my hand. When I ran my nails up the hard length, he hissed and then reached to pull me into his lap. My laugh was soft, husky, as Edward’s hands reached around to cup my ass. As he slid his hands up and then back down into my shorts, I reached down and undid the button on his jeans, carefully lowering the zipper before taking him in hand.
“Fuck,” he growled, thrusting up to meet my fist. One hand continued to knead my ass while the other moved around to tease my clit.
His dick was slick with pearly fluid already seeping from the slit in the head, making it easy for my thumb to swipe and use it to help stroke him.
Just as Edward’s finger slipped between my lower lips, we heard the door from the garage open and Alice’s voice call out, thankfully from the kitchen.
“We’re back, Edward! Is Bella up yet?”
I scrambled off his lap, biting my lip and holding in my giggle as I straightened my shorts and Edward tried to tuck his cock back in his jeans.
“Yeah, Ali,” I said, finally giving in and letting out a quiet laugh when Edward glared at me – though his eyes twinkling with mirth let me know he wasn’t upset...with me, anyway.
Alice came bouncing around the corner and smiled. “Hey. I got you a turkey on wheat. They didn’t have avocado, though.”
“Thanks.” I looked down at my hands and then at Edward. “I’m umm...gonna go wash my hands, then I’ll be in.”
Edward smirked and stood, turning to discreetly adjust himself away from Alice’s view. “I’ll join you,” he said, ignoring Alice’s gasp.
“Sorry! Did we...interrupt something?” she teased as I passed her.
I grinned and followed Edward to the downstairs guest bathroom without answering.
Edward stopped at the bathroom door and turned, motioning for me to go ahead. Once I was at the sink, he moved up behind me, pressing his front to my back and letting me feel that he wasn’t completely calmed down from our time on the couch.
“Mmm,” I hummed, catching his gaze in the mirror. “Too bad we can’t send them back out to buy something else,” I teased.
Edward reached up and brushed the hair away from my neck, placing a long, slow, open-mouthed kiss just beneath my ear. “Give me two minutes and I can get rid of them...”
I laughed, shaking my head. “Not now, hot shot,” I told him, leaning forward to turn on the water.
Edward put on a crestfallen expression, complete with puppy dog eyes and pout to beat all pouts, grinning when I simply rolled my eyes and laughed.
Once I’d rinsed my hands, I moved aside so Edward could have the sink. On my way to the door after a quick dry with the hand towel, I leaned in and whispered, “Play your cards right and maybe you’ll get lucky soon.”
Then I nipped his earlobe and scurried away, giggling, as Edward called out, “Promises, promises, you tease!”
I was still giggling as I made my way into the dining room, where Alice and Jasper had set out our subs, chips, and bottles of water for everyone.
“What’s so funny, darlin’?” Jasper asked, raising an eyebrow.
I shook my head. “Nothing.”
“This is yours.” Alice pointed to one of the subs.
Taking my seat, I unwrapped my sandwich as Edward came in and slid into the seat beside me.
“It’s gorgeous outside today,” Alice said after a minute. “We should go swimming.”
“Mmhmm,” I mumbled around a bite of sandwich, and then swallowing, I said, “I told Edward that earlier.”
Jasper grinned and was about to comment, but the cell phone in Edward’s pocket rang.
Shooting Jasper a concerned look, Edward took it out and held it up to his ear.
“’Lo?” He grinned and pulled it away from his head, punching a button. “Hey, Al. Who’d I get my first black eye from?”
Al’s short bark of laughter rang over the speakerphone. “Marcy, Becky, Mallory...some little brown-haired girl in first grade. She punched you when you tried to kiss her.”
I couldn’t hold in the snorting giggle, and neither could Alice, who laughed along with me.
“About the same ladies’ man you were then as you are now, huh, Ed?” Jasper drawled, shooting me a wink.
Edward shot him the middle finger and spoke again to the phone. “Bree Tanner, Uncle Al. Anyway, what’s up? Obviously, the girls and Jasper are here with me,” he said sarcastically, with a roll of his eyes to the three of us.
“I have some news.”
His voice was suddenly serious, and I couldn’t help but reach out blindly to take Edward’s hand beneath the table and grasp Alice’s hand across from me as she held it out.
“Go on,” Edward told him, all playfulness gone, even as he squeezed my hand reassuringly.
“They’ve set a trial date,” Al said matter-of-factly. “The defense finally ran out of ways to delay.”
“When?” Edward asked tersely, his tone of voice clearly showing what we were all feeling.
“A month from tomorrow,” Al answered calmly. “But Bella and Alice – as Marie and Mary, of course – won’t testify on the first day, or probably even the second. The D.A. left word with Peter that he wants the girls in town on August first, five days before the trial is scheduled to start, to go over pretrial prep. You’ll be notified as soon as possible as to when they are actually needed in court.”
“Where are we gonna stay?” I asked, clearing my throat nervously.
“I’m already on that, Bella,” he said. “I’ve got a buddy who owns an upscale apartment complex out there. I’m going to fly out there myself in a couple of weeks and secure an apartment for you guys to stay in if he has any available. It’s where I’d have tried to send you had Edward’s friends not had a place.”
Edward nodded slowly and asked, “It’s secure?”
“Yeah, son. Jason Jenks is an old friend from college of both your dad and me. He went into the Army after college and retired a few years ago after he got married again. If I remember right, the place has a gated, key card entry to the complex, cameras in the parking lot and the individual buildings we can tap into so you have eyes out there, and parking is close to the building. It’s as secure as you’ll find, I believe.”
Grunting in acknowledgment, Edward then asked, “Anything else?”
“No, that’s all. We’ll talk again closer to the first of the month about transport and what not.”
“All right. Thanks, Uncle Al,” Edward sighed.
“Of course,” Al said. “Take care, guys. Ladies, keep those boys in line, and I’ll speak to you again soon, okay?”
“Thanks, Uncle Al,” Alice and I echoed, smiling when his laughter boomed over the line before he hung up.
Edward closed the phone, pushed the remains of his sandwich away, and squeezed my hand before standing. “I need a cigarette,” he said, turning and moving through the kitchen to the back deck door without waiting for a reply.
I waited a couple of minutes, watching Jasper hug my sister, and then I stood, too. “I’m gonna...” I motioned to the kitchen.
Jasper and Alice nodded, and Jasper smiled, although it didn’t quite reach his eyes.
Stepping out the back door, I immediately saw Edward sitting on the steps leading down to the yard. One hand held a cigarette, already almost half gone, while the other raked through his hair, tugging at it.
When the door shut behind me, he grumbled, “I don’t wanna talk about it, man.”
“That’s fine,” I chirped lightly, “because I’m not a man, and I don’t wanna talk about it, either.”
His head jerked up and he turned, shaking his head and holding out his hand. “Sorry, Bella. Come here.”
I walked over and sat down beside him, leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around my waist.
We were quiet as he finished his cigarette, blowing the last of the smoke away from me and stubbing out the butt on the ashtray on the edge of the deck. Then he turned and kissed my temple.
“You okay after that news?”
Shrugging, I said, “As okay as I can be, I suppose. I’d almost forgotten the last few days why we were here. The phone call was like a slap in the face as to the reality of the situation.”
Edward’s arm tightened around me as he sighed. “I’ve said it before, baby, but I’ll say it again: I’ll get you there and back safely, Bella. You and Alice will be okay. I swear on my life.”
A flash of fear made my stomach roil and my throat feel like it was closing up, but I swallowed it back and nodded. Edward had enough to worry about without my fears adding to it.
Swimming was vetoed an hour later for several reasons, not the least of which were the quickly darkening skies. Edward swore a thunderstorm was brewing. None of us felt much like leaving the house after Al’s phone call, so to try to take our minds off everything, we pulled out the Xbox 360 Jasper and Edward had gotten not long ago during one trip into town. For hours, we challenged each other to racing games, dance games – where we learned that for all of Jasper’s smooth moves elsewhere, dancing was not his thing – Rock Band, and even a few sports games. The guys made us play three rounds of soccer when Alice and I paired up for the first two and kicked their asses, which amused us to no end.
For dinner, pizza sounded good to all of us, so Jasper ran to get it while the rest of us stayed at the house. He came back forty-five minutes later, two large steaming pizza boxes stained with drops from the rain that apparently had fallen for a short while.
“Let’s watch a movie while we eat,” Alice suggested, adding three pieces of pizza to her plate.
Edward raised an eyebrow at me in question.
Shrugging, I said, “Yeah, sure. Sounds good.”
Once we all had our pizza and drinks, we carried everything, including the pizza boxes, to the living room and settled onto the couch and loveseat.
“I vote Little Fockers,” Alice chimed in when Jasper opened the cabinet under the TV.
I nodded. “Fine with me.”
When Edward didn’t protest, Jasper popped the DVD in and moved back to sit beside Alice, snatching up his pizza as Edward pressed Play on the remote.
We laughed throughout the movie, enjoying the light, fun, relaxed atmosphere. I was able to leave my worries mostly behind me for a couple of hours again, and it felt good to be able to breathe without feeling like my chest was squeezing tight.
After Ben Stiller, we decided on Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man, and I lay down on the couch, putting my head in Edward’s lap to watch the movie.
I’d seen the movie more times than I could remember, so when my eyes started falling closed less than halfway through, I wasn’t worried about missing anything. Edward’s hand slowly running through my hair was comforting, and it relaxed me enough that I knew I would end up falling asleep.
I was jerked awake sometime later. The room was dark aside from a blue glow from the TV, but Edward’s voice was soothing in my ear.
“Hush, baby. I’ve got you,” he whispered, hitching me up tighter against his chest.
I mumbled an okay and then closed my eyes again, relaxing against him.
I woke again when he lay me down on the bed. I woke up enough to help him as he pulled off my clothes and slid a T-shirt on over my head, but then I lay back and was already drifting off when he leaned down.
Brushing a kiss across my lips, he murmured, “Sleep well,” and then he was gone.
I pulled the sheet tighter around me and sighed, feeling sleep come.
There were so many people around us as we tried to make our way into the courthouse. Edward and Jasper were doing their best to keep people away – including all the reporters with their cameras and microphones – but there were so many of them, it was an impossible job.
Marie, Mary, over here!” a woman called out, holding her microphone out. “Are you scared about testifying against Caius Volturi?”
There have been rumors that Volturi has tried to have you killed,” another reporter said loudly. “Any comments?”
Back up,” Edward ordered, pushing us forward as Jasper continued trying to clear a path.
Aren’t you worried that testifying will mean signing your death warrant?” a man called out.
I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like I was being suffocated in the crowd of people. I clutched my sister’s hand like a lifeline as we followed Jasper as best we could.
Will you testify that you saw Caius Volturi shoot Eleazar Denali?” a woman asked, shoving her microphone in my face as we passed.
Just then, a man stepped up to the throng of people on our left and raised his hand. I thought for a moment that it was another reporter with a microphone, but then my mind registered that he was holding a gun.
Edward saw him at the same time and leapt at the man as Jasper pushed Alice and me behind him, drawing his weapon.
Two gunshots rang out, and I gasped, trying to look around Jasper, who was holding us back with one arm.
Edward!” I screamed, ducking Jasper’s arm.
The man with the gun was on his back, eyes open, a dark hole in the side of his head. Jasper had shot him.
Then I saw Edward, lying on his stomach across the other man’s legs. Blood was pooling underneath him at a rate too fast to mean anything good.
No!” I gasped. “Edward! Ed—”
I sat up, my heart racing, as I tried to calm myself down from the terrifying fucking dream. When something banged on the window, I nearly screamed, until I looked out and saw lightening flash and heard another boom of thunder. The wind picked up again, sending the tree limb against the window with another scratching thump.
Unable to calm down from the nightmare, I realized I was never going to be able to get back to sleep until I saw for myself that Edward was safe. Alive.
With that thought in mind, I raced down the stairs to the one person I needed most at that moment.
Edward POV
My eyes snapped open, my breathing hitching as I gathered my wits about me. The green glow of the clock on the nightstand said it was almost two in the morning. Glancing down at the file folder in my lap, I guessed that I must have fallen asleep going over Volturi’s file...again. It seemed that since Uncle Al had called to tell us the court date, I’d felt the need to do something. Nothing could happen to those girls upstairs. Nothing. And I knew they were scared to fucking death. So I’d re-memorized every known face in Caius’s family, every business name he used as a cover, and every detail of the charges stacked against him.
Thunder rolled long and deep, rain spattering against my window, and I took a deep breath and let it out. The storm had woken me up. I scrubbed my face and scratched my bare chest, thinking I should put all that shit away for the night. The folder made a soft slap when it hit the floor beside my bed. I was reaching for the switch on the lamp beside me, but froze at the sound of quickly approaching footsteps.
I saw the shadow of two small feet hesitate outside my door, but the knob turned and the door creaked open. The light from my bedside lamp, along with a bright flash of lightning, illuminated Bella standing there. She was still wearing just my USMS T-shirt, but it was her face that looked wrecked, absolutely shattered. She was shaking, streams of tears running down her face.
“Bella? What’s wrong?” I asked, sitting up on the side of the bed.
I’d never seen her move so fast. Shutting the door behind her, she bolted across the room and into my arms.
“I didn’t know...I didn’t want to wake you,” she sobbed as I wrapped my arms around her.
“It wouldn’t have mattered,” I told her, trying to pull her back to look at her face, but her grip on me was tenacious and shaky. “Tell me what’s wrong.”
“N-Nightmare,” she sputtered, but her hands were all over me – my neck, my shoulders, my hair. It was as if she needed to make sure I was really there. “And then something smacked the window.”
“Shh, okay,” I whispered, pulling at her until she finally let me see her face. I cupped either side, swiping at the tears with my thumbs. “It was just the trees. I have to trim them. You want to stay in here?”
She swallowed thickly, nodding vehemently. Keeping one hand on her face, I leaned over and shut off the lamp. There was still a sliver of light coming from the bathroom where the door was pulled almost closed, but otherwise, the room went dark.
Sliding back into bed, I lifted the covers. “Get in, baby. Come on.”
Bella crawled in, scooting as close to me as she could get. Staying face to face, I brushed her hair away from her brow. She was still shivering, still gripping onto me, and tears continued to leak from those beautiful eyes. And I couldn’t take it.
“Want to talk about it?” I asked her softly, dropping a kiss to her forehead and wrapping a heavy arm around her waist to pull her that much closer.
“ Walking into court,” she sputtered through more tears, tangling her legs with mine. “There were so many people and...a guy, and he had a gun...” She hiccuped, poking her finger into my chest. “So much blood.” She rambled on about reporters and Jasper shooting and courthouse steps. She finally ended with, “You weren’t moving.”
“Okay, okay,” I soothed her, finally getting the picture. I picked up her hand and placed it over my heart. “Feel that? Feel my heart? Feel it beating. It was just a dream, sweetheart. I’m okay. And I’m right here.”
My heart was fucking pounding in my chest, so she had to have felt it. It was more than just the fact that she was in my bed looking beautiful and sad and devastated, with only my boxer-briefs and her underwear between us. I was scared for her, scared for all of us, and I didn’t want to fail her, damn it. But more than all of that, I understood her reaction to the dream. The way she was clinging, the way that her eyes were raking all over my face – I felt it, too. This was more than just someone out to get us; Bella was terrified something would happen to me. And her terror matched my own. Nothing could happen to her, and it now went far beyond a stupid fucking job, far beyond attraction to the stunning brunette currently under the covers with me.
Whatever this was that was shifting between us was becoming more, and the conflict inside me was immense. A feeling that I hadn’t felt in a long time rattled around my mind and heart, but I couldn’t give it a name just yet. It was too much, too scary, and so much more powerful than I remembered. Or maybe it was the difference in women.
I brushed my lips across hers, making sure her eyes were on mine when I spoke softly. She needed to know the facts first.
“It won’t work that way, Bella,” I started, wiping away more tears. “First of all, we’d never, ever bring you in through the media. Ever. If anything, Jasper and I would split the two of you up, bringing you in through the back in disguise. Two separate vehicles that won’t even register on the mob’s radar – ice cream truck, mail carrier, maybe even a catering van. They won’t even know it’s a transport. Okay?” I verified, and when she nodded, I went on. “Second, no one, and I fucking mean no one, steps foot outdoors in that city without a Kevlar vest on. Not one of us. Understand?”
“Okay,” she said softly, her fingers tracing my eyebrow, the bridge of my nose, and along my jaw. When she got to my lips, I pressed a kiss to her fingertips.
“And third?” I asked, smirking a little at her. “I’m a way faster draw than Jasper Whitlock. I’ve proved it to his ass time and time again. I destroyed him in our finals in training. If you ask him, he’ll fucking deny it, the little liar. But I’ve got that shit on video. When we get to Seattle – not if – I promise to show you.”
Bella finally smiled a little, sniffling softly. “Mm’kay,” she agreed, but her smile fell quickly, and she snuggled into my neck. “I’m so scared something will happen to all of us.”
My brow furrowed at how she’d said that, because the last part had been tacked on in a hurry. It seemed like I wasn’t the only one feeling this shit.
“Bella,” I whispered, kissing her cheek and squeezing her hand that was still flat over my heart. “Baby, look at me.” When she pulled back to lock gazes with me, I kissed her lips softly, slowly. “I know you’re scared, and I know the future is shaky. I hate that I can’t...” I huffed frustratedly through my nose because I hated like fucking hell that I couldn’t say what I needed to. “Promises aren’t something I can afford to make, Bella. But you need to know...right now: This...” I gestured between us. “This has become more than just getting my witness to the stand.”
Something like relief passed over her face, and I hoped that I’d said the right thing. I didn’t want her upset, but with all that was gunning for us, I didn’t want to make up some grandiose vow that everything would be all right. It would be a lie, and I didn’t want to lie to her. It wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. But I also knew it made me sound like a fucking weasel that was just using her.
“That makes me sound like an asshole that’s just...fucking playing with you. Some deviant opportunist,” I rambled, groaning and shaking my head.
“Are you?” she asked, tilting her head at me and running her fingers through my hair.
My voice was firm, and I hoped I sounded honest. I wanted to tell her how badly I wanted her to meet my family, take her for a ride on my bike, show her all the cool places in Seattle. I wanted more than I’d ever thought, but more than I was too chicken-shit to admit. It was a struggle to remind myself that Bella wasn’t She wasn’t Maggie. She was the polar opposite.
And it seemed my emotions were written all over my face because the next words out of Bella’s mouth were fucking perfect and exactly what I needed to hear.
“Good,” she stated. “’Cause if anyone looks like the opportunist, it’s me, Edward. And I’m not. If I’d met you on the street...or in a bar...I’d still have been attracted to you, but I wouldn’t have gotten to know you. And I’m glad that I did.”
I grinned because that shit was fucking sexy. “Are you saying that you’d have hit on me, Bella?”
“Hell, yes,” she said, giggling, and the sound reverberated all the way to my cock, who was so very happy to be snuggled between us. If anyone was the opportunist, it was him. Shameless fucker.
Bella looked embarrassed with that admission, and I chuckled, shaking my head. How the woman could go from sexy and bold to shy and sweet blew my ever-loving mind.
“You know, I wouldn’t have bought that dumb chick thing you try to sell,” I teased her, gliding my hand down her side, over her thigh, to the back of her knee, hitching it up around my waist. “But you’re way too beautiful to resist,” I said, slipping my hand just underneath my shirt that she was wearing, my fingers trailing around the edge of her underwear – at the small of her back, around the thigh – sneaking just under the elastic on her ass. “It’s fucked up that Mike made you feel you couldn’t sell the real you, ’cause that...that shit is fucking sexy.”
Bella groaned, looking away from my face, but her hand skimmed down my side, around to my back, and down to my ass, and I couldn’t help but grind into her.
“Please don’t mention him in this bed.”
I snorted into a chuckle, my hand slipping farther into her underwear, giving her sweet ass cheek a squeeze. “Did you ever stop to think he was the problem, baby? Not you.” When her sharp gaze snapped to mine, I smirked, shaking my head. “You didn’t, did you?” Rolling her onto her back, I braced myself on one arm along her side, my hand skimming around to her stomach. “Fuck me, you look good in my shirt,” I whispered, leaning down to kiss her.
Kissing her, tasting her, was like a drug I couldn’t quit. It was all-consuming and so deep. She responded with her fingers in my hair and legs wrapping around mine, which only shifted higher to where she was achy and so very warm. I pressed my thigh up, moaning when she ground down on it, seeking friction. My hips surged forward, my cock wanting the same relief, but my hand teased every inch of skin beneath that shirt as my tongue claimed, swirled, glided with hers.
“Lift up,” I whispered, sitting up a little and reaching for the hem of the T-shirt. I tugged the shirt off her, only to fall back down into the same position. Kissing her one more time, I finally broke away with a gasp to rake my eyes over her. Leaning down, I barely brushed my lips across an instantly peaked nipple. “Did he make you feel this way, Bella?” I asked her, my voice deeper and raspier than I was expecting. “Did these pretty pink nipples respond to him like this?” I cupped one perfect, perky breast in one hand while my tongue swirled around the sweet peak of the other.
“No,” she breathed, her back arching up to me, her fingers threading in my hair and digging into my back.
“Mmm,” I hummed, suckling the dark puckered flesh into my mouth, raking teeth and tongue over it. “I didn’t think so.” I blew across her wet skin just to watch it tighten more, and then I switched to the other side.
Her hips were grinding up my thigh, and I popped off her breast with a beautiful sound, my hand ghosting down her stomach to cup her possessively. A sexy string of curses met my ear, and I smiled evilly. I couldn’t help it.
“Did he make you this hot? This fucking wet, baby?” I asked her, pressing the heel of my hand where she needed it the most.
I kissed down her neck to her ear, not even waiting for her answer anymore, taking her earlobe in my teeth, only to suckle it to take the sting away. My fingers rubbed the now-damp cotton between her legs, humming with approval when her legs fell open wider for me. The sweet whimpers and pleading that she was doing made my dick twitch hard against her thigh. Finally giving in, I slid my hand into her underwear just to feel her wet, swollen pussy.
“I bet he never took the time to take care of you make sure you came so fucking hard. I bet it was all about him. Could he make you come with just his fingers?” I asked, delving between her lips to swirl two fingers around her entrance, up to the sweet bundle of nerves, which caused her hips to raise up off the bed.
“No, Edward...” she panted, her eyes rolling back into her head.
Fuck, I wanted her. I wanted everything about her. My cock ached to be inside her. Shifting down her body, I settled myself between her legs, looking up at the beautiful woman beneath me. Gripping the sides of her panties, I waited until she locked gazes with me before tugging the last article of clothing off her, nuzzling the soft, trimmed curls of her mound. She smelled like flowers and sin and fucking all-girl perfection.
“I wonder...” I mused, licking my lips and skimming my nose up the inside of her thigh. “Did he ever make you come with just his tongue?”
“Shit...fuck... Edward...” she rambled, threading her hands into my hair. But instead of guiding my face to where she needed me, she forced my gaze to hers. “He never made me all!” she said, practically growling in anger, and I grinned, nipping at the skin where her thigh met her body. “Oh fuck!” she hissed, her head falling back as I marked her with my mouth right there, pulling hard on her skin.
“Bella, baby, look at me,” I purred, dragging my tongue through her folds, savoring the flavor of her. When frantic and needy brown eyes met mine, I kissed her clit, suckling it one long time, and her breathing faltered. “Then he had no fucking clue what he was doing, sweetheart. He was a fumbling idiot that didn’t know what he had...or what he was missing. You are...fucking gorgeous when you come.”
Simply to prove a point, I spread her legs open, hooking them in the crooks of my arms. “Beautiful, I want you to watch me devour you. I want you to see how I take care of this beautiful pussy. Keep those legs wide, Bella. And come for me.”
Lowering myself down, my eyes stayed on hers as my tongue raked over her from one end to the other. I fucked her entrance with my tongue, taking in her sweet flavor from the source, only to twirl the tip of it around her clit. With the way my arms were braced, she could barely move, but her hips surged up, wanting more, needing more. The more I licked, kissed, sucked, the more her core clenched. Wrapping my lips around the most swollen part of her, I kissed her, undulating my tongue over and over.
“Oh God, don’t stop,” she begged, and I hummed into her, which set her orgasm off.
Her legs tightened around my arms, her toes curled, but it was her face I couldn’t stop watching. Her head fell back to the pillows, her eyes rolled back into her head, and her mouth hung open as if she couldn’t catch her breath. She was fucking stunning as her hands left my hair and gripped the sheets.
Her body shuddered as wave after wave hit her, because I kept licking just to watch her continue to fall apart. She was overly sensitive now, something that made me smirk, dragging my wet lips up her stomach and across her chest to hover over her. I let go of her legs, and she wrapped them around my waist as I dropped kisses to her face. I lowered myself down to my elbows on either side of her head, just waiting for her to come back down to Earth.
When her sweet brown eyes opened, I smiled. “So fucking beautiful. He totally missed out. His loss...”
I thought she’d smile, but she didn’t. She reached for my face, bringing me down for a kiss at the same time her other hand was sneaking between us. Her mouth moved frantically over mine, her tongue seeking, savoring, and it made me moan that she was turned on by the taste of her own arousal.
I shifted forward when her hand rubbed over my now very hard, almost painful erection on the outside of my underwear.
Bella broke away from me, her eyes dark, wanting. “I want you inside me. I don’t want to wait anymore.”
“Fuck, baby. Me, either, but are you sure?” I panted, because I couldn’t tell her no any longer. “I need you to be sure.” I didn’t know why it meant so much, but it did. I’d been an ass for years, but that wasn’t what this was about with Bella. I needed her to know that, to be sure of me, specifically.
“Edward, I’m so sure. Please,” she whispered against my lips. Her eyes stayed open and locked with my own, but the sneaky thing was pushing my underwear down with her feet at the same time. “I”
I studied her face, brushing her hair back. There seemed to be more she was telling me with that simple sentence, but we were such similar people that I was damned certain we were of the same mindset. Or maybe I was just hoping she was telling me that she was willing to accept me – faults, walls, and all.
That thought made me kiss the shit out of her, my feet kicking out of my underwear so that they were now lost in the confines of the bed. Bracing on one hand, I reached for the drawer of the nightstand, pulling out a condom. I wasn’t completely unaware that Jasper had taken the girls to a clinic. I also knew that there was still a possibility that pills or shots or whatever hadn’t had the chance to kick in.
Bella grinned, biting on her lip. “Sure of yourself, are you?”
I chuckled, shaking my head. “No, I stole them from Jasper yesterday. My willpower was failing miserably, baby,” I whispered against her lips as she took the foil packet from me. “It wouldn’t have been long before I just fell at your beautiful feet, begging you.”
“Them? How many did you steal?” She giggled, playing like she was about to take an inventory.
“Bella, please,” I whined.
Sweet eyes gazed up at me. “Sit up, baby,” she ordered, tearing the condom open. I sat back on my heels, and she sat up in front of me, rolling the condom down over me. Before I could push her back, she stopped me. “Edward, he didn’t make me hot chocolate, or hold me after a nightmare, or carry me to bed and tuck me in, or give a shit what I was reading, or make me feel safe, either. And he never...told me I was beautiful.”
The fact that she was reminding me that there was more to us than what was happening inside that bed made me almost mad with want for her. There was more surrounding us than what we’d been through or were about to go through, but both of us were gun-shy people with relationships, and I could see we were just fucking trying. Guiding her gently back, I slid my hand behind her neck, arching her up to kiss her as I settled between her thighs again.
Positioning myself at her entrance, I pressed my forehead to hers. “You’re sure?” I whispered, begging her silently to stop me now if she wasn’t. “Bella, tell me again, please.”
“Edward, I want you. I want you so much,” she urged breathlessly as she pulled me closer, her hips lifting to take me inside.
Fuck, she was hot and wet and tight. I kept my gaze on her face for as long as I could, but when I was fully seated inside of her, my eyes squeezed closed as I held myself still. She felt so fucking good, better than anything I’d ever felt before.
Thunder boomed loudly outside as the storm picked up after a small lull. Bella flinched beneath me, gripping my back and wrapping her legs around me.
“I’ve got you,” I vowed soothingly, pulling slowly out, only to thrust back in just as achingly slow. I wanted to take my time, I wanted to feel every inch of me surrounded by her heat. “I’ll never, ever let anything happen to you. Tell me you believe that,” I commanded, picking up speed. It was all I could offer her as far as promises went.
“Yes,” she hissed, her neck arching, and I leaned into savor that sweet skin with open-mouthed kisses. “Fuck, Edward. More...harder.”
Cupping her ass, I lifted her hips, driving a little more forcefully into her. “Like that?” I grunted, my mouth falling open when she started meeting me thrust for thrust. When she cried out my name, I did it again, nipping at her collarbone, her throat, finally her nipple. Sitting back on my heels, I continued to thrust into her, holding her hips up off the bed. “Or like this?” I asked, wanting to know exactly what it would take to drive her over the edge again, because I was far from done with her.
My thumb sought out her clit again, and her body bowed off the bed, her legs wrapping higher around me. Her heels dug into my ass, telling me she was close again.
“Come, Bella. Give me another one,” I commanded, biting on my bottom lip to control myself from just ramming into her.
Her whimper cut off in the middle of my name as her body gripped mine like a vise. My hand soothed over her stomach as I slowed down to ride out her spasms. She was sweaty and shaking and so beautifully lost to her climax that I almost came at the sight of her.
“Mine,” I whispered, bracing back over her. Suddenly so fucking grateful that this Mike guy was gone, that he knew nothing of Bella Swan, that Marie Brandon would never catch sight of him again. I never wanted anyone to see what I was seeing. No Mikes, no guys in the bars, no cable guys. No one.
Before I knew what she’d done, I was on my back with Bella straddling me, sinking slowly down over me.
“Oh, Christ,” I panted, absorbing the breathtaking view, my eyes raking over her sex-ravaged hair, her perfect tits, and especially where I was disappearing inside her once more. Her body was a ripple of motion, sliding up and down, in and out. She looked ethereal and deadly, wanton and fragile all at the same time as her eyes became heavy-lidded. “You look amazing riding my cock, Bella. I knew you would. But I won’t last long, baby. You feel too fucking good.”
A wicked, evil smile quirked up the corners of her mouth as she bit down on that bottom lip. Leaning back, she braced herself on my thighs, changing the feel of everything and making it that much more intense. I gripped her hips, guiding her, meeting the rhythm that she was setting, and loving that I could drive deeper into her this way.
She sat up straight, her body rolling over mine, but I could see she was chasing one more orgasm. I could feel it in the way her pussy gripped my cock, see it in the way her eyes darkened, the way her breathing changed.
“You want to come again, sweetheart?” I asked, linking our fingers together on both hands.
“I want you to come,” she countered, squeezing my fingers.
Fuck, it was sexy to watch her. She knew just what she wanted and where to grind to send herself over the edge one more time, and I couldn’t help but fall with her. My balls tightened, my legs pushed me hard inside of her, and I fell back to the pillows as I emptied into the condom. Her climax was subtle, almost silent, as mine was loud and feral.
It was a desperate, pleading sound, and it made me sit up, wrapping her around me. I cupped the side of her beautiful yet sated face, my other arm hugging her close as she shuddered almost violently. I brushed kisses across her cheek, her jaw, the tip of her nose, and finally her lips as she tried to catch her breath.
When her eyes opened to meet mine, there was a touch of sadness in them.
“This changes everything, doesn’t it?” she asked in a breathless whisper as her arms snaked around my neck.
I kissed her again, deeply, slowly, trying to slow my heart down, but also trying to show her that she was right. Pulling back, I studied her face. I was suddenly glad that I’d never met her any other way than the way we’d met. I wouldn’t have taken the time to find out just how much more she was other than a pretty face. Now, I couldn’t bear to lose her. Failure was not a fucking option. I’d kill a motherfucker for even looking at her wrong.
Again, the feelings, a familiar word swirled around in my head, kicking at my heart, and I swallowed nervously. I kissed her one more time, because I needed her on a level that scared me. She knew more about me than even some of my family members, and the way she was looking at me made me feel like a god, despite my past, my foul-ass attitude, and my duty to protect her.
“Yeah, baby... It changes everything,” I agreed, shifting out of her and wincing when I removed the condom. I tied it in a knot, tossing it into the garbage by the bed. I settled her under the covers with me, wrapping my arms around her as her head lay on my chest. “But I sure as shit don’t regret a fucking thing.”
Bella smiled against my skin, shifting up so she could press a kiss to my neck. “Me, either.”
Rain spattered against the window in a gust of wind, thunder rumbling long and low. I smiled into the top of her head when she didn’t flinch this time, but merely twitched as she started to fall asleep in my arms, which meant she felt safe, her nightmare long forgotten.


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