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In Pursuit Chapter 16 & Pics

Chapter 16
Bella POV
I sat beside Alice, clutching her hand nervously, as the plane finally leveled off. We’d left Forks at five o’clock in the morning, driving four hours to Portland, where Al had arranged for a helicopter to fly us the rest of the way to the Air Force base outside of Boise. He must have called in all sorts of favors, because while I had no idea what kind of helicopter it was, I did know it was big, black, and scary-looking, and it had gotten us all to the military base in two and a half hours, rather than the eight or whatever it had taken us last time.
It didn’t help that Edward had been pretty much hands-off since leaving the car in Portland. The only time he was touching me was when he was guiding me to and from the car to the helicopter or from the helicopter to the plane. My nerves were already frayed, and I was feeling hot and suffocated from the stupid – but necessary, I knew – Kevlar vest under my hoodie. I’d argued after getting onto the plane that we could take it off while in the air, but Edward had been insistent about leaving it on. I’d tried to fight him on it, but his piercing look had quelled any more protests from me.
Our pilots were the same two that had flown us before, and while I couldn’t have sworn to it, I thought it was the same plane, as well. The woman, Davies, had smiled at us, kind of a warm, friendly, comforting gesture, but had stayed quiet after a simple hello. Iverson had been much more animated, shaking hands with Edward and Jasper and giving Alice and me a big smile and making jokes about the in-flight entertainment and dinner options. Once we’d loaded onto the plane, he’d spoken quietly with Edward and Jasper while Alice and I had buckled in.
“How ya doin’, ladies?” Jasper asked from the bench seat across from us. “Hangin’ in there?”
I nodded, but barely, as Alice did the same.
“Come with me, baby,” Edward said as he unbuckled his seat belt and stood, holding his hand out to me.
Alice squeezed my hand before letting me go so I could undo my own belt, and then I stood and took Edward’s hand.
He led me down the short hall of the plane to the bedroom where we’d had our first kiss. When he’d shut the door behind us, he gestured to the hoodie. “Take that off...”
Raising an eyebrow, I unzipped the sweatshirt and pulled it off.
Edward stepped up and then began loosening the Velcro holding the vest tight around me. The moment he pulled it off, I sucked in a deep breath.
“God, that feels better. That thing is miserable,” I complained, falling down to the edge of the bed.
He dropped it to the floor with my hoodie before sitting down beside me and wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “But necessary,” he reminded me firmly.
“I know, Edward.” I shuddered, feeling my nerves flare again. “Believe me, I remember.”
Huffing, Edward pulled me onto his lap, wrapping me up tight in his arms as I clung to him, fisting the back of his shirt in my hands.
“I’m so scared,” I gasped as I buried my face in his neck and breathed deep. The scent of him, so familiar now, calmed me as nothing else could.
With one hand pressed against the small of my back, holding me against him, the other was in constant motion, soothing as he moved over my hair, my back, my arm...anywhere he could reach.
“Fuck, Bella...”
His curse had come out almost angry, but I pulled back to look at him, I could tell it wasn’t directed at me.
Pressing his forehead to mine, he uttered quietly, “If I could make it all go away, take you away from here and have us as far from New York as I could, I would.”
“I know, Edward,” I whispered, gently kissing him. “This helps, okay? Having you here with me.”
It was true. The longer I was in his arms, the quieter my panic got, until it had become a background noise in my head instead of living, breathing entity inside me.
Soft kisses turned into caresses, and when Edward unbuttoned my jeans and his fingers delved into my panties, finding me soft and wet and needy, he groaned quietly. I bit my lip as he slid first one finger, then another, inside me, stroking me as I rocked my hips. When his thumb brushed against my clit again and again, he swallowed my cries with his lips as he kissed me hard.
“Off,” I gasped, reaching for the button of his jeans.
“Bella, baby, this was for—”
“Please!” I begged, needing to feel him inside me, surrounding me from all sides.
I scrambled off his lap and kicked off my shoes before tugging my jeans and panties down in one movement. By the time I climbed back on Edward’s lap, his jeans and boxer-briefs were around his ankles. He guided me as I lowered myself down on his length, sighing as he filled and stretched me.
He hissed out a curse as I began to move, slowly rocking my hips. With one hand on my hip in a bruising grip, the other moved to my ponytail and tugged, forcing my head back. Then his lips were on my neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses, lightly sucking the skin between his teeth to bite down, and pushing me to the edge quickly.
Edward kissed his way up my neck to my ear, where he whispered, “Come for me again, baby. I want to feel you.”
With his arms holding me, his heavy breathing in my ear, and his cock filling me so deeply, I shattered around him, burying my face in his neck again to smother my cries. My orgasm drew out his own, and he thrust up hard once as I felt his cock jerk and he spilled into me.
“Christ, Bella,” he panted, forehead to forehead again as we tried to catch our breaths. “I so did not plan on doing that when I brought you back here.”
I laughed a shaky laugh. “Are you sorry?”
“Hell no,” he answered immediately, grinning as I giggled.
When we were both breathing normally, I pulled myself off him. Before I could reach down for my clothes, Edward was there, tissue in hand. He said nothing as he gently cleaned up the mess we’d made that had already spilled out to my inner thighs. When he stood, he used another tissue on himself and then tucked his still half-hard cock back into his clothes.
“I’m going to hit the bathroom, and then I’ll be out, okay?”
I nodded, accepting his kiss before he stepped out of the bedroom, pulling the door closed so I could re-dress in private.
For four hours, we talked and watched a movie on the television along one wall. I spent time filling out puzzles in the puzzle books I’d packed and basically tried to not let my nerves get the best of me. But when Edward put down the file he’d been reading and spoke, I felt my stomach knot again and had to swallow down the bile that threatened to rise.
“Let’s talk before we land, ladies,” he said, leaning forward to put his elbows on his knees. When Alice and I nodded for him to go on, he continued. “I know we’ve been over the rules already, but I want to go over them one more time.” He held up his hand when Alice and I both opened out mouths to protest. “Please, for my sake.”
I sighed and sat back, nodding that I understood.
“Vests,” he began, looking pointedly at the Kevlar on the seat beside me and then across at Alice’s, which had also been discarded for the flight. “Before we step out of this plane, both of you will have those on. They will be on any time we step foot outside the apartment.”
“Yours, too, right?” I asked quietly, but firmly. That was one thing Alice and I had agreed on and had put our feet down about.
Edward and Jasper both nodded.
“Yeah, darlin’,” Jasper voiced. “We agreed, remember?”
“Just making sure,” I mumbled, fidgeting in place.
“Second,” Edward continued. “We’ve all memorized the names and faces of the people Uncle Al has in place, so just be aware. Watch out for people you don’t recognize from that list. If you see someone you think shouldn’t be there, point them out to us immediately and we’ll make sure you’re secure before looking into it. Got me?”
Once again, we nodded.
With a sigh, he reached over and took my hand. “Finally... Look, it’s no secret that Bella and I are together now, and same goes for the two of you,” he said, looking over at Jasper and Alice. “As much as I hate to say it, you ladies will have to be prepared for things to change a little bit.”
“Change?” Alice asked, looking between Edward and Jasper.
“The moment we step off this plane,” Edward said, “if we’re around anyone else – be it strangers, lawyers, or other marshals – we are not couples. You two are witnesses, and we are the two law enforcement officers assigned to protect you. Anything more, and things could get very messy for all of us.”
“What private?” I asked, worrying how I would handle sleeping alone during our stay in New York, when my nightmares were sure to be at an all-time high. Edward was the only person I knew would be able to make them manageable at best.
Jasper shook his head. “Not much will have to change in private. As long as it’s just the four of us in the apartment,” he said, stressing the last three words. “Anytime we’re outside that little bubble, it has to be just like Ed said.”
Alice and I both echoed, “Okay.”
“Couple more things,” Edward continued, settling back in the seat and keeping my hand in his. “Captain Iverson spoke with the two of us when we got on the plane, and as long as you ladies are okay with it, he’s arranged for some leave – he’s at the end of his final month of service anyway, so he and Al pulled some strings – and he would like to be one of the guards while we’re in New York. He’ll mainly accompany the four us of anytime we step out of the apartment – whether it be to the meeting with the lawyers or to the courthouse.”
“How’d he know?”
“He put two and two together after flying us out last time, and when Al contacted him about flying us back, he brought up the idea,” Jasper said, answering Alice’s question.
“What do you think?” I asked Edward. “I mean, are you guys okay with it?”
Edward nodded. “Uncle Al trusts him. As long as you’re okay with it, then I’m good.”
I shrugged. “I’m fine with that. I like him. He’s been really helpful.”
“Yeah, it’s fine with me,” Alice agreed.
“Good. I’ll let him know before we leave the plane, then,” Edward said, smiling over at me and squeezing my hand. “Now try to relax. We should be landing soon.”
The next half hour was a blur. I was aware enough to listen when Edward and Jasper helped us put our vests back on and told us to put our hoodies over them and add our baseball caps and sunglasses shortly before landing.
After the seat belt sign was turned off, Edward said, “Stay here with Jasper. I’ll be right back.”
We waited in silence while Edward was gone. Alice and I huddled together on the bench seat as Jasper stood sentry near the door.
Edward came back in a few minutes later. “Okay, time to go,” he said. “There are two marshals outside that will escort us to the apartment. Iverson’s already left with all the bags.”
He motioned Jasper to go first, and then we all followed him down the steps from the plane.
The two marshals were standing by the car – a black SUV that reminded me way too much of the one parked outside my office the night of Eleazar’s murder. Each had a hand on the weapon at their waist, and they were scanning the area around the plane and the SUV.
Edward and Jasper ushered us into the back seats. Jasper and Alice climbed all the way to the back, then Edward and I took the two middle seats. Once we were seated, Edward reached over and banged a fist on the window. The two marshals moved almost as one and climbed into the front seats, then with a turn of the key, we were off, leaving the only place I felt truly safe in New York.
“God, that was a long drive,” Alice grumbled. “I’d forgotten how much of a pain it is to drive in the city.”
I silently agreed, but panic was threatening to overwhelm me, so I kept my mouth shut and concentrated on breathing and not passing out.
It had taken us almost forty-five minutes by the time the SUV pulled up to the apartment building in Chelsea. We were waved right through the gate at the entrance to the underground garage, and I turned to see the long arm lowering back across the entrance.
“For the duration of your stay here,” the marshal in the passenger seat said, “the two men at the garage entrance will always be ours. The regular security has been temporarily reassigned to another building.”
“Thanks,” Edward said, not mentioning that we’d already known that. Al had been sure to include that in his report.
Once the SUV was pulled up to the doors, the two marshals got out first, and then Edward climbed out, motioning for Alice and me.
It was much darker inside the garage than it had been in the SUV, even with the tinted windows, so I stumbled a bit getting out of the vehicle, but Edward caught me and helped right me onto my feet.
“Careful,” he murmured.
Jasper went ahead of us, following the two marshals, who opened a door marked Lobby. Alice and I were behind him, with Edward right behind us.
The only thing that kept me upright and not bolting for the plane back to Forks was Edward’s hand on my shoulder. As it was, I was so scared I could barely breathe, and I was shaking like a leaf.
Edward POV
My hand landed gently on Bella’s and Alice’s shoulders as Jasper followed the two guards up the steps and into the main lobby of the apartment building. I wasn’t sure what I hated more: being back in New York, or the shaking that was going on underneath my hands from the two of them. What comforted me just a little was the feel of the Kevlar vests the girls were sporting underneath their large hoodies. And as promised, Jasper and I were wearing ours, as well. Bella and Alice would have it no other way.
We stepped through the side entrance into a pristine and fairly upscale lobby, where the décor was more sleek and cold than welcoming. However, a simple scan of the area gave me a bit of peace. Iverson had positioned himself at the front security desk, but I could tell without even asking that the doorman out front, the receptionist at the front counter, and the guy slowly approaching were all feds. They were all carrying, too.
Through the front glass doors across the atrium, the streets of the city were busy, but inside the lobby was pretty quiet. A few residents entered, exited, or milled about on their phones, but no one that gave me a bad vibe. It was a pretty expensive area from what I could tell, so the people living there looked distracted, bored, and spoiled.
I took off my sunglasses but left my baseball cap on, and Jasper followed suit. The girls stayed covered up, per our instructions. The large man finally met up with us, giving a quick, solemn nod. I recognized him from Al’s file as Damon Santiago. My uncle had highlighted his name as who we’d consider the head of the security in the building.
“Chambers sent you, right?” he asked softly, and I detected a hint of a Hispanic accent. At our nods, he smiled a bit. “Santiago,” he introduced himself.
“Cullen,” I stated, shaking his hand firmly, only to place mine right back onto Bella’s shoulder.
“Whitlock,” Jasper said, giving him a nod before scanning the lobby like I’d done.
“Let me get you guys upstairs, and I’ll go over a few things, okay?” He turned to the two men that had ushered us inside from the garage, muttering, “As you were,” before leading us to the elevators.
He let the doors close and pulled out a small set of keys, putting one into the panel on the wall. Turning it toward the label “penthouse,” we started to ascend. When the elevator opened again, there were two doors at each end of the hallway.
“Everyone take a deep breath. You’re twelve stories up, and the only way up here is with a key. You have one and I have the other,” he said, smiling softly and patting his front pocket. “You’re in Penthouse Two,” he said, gesturing to the right. “The other one is empty. The owners are currently spending the month in Cabo or some shit. Sorry, ladies.”
Alice smirked and Bella shrugged, both waving him to go on, but they continued to stay quiet.
He unlocked the door and ushered us all in. The place was furnished with warm colors, but there were no personal touches – no photographs, no mail, no magazines. In fact, the place smelled unused and like it had recently been redecorated with new paint, new leather furniture, and new carpet. It gave off a feel of a really expensive, really sleek hotel room.
“Bedrooms are to the left and right,” he instructed, pointing toward two hallways jutting off from the main living room. “There are three, though there is an office with a pullout sofa. You have two bathrooms and one in the hall. There’s the kitchen, which Chambers had stocked for you, and then there’s this...” He walked to the wall, where an intercom system was built in next to the door. “Anytime you need us, this is patched in directly to the security desk. We’ll notify you if someone comes in asking for you, and you can notify us if you have any problems.” He turned to fully face us, leaning against the wall. “Every employee here has been completely checked out. But...” He held up a finger. “Every single member of security is from the U.S. Marshal Service. Some of us are retired, some were brought in on special assignment, but every last one of us are here to keep this place locked down.”
I eyed him for a moment, thinking he looked kind of young to be retired, but a closer look told me he was probably older than he seemed. “Thanks,” I said, giving him a nod.
“Don’t thank me yet. This city’s underground is in chaos,” he stated, placing a hand on his chest. “I’m from the New York office, and it was my team that escorted Caius from county jail to the courthouse for his arraignment. If he’s convicted, we’ll be the ones to transfer him once he’s sentenced from county to whatever state penitentiary they choose. The bastard is calm, cool, and collected, despite the fact that they’re asking for a life sentence.”
I caught movement by the large windows. Bella stared at Santiago for a second before tugging off her sunglasses. Her hat came next, spilling long, dark waves down her back before she faced the window again. I knew the one word she’d caught in that whole explanation was “if.” If Caius wasn’t convicted, then she and her sister could possibly be on the run for the rest of their lives. He’d hunt them down just to teach them a lesson.
Frowning, I shoved my hands into my front pockets to keep myself from going to her. Instead, I turned back to Santiago. “The schedule for the next few days looks pretty tight. Is it still the same?”
“Yeah,” he said, walking to the kitchen counter and grabbing a sheet of paper. “You’ll meet with the prosecution two floors below this one in a separate apartment at nine A.M. starting tomorrow for the next three days. They’ll tell you when the girls are being called to the stand.” He handed me the itinerary. “When you’ve found out the dates they’re going to testify, we’ll figure out the best way to get you downstairs, across town, and inside the courtroom unnoticed. The gentleman that came with you – Iverson – he’ll ride with you every time. He’s military, but Chambers has asked him to shadow you.”
“Unmarked transport?” Jasper asked.
Santiago was shaking his head and smiling. “We’ll have access to a couple of decoy vehicles – some are ours, and some are the calling in of favors. We’ll alternate what we drive to mix shit up.” He grinned, holding up his hand when I started to protest. “Relax. My wife’s brother owns a bakery in Brooklyn. He’s agreed to let me use his delivery van as long as I help him with the roof on his house.”
I snorted. “Fair enough, sir.”
“I’ll let you get settled in. I don’t know if you want to check out the other apartment or not, but I can show it to you,” Santiago offered.
Jasper and I glanced at each other, but his eyes took in the girls speaking quietly across the room.
“I’ll go,” he volunteered.
Jasper followed Santiago out the door, and I turned to the girls. Alice’s panicked expression met my gaze behind Bella’s back.
“Bella?” I called softly, and she spun to me.
“Edward, I can’t breathe with this on!” she panted, clawing at the zipper of her hoodie.
“Okay, okay,” I soothed, sitting on the arm of the sofa but pulling her between my legs. “Relax for me, sweetheart,” I urged her, unzipping her sweatshirt. I pushed it off her shoulders as Alice mumbled something about getting Bella something to drink, but even she was working her way out of her vest in a hurry. “Eyes on me, Bella,” I instructed, ripping the Velcro straps of the Kevlar vest. Dark brown and worried met mine, and I slid the vest off her arms and dropped it to the floor on top of her hoodie. “Better?”
She swallowed and nodded, taking a deep breath and letting it out as she scratched at her stomach over her T-shirt. “I hate being here. I wish we could skip all this.” Her voice was barely a whisper.
“I know, baby,” I whispered back, leaning in to kiss her forehead. “You’re doing fucking awesome, okay? And you’ll do the same in court.” I smiled when her eyes rolled at my words. “You will.”
Alice walked up beside us, handing Bella a cold bottle of water at the same time Jasper walked back in the door. “You okay?” she asked her sister, and Bella nodded back.
I patted the side of Bella’s thigh. “Why don’t you two go pick the rooms you want, okay? We’ll chill out for a bit.”
I watched Alice guide Bella down the hallway, shaking my head a little at how the two worked. Alice was chatty, even though she was just as worried as her sister. Where Bella was usually the calm one, this time, their personalities switched in order to maintain their sanity in the scariest of moments.
The ripping of Velcro caught my attention, and I turned to see Jasper removing his vest.
“She okay?” he asked as I followed his lead and escaped out of my own vest.
I shrugged a shoulder and snatched the cap off my head, gathering up all the clothes and draping them over the chair for the moment just to get them off the floor. “They’re scared to fucking death,” I stated with a grip to my hair, wandering into the kitchen to see just how “stocked” it really was. One glance inside the fridge and cabinets, and I snorted. “Stocked, my ass.”
Jasper chuckled, peering over my shoulder. “There were a couple of places on the corner. Want me to go grab something for now? We can really stock up tomorrow after the meeting.”
“Nah, we’ll keep it simple,” I told him, grabbing the loaf of bread, some cheese, and a few cans of tomato soup. “I guarantee they won’t eat much anyway.”
Jasper agreed and muttered something about checking out the giant TV in the living room while I started to make us all something to eat. I glanced up when Bella walked softly into the kitchen.
“Want help?” she asked.
Grinning, I nodded and guided her to the counter. “Hell, fuck...yes! Come on, Miss I-Make-A-Mean-Grilled-Cheese.” I kissed her neck loudly, smiling when she snickered and squirmed a little. “Did you pick a room?”
“I did. It was a pretty big debate, but the jacuzzi tub won out over scenic view,” she stated firmly, but smirked when I raised an eyebrow at her. “What? Mr. Mean-Gruff-Marshal has never had a bubble bath?”
“Um, not since I was like...five.”
She grinned as she focused on buttering the bread, and it was good to see, considering she could barely speak a few minutes ago. “That will be remedied soon enough, Edward.”
We worked together in the kitchen quietly, all of us opting to eat in the living room on the really large L-shaped sofa. Reality television was voted out, and so was any show featuring crime, law, or courtrooms. That left us with a limited selection of movies on the shelf. We settled on the remake of Ocean’s Eleven, which had something for everyone – humor, action, and Julia Roberts for the girls.
Bella and I took the chaise, but about halfway through the movie, I could tell she wasn’t even looking toward the TV. Instead, her gaze was trained outside, looking over the city as her fingers trailed up and down my arm.
Bending to her ear, I whispered, “You still want that bath?”
At her silent nod, I stood us up, and we bid Alice and Jasper goodnight. The room Bella had decided on was a decent size, furnished with the same modern look as the rest of the house, but the colors were earthy tones – tans, creams, dark browns. The bathroom was a different story. It was natural dark gray stone, a separate shower from the large tub, and bright, shiny fixtures.
There was a part of me that knew we were using this new physical thing between us to distract ourselves from everything scary, everything that probably should be talked about. It was the reason I’d tried to stop her on the plane. I’d only wanted to take away her fear, but it always branched out into more. Always more. It was like no amount of touching, kissing, fucking was enough. But it was damned impossible to focus when Bella turned on the hot water, turned to face me with that dark gaze, and then reached for the hem of my shirt, wrenching it off over my head.
I grabbed her hands when she reached for the button of my jeans and sat down on the closed lid of the toilet, pulling her to stand between my legs. As the room filled with steam from the hot water, I slowly undressed her, not saying a word, but trying to tell her with every touch, every kiss to each newly exposed section of skin, that I just wanted to take away her fears.
I shook my head at the bare beauty that stood before me, but her eyes wouldn’t meet mine. “Bella, look at me,” I said, skimming my hands up and down her sides all the way to her thighs and back up her ribs. Goosebumps broke out over her skin, but she finally looked at my face. “Tell me what scares you. Are you worried about tomorrow?”
She shook her head, swallowing thickly. “Not tomorrow...just... I don’t want to mess up. I want to do the right thing, but it’s...hard. I just really wish it was all over.”
I stood up in front of her, but cupped her face in both hands. “You won’t mess up. All have to do is tell the truth, Bella. That’s all you’re there for.” When she merely nodded, I said, “Get in.”
Stripping the rest of my clothes off, I stepped into the tub, situating myself behind her. The water was warm and her skin slick against my own. I dropped small, soft kisses to her bare shoulders, trying to keep my dick under control, but he was having none of it. Bella was too close and felt too good with her back pressed against him.
“Turn around,” I whispered in her ear.
Once she was straddling me, I picked up the scrubby thing on the side of the tub and the body wash next to it. It smelled just fine, but it wasn’t what Bella normally used. She braced her hands on my shoulders, her fingers trailing over the ink on my upper arm – around the blades and over each scale.
I washed each of her arms, her shoulders, and her breasts, smirking when her nipples peaked high and tight for me.
“For someone who hasn’t had a bath in a long time, you’re doing fine,” she teased with a smirk, stealing the scrubby from me and doing the same thing to me.
I frowned and cleared my throat dramatically. “Well, I can imagine things haven’t changed all that much. The basics essentially stayed the same. Besides, it gives me a chance to touch you. That’s never, ever a bad thing.”
She giggled and rolled her eyes at me, dropping the scrubby in the water and grasping either side of my face. She leaned forward and kissed my lips softly, only to pull back and start scrubbing again – this time, my chest and stomach.
“What was that for?” I asked her, skimming my hands up the outside of her thighs, over her sweet ass that was planted on my lap, and up her back.
“For making me feel safe.” She shrugged a shoulder.
Pulling the scrubby out of her hands, I tossed it aside in order to hug her close. I pressed a slow kiss at the top of her left breast, gazing up at her.
“But you’re still scared,” I guessed.
Her nose wrinkled adorably, and she nodded. “Yeah. That...that other guy today said if Volturi gets convicted. What if... Edward, what if he goes free? What do I do then? What do Alice and I do? I don’t want to move and move and keep moving forever. I just...I can’t do that. It’s killing me to do it this time.”
“Shh,” I breathed against her lips. “You and Alice saw him, heard him. You just have to tell that in court. Lawyers can pull all the tricks they want, try to prove something else, but the truth of the matter is...he killed your boss, Bella.” I pulled back to look her in the eye. “Volturi is surrounded by liars, criminals, and thieves who’ll say anything to keep the money rolling in. You and Alice are squeaky clean – no criminal record, no shady jobs – and you’re risking every-fucking-thing by testifying. The jury will see that.”
“Is that putting too much faith in the system?” she asked bitterly.
“Maybe,” I admitted with a shoulder shrug. “And if it was only one of you, I’d say you’d have a valid point, but having you and Alice stating the same thing, Bella, you’ll only be solidifying the truth.”
She stared at me for an immeasurable amount of time, her sweet chocolate eyes sweeping over every inch of my face, followed by the tips of her fingers. I’d have given anything to have heard her mind at the moment because so very many emotions swept over her face, including fear, want, and sadness.
“I miss Forks,” she suddenly stated.
I grinned, chuckling a little. “You’re the first person in history to ever utter those words. Boring-ass little town,” I teased her, but I knew what she was saying. Since the start of all this shit, Forks had provided a safe haven for the girls, something normal and easy. No one knew we were there, except for Al.
She smiled again, biting her bottom lip. “Edward?”
“Hmm?” I hummed, unable to resist the sweet, wet skin of her neck. Dragging my teeth softly across the soft spot behind her ear, I smiled when she whimpered a little.
“I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” she said, her voice wavering when I bit on her neck again. “This feels like we’re standing on the edge of a cliff and tomorrow we have to jump.”
“What do you want, Bella? Tell me,” I commanded, ghosting my lips across her throat to kiss the other side of her neck. Her fingers threaded into my hair to hold me there, but her body started to shift over me.
I sucked her earlobe into my mouth, scraping my teeth over it. “Tell me where, baby. Tell me how. You want me to take you here in the water? Or out on that bed in there?”
Gripping my hair almost painfully, she urged my gaze to hers. Pressing her forehead to mine, she said, “I don’t care. Just make it go away for now. Please...”
I could only nod. Lifting her up, I helped her out of the tub and stepped out behind her. I took my time drying her off, making sure to rub the sensitive places that made her gasp.
“Edward, please...”
Smiling evilly, I turned her around just to dry off her back to prolong it. “Forget every bit of shit outside of what’s right here, Bella. Focus on what you feel.” Drying myself off quickly, I tossed the towel over the rack and pulled Bella’s back to my chest. “Do you trust me?” I asked softly in her ear, flattening my hands over her stomach, only to cup her sweet tits in my hands. They were heavy, natural, and fit perfectly.
“Y-Yeah. More...”
Rolling her peaks between my thumbs and forefingers, I asked, “Like this?”
“No, more,” she whined, dragging out the word at the same time her ass arched back against my dick.
Keeping a breast in one hand, I slipped the other down to the apex of her legs, tapping lightly on the inside of her thighs. “Spread those legs for me, beautiful. Maybe this is what you want, hmm?” I crooned at the juncture of her neck and shoulder while my fingers teased the outside of her pussy.
Bella’s head fell back to my shoulder, but her own hand reached back between us to wrap her fingers around my aching cock. I stopped her, placing both her hands on the vanity in front of us. Her fiery gaze met mine in the mirror, and I shook my head.
“Not yet, Bella. I can wait for mine, but what I can’t wait for is the sight of you coming around my fingers,” I practically growled into her neck. I bent her slightly at the waist, spread her legs wider, and slipped right back between her folds. “And I want to watch...”
“Fuck, Edward!”
I grinned into the bite to her shoulder, but my eyes stayed on my hand that continued to move between her legs. She was so, so wet, and it wasn’t from the bath. It was slick and hot, coating my fingers as I delved into her pussy with shallow strokes. My thumb teased around her clit, not giving her the pressure that she probably wanted and not touching it directly, which only caused my name to come out of her mouth like another curse word.
“Patience, beautiful,” I soothed her, using my free hand to grasp her hair and wrench her head to the side. “Eyes on the mirror,” I purred against her cheek. Deep, heated brown locked with mine, where the green was almost gone with how badly I was drugged by her. “Do you want to come, Bella?”
She nodded fervently, but her eyes betrayed her, dropping down to where I was inside of her. I curled my fingers just right, reaching that soft spot along the upper wall, my fingers so drenched that I could hear what I was doing to her. My thumb pressed down, causing her breathing to hitch. Her core clenched hard, but before she could truly release, I pulled away.
“Shit,” she hissed, but her hands gripped the vanity counter like it was a lifeline.
“I think...” I started with a falsely innocent tone, soothing her hand with my own and covering her skin with her own arousal. Once it was relaxed again, I pulled it away from the edge of the sink and slid it down to where I’d been touching her. “I think... You should show me how you want it.”
It was the single sexiest thing I’d ever seen, watching her own hand gliding between her legs. I couldn’t decided where to keep my eyes – on her face, which was lost to what was in the mirror, or on her hand, where the muscles rolled under her skin. Giving her nipple a tweak with one hand, I slipped my other down her arm just to feel her fingers working her clit.
“Oh, now, you know you want more than that, Bella,” I chided, tapping her middle finger with my own and pushing it deep inside of her pussy. My thumb encouraged hers by circling where she was the neediest. “That’s much better, don’t you think?” I asked. My dick twitched when I couldn’t help but grind between her ass cheeks.
“So close, baby. Please, please...” she begged, and that only made me harder to hear her pleading for it.
I worked our hands together, curling our fingers inside at the same time that I let go of her breast and gripped her hair again. Forcing her gaze to mine in the mirror, I sucked the side of her neck.
“It feels good, doesn’t it?” I asked her, smiling when she tried to nod but couldn’t due to my grip in her hair. “You want to let it all go?”
She nodded again, her mouth hanging open as she squeezed our fingers inside her.
“When you come, I’m then going to take you just like this. Fuck you from behind so you feel it all fucking day tomorrow. Do you know why?”
“Jesus, Edward,” she panted, her eyes almost black as she shook her head.
“So that every time you move, you’ll feel what I did to you. I want you to remember that. If you’re scared, nervous, or anxious, just cross those perfect legs and you’ll know I’m right...there,” I hissed in her ear at the same time that I forced our thumbs down onto her swollen bundle of nerves.
“Fuck!” she growled, her eyes rolling back as she came hard. Her insides fluttered around our fingers, her clit throbbing.
“Thatta girl,” I praised her, riding out her spasms, but I wrapped an arm around her to keep her knees from buckling. “So fucking beautiful,” I whispered, mostly to myself, as I watched her come undone.
Reaching down, I picked up her leg and set her foot on the vanity, guiding my dick slowly into her slick heat. My forehead fell to her shoulder for a moment, my breathing coming to a halt.
“Sweet Jesus,” I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as I started to move. “I’ve never... Fuck, nothing feels this good.”
That was the goddamn truth. I’d never felt anything like it. It was all-consuming and so very hot and tight. It was the need to possess every inch of her, claim her, mark her as mine, and it was getting closer and closer to the surface of everything. It was like swimming upstream to try to fight it.
Lifting my head, I shifted in order to grip her hips. Both sets of eyes were locked in the mirror to where we were connected. It was sexy and probably the most intimate thing I’d ever done. And that alone started my climax to loom closer. I thrust harder, swiveling my hips in order to hit that spot in her one more time, snaking my hand to her front to touch her.
I didn’t have to tell her to wait for me. She held off. I could feel it as she squeezed around me, hear it in her breathing. And when her head fell back to my shoulder, her face in my neck, teeth scraping my jaw, the burn in my stomach and lower back was too much to stave off.
“Come, Edward,” she commanded in my ear, her heavy breathing sounding so sexy as she let go.
Finally caving, I lost it completely. Pressing my forehead to her temple and pulling her hips back hard as I stilled inside her, I grunted hard. We were still for a moment, our eyes locking in the mirror as we calmed down. Slowly, I pulled out of her and gingerly set her leg back to the bathmat. The need to care for her was overwhelming me at the moment, so I grabbed the towel I’d dried her off with and proceeded to clean her and then myself up. I caught my own gaze in the mirror, and what I saw made my chest ache. My need for her, my feelings, were almost a neon sign in the middle of my forehead.
Scooping her up, I buried that shit down as far as it could go by kissing her on the way into the bedroom. There was a part of me that didn’t give a damn who could see how I looked at her, but the logical part of me knew that it could get us all killed. It would throw up a red flag, and that I couldn’t have. I needed to maintain the public facade. But I was hating it.
As we slid into bed, Bella rolled to face me. “Edward, what’s wrong?”
I swallowed nervously, leaning into her touch...feeding on it. I fucking needed that shit. And suddenly, I realized what Bella had meant earlier. I kissed her nose, cheek, and then lips.
“I miss Forks, too, Bella.”


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