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Pieces of You Chapter 9 & Pics

Chapter 9 – Break In
Cedar Key, FL – December
I discovered that old habits die hard. Despite the fact that Edward had been in my house for what was now a solid twenty-four hours, I still watched him sleep like I used to, bracing myself for the sound of his phone ringing. But it didn’t. And he held onto me almost too tightly.
We’d slept for several hours after we’d gotten back from Joe’s. When we’d woken up, we’d been starving, so after two sandwiches made with leftover Christmas turkey and a shower so long the hot water had run out, we’d fallen right back into my bed, where Edward had taken his time with me.
Trailing a finger over the little dip in his chin and up his sharp, stubbly jawline, I frowned at how Edward had given up everything the second I asked for it. And once again, I felt weak when it came to him. I knew things were different. When Edward proclaimed that he wasn’t here for sex, that he had no intention of leaving me, I saw the changes in him. Before, he was all about the sex, the instant gratification, simply because we’d never been sure when the next time would be, when we’d be interrupted, or just how long we’d have together.
Now we had all the time we wanted, and my mind wouldn’t shut up. I started to wriggle out of his grasp, only to be tugged right back against him. The sensation of skin on skin, his firm hand on my ass, and his erection trapped between us made me moan involuntarily.
“No, I don’t think so, Sunshine,” he rasped sleepily, opening his dark green eyes. “You’ll stay and tell me what has you thinking so fucking hard this damn early.”

I giggled. I simply couldn’t help it. He’d stayed, and he was holding me like I’d disappear into a puff of smoke. It was that last thought that sobered me quickly.
Reaching up, I brushed his hair off his forehead. “It’s unfair of ask you to stay, Edward,” I told him.
His brow furrowed as he propped himself up on his elbow to gaze down at me.
“I left you. How are you not angry at me?”
“I was,” he stated softly, tucking my hair behind my ear. “I was angry. I was sad. I was hurt. But I also knew that I’d repeatedly broken promises to you, Bella, promises I was in no position to make. It took way too long for any of what I’d said I’d do to show any headway. Baby, I was losing you way before Jane’s announcement in the newspaper.”
My nose wrinkled, but it was true. I’d lost faith in him, in us. “I’m sorry...”
“Don’t be,” he whispered against my forehead before pulling back to look me in the eye. “You asked me once how I would feel if the tables were turned. I’ve had time to think about it, and how you lasted as long as you did, I’ll never know, sweetheart.”
“Jane picked the Tribune on purpose?” I asked, pulling the sheet up around me and sitting up beside him.
“She did...or her father did, really,” he stated, rubbing my arm.
I groaned, my face scrunching in disgust. “That’s what you meant...about his ability to ruin me. He’d have gone after my job.”
“Yeah, and then some, Bella,” he agreed with a nod. “My reputation in Chicago is destroyed. No gallery would hire me now. He did that. He and Jane.” He sat up next to me when tears welled up in my eyes. “Baby, that would’ve happened whether you had stayed or not. It wouldn’t have mattered. You need to know that. And I was well aware that it would happen way before you came into my life.”
“I still should’ve come to you...”
He huffed a humorless laugh through his nose, a sexy smirk curling up on his face. “Sunshine, you wouldn’t have believed me. And that’s my fault. I should’ve told you the reason I moved out of the house was that I found Jane with her pregnancy test. That we fought, that as soon as Garrett agreed to the art center, I was filing papers left and right. I thought I was protecting you. I see now that I only made you more suspicious.”
I frowned at him, but thinking back to how I was feeling then, maybe nothing would’ve made a difference. “I felt strung along.”
“I know. And I’m sorry.”
“It’s still unfair of me to ask you to stay, Edward,” I reminded him. “It’s not right. You have family...” My voice trailed off because he was shaking his head the whole time I was speaking, a small smile on his face.
“Do you know I started searching for you the second I realized you’d left?” he asked, and I shook my head no. “I never lied to you when I told you that you’re all I want, that I wanted to simplify my life. I’ve done the second thing, Bella. Now I want the first.” Before I could speak, he pulled me to his lap, forcing my gaze to his with his hands on either side of my face. “You want to stay here? We will. You want to go back to Chicago? We will. But baby, you’re kinda stuck with me.”
Grinning, I looked down at my hands that were gripping the sheets. “I... You... You really mean that.”
“I do.” He nodded one time, brushing a kiss across my cheek. “Sunshine, look at me...” he pleaded softly, and I locked gazes with him. “We’re both guilty...of a lot of things, but mainly not communicating with each other. We were too used to keeping secrets.”
“Yeah,” I sighed, grimacing as I nodded.
“Baby...” he called softly, running his fingers through my hair. “You have to tell me what you want. For so long, I couldn’t give it to you. Now I can. I don’t have to work. And the only commitment I have is to you. Please...just...tell me.” He wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me close and waiting for my answer.
“I... I’m...” I stuttered, relishing his touches. “I’m happy here, Edward. I’m busy here, productive. I get to take my art a little more seriously, and I’m comfortable. It’s small, but the people are good and kind. My mom and stepdad basically gave me the place, and the only thing that was missing...was you.”
He grinned, chuckling sexily. “Problem solved. I’m here. Next?”
Giggling, I shook my head. “Edward, you silly thing...we don’t even know if we can live together without killing each other.”
His laughter shook us both, but he kissed my lips hard. “Don’t care. We’ll find out. I’ll get my own place if I have to.”
“No,” I whined, tilting my head at him. “I want you here.”
“Then I guess you’d better show me around this little town,” he stated seriously. “I’m not going anywhere unless you tell me to.” When I nodded, his face grew serious, dark. “And I think you need to tell me exactly what happened with Peter.”
“Nothing, Edward. I promise,” I sighed, and he laid us back down so that I was facing him as I told him all about Peter, the loss of his wife and unborn child, the daytime date, and the kiss I stopped. I even explained that I’d kept everything about Edward from Peter until Christmas Eve. “I’d been so...wrecked when I first got here, that I was proud that I could be so honest with him. But there’s nothing there. You’re not easy to get over, Edward Cullen,” I stated teasingly, pushing him onto his back and crawling over him.
He smirked up at me, but his eyes were dark, serious as his hands gripped my ass, grinding me down over his erection that was now standing at attention. It was hard, heavy, and throbbing between my legs.
“Is it hypocritical of me to say that I hate that he wants you? That he tried to touch you?” he asked, and I knew that voice. I’d recognize it anywhere. Edward was a physical being, where touching, kissing, and fucking claimed what was his, what he wanted.
“You were married.” I stated dryly, glaring down at him. “And I didn’t even want your wife to touch you. Does that make me a hypocrite?”
“She didn’t touch me.”
“And Peter didn’t touch me.” Leaning down, I pinned his hands on either side of his head. “We have to learn to trust each other again, baby,” I purred, though I was so very serious. It was the truth. “If we’re going to do this, we have to start over...”
“I only want you and me, Sunshine,” he whispered, dragging his tongue along his bottom lip as I sat up. “That’s all I’ve ever fucking wanted.”
“Good,” I said, reaching behind me to take his cock into my hand. “Then we’re definitely on the same page.”
Edward shifted until he was propped up against the pillows and the headboard. His hands were everywhere – cupping my breasts, gripping my ass, and palming my pussy possessively. His cock twitched in my hands, but his eyes raked all over me, drinking me in as he touched. Sitting up in front of me, he removed my hand from his cock, shaking his head slightly.
“No, Sunshine. I’ll come too soon. Let me play with you first,” he whispered, but his voice was deep, raspy, deadly as he slipped two fingers deep inside me.
My breath caught, my fingers clinging to his shoulders.
“Mmm,” he purred in praise, his mouth quirking up on one side as he teased me slowly, never quite allowing his thumb to touch me where I was already throbbing and swollen for him. “You know the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning, baby?”
I shook my head fervently as he leaned me back to arch my breasts up to his mouth. He flicked his tongue around one, only to nip and scrape his teeth over the other one.
“No?” he asked, curling his fingers just right so that I cried out his name. “I thought I was dreaming, Sunshine,” he whispered softly against my collarbone at the same time his thumb swirled lightly over my clit. “I’s not her. I thought it couldn’t be her because she’s way more beautiful than I remembered.” His fingers slowed down, causing my almost-there orgasm to slip away. “Then I thought...waking up with you in my arms was better than I’d ever imagined.”
“Edward,” I moaned, my hips raising up off his lap to search out more, deeper, harder.
“Uh-uh, baby...just wait...” he chided in a sweet warning. “You know why it was better?”
My only answer was a whimper.
“Because you were already so wet, Bella. I could feel it, smell it. It’s something I can’t get enough of,” he explained, pulling me up straight so that we were eye to eye. “Does anyone else make you this wet?” he asked, and suddenly, his touch was gone, his fingers slipping slowly into his mouth as he tasted them.
“God, no...”
“Promise?” he asked, making me shake all over when his tongue swirled around his own long fingers, only to slip almost harshly back inside of me.
“Yes, Edward!”
“When you’re needy, who’s always taken care of this sweet pussy, Sunshine?”
“You.” And fuck, if that wasn’t the truth. No one has ever made me come as hard as Edward could. It was as if he knew exactly what to say, where to touch, how to work my body in order to give it the most pleasure.
Edward’s fingers threaded into my hair at the base of my skull, gripping so that he could bring my forehead to his. His lips nipped at my own as my mouth hung open slightly because his thumb was finally where I needed it the most.
“And then I thought...I want to wake up with her every-fucking-day just to find out if she’s always that damn wet... For me.
The burn in my stomach intensified, the coil that was wound so tight it was almost painful finally snapped, and my fingers gripped poor Edward’s hair almost too hard, but he merely grunted when I came hard on his hand – so hard that I could feel the wetness on his palm, the inside of my thighs, and his cock.
I could barely acknowledge the fact that I was suddenly on my back with my head at the foot of the bed. Edward had moved so suddenly that it took my breath away, not to mention I was still seeing stars.
“Every-fucking-day, Sunshine. Just you and me. Okay?” he asked, his cock just barely inside me as he held my legs in the crooks of his elbows.
I placed my palms flat on either side of his face. The Peter situation was bothering him. I could see the jealousy practically radiating out of him. It didn’t matter that I’d turned the guy down. It didn’t matter that we’d just spent the last twenty-four hours talking, reconnecting, apologizing, and loving each other. To Edward, it just didn’t matter. And I knew that I would never question where his loyalty lay again.
“Every day, Edward...” I vowed, and the only sound that could be heard was our joint moans as he slipped inside of me.
“Edward, stop!” I cried out in hysterics as he pinned me down on my sofa.
He’d been there now for a few days, and we’d hardly fought at all. It was such a change that it didn’t seem real. Then again, most of our fights back in Chicago had been about Jane.
“Baby, I don’t have choice!” I tried to reason, but his weight on top of me kept me from moving. “I have work to do!”
I could feel his grin against the skin of my throat, but his chuckle vibrated all over me. It made me squirm – and not because he was tickling me. His fingers stopped torturing me, but his hands gathered my wrists and held me captive.
“Can I come with you?” he asked, but his deadly sexy tone was laced with a touch of unease.
“Of course,” I said, grinning up at him. “I thought you wanted to see this tiny-ass town.”
His brow furrowed a little, but he nodded. “I do. Where are we going?” he asked, sitting up and tugging me with him.
“Well, there’s Sea Breeze – I have new shots for Mrs. Cope. I need to drop off my memory card to Victoria at the paper so she can post the Christmas pictures. And I need to at least call Jessica to let her know that I haven’t developed what I’ve taken for her yet.” I ticked all these things off on my fingers. “And I should stop and see Alice...” My voice caught in my throat because the sound of his phone rang loudly from the kitchen counter.
It was such a deja vu moment that an involuntary shudder racked my frame.
“Whoa,” Edward whispered, grasping each side of my face gently. “Where’d my happy girl go? That’s... Hey, Sunshine...that’s not her. It’s probably Emmett. I texted him to call me when he was out of his meeting and at lunch with Rose.”
I swallowed thickly, nodding at the same time as he quickly got up to answer it, but not before showing me a picture of his brother grinning like a loon on the screen.
“Hey, Emmett,” he answered it, putting the phone on speaker and setting it down on the coffee table in front of us. Edward’s sexily raised eyebrow at me wasn’t to reprimand, but to prove there were no more secrets.
“Yo, bro!” a masculine voice sang loudly over the phone.
I couldn’t help but lean over and kiss Edward’s cheek. “Sorry,” I breathed in his ear.
“Don’t be,” he whispered back, holding me close, but turning his attention to the phone. “Hey, I need you to do me a favor...or...well, a few favors, actually.”
“Aw hell, what?”
“I need you to go to my house, pack up my laptop and a few other things to ship to me overnight, shut off the power, and lock the place down,” Edward told him, his eyes on me as he twirled my ponytail around his hand.
Emmett was quiet for a moment, but his reply was softer, not so booming. “You... You’re not coming back, are you?”
“Not permanently, no.”
“I take it all went well with the girl, Ed?” he asked with a laugh.
“Yes,” he answered his brother, though his eyes were on me. “However, I think I owe Rose a thank you.”
I let out a giggle, simply because I couldn’t help it.
“Oh, she’s there! Hi, I’m Emmett – Edward’s younger, hotter brother,” he introduced himself, making Edward roll his eyes.
I snorted into a loud laugh, standing up from the couch. “No, I sincerely doubt that. But it’s nice to meet you anyway. I’m Bella.” I leaned over to kiss Edward’s forehead, shaking my head at his shit-eating grin. “And tell Rose I said hi.”
“Will do,” Emmett answered me happily as I silently indicated to Edward that I was going to get dressed.
Edward nodded and picked up his phone, switching off the speaker. I could hear him talking from the bedroom. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he and Emmett had grown closer, that despite the fact that Edward was older, he respected his baby brother. He listed off a few things he needed shipped down, but his tone was a little rougher toward the end of the conversation.
“No, I know I have to talk to them. No, I’m not asking you to do it. And I’m pretty sure Mom knew it would happen,” he rattled off. “Emmett...just wait! Hi, Rose.”
He sounded defeated when he said that, so I finished putting on my sneakers and walked back into the living room.
“What am I supposed to do, Rose?” he snapped, gripping his hair as he paced in front of my window. “She asked me to stay...and I can finally give that to her. I want to be with matter where that is. And it’s not like I have to be back. There’s nothing there for me. You know that! Emmett knows that!” He paused, his hand falling from his hair down to his side, but he shoved it into the front pocket of his jeans. “I know he’s upset. And I have every intention of telling Mom and Dad, but I won’t lose her again. I can’t. If she wanted to move to Alaska and live in a motherfucking igloo, I’d do it.” His grin was funny, but even funnier was Rose’s laugh that I could hear over the line.
He heard my stifled giggle and spun to smile at me while still talking to Rose. “No, she’s great. Here.”
He held out his phone, and I took it. “Hey, Rose.”
“He sounds...better,” she teased in my ear. “I’m glad you guys are okay.”
“Getting there, for sure,” I told her, leaning into Edward’s kiss to my head before he left the room. “Will he and Emmett be okay?” I asked softly.
“Bah, they’ll be fine. Emmett, despite the fact that he gives Edward shit, looks up to his brother. Always has. We’ll just vacation in Florida,” she sang, making me smile. “Often,” she tacked onto the end.
Laughing, I said, “Thanks, Rose. Really.”
She chuckled. “Just...take care of him. He was a little fragile there for a while. And what Emmett isn’t considering is the fact that it’s kind of a good thing you two are gone. The media is still buzzing. Jane is due in a couple of months, and that’ll just open up all the bullshit all over again when the custody battle starts.” She sighed deeply. “But that’s not even the point. Marcus would be...vengeful. And you two need time...away from it all.”
“Long vacation,” I stated, smiling when she laughed at what she’d originally told me.
“Exactly. Now...go be in love. I’ll calm Emmett down, make him see it my way. But Edward does need to talk to his parents.”
“He’s not the only one,” I sighed, knowing I needed to call my mother, especially since Edward was staying.
“Oh,’re on your own...”
I was still grinning when I ended the call with her, but warm arms slipped around me from behind. “She makes me laugh,” I told Edward, leaning back against him. “She’s...”
“Different,” he snorted. “I know.”
“No...real,” I corrected, turning in his arms, but I grabbed his hand to tug him to my table when he scoffed. “Look...” I rummaged through my stacks of pictures, pulling out the night of the art show. “Do you even know the power that surrounded you?”
“Bella, I don’t want to look at those,” he hedged, but I didn’t let him get away. “Every-fucking-thing fell apart that night.” He crossed his arms over his chest petulantly. “I know, okay? But they aren’t all like Jane. In fact, she was the different one. I want you to meet them. They’re family and friends.”
“Edward, you know a Golden Globe winner,” I stated dryly about Garrett, laughing when Edward rolled his eyes.
“He should’ve won the Oscar, too,” he added with a grin. “But he uses that damn statue like a fucking paperweight. Bella, he’s just...Garrett. He likes beer and football and old sports cars. He’s been in love with the same girl since tenth grade.”
“Seriously?” I asked with a giggle.
“Yeah.” He sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I’m glad you like Rose. And yeah, she’s different, but she’s more like everyone else I know.”
“And your parents?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
“They want me happy.”
“You have to tell them, Edward,” I whispered, frowning at the mere possibilities of how that conversation would go.
“Does your mom know about me?” he countered, raising that same eyebrow up at me.
I winced, shaking my head. “Not exactly,” I mumbled, looking away from him.
He chuckled, which caused my gaze to snap to his. “I will when you will...” he sang with a sexy, crooked grin, stalking forward, and I backed up slowly. Before I could get away, I was scooped up in his arms. “Enough. We’re taking our time, Sunshine, okay?” he whispered against my cheek. When I nodded, he smiled and kissed me. “Good. have places to go? People to see?”
“Yes!” I squealed when it felt like he’d drop me, but really, he set me gently on my feet.
The first stop was the paper, where poor Victoria wasn’t prepared for Edward. I sometimes would pop in with Alec in tow, but when she realized the person with me was not a nine-year-old little boy, she’d tripped over her own two feet walking to me. It didn’t help that he was perfectly polite and stayed in the background as we spoke, looking casually delicious in jeans and a dark gray sweater. Victoria may have been fifty-something, but she wasn’t blind.
Sea Breeze was empty when we walked in. Mrs. Cope glanced up when the little bell chimed at the door, but she did a double-take when she saw Edward walk in with me.
“Isabella,” she greeted, patting the top of her counter. “How was your Christmas? What did Santa bring you?” she asked teasingly as she shot me a wink and held out her hand to Edward.
I snorted, shaking my head. “It was good. Shirley Cope, this is—”
“Edward Cullen,” she finished for me, giving me a smirk when Edward’s eyebrows shot up high into his hairline. She chuckled, shuffling through a few stacks of papers on her counter, only to slap down an art magazine. “I’m not psychic. Just...well read.”
Edward laughed, pulling the magazine closer. It was the one Rose had shown me about the art center.
“How’s that going?” she asked him, and he smiled wistfully.
“Amazingly well,” he replied with an animated nod. “It runs itself, really. I’ve stepped down as an active participant; I’m merely on the board now. The director, James, has added more opportunities than I’d ever really imagined. The kids are getting so much more than I’d anticipated.”
My brow wrinkled when I glanced over at him, and I wondered for a moment if he wouldn’t miss it. The kids, teaching...Sarah in particular.
“And Sterling Gallery?” she asked, tapping the article.
For the first time, Edward looked uncomfortable, but he took a deep breath, steeling his gaze. “I relinquished my position at Sterling to my ex-wife.”
He knew. He knew that she knew more about him than I’d ever guessed. I’d underestimated the sweet woman that had fallen in love with my photographs. She’d had to have Googled my work in Chicago, which would’ve led her to the article on Edward and his work at Sterling with the kids. Edward’s name alone would’ve brought up all sorts of headlines concerning the divorce.
I glanced between them for a moment. Mrs. Cope’s gaze was sharp on him, and I shifted uncomfortably, but Edward’s warm, soothing hand landed on my shoulder.
“What brings you here?” she asked, like she knew the answer already.
“Bella. I’ve left the rest of that behind,” he told her softly, giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze.
“Fair enough,” she said cheerfully, eyeing his hand on me. “Welcome to Cedar Key, Edward.”
He smiled a heartbreakingly adorable smile, which included a bit of color to his cheeks. “Thank you, ma’am.”
Narrowing my eyes on Mrs. Cope, I sighed, dropping a few photos on her counter. She ignored my pointed glare, and Edward gave my shoulder another squeeze before walking away to look around the little shop/gallery.
She went about separating my pictures like she always did, but glanced up to see Edward toward the back of the room. He’d already spotted and was rifling through my work that was on display. I shook my head, but turned back to Mrs. Cope.
“Your work has always been too good for this place, Isabella,” she said softly enough Edward couldn’t hear. “Forgive me for being a nosy old woman.”
“How long have you known?” I asked in the same low tone, smirking up at her.
“Since you brought me your first stack of pictures,” she answered, jerking her chin toward Edward. “He could’ve made you famous.”
“Probably,” I allowed with a shrug. “He tried. I wouldn’t have it. I didn’t want famous. And I didn’t want to use him.” What I didn’t say was that there had been enough using of him by Jane.
Mrs. Cope smiled, patting my hand. “These are good,” she finally said, tapping my photos. “I’ll take them all. These two...I’ll frame.” She held up a picture I’d taken of the docks lit up at night and one of a full moon over the water. “But I’ll have them enlarged...”
I giggled. “Of course you will,” I sang, started to walk away from her. “Tell Sam I said hello.”
“Isabella...” she warned, dragging my name out, but I only grinned at her.
I joined Edward, who was wandering slowly around the room. “Ready?” I asked, but he glanced down at me and then pointed to the wall.
“Sunshine...this is... Baby, this is some of the best work I’ve seen from you,” he stated in awe, and I smiled up at him. “How are you not...everywhere?”
Laughing, I stood up on my toes to kiss his cheek. “’Cause I don’t want to be ‘everywhere.’ I’m happy right here.”
He blinked a few times and kissed my forehead. “Right here?” he asked, wrapping an arm around my waist.
“Yup.” I sniffed, studying his expression that I couldn’t quite read. “You wanted simple. It doesn’t get any more simple than this, Edward. Is that... I mean, can you deal with this? What I’m asking is...won’t you miss teaching your kids, miss your family, Chicago in general?”
He snickered softly, shaking his head. “I’ll occasionally have to fly back for the art center, but... I need you. I’ll miss the kids, but I’ll see them when I go back every now and then. My family, too. And no, Sunshine, I don’t miss Chicago. Trust me, Chicago won’t miss me, either.”
I could only nod or I’d probably kiss him stupid right there in Mrs. Cope’s shop. Instead, I linked our fingers together and started to tug him toward the door.
Turning toward Mrs. Cope, I waved. “See you later.”
“Bye, sweetie,” she called, looking up from the magazine still lying on the counter. “Hey, Edward,” she said, holding up the article of the art center. “Think you could do it again?” she asked him.
His face grew serious, but he nodded. “Yes, ma’am. What were you thinking?”
She sighed, but leaned on the counter. “The public schools are slowly removing art from the classroom. I was thinking of doing something like art classes here...I just never had the time.” She glanced down at the magazine. “It’s not...there wouldn’t be special needs children, though there are a couple, but I’m talking just local kids. I’m not asking you to do much, but I’d love to talk to you about it, what steps I’d need to take.”
Edward’s face was the essence of professionalism at the moment as I watched him think it over.
“Yeah, umm...absolutely,” he finally agreed. “You might need a bigger facility.”
“I know.” She smiled, waving us on. “Go on...come see me after the first of the year. Once you’re settled in, I’ll show you what I’m thinking.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a chuckle. “I’d be glad to help where I can.”
The bell on the door chimed as we stepped outside in the cool air, but the sun beamed down brightly on us.
I smiled up at Edward. “You’re gonna help her?”
He grinned like an excited kid. “Guess so,” he chortled, shrugging a shoulder. “I mean...we’re staying, right?” he verified, and I nodded hesitantly. “Then...yeah. Why not? It’s what I’m good at.”
Giggling at his excited attitude, I squeezed his hand, only to pull it back when my phone rang in my pocket. Looking at the screen, my heart constricted, but I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.
Edward saw who it was and was watching me closely. I could tell he was nervous, that he was waiting for my decision, but with how things were going and his complete dedication to staying, it was time to accept facts.
“Guess I get to do this first,” I mumbled as Edward kissed my temple, and then I swiped my finger across the screen to answer the call. “Hi, Mom.”
“Bella-boo, how was your Christmas?” she asked cheerfully over the line.
Locking gazes with my concerned Edward, I said, “It was good. I’m glad you called, Mom. There’s something I need to tell you...”


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