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In Pursuit Chapter 28 & Pics

Chapter 28
Bella POV
I laughed as Edward rushed me up the stairs, his hands on my ass holding me tight against him. My legs were wrapped around his waist, my arms were around his neck, and I buried my giggles into his skin as I held on tight.
“Christ, Bella,” he panted, nearly tripping on a step when I opened my mouth and sucked in the skin just below his ear. “Baby, wait.”
“Mm, I don’t wanna.” I blew softly across the damp skin, and his hands tightened on my ass in reaction.
“Fuck,” he growled, finally turning into what I assumed was his bedroom.

When his hands loosened their hold on me, I unwrapped my legs and slowly slid down until my feet were on the floor.
Trailing a single finger down his chest, I stopped at the waist of his jeans, dipping my fingertip inside. “As hot as you look right now,” I purred, making a show of looking him over from head to toe, “I’d much rather these came”
I popped the button with one hand, moving to lower the zipper, but Edward stopped me with a hand over mine.
“Wait, beautiful.” When I looked up at him, he reached down and cupped my face. “Baby, what’d you mean about me being ignorantly sexy?”
Shaking my head, I leaned in and kissed his chest, my fingers still working the button of his jeans, even as his hand was trying to stop me. “We can talk later,” I murmured against his skin before placing an open-mouthed kiss to his chest, near his new tattoo.
Edward groaned and pulled me away, trapping my arms to my sides as he looked down at me, his eyes a deep, dark color. “Talk to me, Bella, please. I want this as much as you do, trust me, but I...” He huffed, shaking his head.
The pleading look finally cut through the haze of desire that had clouded my head. Realizing he needed to hear what I’d been thinking, I nodded and moved back to sit down on the edge of the bed, crooking my finger to get him to follow. I kicked my sneakers and socks off and then turned to face him as he sat down beside me, angling his body so we were face to face.
Taking a deep breath, I said, “You deserved that apology from her, Edward. She owed you that. You know that, right?”
He shrugged, his brow furrowing. “I guess, but it wasn’t my priority at the moment. I was helping Emmett, but I needed to fix this,” he answered with a gesture between us. “She was just...there.” Again, he shrugged it off.
“And I’d be willing to bet Emmett was calling you because he thought you needed to see her, see what she’d become, for closure,” I told him, focusing on the dark ink that now covered the space over his heart.
“Emmett’s not that complex,” he said with a chuckle. “He was probably thinking I’d wanna see Karma kicking her ass. And it was.” He grasped my chin, forcing my gaze to his. “Bella, I didn’t need closure.”
I took a deep, shuddering breath at the raw honesty in his voice. “I know,” I whispered, nodding a little and wanting so badly to touch the new ink, my ink. “You’d already let her go. You’d marked yourself permanently – for me – before seeing her again after all this time. You’d been so angry at her, hated her. Your hatred was as deeply a part of you as the ink you put on your back. You’d carried her around like a burden for years, but suddenly, it was just...gone. How’d you put it? You felt nothing.”
“Because what I felt for her back then? Bella, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I feel for you, what I’ve probably felt since I met you,” he stated urgently, like he was still trying to convince me. “Baby, I don’t want her apology. She’s messed up, and she’s always been that way. All I want is you.”
I smiled and kissed his lips. “And that’s what makes you ignorantly sexy, Edward.”
He still looked slightly mystified, which made me giggle.
“You love me,” I told him simply, feeling my heart squeeze in my chest at the words.
All confusion left him, replaced with a calm assurance and fierce look of love. “I do,” he said. “I’m sorry it took me so lon—”
I interrupted with a shake of my head. “No more apologies, Edward.” I pulled my T-shirt off, leaving me in my jeans and lacy pink bra. “Just show me.”
His chest rumbled as I reached back and unclasped the bra, tugged it down, and dropped it off the side of the bed. When my fingers moved to the button of my jeans, he shook his head and reached out to stop me.
Before I could beg or whine or question why, he brushed my hands away and popped the button himself. “I wanna do that. Lie back, baby,” he ordered, using one hand to gently push at my shoulder.
A feeling of anticipation coursed through me as I scooted back on the bed, reclining on my elbows behind me so I could watch him. The rasp of the zipper was loud in the otherwise quiet room, heightening the already-delicious tension. When his fingers hooked into the sides of my jeans, I lifted my hips so he could draw them down to my thighs and off past my feet, dropping them to the floor somewhere as he kept his gaze trained to the damp triangle of fabric at the apex of my thighs.
“I can see how wet you are,” he murmured, reaching out and tracing a line up the middle of my cloth-covered center until his finger rested oh-so-close to where I wanted his touch. “Is this all for me?”
I nodded, whimpering as he tapped his finger, feeling it directly on my clit, even through the cotton.
“Pretty in pink,” he said in a teasing lilt, “but I know something else that’s pretty and pink.” Then he hooked his fingers on the sides and drew the panties swiftly down and off, his gaze never once leaving me as his hands moved to my thighs to keep my legs still, as if he was worried I would close myself off from his view.
I had no desire to hide myself from him. He made me feel beautiful and sexy, and I wanted nothing more than for him to see me, to touch me.
“Edward, please,” I begged when he didn’t move.
“Oh, beautiful,” he sang softly. “I’ve told you before. You never have to beg.”
When he slid a long finger through my damp curls, tapping my clit, a shudder wracked my frame.
“Look at this pretty pink pussy, so wet for me. I wanna taste you, Bella.”
I nodded almost frantically, unable to draw enough breath to speak.
Edward situated himself between my thighs and dipped his head, and I jolted when I felt his tongue trace a line from the bottom of my slit to the top, circling around my clit. “Mm, perfect.” He gave a lip-smacking grin as he looked up me, all heat and fire and wickedness in his eyes.
He leaned back down and continued to lick and suck at me, drawing my lower lips into his mouth and nibbling gently, teasing the tender skin. His tongue slid between my folds, tracing my entrance before dipping inside. Edward moaned, and I felt it throughout my body, my insides clenching as the vibrations hit my clit.
My breaths came out stuttered as he slid two fingers inside me and dipped his head again. I gasped, reaching down to grip his hair as he curled his fingers, stroking them slowly as he wrapped his lips around my aching clit, using his tongue to tease and taste me. When he sped up the movement of his fingers inside me and gently scraped his teeth over my clit, the coil that had been stretching tighter and tighter inside me finally snapped, and I cried out as I came, squeezing his fingers and making him growl as he pressed one last kiss to my now very sensitive clit.
Before I could fully come down from my orgasm, Edward was up and off the bed, shedding his jeans and underwear in one smooth movement, and then he was back over me, dipping his head for a kiss as he settled between my thighs. I could taste myself on his lips, and while it wasn’t something I particularly liked the taste of, knowing it was there because he’d licked and sucked and fingered me until I came made it incredibly fucking sexy.
I didn’t miss the flinch he gave when he pulled away and positioned himself at my entrance, and I knew his new ink was bothering him.
“Wait,” I said before he could move.
He froze, raising an eyebrow. “Bella?”
Grinning, I motioned for him to move. When he pulled away, I sat up, pushing gently as his un-inked shoulder. “Lie back.”
He must’ve realized my intention, because his eyes darkened further and he nodded, quickly lying back on the bed against the pillows. Then he held out a hand, and I took it, using my free hand to guide him inside me.
Fuck, there was nothing more sexy than watching Edward from this position. Every time I moved my hips, his long eyelashes fluttered, like he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. When I purposely clenched around him, he groaned. And when I reached behind me and stroked him, teasing his balls, he hissed a curse through gritted teeth and bucked his hips.
Leaning forward again, I braced my hands on his stomach, well below the fresh ink, and began to ride him harder. I wanted so badly for him to come, to see and feel him as he fell apart. When he began thrusting up to meet my hips and his fingers tightened on my ass as he helped move me above him, I knew he was close. I squeezed my inner muscles around him, and that was all it took. With a gasping cry of my name, he spilled himself inside me, his thrusts faltering before he pulled me down to claim my lips in a searing kiss through our heavy breaths.
“Christ,” he muttered as I carefully lifted off him to then curl against his right side. He chuckled before saying, “Five days is too fucking long, I swear.”
I laughed against his chest as he held me close.
Several minutes later, while we were still trying to catch our breath, my stomach let out a rumbling growl.
Edward chuckled. “When’s the last time you fed that monster, baby?”
Shrugging, I said, “I had some toast this morning.”
Edward pulled himself up to an elbow to look down at me. “Is that it? The only thing you’ve eaten all day?”
I nodded, frowning. “I was too nervous this morning to eat much, and I...wasn’t hungry at lunch.”
Some emotion flashed through his eyes, too quick for me to register, before all I saw was determination. “Come on, then, woman,” he said, his hand tickling my side. “Dinner’s all ready to reheat. You need to eat now so you’ll have energy for later.”
When I looked at him curiously, he waggled his eyebrows playfully, making me laugh as I climbed off the bed.
I plucked a mushroom from the plate and popped it into my mouth, humming at how good it was. “You can tell your mom it was a success,” I said after I swallowed. “This is really yummy.”
Edward looked proud as he twirled a piece of pasta around on his fork and took a bite, humming his agreement.
As dinner had reheated in the microwave, I’d told him more about my first day of work, about how different it was, but how I thought I’d enjoy it. He’d been full of questions about the people and what the job actually entailed, and he’d listened with rapt attention as I’d told him everything, including how I’d actually run into his dad on the way into work.
Now I was debating if I wanted to ask more about the days he’d spent away from me – whether I wanted to ask about the fugitive chase or Maggie, I wasn’t sure. Finally, I decided on the safe option.
“Where’d you finally find the guy you were chasing? Jasper really didn’t talk much with me about it – or...I guess I didn’t really talk to him much about it,” I said with a shrug.
Edward snorted, picking up his glass of wine and taking a sip before answering. “The dumbass went back to his old cabin.” He shook his head as I laughed. “I’m not sure who’s more stupid, though. Him for thinking he’d be safe, or me for not thinking of it sooner – and it wasn’t even me that thought of it.”
I shrugged. “You got him, though. That’s the important thing, right?”
“Yeah, but not before he had a chance to grab the girl.” He scowled. “The bastard got off easy with a bullet to the leg.”
“Hey,” I said, reaching over to place my hand on his. “You got him before he had a chance to do more than scare her. She’s fine, remember?” I’d asked Jasper at least that much after he got to the house on Friday, so I knew she was. “You talked him down long enough to get the drop on him, and you’re the one that insured her safety. Don’t forget that part.”
He was quiet for a minute, and I started to think that bringing up the subject of the capture was a bad idea, but then he snorted into a laugh. “Get the drop on him, B?” He shook his head as I giggled. “You’re right. We got him before he could hurt anybody, and that’s what matters.”
We ate in silence for a few minutes, and then he reached over and squeezed my hand. “Thanks, Bella.”
“For what?” I couldn’t think of what I’d done that needed thanking for.
He shrugged. “For not letting me beat myself over the head about it and for reminding me that it ended well. Before you...” He snorted, finishing off the rest of his wine before replying. “I’d have been pissed off at myself for days, if not longer, and I’d have taken it out on everyone around me. It helps to have you to talk to about this shit. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do that, to share with you about the job and not have it scare you or whatever.”
“You can always talk to me,” I said, getting up and sliding into his lap. “Just like I know I can come to you with anything I’m worried or upset about.” Running my fingers through his head, I scratched lightly at his scalp, smiling when I felt him relax under me. “That’s how this relationship thing works, okay?”
He nodded, kissing my lips lightly. “Now eat, baby. You need your strength because I’m not nearly done with you yet.”
I laughed and moved back to my seat, picking my fork back up and doing as he’d instructed.
Tuesday morning dawned way too early for my tastes. Edward and I had crawled back into bed after dinner the night before, only coming out when Alice called to check in – calling Edward’s cell phone when she couldn’t reach me on mine, which was still downstairs – and to get something to drink around ten. The clock had hit midnight before my eyes had finally closed. Edward had woken me at two thirty, pressed up against me from behind as he teased my nipples into hard little nubs. I’d barely been fully awake before he was sliding inside me, bringing me to completion with his fingers on my clit before coming himself. Then I’d woken at just after five, reaching out to him after a dream that had left me breathless and aroused.
“Damn,” I groaned as I climbed out of bed. “I may walk around like a cowboy all day today.”
Edward laughed. “I’d say I’m sorry, beautiful, but...”
I snorted. “You’re not.”
“I’m definitely not,” he said unashamedly, smirking proudly as he climbed out of bed.
“You”—I poked his chest—“stay right there, mister. You need more sleep. I need to get home so I can shower and put on clean clothes before work.”
“Baby, let me drive you—”
Shaking my head, I said, “I’m good, Edward. I promise. I’ll text you at lunch, okay?”
“Okay, but at least let me walk you out.”
I pretended to think about it as I pulled my T-shirt over my head. Then I sighed a put-upon sigh to tease him and said, “All right. If you must.”
He grabbed his jeans and pulled them on, handing me my socks and kneeling down with my shoes in his hands. Once the socks were on, he helped me into the shoes and tied them before standing back up and holding out his hand.
When we got downstairs, I grabbed my purse from the living room and dug out my keys while Edward went into the kitchen.
“I’m leaving,” I called out when he didn’t reappear right away.
“Wait up, B.” He came out of the kitchen and moved to meet me at the door. “Here, baby. I got you something yesterday.”
When he held out his hand, I saw two keys on a little keyring shaped like a calculator.
“I wasn’t sure...I mean, I got them just in case. You don’t have to keep ’em if—”
I stopped him with a kiss, tears welling in my eyes. “Thank you,” I whispered against his lips. He and Jasper already had keys to our house, but that he’d wanted to give me copies of his house keys meant a lot. Especially since he’d had them done before I came over and we’d talked.
He smiled, reaching up to cup my cheek. “Come over after work, okay? And bring clothes for tomorrow.”
Nodding, I kissed him again and then opened the door. “I’ll text you at lunch. Get some sleep, Edward.”
Shrugging, he said, “I might. Just planning to bum around the house today, maybe get a run in, too, since it’s been a while.”
“Good.” I smiled, pocketing the keys he’d given me. “Love you, but I gotta go. I need to shower so I don’t smell like sex all day.”
Edward laughed. “Love you, too – and I wouldn’t mind you smelling like sex all day. Just sayin’.”
I snorted and shook my head, stepping outside. “I’m sure you wouldn’t,” I teased, giving him a finger wave as I made my way across the porch to the car.
He was still standing in the doorway watching as I backed out of the drive and took off.
I knew Alice would already be getting ready for work, so when I stopped at the stoplight, I quickly texted her and said I was on my way home to get ready. She replied almost immediately that she would be waiting to hear all the details.
Laughing, I put my phone away and waited for the light to turn green.
Edward POV
The shrill ring of my phone dragged me out of sleep, and I snatched the damn thing up without even bothering to look at who it was. Once Bella had left, I’d crashed back out on my sofa in front of the TV.
“Cullen,” I grunted, rubbing my face.
“Hey, son,” my dad sang on the other end. “Just checking on that hand. Any better?”
I eyed it, flexing my fingers and then making a fist. The long scratch was tender, but not unbearable. “Yeah. No, it’s great, Dad. Thanks. It’s a shit-ton better. No more swelling.”
“Oh, good,” he said, and then his voice was muffled as he muttered instructions to someone. “And the girl?” he asked with a chuckle.
I grinned. “Bella.”
“Yeah. Did she call?”
“As a matter of fact, she did,” I sang proudly, sitting up on the couch. I grabbed the remote for the TV and shut it off. “I’m seeing her again tonight.”
As far as this topic was concerned, I figured...fuck it. The ground work could start now. He’d seen me talk to Bella, seen what he’d thought was me giving her my number, so we could certainly go with the fucking flow. But that also meant that Jasper and I needed to have a long talk with each other and the girls. It also meant Uncle Al needed to know.
Again? Really?” my dad asked, sounding surprised.
I rolled my eyes and rubbed my face again. My reputation was going to be an uphill battle. “You saw her, right? She’s gorgeous.” I grinned at his chuckle. “And she’s new there, so don’t you go using all that pull you’ve got and start hunting her down. You’ll meet her when I say so. This is new, and I don’t want you crazy people scaring her off.”
“Then I’ll keep it from your mother. She’ll have me stalking the poor girl,” he said, laughing. “At least tell me what department.”
“Umm, accounting or some shit,” I hedged, not knowing exactly the term for it. “Really sweet and smart, too. And she’s got a twin sister. We’re thinking of introducing her to Jazz.”
“Damn, there’s another one that pretty?”
I cracked the fuck up. “Fraternal, Dad.”
“Oh.” He was quiet for a moment. “I hope it works out, son,” he said with a suddenly serious tone. “You deserve it.”
“We’ll see. I may drive her insane. Who knows,” I sighed, suddenly missing my girl like fucking crazy.
“Maybe, but as your mother tells me, we’re supposed to drive them nuts,” he stated, and I could almost see his shrug through the damn phone. He muttered something away from the phone and then came back to me. “I gotta run, Edward. Take care of that hand...and the girl.”
“Yes, sir,” I sighed, ending the call and tossing my phone onto the end table.
I gave my house a long, slow gaze. It was still pretty damn tidy from cleaning before Bella came over, but I knew I needed to get a few things done, as well as get in a run. With that thought, I got my lazy ass up and got to work.
After starting a few loads of laundry, finally emptying my duffel bags, and making the decision to leave the sheets because I liked that my bed smelled like Bella, I tugged on some shorts and went for a run.
It was about noon when I rounded the corner and made my way back up my street. As I got closer to my house, I saw Jasper’s truck in my driveway. He was leaning against the driver’s side door, fucking with his phone, when I made it to my mailbox, snatched open the door, and grabbed my mail.
“There you are. I was just about to bust the door down, thinking Bella had killed you in your sleep,” he stated, jerking a thumb back toward my house.
“You have a key, asshole,” I reminded him, rolling my eyes and trying to calm my breathing.
He grinned. “I know, but it would be fun to bust your door down for the hell of it.”
“Then you can explain that shit to my mother,” I growled, poking his chest as I walked past him. “She special-ordered that shit.”
He chuckled as he followed me inside. “So,” he said, dragging out the word, “things went okay?”
Smiling at him, I dropped my mail onto the kitchen counter and walked to the fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water and downed half of it before answering with, “Things went...” I sighed, glancing over at him. “I don’t deserve her, but she forgave me anyway.”
He shook his head and smiled. “Yeah, well, for some reason, she likes your stubborn ass,” he taunted, shoving me out of the way and grabbing a soda from my fridge. “Guess you weren’t kidding.” He pointed to my chest. “You did see Garrett.”
I glanced down at my new ink that was stinging a little with the sweat. “Yeah. It’s for Bella,” I said softly, not sure I wanted to explain the meaning behind it.
He eyed me for a second, glancing between my eyes and the ink. “It fits,” was all he said before walking to my counter and taking one of the stools. “I tried calling you, but...” He waved a hand to me. “Now I know where you were. I’m kinda bored, dude. I’m used to watching them twenty-four-fucking-seven, and now they’re off to work eight hours a day.”
I snorted and then finished off my water. “No shit, man. You can chill here. I needed to talk to you anyway.”
We ordered a couple of pizzas as he hung out with me. I folded laundry, started another load, and we ate pizza as I told him about all the shit that had gone down in the last few days – the fugitive recovery, getting completely trashed, Garrett, and finally, seeing Bella at the hospital.
“No shit?! Your dad saw you talking to her? Well, what the fuck does that mean?” he gasped through a mouthful of pizza.
I shrugged. “It means exactly that. That he saw me ‘hit’ on her,” I said, using air quotes. “We have to go with it, Jasper. I have no choice. I was fucking losing my mind over her, and then she was there. Like right there. I... Fuck, I was on my way to crawl into her window if I had to in order to talk to her, so I wasn’t exactly thinking straight when I saw her walk by.”
He smirked, shaking his head. “Well, if you’d checked in, I coulda told you she’d gotten the damn job she’d wanted. And she was so upset with you that I was afraid to even mention that it was the same damn hospital Carlisle works.”
I waved that shit away. I wasn’t dredging all that madness back up again. “If I hadn’t stepped back, I’d have really, truly, royally fucked up.” I rolled my eyes at his laugh but sat down in the chair across from him. “So we need to talk to the girls and Al.”
“What’cha thinkin’?” he asked, tipping his soda back.
“I’m thinking keep it simple. I met Bella, and we’ll introduce you and Alice,” I told him. “We’ll, I don’t know, set up to meet out somewhere.”
Nodding, he said, “I like it. It’s easy.” He stood up and tossed his garbage into the can. “But you’re calling Al. Not me.”
I tsked. “Fine. I’ll call him now.” I picked my phone up, seeing a text from Bella, which made me smile.
Hey, baby. Do you want me to grab dinner on my way over tonight? And do I need pajamas for this sleepover? ;) ~B
Chuckling, I sent my answer right back.
Yes to dinner. Surprise me with whatever, but you should know that you’re dessert. And fuck NO to the pajamas! How’s work? ~E
I sent that off, immediately calling Al and putting it on speakerphone.
“Hey, Uncle Al,” I said, grinning when he snorted.
Uncle Al, is it? You want something. What the hell is it? It wouldn’t happen to be something to do with a girl you met at the hospital, now would it?”
“Jesus, Al. How do you know this shit?” I asked, almost whining.
Jasper laughed at the same time my uncle did.
“Relax, kid,” he said with a chuckle. “I had lunch with your dad today. He said you met this pretty brunette at the hospital. So I guess you have your story.”
“I know it’s kinda soon, but there were...circumstances that couldn’t be avoided,” I said with a grip to my hair.
“Circumstances? Like that beautiful girl was pretty damn pissed off at you?” he asked, amusing himself and Jasper to no end. “Nah, kid. It works. And it’s easy. You probably couldn’t have set it up any better. Besides, your dad said you were smitten from the get-go.”
Groaning, I shook my head. “So you’re okay with it?”
“Yeah, son, it’s fine. It works. Just take your time with it, like you would if you were really dating Bella. Give it some time before bringing her over for Sunday lunch with the family, got me?”
“Yes, sir,” I replied, the word “date” making me frown. I needed to take my girl out for the whole nine yards – movie, dinner, drinks, dancing. All that good shit. I needed to really show Bella Seattle.
“And as far as Whitlock is concerned? You two can double date or some shit. Just make it look legit. You’re comfortable around those sweet girls, but it wasn’t always so. Remember to keep the PDA down to a minimum around the family when you do take them over,” he explained with a snicker in his voice. “Got it, kid?”
“Got it.”
“And make sure the girls have their new backstory down pat. Otherwise, I don’t see an issue.”
“Thanks, Al,” I sighed in relief. When I ended the call, I looked to Jasper. “I guess we have our story. We’ll need to talk to the girls.”
He smiled, glancing up at the clock. “Okay, I’m out of here. I promised Alice I’d cook for her tonight, and I still need to grab all the stuff. Later, Ed,” he called out with a wave.
“Later,” I told him, walking upstairs after he slammed my front door. On my way up, my phone alerted again.
Please don’t drive the girlfriend crazy while she’s trying to learn new stuff, Edward. What’s wrong with you? ~B
I cracked the fuck up, imagining that sexy, dark-eyed look she always got when I’d said something that turned her on. My dick perked up at the mere thought of it, even more at the word “girlfriend.” He was just as whipped for her as I was. And the asshole was jumping the damn gun. It would be a few hours before she’d be at my house. With a smile, I typed my answer, thinking it was a fucking relief to be able to say how I really felt about her.
I love you, beautiful. That’s what’s wrong with me. ~E
I turned on the shower and stripped out of my running shorts, but before I stepped in, she sent another text.
I love you, too. So much. See you in a few hours. ~B
I heard the car’s engine in my driveway as I rumbled down the stairs, tugging on a plain white T-shirt as I went. After my shower hours earlier, I’d let my new tattoo have the benefit of being out in the open with nothing rubbing against it. Yanking the front door open, I came to a standstill at the sight before me.
Shaking my head, my eyes raked over long, sexy bare legs as Bella slid gracefully from my car. I licked my lips as my brain went blank – completely and utterly blank – as she bent down to grab the bags out of the back seat. The pencil holding her hair in a knot, the fitted silvery gray shirt, and the tight, black skirt she was wearing brought back years of porn, of teacher and librarian scenarios, and suddenly, they were infesting my mind like a tidal wave of naughty thoughts – thoughts that needed punishment.
That made a slow smile creep up my face as she walked to me. It was then that I snapped out of my fucking awesome fantasies and back to the fact that my girl was loaded down with a shit-ton of just...stuff.
“Fuck,” I hissed, shaking my head again to clear it. “Hey, baby. Let me help you.”
“Hey,” she sighed, kissing my lips, “and thanks.”
I took the small bag she’d packed and a large paper bag that was smelling pretty damn good. “What’d you bring?”
“Burgers, from that place you told me about,” she answered, smirking when I groaned.
“Fuck me, you went to T.D.’s?” I growled, burying my face in the bag to inhale the best burger outside of the diner in Forks. Bella’s giggle made me smile and glance over at her as we stepped up onto my porch, but I stopped in my tracks. “Wait. That’s a sports bar. Those fuckers are douchebags. Tell me no one fucking touched you.” I gestured up and down her body. If I was thinking wicked thoughts, then I knew some other motherfucker would. “Dressed like that...” My voice trailed off when she raised her eyebrow.
“Dressed like what?” she asked.
“All sexy and shit.” That was what I said aloud, but what I’d wanted to say was, “Like a walking, talking, living, breathing wet fucking dream.” And my dick twitched in agreement because we knew all about those since Bella had come into our lives.
Bella rolled her eyes. “No, silly. I called it in before leaving work, went in, paid, and left.”
My eyes narrowed on her, my imagination running the gamut of things that could’ve happened. A warm hand landed on my jaw once we were inside the house.
“I’m fine. Nothing happened.” Her brow furrowed as her eyes raked over my face. “You know I’d call you if something upset me. You’re the first person I’d need. Right, Edward?”
Dropping her packed bag to the floor and the food onto the table by the front door, I pulled her to me, but tilted her chin up. “You swear? No...inappropriate comments, no snide fucking remarks, not even a couple of guys staring? Nothing?”
She snorted. “If they stared, I wouldn’t know. I didn’t pay them any attention. As for the other things, nothing happened. I swear.” She tacked on the last two words in a hurry, and I finally relaxed just a little. “Speaking of how I’m dressed... Do you mind if I change before we eat? I was gonna do it at home, but I was...interrupting – my sister and Jasper barely even stopped making out to say hello.” She snorted. “So I just grabbed my bag and ran.” She grinned, kissing my chin before trying to step away.
“Uh-uh,” I grunted, pulling her back and pressing her against the door. “Let me,” I whispered, bracing one hand beside her head as, with the other, I trailed a finger down the buttons of her shirt, around the waist of her skirt, and finally along the outside of one of the glorious bare thighs. “Do you have any fucking idea how tempting you are, Bella?” I asked her as my hand flattened on her thigh and slid up and underneath that skirt. “Do you?” When she shook her head no, I skimmed my hand from her thigh around to her ass to find that beautiful thing bare and plump, just barely covered with what I finally discovered was a thong.
Hitching her leg up around my hip, I found out it was a very wet thong as my fingers explored every inch of her under that skirt.
I licked my lips and dropped my forehead to hers, forgetting about burgers and sports bars. “Who makes you this wet?”
“Y-You,” she stuttered.
“How long have you suffered this way, baby?” I asked her, thinking she’d been only been here for five fucking minutes.
“All day,” she breathed, locking those dark eyes with mine.
Pulling my braced hand away from the door, I reached down and picked her up, which not only caused those amazing legs to wrap around me, but that skirt of hers to push up just beneath her ass. She clung to my T-shirt at the shoulders as I braced her against the door.
“Mmmm,” I hummed, flicking open the buttons of her shirt one by glorious one. “You were sore when you left this morning. Did you feel me all day?”
She nodded, smirking a little. “Yeah.”
“I fucking love that,” I rumbled against her collarbone when I pulled her shirt to the side to reveal her silvery gray bra that almost matched her shirt, but with lace and silky shit that was barely covering her tightly peaked nipples. “I love that I can make you wet without even being there.”
Her laugh was low and sexy, but her fingers tugged at my T-shirt. I pulled away from the door long enough to yank her shirt off her shoulders and let her remove mine over my head. We dropped them to the floor, but I went right back to touching and kissing every inch of skin I’d just revealed.
“I shouldn’t miss you like this. It’s only been a day,” I admitted softly against the soft skin of her neck as my fingers delved into the cups of her bra. Both actions caused her hips to grind against my dick, who was hoping against all hope that this was leading to him getting to be inside her.
“I know,” she agreed, grasping either side of my face and pulling my mouth to hers.
The kiss snapped our control. I cupped, pinched, and rolled her nipples in one hand while the other moved to cup her ass, yanking her thong to one side in order to feel on my fingers how much she wanted me. Tongues and teeth and lips collided, joined with the most amazing sounds coming from her, especially when my fingers slipped softly along her folds from behind.
I pulled back to watch her mouth fall open, so I pulled my hand from her ass, only to slip it between us. Leaning her back just a little, my lips and tongue wrapped around her nipple, sucking on it hard as I finally slid my fingers as deep into her as I could from the current angle.
“Tell me, baby,” I whispered, dragging my tongue flat across that sweet peak. “What’d you think about to get you this wet?”
“You...Your...Fuck, Edward,” she panted, her eyes squeezing closed as the heel of my hand pressed where she was swollen and aching. “Everything,” she grunted, her whole body writhing in an erotic wave of want and need as she let me fuck her with my fingers.
“No, no now,” I chided, nipping at the skin just behind her ear. “Specifics, beautiful. Details.”
She lifted her head, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me fucking stupid. “I said everything, Edward. Your hands, your mouth...and...and...” Her breathing caught in her throat when my thumb rolled lazily around her clit.
I wanted her to fucking explode right there against my door. I wanted to be reminded of it every time I looked at it.
“And?” I prompted, unable to hide my smirk when she was speechless for a couple of seconds.
Her eyes were hazy with lust and warm with love as she gazed at me, but her sight was locked onto my chest.
“My ink,” she whispered, licking her lips as her sweet, tight pussy clenched hard around my finger. My girl was close – damn close. “And...”
I grinned as she tried to continue, but only a long, slow, sexy moan erupted into the air. “And? Come on, baby. Say it.”
“And...” she panted, grabbing my face as her hips met the rhythm of my hand. “And how fucking amazing it feels when you’re inside me, s-saying you love me.”
That wasn’t the answer I’d been expecting, and my chest actually ached with how much I loved her. Leaning forward, I kissed her – reverently, deeply.
“I do. So fucking much,” I breathed against her lips. “Come, beautiful. Show me you love me.”
Giving her sweet clit the attention it needed, I locked my gaze onto Bella’s face as she shattered in my arms. Before she could even take the next breath, I pulled her away from the door and laid her down on my sofa, bracing my arm beside her head. I yanked the pencil from her hair, spilling chocolate locks – almost the color of my couch – around her.
I was just about to kiss the shit out of her, but she stopped me. Her hands worked my basketball shorts down, which spilled my aching dick onto her stomach. But it was the soft, feather-light kiss to the ink on my chest that made me moan. It was her ink, and she knew it. I could tell she was just biding her time for it to heal so that she could truly lavish it the way she wanted. I wasn’t the only possessive, crazy person in this relationship.
“You have too many clothes on,” I muttered, biting my bottom lip when her hand wrapped around my dick, giving it a long, firm pump.
Bella shook her head. “No, can’t wait. Inside. Now, Edward, please.”
Shoving her skirt up around her waist, I practically ripped silvery gray lace as I wrenched her thong to the side, but I sank into her sweet heaven slowly.
“Fuck,” I grunted, having to stop for a moment, and my forehead met hers again.
I locked with expectant brown eyes, and half my mouth quirked up into a smile. I knew what she wanted. She’d been thinking about it all damn day, and holy fuck, I wanted to give it her. I owed her that and much, much more. I knew dinner would go cold, that we needed to talk about our future and meeting my family, and I knew we had all night, but fuck me if I couldn’t find it in me to care. All I wanted, all she wanted, was to hear those four simple words. Everything else could fucking wait.

“I love you, Bella.”


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