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In Pursuit Chapter 31 & Pics

Chapter 31
Bella POV
“Is it bad that I wanna skip work and run away with you?” I murmured as I watched Edward run the soapy washcloth across his chest.
We’d woken up in his bed and made love in the early morning hours, then climbed into the shower, only to get so worked up trying to wash each other that we’d done it again. Now we were a little pressed for time as we got ready for work. Today was his first day back in the office since leaving Seattle for New York all those months ago, and I knew he was looking forward to getting back to work, but neither of us especially wanted to separate.
He smirked. “I hear the Caribbean’s great this time of year,” he teased.
“Don’t tempt me,” I huffed, raising an eyebrow, and then winced when I touched the tattoo just below my hip bone.
“Sore, baby?” he asked, reaching out to brush my hand away. When I nodded, he very gently used his soapy fingers to clean it. “Okay?” he murmured, turning me to the water once I nodded.

As soon as we were clean, he stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist before giving me one. I tucked the corner in to keep it in place and then reached for the second one he held out, bending to wrap it around my hair.
Following him into the bedroom, I dropped my towel, much to Edward’s pleasure, and grabbed my sapphire blue wrap dress I’d brought with me to wear. I pulled on the thong first, adjusting it before reaching for the matching bra. When I glanced up, Edward was watching me in the mirror, his eyes dark. His jeans were on, but not buttoned, and his black USMS polo shirt was just sitting there in his hands.
Grinning, I sauntered over to him, reaching up to cup my breasts as I looked at myself in the mirror. “I was thinking about getting my nipple pierced,” I said, rolling my left one between my thumb and forefinger. “Does Garrett do that, too, or just tattoos?”
Edward shook his head vehemently. “If he knows what’s good for him, Garrett won’t touch you there,” he growled. “It was hard enough letting him do that.” He wiggled a finger in the general direction of my tattoo.
“Okay, so if not Garrett, then should I find someplace that can? I’m sure there are a lot of tattoo places that do piercings, as well. Of course, I won’t know the guy, so it might be a little uncomfortable to have a stranger feeling my breast and touching my nipple, but I’m sure I would—”
Edward stopped me with a kiss, pulling back and shaking his head. “If you really want it done, I’ll find you someone. A female someone,” he added quickly.
I laughed, taking pity on him. “I’m just teasing you, silly man. I don’t want it pierced. I just wanted to see your reaction.”
He reached around and swatted my ass, making me squeal and leap away from his hand. “Tease,” he grumbled, but I knew he wasn’t angry when he couldn’t keep the corner of his mouth from tipping up in a grin. “Get dressed, temptress. I’ll make you some tea and a bagel.”
I nodded, accepting his kiss before watching him walk out of the bedroom as he pulled the shirt over his head.
When I walked into the kitchen a few minutes later, clothes and makeup on and hair dried and pulled back in a clip at my neck, Edward handed me a mug of steaming tea and a small plate with a bagel and strawberry cream cheese.
“Thanks,” I said, taking them in exchange for a quick kiss.
“Mmhm.” He pulled out my seat at the table before taking his own.
Once I’d had a bite, I asked, “Think you’ll have a busy day today?” He’d been gone so long that it was hard to imagine him trying to get back to it.
He snorted, sipping his coffee. “Nah, not at all, I’m sure. Will probably spend the day on paperwork, catching up on stuff we missed while we were gone, that type of thing, unless something happens like the botched prisoner transport a few weeks ago.”
We continued talking as we finished breakfast, and I glanced at the clock. “Damn. I need to get going.”
Once we’d both brushed our teeth, we walked out of the house together. When he set his helmet down on the seat of his bike before walking me to the car, I shook my head.
“I really need to look into getting a car. You need this back.”
Edward shrugged. “I told you, Bella. It’s yours however long you need it.”
“What if your dad sees me driving it?” I asked, worrying my bottom lip. It was something I’d been concerned about since figuring out I worked at the same place as Edward’s father.
Reaching out, Edward gently tugged my lip free, tapping my chin once with his finger. “It’ll be fine. If he sees, I’ll tell him the truth – I’m loaning it to you until you get your own, since I’ve got my bike. I’m not worried, so you shouldn’t be either.”
Kissing him lightly in thanks, I let him open my car door and then slid inside, tossing my bag onto the passenger seat. “Text me later?”
“Try to stop me,” he teased, leaning down with one hand on the door and one on the top of the car. “Call me at lunch?”
“What if you’re bus—”
“Baby, just call me,” he huffed with a roll of his eyes. “If I have to, I’ll turn my phone off.”
I smiled, leaning over to kiss him one more time. “Okay.”
He shut my car and stood, hands on his hips, as I backed out of the drive. When I waved as I pulled away, he smiled and then turned back to his bike.
Did I tell you how sexy you looked this morning? That blue is amazing against your skin. ~E
Save me from the boredom of paperwork. Please? ~E
I can’t wait to trace that tattoo with my tongue. It’s sexy as hell that you marked yourself for me. ~E
I can’t ever go away for that long again, baby. My coworkers suck at keeping track of shit. Got a meeting. Call me in twenty? ~E
I laughed as the image of Edward sitting at his desk, buried behind a mound of paperwork, popped into my head. All morning, his texts had been a combination of sweet, amusing, and entirely too sexy for his own good. I’d just sat down for lunch when his latest text came in, so before I bit into the Greek salad, I typed out a response.
Poor thing. Try to keep your cool, and I’ll reward you tonight at home, yeah? Will call. ~B
His answer came back almost immediately.
Mmm, I do like your rewards, Isabella. I’ll be on my best behavior...for now. ;) ~E
“That must be my son,” a voice suddenly spoke from beside me, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin.
I squeaked and looked up to see Carlisle standing near my table with a smirk – very reminiscent of his son’s – on his face. “Hi! You startled me,” I said with a laugh. Waving my phone, I explained, “Yes, just laughing at Edward’s complaints about his coworkers’ work habits.”
Carlisle chuckled, nodding. “Yes, he’s mentioned that to us before, as well.” He pointed to the chair opposite me. “I only have a couple of minutes, but if you have time, I’d love to chat.”
Smiling, I reached out with my foot and pushed the chair away from the table. “Yeah, of course. Please, have a seat.”
“Thank you.” He pulled out the chair and sat, resting his cup on the table in front of him. “You picked out a good lunch,” he said, motioning to my salad. “Please, go ahead and eat. Don’t mind me.”
After I’d swallowed a bite, I asked, “Do you eat in here often?”
He wrinkled his nose, again looking so much like an older, more-distinguished version of Edward that it made me swoon, and said, “Not if my wife can help it. She swears it isn’t good for me, so she tends to make my lunch for me if she has time.”
I laughed. “Yes, I can see that. Some of the stuff up there...” I gave an exaggerated shudder. “This, at least, looked fresh.”
He agreed, nodding. “Yes, the salads are generally pretty good if you go for something other than a regular side salad. I’d stay away from the steak – they’re usually tough – and the prepackaged sandwiches. The soups and chili are good, as well.” Holding up his cup, he said, “The coffee here is much better than the stuff in the doctors’ lounge, though, so I make the trek down here at least twice a shift if I have the time.”
“I’ll stick with my Coke.” I laughed, grimacing. “Not a huge coffee drinker.”
“Oh yes, Edward did mention that.” He smiled, shaking his head before taking a sip from the paper cup. “I wouldn’t have gotten through med school without the stuff.”
“I’ve never been a fan. Not sure why. I drink it when I absolutely need to, but otherwise, I’m not even a big fan of the smell, like some people are,” I admitted.
He chuckled before taking another sip. “It’s not everyone’s...cup of tea, so to speak, I suppose.” When I finished my next bite of salad, he asked, “How are you enjoying Seattle and Virginia Mason?”
“I love the town so far,” I answered. “Edward took me out on his bike and gave me a tour. It’s pretty out here, even being as gray as it is sometimes.”
He nodded, smiling wryly. “Yes, we do get more than our fair share of clouds and rain.”
“As for the hospital, it’s great, really. I really like the people I’m working with, and everyone else I’ve run into has been friendly.”
“Good,” he huffed. “I’d hate to have anyone fired for being rude to my son’s girlfriend.”
He winked to show he was teasing, which made me laugh, and then looked at his watch. “I’d better run. I’m not technically on lunch yet, but I needed my fix”—holding up his coffee cup—“so I ran down here. I just couldn’t resist getting a chance to chat with you since we didn’t have a lot of time last night.”
“I’m glad you did,” I assured him. “I’d better finish up here so I have time before going back to work to call Edward like I was instructed to.”
Laughing, he nodded and stood. “It was good to see you, Bella. Don’t be a stranger at the house, okay? Esme and I would love to have you over anytime.”
“You, too, Dr. Cull—”
“Carlisle,” he interrupted with a raised eyebrow. “We went over that last night, didn’t we?”
I grinned. “All right, then. It was good to see you, too, Carlisle.”
He gave me one more nod and a wink and then turned, calling out a hello to a group of nurses as he passed their table.
I finished my salad and then dialed Edward’s number.
“Bella,” he said in answer when it stopped ringing. “Still on lunch?”
“Mmhm. Just finished eating, actually. Guess who I ran into?” I asked in a sing-song voice.
Edward chuckled. “Dad?”
“Yup. He came in for a cup of coffee just after I sat down to eat. We had a good chat.”
“Just as long as he’s not telling tales about me,” he warned teasingly. “So other than a meet and greet with the old man, how’s your day been, baby?”
“Been good. Dealt with a patient today about her bill. That was different. Other than that, really it was the same thing I’ve done every day. Still learning the ropes.” I smiled. “How about you? How’s it feel to be back?”
He grumbled under his breath for a minute before saying, “I swear, Al let these jackasses get away with half-assed, crappy upkeep on paperwork – like it’s our job to do it all, and they couldn’t be bothered while we were gone.”
“Aww, poor baby. Actually having to work, huh?” I couldn’t resist teasing. He made it so easy.
“Well, fuck, baby. I swear it’s like they don’t know how to input shit into the computer. Half the files from cases over the last few months weren’t added yet, so I’ve been doing that. Just mundane shit. I’d rather be out in the field, actually doing something, instead of stuck inside filling out paperwork.”
Laughing, I said, “Be careful what you wish for, Edward.”
“I suppose,” he huffed with a sigh. “Still...”
Changing the subject, I asked, “Did you get lunch?”
“Not yet. Jessica’s supposed to bring us something back when she comes back from her lunch, so anytime.”
“Good.” Looking at the clock above the door, I said, “I’d better go. I need to make a pit stop before going back to work. Text me later?”
“Of course,” he promised. “Jasper and I have to meet with a federal prosecutor late today about some evidence the Marshals Service is gonna be responsible for keeping track of, so if that runs late and I’m not home yet when you get off work, let yourself in, okay?”
I smiled, even though he couldn’t see me. “I will. Love you, Edward.”
“Love you, too, beautiful.”
I hung up, smiling as I walked out of the cafeteria.
Edward POV
Dust puffed up everywhere when I slammed the next box on the shelf down in storage, my ladder wobbling a little. Shifting shit around down there to accommodate the new evidence we were housing hadn’t been easy. Most of it was most certainly ready to go to archives, but still, all we needed was enough room to stack a couple of boxes. The whole damn week had been nothing but paperwork – inputting it, filing it, sorting it, and finally storing it. It was mindless fucking work. I was really grateful that tomorrow was Friday and that I had the whole damn weekend with my girl.
The squeaky wheels of the dolly echoed behind me, and I glanced down behind me to see Jasper wheeling in the new boxes at the same time that my phone rang in my pocket.
“Just hold up a sec,” I told him, setting my phone on the closest shelf and hitting speaker. “Cullen,” I grunted, shifting another box or two.
“Hey, baby,” Bella’s voice rang out into the dusty air like the sweetest music.
“Hey, beautiful. Careful what you say. You’re on speakerphone. Jasper’s a nosy bastard.”
“So...” her voice taunted in a sing-song way, and I shook my head, knowing I’d fucked up by even saying any-damn-thing. “I can’t talk about that freckle.”
“Bella,” I warned her, but Jasper’s laughter overshadowed me.
“Hi, Jazz,” she crooned with a giggle.
“Hey, darlin’.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Where’s that freckle?”
“Just below—”
“Oookay,” I grunted, slamming the box in my hand down and snatching up the phone. Taking the fucker off speaker, I said, “That’s enough. Both of you.”
Jazz grinned, shaking his head, but started to unload the dolly. Bella, however, was cracking the fuck up in my ear as I turned around and sat down on the top of the step ladder.
“Is it lunchtime already?” I asked her, wiping the sweat from my face with the sleeve of my shirt and smiling when Jasper muttered to himself about finding out where the hell Jessica was with our food.
“Yeah, I’m still in the cafeteria. I was calling to tell you that I’d be getting out a bit early today,” she told me. “Carpet cleaning or something.”
“Too bad it’s not tomorrow,” I said softly. “We could’ve started the weekend early.” Grinning at her soft laugh, I sighed at the work still left around me. “I’m not so lucky, beautiful. Looks like I’ll be later. Hey, why don’t you stop by? I’ll take a break when you get here.”
“You sure? I mean, can I?”
“Yes,” I said with a laugh. “Remember, baby, we met at my dad’s work. No one but Jazz and Al know anything.”
“Oh, I know, but...”
“So bring that sweet ass over here when you’re done,” I growled dramatically into the phone, grinning when she laughed again.
“Okay. I’ll text you when I leave,” she said softly. “Love you, Edward.”
“Love you, too, baby.”
Pocketing my phone, I went down the ladder to finish up the last of the boxes. When I made it back to the bullpen, my eyes narrowed on Jasper, who was stuffing his face.
“You couldn’t come get me, asshole?” I asked him, smacking the back of his head.
He grinned, the corners of his mouth covered in ketchup. “I was starving.”
“Here, Edward,” Jessica said with a giggle, handing me the bag in her hand. “I was just coming to get you. Cheeseburger, everything but onions, and fries.”
“Thanks,” I murmured, falling down into my desk chair.
I could feel her eyes on me, and I glanced up to see that she’d taken her break with us at the empty desk near ours. It was Jasper’s knowing smirk that made me blurt out the next thing, because it was time to put an end to Jessica’s crush.
“Hey, Jess,” I called, giving Jazz a shit-eating grin as I pulled my fries out. “My girlfriend’s stopping by later. Will you keep an eye out for her and come get me ASAP?”
Her eyes widened and she nodded silently, but her eyes looked to Jasper when he asked, “No shit? Will her sister be with her?”
“No, I think Ali’s still at work. Bella’s getting out a bit early today. I’m gonna show her around when she gets here, ’cause who the fuck knows when we’ll get done back there,” I complained, jerking my chin toward the back hallway before taking a bite of my burger. Looking back over at Jessica, I asked, “So will you? Come get me, I mean?”
She nodded, throwing away her trash and getting up. “Yeah, s-sure, Edward.”
When she left the bullpen, Jasper snorted. “That was inevitable. You broke her heart, Ed,” he teased.
I scoffed, rolling my eyes. “She should know now. Would it have been worse to just let Bella show up?” I asked him in a hiss. “I mean, I like Jess – she’s cool and all – but not like that. That was never gonna happen.”
He grimaced, took a sip of his Coke, and shrugged. “Yeah, I know. Me, too. This was probably the best way.”
The next few hours flew by in a whirlwind of boxes, dust, and one fucking hellacious papercut. I kicked the offending box, pulled out my phone to see that I’d missed a text from Bella, and popped my wounded finger in my mouth.
I’m on my way. Love you. XOXO ~B
From the timestamp on it, she should just about be to the office. So with one more shift of four boxes, I wiped my hands on my jeans and made my way back out to the bullpen. I snorted at the sight before me.
Uncle Al had his arm draped around my girl’s shoulders, grinning like the Cheshire fucking cat. “Look who I found!” he boomed, kissing the side of her head for emphasis. “I was just about to bring her to you.”
“Sure you were, you lying fucker,” I countered, but my gaze fell to an amused Bella, and I reached for her hand, pulling her from his arms. “Hey, beautiful. How long can you stay?” I asked, kissing her forehead.
“A little bit,” she said.
I guided her to my desk, offering her my chair.
“Since you and Jasper are working late, Alice and I are just gonna hang out at the house tonight. A girls’ night.”
“Sweet! Slumber party!” Jasper teased her with a wink, walking up behind her and squeezing her shoulders. “Welcome to hell, darlin’. Oh, look, Satan himself,” he chortled, bursting out in laughter when Al flipped him off.
My uncle looked to Bella. “You see the shit I put up with, sweet one? I don’t deserve it, I tell ya!”
“Never!” she agreed with a giggle, leaning in when he kissed her cheek.
He chuckled, turning to me and gripping my shoulder. “Show her around, kid, and then come see me after she leaves. Always a pleasure, Bella.”
“Sir,” I answered, smiling down at Bella and reaching for her hand.
“Bye, Uncle Al,” she said with a wave.
He stopped to face her again. “Oh, will you be at Edward’s parents’ on Sunday? I’ll have my Katie with me. I’d love for you to meet her. You should bring Alice, too.”
Bella glanced to me, and I shrugged, which made her laugh. “Yeah, we’ll be there,” she told him, poking at my side.
Chuckling as he walked away, I tugged her up. “Come on, baby. Grand tour, then.”
Bella hung out with us for about an hour. I introduced her to most of the guys, who were charmed by her instantly, and showed her most of the building. She was fascinated with the garage that housed some of our vehicles and heavier equipment. The weapons storage made her gaze around with wide eyes, but she loved the white collar division, where they were investigating Internet and money crimes. I’d figured she would – it appealed to her love of numbers.
When we walked back out to the front lobby to the elevators, Bella gave a wave to Jessica. “It was nice meeting you.”
“You, too,” Jess answered, and I saw a small, yet sweet smile on the girl’s face before the doors closed.
I walked Bella down to my car and braced my hands on either side of her on the roof. “So...” I said, drawing out the word, “you’re not coming over tonight?” I pouted, which only made her grin up at me as she bit on that bottom lip of hers.
“No, but I promise you have me all weekend,” she purred, lifting up on her toes to press a kiss to my lip. “Don’t pout, Edward. You’ll live.” Her eyes flickered to the building behind me. “She’s got it pretty bad, Cullen.”
Groaning, I shook my head, letting my forehead fall to hers. “I know. I’ve tried everything to put a stop to it. I swear there’s nothing—”
“I know. Jasper told me.” She giggled, gazing up at me and running her fingers through my hair. “She asked how we met,” she breathed against my lips, only to press a teasing kiss there. “I told her that you were a relentless flirt at the hospital.”
Grinning, I pressed my whole body against hers. “Never mind that I was pitifully about to fall at your feet...”
“Hmm, yes, I left that part out,” she hummed against my mouth. “I told her we’d been together ever since...about a month now.”
“Mmhm, and?”
“And that I find you irresistibly charming?” she chortled, shaking her head. “This is all going straight to your...ego, isn’t it?”
Laughing, my head fell back, but I dropped another kiss to the tip of her nose. “No, not my ego exactly,” I crooned, pressing against her even more, because my dick was loving this shit.
She grinned and pulled me down for a heart-stopping kiss. When it was over, my breathing was ragged as she whispered, “Call me when you get home, okay?”
“Yes, ma’am,” I panted, nodding against her forehead. “I love you. And thanks for coming by.”
“I love you, too. And I’d tell you to do the same sometime, but I’m afraid the girls in my office would eat you alive,” she teased, pushing me back with a finger on my chest. “They’re older women, Edward. It’s not safe.”
“Oh, I’m so popping in one day next week,” I told her with a cheesy grin, rubbing my hands together. “This shit I’ve just got to see!”
“Go back to work, Edward,” she sighed, rolling her eyes at me and letting me open the car door for her. “I’ll talk to you later.”
I shut her door, watching as she backed out and left, driving my car like a sexy fucking champ. I wasn’t going to lie; I liked that I could help her out with a vehicle, but really, I just loved seeing her behind the wheel.
I was pretty damn sure the shit-eating grin was still on my face when I walked back inside. However, I didn’t have time to keep it, because Al was yelling my name as I stepped through the bullpen doors. When I walked through his office door, he gestured for me to close it, leaning his elbows on his desk, but he was wearing a small smile.
“I take it with Bella showing up here that things are...serious?” he asked, tilting his head at me.
Smirking, I sat back in the chair, folding my arms across my chest. “They are. You know, I met her at Dad’s hospital.”
He snorted. “Yeah, I know, smart ass. And it’s good you’re keeping that up.” He sobered up quickly, but looked me in the eye. “You know, son, when this all started, I knew you could handle the WitSec detail without any problems, but when I saw the way you looked at her...” He nodded to himself, but continued. “You told me to wait until you were in Seattle before I asked you what it felt like to be knocked on your ass. You ready to answer that for me?”
Gone was my supervisor, and in his place was the man I’d known my whole life. He wasn’t asking out of curiosity; he was asking because he’d always given a shit about me, had always made me feel like I’d fit in, even before I knew why my dad and I were so different.
I got up and walked to the window of his office that faced out over the city. I sniffed once, saying, “It feels...amazing. And scary. But I love her, Al.” I glanced over, and he was staring up at me. “More than anything. She’s everything to me,” I said, leaning on the word that I knew he’d understand the most.
He smiled again. “I’m so proud of you, kid,” he murmured, shaking his head slowly. “Not only did you and Whitlock do a phenomenal job on that detail, but you’ve finally figured out that you don’t have to keep everyone out. I always felt responsible for what happened to you in college.”
“What? Why?” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.
“’Cause I knew about Randy Tate, just not about Maggie. I should’ve protected you better.”
“She fucking cheated, Al. It wasn’t something you could’ve foreseen,” I laughed humorlessly. “The money, well, I found out later that Randy made her do it...sort of. Or at least, that’s the story she’s spewing. Let it go, Al.” I waved a hand at him and rolled my eyes. “I have. You should, too. I don’t blame you. You helped as much as you could back then.”
He stood up, gripping my shoulder. “Good for you, Ed.”
Smiling, I nodded. “Thanks, Uncle Al.”
His phone buzzed across his desk, the song “Maneater” belting out into the air, which made me laugh and point to it. “I do want it noted that my parents are still a better marital influence on me than you are.”
“Shut the fuck up and get out!” he snapped, but his grin was hilarious.
“Tell Aunt Jane I said hello,” I sang, opening his door.
His eye twitched at me. “This soulless witch is not your aunt!” he growled, answering the call. “Chambers!”
I was still chuckling as I joined Jasper in the storage room.
“Beautiful, where are you?” I called out, dropping my keys on the table by my front door.
I was so fucking glad it was Friday that I was pretty sure I broke several laws trying to get home. Seeing my car already in the driveway when I pulled in made me even happier. I took a deep breath, smirking because my house no longer smelled like just me. Added into the scent of leather and my cologne was the soft smell of flowers and fruit...and fuck, was that pizza?
“Kitchen, baby,” Bella called out. “I stopped and got us dinner. I figured you wouldn’t,” she yelled, but sputtered to a halt, grinning when I leaned in the doorway. “Hey.”
“You don’t have to yell,” I teased her with a wink.
My eyes drank in the sight of her already changed into some sweet, soft, gray cotton shorts and my Batman T-shirt tied to the side. Her fingers were absentmindedly scratching where her new ink was. She was absolutely and ignorantly adorable.
“Stop, sweetheart,” I whispered, brushing her hand out of the way. “You’ll scar. Let it heal. I know it itches.”
She grumbled, but let me pick her up and set her on the counter next to two pizza boxes. I tugged the waist of her shorts down a little to check on how it was doing. She was almost healed, though there was one little spot that had some scabbing that needed to be left alone.
Rubbing my thumb over it gently, I smiled when her eyes rolled into the back her head. “Better, baby?”
“Don’t stop.”
I couldn’t help it. Leaning in, I kissed her sweet neck, saying, “That sounds awfully familiar...and fuck-hot.” Her giggle vibrated my lips, and I smiled against her skin. “Beside this – and don’t get me wrong, I’m all about continuing anything that makes you say those things – what are we doing tonight?”
“Staying in,” she breathed, her fingers weaving themselves into my hair. “I brought beer, too. And I thought we could watch a movie. I rummaged through your collection.” My thumb came to a halt, and Bella giggled. “Yeah, I totally found your porn stash, Edward Cullen.” My mouth opened and closed against her neck while she laughed at me, grabbing my face to force my gaze to hers. “It’s impressive, I’ll say that much.” She kissed my lips. “I’ve really never seen you blush, baby. That’s hilarious.”
“Bella, I—”
“Stop, Edward. Everyone looks at porn,” she scoffed, rolling her eyes. “If they say differently, they’re lying.”
I grinned like a proud – and somewhat turned-on – motherfucker. “Do tell, Isabella.”
She waved the question away, slipping down to the floor. “I found something you promised me that we could watch,” she said, running into the living room and back and holding up a black DVD case. “You said when we got to Seattle that you’d show me the videos from your training.”
“Of all the shit in there, that’s what you wanna watch, B? Really?” I asked incredulously. But it was those big, brown eyes gazing up at me that made me cave. “Okay, okay. Just let me change clothes and eat first. And maybe get a beer in, ’cause there’s some serious trash talk on that thing.”
Her giggle was worth giving in. She looked like I’d just handed her the damn world on a silver platter.
After changing into a pair of basketball shorts, eating a couple slices of pizza, and grabbing up the DVD box, I stepped up to my entertainment center.
“You sure, B?” I teased her, giving her half a smile. “We could watch porn. I have this one where the girl can—”
Grinning, I popped the video in and snatched up the remote, saying, “I should set this up for you. Like why it’s on video, first of all.” I chuckled at the memory, shaking my head. “Jasper and I competed constantly throughout training. Like violently. Off the field, he’s so damn laid-back, but on it, he’s a monster. The guy that filmed this, Vinny, was our roommate and did it as a part of his audio-video project and to settle a bet.”
“What was the bet?”
“Who could work the obstacle course the fastest and the most accurate.” I grinned in pride because I’d beaten Jasper in both, though by the skin of my fucking teeth. “This was just before training was over.”
She nodded, tucked her hair behind her ear, and motioned for me to get on with it.
The bright sunshine and thick woods of southern Georgia came on screen, showing Jasper and me just a little over three years prior. We’d done the video for shits and giggles, so we weren’t in gear, just in simple jeans, tank tops, and baseball caps to keep the sun out of our eyes. The only weapon we’d opted for was our sidearm.
Bella scooted up against me, her back to my chest with our legs stretched out on the ottoman, and I wrapped my arms around her. She giggled at the taunting, the shoving, the laughter, because it was pretty damn funny. Jasper and I weren’t much different now. What was cute was the way her muscles would twitch as she rooted for me to pull ahead, climb the walls, or even shoot at targets. It was about halfway through the cardio portion of the course that I realized she was not just engrossed, but turned on.
Her nipples were hard underneath her shirt, her legs were pressed together, and her teeth were working her bottom lip violently. Glancing up at the screen, I hid my grin in her hair. Apparently, the pushups were doing it. I knew she liked the way I looked after a run, but this was different. We may have joked about porn, but this was porn to her.
She jumped a little when I couldn’t resist brushing a thumb across one tight peak.
“Is watching me work out doing this to you, beautiful?” I asked softly in her ear, cupping both her tits in my hands over her shirt, rolling her nipples just a little. She nodded, arching up into my hands and practically writhing, like her skin was on fire. “You sure it’s me?” I teased her, knowing the answer, but her fiery glare at me made me chuckle. “Just checking, baby.”
Skimming one hand down her stomach, I forced her legs apart and palmed her possessively over the cotton that was covering her pussy. Fuck me, she was on fire and already sensitive, her hips rolling hard to grind against my hand.
“You don’t need porn, do you?” I snickered against the side of her neck, dragging my teeth lightly across her skin and ending in a long, open-mouthed kiss.
“N-No,” she stuttered
“What do you need?”
“You. Just you.”
Careful of the tender skin where her ink was, I slipped my hand beneath the band of her shorts and into her underwear. My fingers came in contact with her lips, which were already covered in arousal. She was fucking drenched.
I had to know. “Jesus, Bella. What’s making you this wet?” I asked, tracing around her entrance and over her clit, not really giving any pressure, but she was slick with want. My dick twitch hard against her back at the thought that she was so turned on that she was coating my whole hand.
She shook her head profusely, her head falling back to my shoulder.
“No, no, no,” I sang into her ear, nipping at her earlobe. “It’s not over, sweetheart. Don’t you wanna see me win?” I grinned when a long, pitiful groan erupted from her. When her head shot back up, I whispered, “Now, tell me. Why does watching me do this to you?” I asked, sliding one single finger deep inside of her, my eyes rolling back at how hot and wet she was. “Please, please tell me.”
“You’re so...” She panted, her hips pressing against my hand and her fingers now gripping fistfuls of my shorts. “Confident...and it’s...”
“Hmm?” I hummed against the soft spot behind her ear. “I’m what?”
“Beautiful...and so good at what you do. Like you were born for it.” She gripped the wrist of the hand that was inside her shorts, begging, “Christ, Edward...more!”
Adding a second finger and sliding my hand beneath her shirt, I acquiesced to her without question. “Keep watching. I want you to come, baby. It’s almost over. See?”
On the screen, Jasper and I made a mad dash for the finish line, with me crossing first, but just barely. We collapsed onto the ground, laughing and punching each other.
I could tell her orgasm sneaked up on her. Hard. Her breath caught in her throat, and her toes curled as she practically vibrated in my arms. She hardly made a sound, but her neck was now salty from the tiny bit of sweat that was had broken out all over her. God damn, I loved making her come.
“See? I won,” I purred against her neck, smiling when a breathy laugh escaped her.
“I see that,” she sighed, her body twitching involuntarily with aftershocks. “I had no doubts, Edward.”
Just before the video stopped, my voice could be heard loud and clear. “Hey, Vinny, make me a copy of that. I’m gonna show the whole fucking world who the man really is.”
“Shut the fuck up, Ed. We’re doing this again!” Jasper yelled, and the screen went bright blue.
Bella giggled, shaking her head as her heart calmed down. I could feel it against my chest, which made me smile.
She turned in my lap, a wry smile gracing her lips. “So, did you? Show the whole world, I mean?”
I smiled, shrugging a shoulder. “I just did, Bella. You’re my whole fucking world. No one else has ever seen that.”
Her brow furrowed, and she grasped my face, kissing the ever-loving shit out of me. “No more TV. Take me upstairs,” she commanded in a whisper.
Nodding, I wrapped her around me and stood with her in my arms. I remembered thinking the first time I saw her that those sweet brown eyes could bring a man to his knees, but I’d been so fucking wrong. The look in her eye right then was so full of love and want that I could barely take the next breath. And as I trudged us up the stairs, I remembered thinking how weak she’d made me feel, how exposed and nervous, but I’d been wrong. She made me feel like a fucking hero, a god among men, and I loved her for it. As I laid her down gently in the middle of my bed, I vowed that I would never, ever take that shit for granted again.


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