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In Pursuit Chapter 34 - Outtake & Pics

Chapter 34 – Outtake
Bella POV
Hey, B. Can you swing by the house after work? Ali has a late class today, and I need to talk to you. ~J
I read Jasper’s text again, still without an idea of what he could want, and then quickly typed out a reply.
Yeah, sure. I’ll get off at 5, so 5:15 or so work? Umm, nothing’s wrong with Edward, right? ~B
Setting my phone down, I went back to typing up the report I was in the middle of. When my phone dinged again to alert me to a new message, I saved the finished report, fired it off to Sarah, the manager for that particular account, and then looked at Jasper’s reply.
No, Bella, not at all. Sorry. Didn’t mean to worry you. ;) Just after 5 is perfect. Thanks, darlin’. ~J

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In Pursuit Chapter 33 - Epilogue & Pics

Chapter 33
Bella POV
“I know you like the blue,” I huffed, “but I like red.”
Edward chuckled, holding up his hands in surrender. “Get what you want, beautiful. It’s your car.”
“Damn straight,” I couldn’t help but tease. I continued looking over the options, figuring out what extras I wanted. “What do you think about this?” I asked, pointing to one of the things not included in the base price.
He shook his head. “I don’t see any need for it, really. Especially not here, where it rains so often.”
Raising an eyebrow, I pursed my lips. “Hadn’t thought of that. Okay, no sun roof. I think everything else is good. The biggest question, I suppose, is hybrid or no hybrid.”
“You’ll get more power out of the non-hybrid,” Edward said, grinning.
“Mm...” I shook my head. “If I feel the need for power, I could borrow yours.” His eyes darkened, making me smirk. “I’ll spend less on gas with the hybrid, but it’s more expensive.”
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So Easy: A Hard to Love Outtake

So Easy: A Hard to Love Outtake. Summary: This is Bella's POV from Hard to Love. Just how much did she hear? What exactly did she see while in that coma? How does Bella see her life with Edward? Rated M. Canon Couples. Edward/Bella. AH.
A/N… Hey guys… Couple of things. This is the outtake I wrote for Fandome4Oklahoma charity. It’s completely in Bella’s POV. There’s a touch of sci-fi to it, because in reality, we wouldn’t really know what’s happening inside her head. Also – and this is just a suggestion – you might want to skim the story again…just to refresh your memory. This follows Edward’s side of things from start to finish. However, you get to see a completely different take on a few parts, not to mention new memories.
There may be parts that will require a tissue warning. Just beware. But you know Edward’s story wasn’t an easy one in this fic.
I’ll let you get to it. See me at the bottom.
Bella’s POV
“Stay with me, Bells,” I heard echo in my head.
I knew the voice, but I couldn’t answer.
“This is Chief Swan. I need an ambulance out on the 101. Now!”
It was my dad, and he sounded scared. He never sounded scared. My dad could fix anything. The lights were bright, the air cold. I felt both numb and debilitating pain, all at the same time. And the lights were fading, blurring into darkness.

In Pursuit Chapter 32 & Pics

Chapter 32
Bella POV
I clicked open a file on the computer and began looking through the spreadsheet that popped up, hiding a yawn in my elbow. I’d barely been at work forty-five minutes, so I wasn’t quite awake yet. We’d had a good weekend, but Edward had kept me up late the night before, so I wasn’t at all ready for Monday morning to come around – but come around it had.
A knock on the door frame had me looking up. I smiled when I saw Carlisle. “Hey! What brings you here so earl—”
My words died when he stepped inside and shut the door.
“Carlisle, what’s going on? Is it Edward?” I felt my heart drop to my stomach and my throat close, making it hard to swallow. “Did something happen?”
“No, sweetheart. Edward’s fine. But I do have some news.” At my nod, he said, “Al called me. A bomb...”