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In Pursuit Chapter 33 - Epilogue & Pics

Chapter 33
Bella POV
“I know you like the blue,” I huffed, “but I like red.”
Edward chuckled, holding up his hands in surrender. “Get what you want, beautiful. It’s your car.”
“Damn straight,” I couldn’t help but tease. I continued looking over the options, figuring out what extras I wanted. “What do you think about this?” I asked, pointing to one of the things not included in the base price.
He shook his head. “I don’t see any need for it, really. Especially not here, where it rains so often.”
Raising an eyebrow, I pursed my lips. “Hadn’t thought of that. Okay, no sun roof. I think everything else is good. The biggest question, I suppose, is hybrid or no hybrid.”
“You’ll get more power out of the non-hybrid,” Edward said, grinning.
“Mm...” I shook my head. “If I feel the need for power, I could borrow yours.” His eyes darkened, making me smirk. “I’ll spend less on gas with the hybrid, but it’s more expensive.”
Edward reached over and pulled my lower lip from my teeth. “Stop that, baby. You’ll make it bleed.” He put his hand out and tapped the paper. “Get the hybrid. You’ve got the down payment for it, it’s not a significant cost difference per month, and you’re right. You’ll save a lot on gas.”
After mulling it over for another minute, I decided he was right. “Okay, then. That’s the one I want.”
He grinned and motioned the salesman – “Call me Tom” – back over to his desk.
“Did you decide?” the eager, but very polite, Ford dealer asked once he’d reached us.
I nodded. “The Ford Fusion Hybrid in the deep red wine color,” I told him, pointing to the 2012 model in the brochure in front of me.
“Excellent choice! I have one of those myself, actually. Bought it in March. My wife loves it because she doesn’t have to fill it up as often.”
Chuckling, I said, “Yeah, that’s one of my main reasons for choosing this one.”
For the next twenty minutes, I filled out more paperwork than seemed imaginable, and then Edward and I sat and waited while my financing was approved. I was antsy, but I’d been waiting a month to save up the money for the down payment. A few minutes more wouldn’t kill me.
Ten minutes later, Tom came back to his desk, where we were talking quietly as we waited. “Well, Ms. Swan,” he said, smiling. “Everything looks good. If you have the down payment, I have the keys.”
I handed over the check, taking the keys from him. “Thank you,” I said, clenching them in my fist.
It felt amazing having bought the car on my own, with money I’d earned. Edward had offered to help pay for it – in fact, he’d offered to just flat-out buy me a car – but I’d refused, needing to do it for myself. As much as I’d appreciated his offer, I needed to be in control of my life as much as possible, since so much had been out of my control for over a year.
Tom led us out to the front of the dealership, where my brand new car sat gleaming in the sunshine. “It’s all yours,” he announced, patting the top. “I know you’ll love it.”
Edward and I thanked him and waited for him to walk back inside before turning back to the car.
Wrapping his arms around me from behind, Edward leaned into me, giving me a long, open-mouthed kiss to the spot just below my ear before whispering, “Take me for a ride in the new car, baby.”
I grinned, turning in his arms to kiss his lips quickly. “Oh, I’m gonna take you for a ride, Edward,” I teased, waiting a moment for him to understand my meaning.
He smirked, his arms tightening around me as his eyes darkened again. “Minx,” he growled playfully.
“C’mon, Batman. Let’s get out of here. Surely we can find a deserted road or something.”
Edward laughed, quickly ushering me over to the driver’s door.
“Hang on tight, baby,” Edward said as he started the bike’s engine and backed us down the driveway to the street.
It was the middle of June, so my sundress was warm enough for the weather outside, but in deference to the cold air whipping around us when we rode the bike, I’d put on a denim jacket and a scarf. I clung tight to Edward’s leather jacket, my thighs snug against his jeans-covered hips as he took off down the street. We were headed to Barb’s Bar, which I knew would be a bit slower because it was only a Thursday. It was Edward’s birthday, and he’d requested something fun and easy and low-key, which fit Barb’s perfectly. We’d celebrate with the family on Sunday at dinner. Tonight was going to be just the four of us, along with Rose and Emmett, who’d asked Edward’s parents to watch Emma for a few hours.
When he pulled to a stop at a light, Edward squeezed my arm and turned his head. “You okay?” he shouted so I could hear over the street noise and through our helmets.
I nodded and patted his stomach, letting him know I was fine. I’d become a pro at riding with him on his motorcycle, leaning with the turns and keeping my feet where they needed to be. As we started moving again, I tightened my arms around him, closing my eyes as I hugged him from behind. It was a powerful feeling, being on the bike with him – the rumble of the machine underneath me, my body pressed against Edward’s, the wind rushing past. I’d loved it from the beginning, and if I had my way, he would teach me to drive it over the summer so I could get my own motorcycle license and eventually, maybe, get my own bike.
A few minutes later, we pulled up at Barb’s and parked beside Jasper’s truck, which was beside Emmett’s Jeep. We climbed off and took off our helmets. Edward popped the door on Jasper’s truck, and we tossed the helmets inside, and then he closed and locked the door again, taking my hand.
“Ready?” he asked, his eyes alight with happiness.
I nodded. “Mmhmm. Let’s go let Barb give you some birthday kisses, handsome,” I teased.
Edward laughed and opened the door. Immediately, loud music spilled out of the bar, along with the sounds of people playing pool and laughing.
All of a sudden, a loud clanging sounded from the front of the bar, and I laughed, looking at Edward’s suddenly pink cheeks.
“Well, if it isn’t the birthday boy,” boomed Barb’s loud voice from behind the bar. “Everybody give ’im a fuckin’ cheer.”
It was like the whole bar erupted at once. After a chorus of happy birthdays and clapping, someone shouted, “Birthday shot!”
“Harry’s right,” Barb said with a laugh, slamming a handful of empty shot glasses down on the bar in front of us as the rest of our friends and family joined us. “Birthday shots all around, on the house.”
As the others greeted Edward and me, Barb rubbed the rim of each shot glass with lemon, then dipped them in sugar before pouring in some vodka and Frangelico. After passing out six slices of sugar-dipped lemon, she handed out the shots.
“Cheers,” she said with a wink. “Happy fucking birthday, Edward.”
He tipped his head at her, picking up his glass and holding it up. “Thanks, guys.”
We grinned and all downed the shots before each biting into our lemons.
“God, that tastes just like birthday cake,” Alice moaned, licking her lips.
“I know, right?” Rose said with a laugh. “Six beers on us,” she told Barb, who nodded and began pulling out six glasses.
“Grab a table, ladies,” Emmett said, gesturing over his shoulder. “We’ll get these and be right behind you.”
Alice, Rose, and I scooted around a few tables, saying hi to the few people we recognized, and grabbed a large booth at the back.
“That dress is so cute,” Rose said as I took off my jacket.
I tucked the scarf into the pocket and smiled. “Thanks! Got it last weekend and thought it was perfect for tonight.”
We chatted about our days and Emma, who was just about ready to take her first steps, until the guys got to the table.
“So Bella-boo, what’d you get our boy here, huh?” Emmett asked after we’d all shuffled seats.
Edward beamed as he set his jacket with mine on the back of the booth and then held up his arm for them to see. He’d needed a new watch for a while, and when we’d gone shopping the weekend before, he’d admired the one he was now sporting. I’d gone back the next day on my way home from work and gotten it to surprise him with for his birthday.
“I won’t wanna wear it at work, but it’s great for after and on the weekends,” he said, holding his arm out when Rose reached across to pull it closer.
“Marc Jacobs,” she said approvingly, nodding my way with a smile. “Nice, B.”
I grinned, shrugging, before taking a sip of the beer Edward had set in front of me.
That wasn’t his only gift, but he was going to have to wait for the others. One – two club seat season tickets for the next season of hockey to see the Seattle Thunderbirds – was from all of us, including his parents and Al, and he’d have to wait until Sunday at dinner to get them. It had been expensive, especially since I’d bought him the watch, too, but split between everyone, it had been doable, and we all knew he’d love it, especially since he could take any of the other guys with him each time.
His other gift was much cheaper – in fact, less than twenty-five bucks – but he had to wait until we got home to see it. The boyshort panties were black with yellow edging, and the bustier had a push-up bra, thin spaghetti straps, and yellow boning running up and down the front of the corset and around the cups, as well as yellow edging around the top and bottom. It had removable garters, which I would take off since I’d bought some sexy black high-heel boots to wear with it.
We listened and drank as Alice told a story about one of her little dancers who was so shy that every time Alice spoke to him, he blushed and tried to hide his face.
When there was a lull in the conversation and the music changed to something a little slower, Edward slid from the booth. “C’mon, baby,” he said. “Dance with me?”
Nodding, I took his proffered hand, letting him guide me out of the booth and to the small dance floor in the middle of the room, which was fairly empty, with just a few couples besides the two of us. As he spun me into his arms to the opening sounds of Emeli Sande’s “Read All About It,” I watched the rest of them join us.
“You look beautiful,” Edward murmured into my ear as he held me close.
I thanked him with a soft kiss, clutching at his shirt with my free hand as we swayed to the music.
We stayed like that through the end of the song, with his hand on my lower back, holding me against him. When the music picked back up, we continued dancing, laughing as the others moved closer and began to dance with us.
Slow songs and fast, with Edward and with the girls, I danced until my feet started hurting. I even danced with Emmett and Jasper, letting the girls take their turn with the birthday boy.
Finally, I collapsed in the booth, holding my hair off my neck, where I was warm and perspiring. “Whew, I’m done for a while.”
“Yo, Ed,” Jasper called as he and Alice approached the booth. “Let’s play some pool, man.”
Edward looked at me, raising an eyebrow.
Laughing, I waved him on. “Go, Edward. I’ll be fine here with the girls.” I tilted my head in Rose’s direction as she slid into the booth beside Alice.
He nodded, leaned down to kiss me, and then scooted out to walk over with Jasper to the pool table Emmett had claimed.
Thirty minutes later, the guys came back to the table. Emmett looked gleeful, while Edward just smirked and shook his head when Rose leaned over and kissed Emmett, congratulating him on winning.
“Twice in a row,” Edward grumbled teasingly.
I laughed and moved to my feet, taking his hand. “C’mon, poor thing. Let’s dance some more and then go home.” Leaning in, I raised up on my toes and whispered, “I’ve got a surprise for you at home.”
He pulled away, his eyes dark, even in the dim light of the bar, and he nodded slowly. “Fuck yes. Please tell me it’s lingerie.”
Shrugging playfully, I led him to the dance floor, his rumbling growl echoing behind me as I laughed.
“Happy birthday to me,” he purred into my ear as he wrapped his arms around me and moved us to the slow beat of the music.
Edward and I were curled up on his couch, watching a movie after having spent the afternoon out and about. It was late July, so the temperatures were beautiful, in the high seventies, but still, it had felt good to get inside after being in the sun all day. We’d eaten pizza for dinner and then lay down to watch a few movies since we didn’t have to be up early the next day.
“Hey, B,” he said during a quiet break in the action. “I have a question.”
“Yeah?” I asked, rolling to my back so I could look up at him.
“Do you...” He huffed, shaking his head and closing his eyes before sighing and looking down at me again. “Your lease is up in a month, know I love having you here. You’re here most of the time anyway, right? You spend more time here than you do at your place, and when you do go there, I’m always with you anyway. Most of your stuff is here, and you come and go when you please, and—”
I stifled a giggle, interrupting. He was too cute, rambling on and stammering shyly. “Edward Cullen, are you asking if I wanna move in?”
When he nodded and started rambling again, I finally gave in to the laugh that bubbled up. “Yeah, I mean, do you think Alice would mind you leaving? She’s never home, either, really. But do you think she would—”
“Breathe, Edward,” I teased, reaching up to cup his face. “I think Jasper’s gonna ask her to marry him and move in soon anyway. But even if he wasn’t, she’d be fine with it. I’ve been hoping you’d ask, but I didn’t wanna push.”
“Yeah?” A grin lit up his face. “I wanted to give you time on your own, especially since you’ve had so much change in the last year and a half, but I really want you here. I want this to be our house, not just my place.”
I nodded, turning my head to press a kiss to his palm. “Yeah, definitely. I want that, too.”
The movie was long forgotten as Edward moved over me, pressing me into the sofa with his body as we sealed our decision with long, wet kisses, roaming hands, and whispered promises of forever.
Edward POV
The late August sun was bright as I rode slowly through my parents’ neighborhood. The street was now lined with cars that hadn’t always been a part of Sunday lunches. Alice’s bug and Bella’s little red Ford were parked right behind Rose’s SUV. The sight made me happy, especially knowing that the next weekend, Bella would be moving into my house. Everything was falling into place.
I pulled my bike into the driveway and took off my helmet, smiling down at the passenger sitting in front of me as she took off her own.
“That was so much fun, Edward! Again!” Katie gushed, her blond hair windblown and wild.
Chuckling, I shook my head no. “No can do, Sparkplug,” I said with a laugh. “Your dad’ll kill me. He has to get you back to your mom.”
“Aw, please?” she begged, and I grinned again with a shake to my head. “Okay, okay, okay, but what about when I come back for Thanksgiving? Then?”
“We’ll see,” I grunted, planting a foot on the concrete and stepping off the bike. “C’mon,” I told her, lifting her up off the thing and setting her down on her feet.
She ran inside while I grabbed the bag of groceries Mom had needed. It was why we’d gone out in the first place. She’d run out of eggs and tomatoes, so I’d just taken Katie with me, never mind Al’s evil glare he’d flashed my way. Stepping through the house, I set the bag on the counter.
“Here, Mom. Where is everyone?”
“Thanks,” she said with a smile. “And they’re outside with Ladybug, who’s discovered bubbles. It’s serious business.”
Grinning, I peeked out through the window. Dad, Emmett, Uncle Al, and Jasper were kicked back on the deck as Alice, Bella, and now Katie sat in the shade of a tree, showing Emma how to blow bubbles. The baby girl was a walking, chattering ball of energy these days. She had Emmett’s mischievous smile and attitude, Rose’s sweet blond curls, and chunky little legs that never seemed to stop unless she was asleep.
“Bet the girls never thought they’d be doing that in New York,” I heard behind me, and I spun so fast that I almost lost my footing.
“What’d you just say?” I asked slowly, carefully, my eyes narrowing on my sister, who was giving my mother a knowing smirk.
“C’mon, Edward,” Rose scoffed with a laugh.
My heart plummeted, and I shook my head. “I’m gonna fucking kill Emmett,” I seethed, starting to walk past her, but she stopped me.
“Hey, wait, it wasn’t Em,” she said, all teasing gone. “We kinda...figured it out.”
I looked to my mother and then back to my sister, and for once, I wasn’t sure what to say. My family knowing was bad. Really bad.
“Edward,” my mom soothed, walking around the counter. “It’s my fault. I just mentioned that you’d changed way before you came home. I noticed it when we talked to you on the computer.”
“Yeah, you looked off the camera wearing the same expression you give Bella,” Rose finished. “We put two and two together, what with that big trial in New York—”
“Stop!” I snapped in a hiss. “You can’t know! You two have no fucking idea what your knowing could do!” I gripped my hair hard. “If you say the words aloud, they’re gone and...and I’m gone. Jasper’s gone. Do you understand? It’s really important that you don’t know, because we can’t come back, but I can’t not go with her.” Looking between them, I sagged, resorting to begging. “Please, I love you both, but if you say anything to anyone, it’s over. I’ve got to take her. And I don’t want to do that, but she’s...” I glanced out the window to see how happy Bella was watching Ladybug pop bubbles between two chubby hands. Finally, looking to Mom and Rose again, I sighed and shrugged. “I love her. I go where she goes.”
They were quiet, both now looking a touch heartbroken, but I couldn’t put it any other way. It was the facts of life when I’d chosen to be with Bella. Uncle Al had warned Jasper and me way back in Forks. We couldn’t allow anything to compromise Alice’s and Bella’s identities. To be with them meant that we were subject to the same WitSec rules. Despite the fact that most of Caius Volturi’s men were being found floating in the Hudson River, Alice and Bella Swan could not be exposed as Mary and Marie Brandon, the witnesses that put one of the biggest mafia bosses behind bars for murder, where he eventually got himself killed.
“Are they in danger?” Mom asked, looking out the window.
“The heat’s off them, if that’s what you’re asking, but if word got out that the witnesses in that case are here...”
“You’d really leave us?” Mom asked, tears welling up in her eyes when I nodded slowly and sadly.
“Would you leave to protect Dad?” I countered, not knowing any other way to put it to get them to understand how serious this was.
“Okay,” Rose stated firmly, raising her hands in surrender. “We don’t know anything.”
Swallowing nervously, I looked to my mother. “Please,” I pleaded in barely a whisper.
Mom reached up and pushed my hair from my forehead. “They’re a part of the family now, Edward. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my family safe.”
My knees practically buckled in relief, but I kissed my mom’s forehead. “Thank you,” I sighed against her brow.
Suddenly, I couldn’t get to Bella quickly enough. I stormed through the house, out the back door, and onto the cool green grass of my parents’ backyard. Falling down on the blanket next to Bella, I kissed the side of her head. Hard.
Her sharp eyes landed on my face, her brow furrowing. “What’s wrong?”
Shaking my head, I said, “Nothing. It’s all good, beautiful.”
“Unca Eddurrd,” my niece babbled, making me smile. “Buggles! Catch!”
The little munchkin made me smile, and I was pretty damn sure she knew she had me wrapped around her chubby pinky finger – if only because she lit up like a fucking Christmas tree every time she saw me.
“C’mere and show me, Ladybug.” I waved her over, and she scrambled up into my lap.
Bella giggled and then blew a multitude of bubbles in a long string, making Emma squeal and clap at them in order to catch them.
Smiling, I leaned over to Bella, placing a kiss to her neck. “I love you,” I sighed, inhaling the scent of her. “And I can’t wait for next weekend.” Moving Bella in was something I couldn’t wait to do, something I’d never done with anyone else, and it was making me almost stupidly happy.
“Me, either,” she whispered back, turning her head to kiss me, but we both jumped when a small chubby hand smacked the side of my face, sufficiently popping a soapy bubble on me. Everyone cracked the fuck up.
“Up, Unca Eddurrd!” Emma commanded, pointing to some bubbles that were too high for her to reach. “Get ’em!”
Standing up with her in my arms, I growled into her neck, which made her squeal. “Yes, ma’am!” I grunted, swinging her around so that she was able to catch the rogue bubbles, because what Ladybug wanted, Ladybug got.
Opening the doors to my shed, I stacked a few broken-down boxes off to the side. The sun was still high in the sky, but it felt like we’d been going for days. Moving Jasper in and Bella out of Betty’s house had been a painful process – emotionally and physically.
Physically, because Jasper had way too much shit, and we all told him so, but the only one he’d listen to was Alice. I was pretty damn sure most of his stuff wasn’t going to make it out of the garage, much less into the house.
The emotional part came when it was time for Bella to actually leave with her stuff. The two sisters had spent the last week dividing up things they’d never thought they’d have to give up. It wasn’t unlike a divorce. They’d been living together as best friends, roommates...twins for so long that separating was completely new...and hard.
Reaching back, I gripped the back of my shirt, yanking it off over my head and using it to wipe the sweat from my face. It was the first week of September, and despite the fact that fall would soon be cooling things off, it was hot. Damn hot.
I spun around and walked to the back porch to grab another stack of boxes, only to see Bella standing at the top of the steps, dropping another box onto the stack. My eyes raked over her, and I let out a deep breath at how fucking gorgeous she was. She always looked sexy, whether dressed up for work or when we went out, but seeing her standing there in a tank top and ragged jeans that were torn up in the knee made me want to do dirty, wicked things to her. It didn’t help that those damn jeans were so low that the very tip of her ink peeked out just above the waistband.
“Last box,” she said as I tossed my shirt onto the porch railing. “At least it’s more boxes than when I moved to Seattle.” She grinned, shrugging a shoulder.
Smirking up at her from the bottom of the steps, I could see there was a touch of sadness in that statement. I couldn’t fault her for it. Ever. She’d not only changed her entire identity a year prior, but she’d just separated from the only family she had left. And while Alice and Bella would’ve eventually moved away from each other, the reality still hurt.
“It’s just stuff, B,” I told her, holding out my hands, and she set a stack of the flattened cardboard in my hands, keeping a stack for herself and following me out to the shed. Once we’d put them with the others, I closed the door. “If I have anything to say about it, this’ll be the last move you ever do.” I shrugged a shoulder, grinning over at her. “So, fuck the amount of boxes,” I stated simply, pointing toward the house. “What’s inside there is yours now, too.”
I meant that shit. Stuff didn’t matter to me. Having Bella move in... That mattered. I’d tried to share my life with someone a long time ago, but they hadn’t been the right person. There was no doubt in my mind that Bella was, indeed, the right person. And I didn’t give a flying fuck whether we were living in my house or a tent in the damn woods; she was there.
We walked back to the porch and up the steps, and I squeezed her hand. “One great, big fucking box, yeah?” I teased, but before I could blink, I was pressed back into the wall of the house with a ravenous brunette practically climbing up my body.
I gave in instantly, my hands securing themselves into her hair. My dick perked up, and he pressed hard against my jeans because he’d been eye-fucking her all damn day. Reaching down, I cupped her ass and picked her up, spinning around to press her into the wall. Strong legs wrapped around my waist and fingers slipped into my hair as Bella turned her head to kiss the ever-loving shit out of me.
Hands went everywhere – cupping, pinching, kneading. Tongues swirled, but Bella was almost dominating. For a moment, I forgot where we were, what we were doing, and finally, I just reached for her tank top, shoving it up. I wanted skin. I wanted her. And the sooner the better.
“Edward,” I heard all breathy and shit in my ear. “Wait, we’re outside.”
Pulling back, I licked my lips and bit down on the bottom one. “No one can see you,” I panted, nipping at her mouth. “Big, tall fences, and we’re around the corner out of sight,” I told her, kissing her chin, her jaw, and finally, the sweaty skin just below her ear.
“But...I’m sweaty,” she whined adorably.
Grinning, I pulled back to gaze up at her. “So am I. And you’ve never complained before.”
She huffed a sexy laugh, shaking her head, both hands capturing either side of my face. “No, never. I just...” She kissed me softly, sweetly. “Thank you.”
“I love you,” I said back, shrugging a shoulder and leaning in to kiss her again. I knew what she was thanking me for, so I didn’t need to ask. Dragging my lips and tongue to her ear, I whispered, “Besides, you shouldn’t thank me yet, beautiful. I’m a pain in the ass to live with.”
Her giggle was sweet and light, but so very sexy. “No one can see us? Really?”
The moan I let out was shameless and wanton, but I pressed into her, grinding just enough to cause her breathing to hitch. Her fingers clutched my shoulders, but her eyes were dark fire, gazing back at me with a wicked expression.
“Nope. Not a fucking soul.” My eyes stayed locked with hers as I pushed at her tank top again, gathering it up underneath her arms. “You want this here?” I asked, hoping and praying she said yes.
“I’m still sweaty.”
“I still don’t fucking care.”
When her arms lifted, I didn’t waste any time tugging that shirt off her, and her bra was next. Dropping it to the porch floor, my hands went back to her ass, and my eyes raked over every inch of exposed skin before I leaned in to take her nipple in my mouth. I pressed myself fully into her until she hissed at the feel of the roughness behind her.
Pulling her off the wall, I didn’t go any farther than the chaise lounger before pressing her into it. Hands fumbled and fought with buttons and zippers, kisses were dropped on random spots of bare skin, and finally, I sat back enough to yank those sexy-as-hell, tight-ass ripped jeans off her, along with her underwear. We weren’t even going to make it into the house, so my jeans definitely were not a priority. Bella shoved them down just enough to get to my dick and guide it to her entrance.
“Now, now, now,” she chanted through gritted teeth. Her head fell back, pressed into the cushion, and her eyes rolled back. “Unngh,” she cried out, almost in relief.
“Fuck, yes,” I hissed when I slid completely inside her, squeezing my eyes closed as my forehead fell to her shoulder. “Goddamn, I’ve wanted you like this all fucking day, baby,” I grumbled into her neck.
“I know,” she moaned sexily against the skin of my shoulder. “Me, too. I just...wanted you here, at home.”
Pulling back, I dropped my forehead to hers as I started to move slowly. “Fuck, that sounds good, Bella. Home.”
My eyes could barely stay away from hers as I loved her slowly. What started out frenzied suddenly turned into something definitive, something groundbreaking. When I’d first laid eyes on the beautiful girl beneath me, I’d been so angry and so alone for so long that my walls refused to budge, but I couldn’t imagine life without her. She’d put her trust in me to keep her safe, and I had; I’d continue to do it. Now she was trusting me with her heart, and as the sun set slowly on us on my back porch, I knew that was infinitely more important, more fragile. And I’d spend the rest of my life making sure she didn’t regret it.


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