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Fire & Ice Chapter 4 & Pics

Chapter 4
Propping open the barn doors, I eyed the horse paddock. Over the years, I’d slowly replaced the entire fence when I’d visit Aunt Kate, and it seemed to be holding up. I walked back to the horse stalls, setting Samson and Goliath loose into the paddock. Both were getting up in age, but they were still in good shape. Samson was the color of butterscotch, with an almost-white mane and tail – a purebred Palomino. Goliath, on the other hand, was as black as pitch, a mix of different breeds. Next, I let Mary and Ruth, who were much younger and smaller, out of their stalls. They were auburn-colored quarter horses, with white stripes down their faces.
Once the barn was empty, I set to work on the stall gates. All of them needed replacing. Their hinges and locks were rusty and old, and I was pretty sure Goliath knew that, simply because he was capable of opening his own.
I snorted, shaking my head at that thought, but got to work. Lock and Load found a comfy pile of hay in an empty open stall and watched me with sharp blue eyes. I needed to stay busy, to keep my mind occupied on something other than the waiting game. The twelve-hour difference between Alaska and Moscow was driving me fucking crazy. It was early morning where I was, which meant, my father and Esme were about to go to bed, and I didn’t expect to hear from them for at least another eight hours or so. Even worse, it would be midnight before they’d be boarding the plane. That made for a long damn day ahead of me.

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Fire & Ice Chapter 3 & Pics

Chapter 3
“Edward Anthony!” I heard behind me when I slid open the bay door after pulling Bethy down out of the co-pilot seat and setting her on her feet. When I glanced over my shoulder, Aunt Kate added, “Hurry up and come hug on me!”
Chuckling, I said, “Yes, Aunt Kate.”
“Are you in trouble?” Sammy asked in a whisper. “You just got here, Daddy.”
Chuckling, I asked, “What makes you think I’m in trouble?”
“Mom calls me Samuel Masen when I do sumpthin’ wrong,” he explained, looking over my shoulder wide-eyed.
Bella laughed softly and kissed his temple. “Relax, Sammy. Aunt Kate has always called your daddy that,” she told him. “It keeps him out of trouble.” She grinned when I rolled my eyes her way.
“That’s it. Everyone out,” I teased, swinging a laughing Samuel down to the ground. The dogs went next, and finally Bella.

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Fire & Ice Chapter 2 & Pics

Chapter 2
I drove through the gates of the retirement community, waving at one of the local policemen. Because Edward had his own helicopter, we’d helped Chief Clark more than once. Edward rarely asked for payment, simply because he loved the small town of Forks. He helped because he could, because he had the ability to pitch in.
The dogs shifted in the far back of the SUV as we came to a stop where the chief’s car was parked in front of a small cottage. Jasper and Emmett were out before I’d even shut off the engine. After hooking Lock and Load to their leashes, I met Chief Clark at the front door.
The chief was a good man, kind and laidback. He’d been voted in ever since his father retired several years ago. He was pushing close to fifty, with gray hair at his temples and a few wrinkles at the corners of his hazel eyes.
“We really appreciate this, Bella,” he said, smiling and offering me a shirt.
“No problem, Chief,” I told him with a smile. “We weren’t really working this week. We’re about to go out of town once school lets out. Is that Mr. Hopper’s?” I asked, pointing to his hand.
“This was in the laundry hamper, so I’m assuming he wore it recently. I hope it helps.”

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Fire & Ice Chapter 1 & Pics

Chapter 1
“Okay, guys, everyone line up!” Bella called from across the gym.
I glanced down at my son. “You goin’, buddy?” I asked him, smiling when he shook his head fervently.
“No,” Sammy whispered, giving his mom and sister a longing look, but his shyness was overriding it all.
When I knelt down at his level as he sat on the bottom bleacher, his big brown eyes met mine. “If you change your mind, we’ll just tell Mom, okay?”
“Yeah,” he whispered back, but tugged his hat off, scrubbed hair that was identical to mine, and then pulled the hat back on. Backwards, of course.
I sat down on the bleachers next to him, giving his shoulder a squeeze. He was now four, and if I’d thought Bethy was the perfect blend of Bella and me, I’d been mistaken. Sammy was every inch the two of us. He had his mother’s deep, soulful brown eyes that took in everything around him with curiosity. His hair was a few shades darker than mine, but stuck up in every direction just like my own. He was calm, quiet, and quick to learn like Bella, but he’d inherited my shyness from when I was a kid. And just like me, he was good in situations where he was in control, things he was used to, but when it came to new people, new events, he would stand back and assess everything before joining in. And today was no different.

New Story! Fire & Ice - Gravity Series #4

SUMMARY: FOURTH in the Gravity Series. When one of their own is threatened, the crew will have to travel halfway around the globe to get them back. What they find will have them racing against the odds to save more than just one life.
Note from Deb: Oh, yes, Mercward is back! Hang in there, I need to go over a few things before we start. I promise to not keep you long, nor do I plan on uber-long A/Ns every chapter.
I need to thank everyone that PMed, reviewed, begged, pleaded, and bribed (yes, bribed) me to continue with “just one more” story in the Gravity Series. Another big thank you for everyone that said Mercward’s my FAVE Edward. However, I’ll be honest…I held off doing another one. Other plot bunnies came to the forefront, or it just wasn’t time, or I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, but I’ve had a plot outlined for this for a year.

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